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Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

wot TV Show News dropped concept art and what looks to be a short clip of a Behind The Scene vignette, this Friday! Plus, Rafe stopped by chat and answered a few questions! Come enjoy what The Wheel of Time TV Show on Amazon Prime released for the anniversary of the publication of The Eye of the World! We were there, LIVE, covering it!

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that appeal


hey welcome back


good night


hey welcome back to the dusty wheel i'm

your host keeper and this is our live

call and talk show all about the wheel

of time

we're back on a friday afternoon because

we're here to talk all about wheel of

time at amazon prime's

news drop that we believe is coming here

imminently and to do that with me i have

two guests let me welcome to the show

welcome daniel green and colin of

rambling tv podcast how are you both


how's it going you're like come on are


are you pumped we got we got what six

minutes to go here uh

you know before we think that the the

news is dropping for those of you that

are kind of curious why are we doing

this right now why do we think there's


then you may not have been following us

or following real time on amazon prime

on twitter so let's throw a little tweet

of why this happened on

tuesday i believe is when this first

tweet went out uh i think rebecca from

reading the pattern asked

you know are we gonna get some

announcement on wednesday and they said

tomorrow as barren as the ideal waste

but friday to celebrate the anniversary

of the eye of the world release

that's another story and they did

actually set our expectations just

remind everybody about that

they said not a trailer not a release

date but

something that we've seen at least a few

of you mentioned would be great to see

looking forward to sharing it with you

and uh we believe it's happening right

now because they also

through that fourth i think it's the

fourth tweet taylor they talked about

the the innkeeper

melchior talks asked them when is it

gonna happen they said let's just say

the innkeeper knows our ways

so i guess we're all trusting that i

understand what they meant

so here we are because we believe it's

going to drop here

in the next five minutes at 1 pm eastern


that being said we're all waiting for

some news uh daniel

what's your thoughts here man uh what do

you think is about to drop

um i i love a lot of the ideas i've seen

they've been wonderful

uh my my pipe dream my wish since they

said it's not a trailer is we get some

form of early merch

uh because there's often merch available

for shows out so i'd love to see

something where i can go spend way too

much money to own something

and then make videos about it yeah yeah


that would be amazing um the water

bottle is something that i

you know i wouldn't mind seeing the

water bottle that's for sure

i'll be honest i might cancel the live

stream and go buy a water bottle too

maybe i'll just do it while i'm doing

the live stream right we can multitask

colin what do you think uh what do you

think we're gonna see or what do you

hope we see

um as much as i would love merch i am

still in the

camp of i would love to see some funko

pops of all the characters but it's

probably too

early for that but i think i think we're

gonna see another uh set piece or

another prop or something like that

that's my guess i think that's for the

production team i think that's the

safest thing and something that's going

to appease the audience

a set piece yeah yeah i think that is

let's say the poll up here taylor

and i see that the people are talking

about a tweet that went out i will

mention that one just a second

but there's we did a poll about like

what fans thought we were gonna see here

uh let's throw that one in there taylor

yeah the picture there was a tweet that

they put out uh oh sorry that's a tweet

that i did

uh for a poll here uh fans thought

overwhelmingly prop

costume or music we were going to see

here so yeah that's and that was like

340 of us

crazy fans on twitter you know answering

that so yeah i think that is the kind of

general consensus although

a new cast that scene that's here too

and then someone just mentioned this

i feel like i should probably respond so


i tweeted out to uh what i'm prime call

me maybe

and they replied if my mentions aren't

too overwhelmed apparently

so okay so uh briefly i'm going to reply

to them

uh so talk amongst yourselves really

quick daniel what else do you if it's

not merch

and it's not a proper costume what else

do you think we might see because this

is the 31st anniversary of the

publication the eye of the world do you

think it's going to be related to that

oh if we got i mean talk about like the

most extreme situation i don't think it

will happen but like a new

edition of eye of the world that be

extraordinary something with like i

don't know

i'm not normally like a fan of like cast

on book covers but something along those

lines of course would be

exceptional but we just got one of those

so i don't know if that's necessarily uh

something they'd be down for

yeah that's yeah uh that's good that's a

good point uh you know

by the way i look at the mrs like what

do i say uh great i'll send you

your own call-in line

what about you colin um i'm wondering if

we're going to see

assuming it's some sort of media or

video i'm wondering if it's going to be

another kind of um like one of those

kind of retrospective or kind of

commemorative videos that we've seen

them do

in the past um kind of just talking

about the release of this particular

book and how that started this whole


um i think that could be that could be

something it may not even be necessarily


show related in that respect absolutely

yeah yeah i saw someone saying we need

to a clarification on who steve is

i would very much so be down for

clarification on who steve is

yeah yeah some some steve knowledge

would not be a bad idea that's for sure

i would take that you know honestly

we're going to take whatever they send

us um

you know at this point is anyone seeing

anything out there i think we're about

one minute away

uh everyone's watching um

it doesn't happen exactly look if it

doesn't happen we'll just keep talking

you know that's just what it is

um five hour live stream let's go

exactly um one second just writing a

little note here

um i'm like in the midst of trying to

get this call line to them just in case

they wanted to you know

let's see here we go okay

okay cool uh yeah so oh what is it

what does chat think it is here we are

one minute away maybe a half a minute


is everyone like refreshing that page i

just have my notification

they just tweeted it okay they just

tweeted it taylor go ahead

hey taylor can you play that one on the

screen for us

it's in their tweets there here we go

everybody a balance

of gender ends the emotional journey

want to restart that

oh sorry go ahead as a fan of the books

i feel so lucky we get to bring this one

the eye of the world

is the themes of balance of gender and

the emotion

of what's special about the eye of the

world is the themes of

balance of gender and the emotional

journey of these characters

as a fan of the books i feel so lucky we

get to bring this world to life

what's special about the eye of the

world what's special about the eye of

the world

okay what did you guys think about that

oh man

that's pretty cool i really like the

imagery that we're getting here um

these characters and i'm wondering are


uh kind of like the um the

drafts or the images that were used by

the set designers the classroom

designers are going to show the scene

that they're

that they kind of uh the feel that they

want from these locations

yeah yeah yeah i let's okay i need to

play this

i need to play this one more time taylor

you start us at the beginning

just somewhere in there yeah like once

or 12 times you know oh they just and

they just tweet it out

i feel so are you playing that right now

taylor on the screen there

yeah no it's okay uh yeah i just wanna

play this one more time and we'll show

some script

some pictures to everybody that's there

so go ahead taylor

what's special about the eye of the

world is the themes of balance of gender

and the emotional journey of these


as a fan of the books i feel so lucky we

get to bring this world to life

i love that shot right there look at

that shot uh man

yeah the question is like how much of

that is that right there um

you know did they take that shot from

the show there they want to throw us up

what other tweets they put out here

let's take a look at some of these

images it's the themes of them it's also


at least i'm getting it are you guys

doing that there okay just go ahead and

throw the image up there taylor on the

next tweet that they have

yeah these characters


oh look at that uh yeah there's

obviously you know

um obviously not from directly from the

show itself but i wonder if this is an

exact scene that we're seeing here

uh no i think they're announcing it's


animated exactly just wanna show the

next taylor the image there

yeah as the tweet says for those who

might be listening to this later on

video description

um uh they're doing seven of these

together so you can go up then the

tweets and find the

kind of the first one that they did uh

i think you scroll up there you might

have to click into their account to kind


find the beginning of the trail here so

let's go to this first tweet and let's

just read these through

the video opens up on the first page of

chapter one from robert jordan the eye

of the world

visible on screen is the sentence the

wheel of time turns they just come past

even memories that become legend

um and go down to this third one right

here because we're just kind of

describing some of these uh as rave

continues to talk video cuts the concept

of two men overlooking a valley there

appears to be a small encampment and a

bridge near the river below can you show

that one

on that third one yeah like uh there's

two men look overlooking a valley

um appears to be a small encampment

bridge near what's what's the thoughts

of what we're seeing

in this one


because this this does suggest to me you

know we heard

um i think we heard uh something about

or recently there was some some news of

you know maybe this was a shot that rafe

had talked about them doing up in uh

up in a valley with naive um where he


i think it was that uh it was at jordan

khan when you were with us uh

daniel and he talked about how they were

out there

in a valley and then that's where he

talked about that that moment between

uh matt and perrin and rand i should say

or marcus

and barney and yosha as they went off


uh with their old car i think they

they're in a car somewhere playing you

know having fun

so i kind of wonder if this this valley

they were talking about this is kind of

a concept art of that but

that moment anyway uh for those i'm kind

of curious i haven't been watching chat

i've been like

focused on these tweets yeah i'm sorry

show this next image taylor this was

like so much more i think in my brain

that i thought we'd end up seeing so

this next one says the next piece of

concept art is a festival

with numerous lights adorning the town

and women dancing a circle as men look


this one's obvious what we're going to

see here

show the next couple of images of that

taylor again

and uh and then let's go on to this

fifth one right here

so is that charlotte logeth we're

looking at uh this

which in in six where i'm looking at

sorry i'm looking i yeah yeah

i'm a bad person right now matt i know


scared of this like from there the video

from there the video shows a group of

wagons are on a campsite where people

have built a fire

uh you know fantastic obviously we're

gonna you know

i don't know if this campfire moment is

supposed to be it looks like it's

probably supposed to be the tinkers or

maybe it's not you know

maybe that looks like a full build okay

so that tinkers is there the one above

it that looks like winter's night to me

it's gotta be

yeah it's gotta be and and it's gotta be

beltine because and rafe talked about

actually getting

uh belthein here so that's true yeah and

so we actually will get beltine and so

um those wagons better be more colorful

in the show

that's what i said i mean i can't think

it's tinker's because the colors don't

seem right but maybe we need a hefty

splashing of lsd for that to be

and uh and taylor do you want to throw

this next one up

six here let's see uh

and then this one number six here says

uh the video then transitions to a

concept art of a group of riders on

horseback crossing a bridge over a


uh you know this obviously has to be uh


akin to this that we'll see in as

they've left right eminence field for

sure right right

what's that tower in the distance though

yeah that's the jack could you catch


yeah nice that's oh you know uh so

it depends right this could be

i mean the tower obviously it could be

you know alluding to the tower of genji

you know uh you know it or it could be

something in shatter logoth right so


maybe it is because we'll go to this

next one maybe they've this next one i

kind of wondered like you're saying uh

daniel maybe this is shadow logo so

let's see this next tweet um yeah sorry

i think it might just be a really rad

chimney have we considered that

it ends with concept art of a hooded

rider on horseback in a deserted city

covered by a pale white fog

uh the pale white fog feels too specific


like the pale white fog i love

i love the deserted city obviously this

is shatter logoth so

win for us you know like it seems like

you know if you

kind of ran through each of those and


in if you did them in order uh you would

definitely be

this would definitely be suggesting that

we're getting kind of a lot of the

initial sequences that we

anticipated that we would get you know

uh we're going to get some tinkers we're

going to get them

being broken up we're going to get

shattered logoth we're getting them

leaving evans field

we're just in here staring at these

things like it's they give us so much to

look at there

did i miss a tweet has anyone been

tracking rafe's tweets you know i've

seriously just been staring at these


so i can't say that i have actually

looked at this

real quick or instagram in your sentence

no he's been quiet he's not doing

anything right now okay so he said oh he

uh that's right i was

i was looking at the one he has pinned

was actually from last year on his on

his twitter account

so uh yeah there was a funny moment okay

so let's open the phone lines i want to

ask you all about what we just saw

um and uh unraveling the pattern just

said in chat don't forget to mention

that this is obviously a small clip from

a larger featurette

yes absolutely this does seem to be

you know a portion maybe of their behind

the scenes kind of

yeah i'm actually very excited about

that content yeah

yeah exactly and taylor thought go ahead

and throw the phone lines up if people

want to call in i'm kind of curious what

everyone thought about that it's one

three one three

eight two five five nine six eight

that's one three one three eight two


five nine six eight or talk what

we'd love to kind of hear what your

thoughts are

on what you just saw what they just

released uh yeah go ahead

daniel yeah two things one i've always

pictured shadow logo as like a gondoran

city if you leave it for 150 years and

that's what that looks like to me so

spot on like straight out of the books

in my opinion

um just do you guys agree does that look

pretty like how you envisioned charlotte

well i thought i i think i thought it


there were fewer buildings but probably

not you know what i mean i i'm sitting

here going like

oh my gosh i hadn't ever made it that


if that makes sense in my head yeah so i

i i agree like i

understand it to be that big but like

the concept of in my mind is

this is far more detailed and far larger

in scale um

are we allowed to get a little bit of

spoilers here yeah so and we'll throw

that up here now

throw some spoilers up spoiler banner up

for those that are we have a first

caller but we'll bring them in after

daniel you make this comment

and uh yes but spoilers possibly

throughout the entire series here

looks like sarah just dropped into chat

so uh absolutely uh

you know i'm sure she was she had asked

the question you know like what did you


so i can tell chat's uh chat's sharing

what they thought with her right now

uh yeah daniel go ahead the spoiler

banners up for anyone that stuck around

i i like shutter loath being a bit more


because that means when it gets

destroyed later on

it's more thematic it's more it's not

just like yeah

you're pushing over an already toppled

building it's you are ruining a city

that has still stood the test of time i

like that appeal that

yeah well it's and it's interesting

because uh

you know it has that like you said it's

a concept art of it you know so it'll be

interesting to see what they actually

kind of did put in there

but i but i agree there's definitely

some buildings that are standing enough

it was it was a huge city you know and

the fact that it is

still standing after this many years is

is significant in and of itself so it's

got to have some bones that are holding

things up for sure

yeah colin thoughts on that before we

bring in our first caller

um yeah i mean i think that um i really

like that

kind of riffing on that i like the idea

that we get to

see some of this integrity because even

when they join and when they

when they see the city for the first

time if we can see it degrade before

their eyes if we can see kind of

just their their minutes um interactions

with it causing it to kind of erode we

will get some

inkling of the decay that's uh that's


yeah absolutely absolutely uh yeah that

was it's

there was so much content there i don't

feel like i've fully consumed it yet let

me uh let me bring our first caller into

the show

uh welcome to the dusty wheel how are

you doing today

i am doing super matt thank you for

having me

from southern riyadh sorry the

innkeeper's wife is is not available

just yet

uh to jump in uh to handle the calls so

uh you're coming right into the show

joe how you doing man um this is uh

whoa this is awesome man these pictures

are amazing

yeah those yeah what was your favorite

part of it you can leave that up um

you know what i'm able to like i'm

looking through these pictures and i'm

pointing out like everything like so

the the the picture i guess i'm assuming

that's random matt or whoever

overlooking that village we've seen that

photo we've seen that set photo of that

mining village by the river

that i think watt series had found so

this has got to be that

what do you think that is i mean we have

the valley shot do you think that's just

kind of like a

you know getting us into the world in

other words getting us to edmonds field

or do you think that is happening after

they leave in other words do you think

that's part of a different sequence or

what you're

where you are thinking that's that is

something that we see with the with this

yeah this could be maybe when rand and

matt are traveling on their own towards


maybe it's one of the towns they stop in

or i'm not sure oh yeah that's a that's

an excellent point uh because they're

just showing two individuals there yeah

that's uh

i hadn't hadn't actually connected the

idea that they might have

you know purposely set those two people

there in the concept art

yeah so that's yeah i like that idea a

lot well i think it's a

i'm sorry go ahead uh i was just

wondering if maybe it's um

because of this the order of the the

images i'm wondering

if it's just an establishing shot for

the boys kind of like adventuring

in the mountains of mist or somewhere

somewhere in the

two rivers oh yeah if you're just sort

of establishing an establishing thing i

don't know

yeah just a thought good point yeah i

love that idea

a lot um other thoughts here joe from

you like what else other than that stood

out to you

um well it looks like what you know rape

did say we're getting bell time

on the other photo so this has got to be

belting right that's the wine spring

from the

from the what we've seen of the set yeah

taylor wants to tweet up again while

joe's talking about that image uh it's

i think it's number four was it number

four uh that they did in that tweet

i'm trying to remember what the uh yeah

is the picture of the town

with the villagers dancing around yeah

at night yeah

so this is yeah so it seems like we're

going to get belted and then the

they're going to attack probably that

night the trollix that's my guess

yeah i'm noticing it seems every female

character is wearing some form of head

garb while the guys are just

hair out uh if you look closely it seems

like every female everyone with a

skirt's got a head garb on

yeah oh man you can you can tell

everyone's gonna be zooming into this


and i think i see a braid

there better be more than one


so a rainbow everything just pointed out

that that can't be the mountains of mist

because rand has a sword if that's rand

in the picture has a sword and doesn't

get that until after winter night so

yeah that's a that's a good that's a

great point uh that shot is probably


i love the idea that it's after they've

separated uh potentially

yeah that's that seems like it

absolutely makes a lot of sense

um other thoughts here joe like what

else stands out to you or among

daniel and colin anything else as you go

through these and look these over

that you're that's kind of has you you

excited for the show

i i just realized something the reason

they're doing a landscape

and a portrait is so that there's a

vertical one as well so if you want to

do an iphone wallpaper they got you


oh yeah there you go

yeah and sarah just pointed out in chat

uh i can't remember i know what she was

replying to but she said

don't worry about that this is from art

department not our makeup department

you know concepts right like this is

this is very conceptual kind of things

so i wouldn't uh probably take it to

take it too to heart if you see

something you're like that's uh you know

i'm waiting for the comments afterwards

to be like

they're ruining the wheel of time in

their image i saw there was a sword

or whatever i think colin you have

pointed out in that in that wide shot of

them crossing the bridge that it looked

like there was a tower

in the background there and i was

thinking you know you know we were

talking about this on our episode

breakdown show the

uh last week about jen had them going to

tar valon

um instead of going to camblyn so maybe

that's uh maybe that's the white tower

back there

oh the white tower um i thought about

the white tower

that's uh oh and sarah's saying by the

way for anyone that was listening to

that comment she was referring to the

hair coverings that's what she was

referring to

so that's for sure specifically thank

you sarah for clarifying that sorry i

didn't track that in chat

uh but yeah yeah what could that tower

be tower of genji

it could be a tower and shatter logoth

apparently joe thinks it could be

tarvalan it honestly could be anything

or like sarah pointed out it's just

concept art

from the art department so totally


you know so uh yeah yeah yeah

extremely exciting we'll have to show

this again if you're just catching this

right now

uh wheel of time and amazon prime go

check their social media accounts out

they just posted a you know a 17 second


you know it looks like kind of a portion

of behind the scenes with some really


stills uh from a concept art perspective

it's a lot of fun and then they posted

those individually on their social media

accounts so you can kind of follow those


it's it's yeah it's awesome we'll play

it again uh here shortly

joe thank you man for calling in

appreciate it i got some other college

behind you

thank you for having me uh yeah super

excited shadow logo that looks awesome

thanks for having me

have a good year shattered logothat's

been confirmed i feel like in these yeah

have a good one man we'll talk to you


bye-bye we'll bring our next caller in

here shortly

uh did you ever have any doubt daniel

that we weren't gonna get shatter load


like did you ever feel like that might

be one of the things that they would cut

i never thought that'd be something they

cut uh shutter logos is two

too many fans have way too much

investment in charter logic in my


um especially with like the die hard

people who are at the heart writing this


yeah it's it's a must for me i think it

never or something is going to go away

yeah yeah i thought that was uh i


yeah i was excited i i like the

confirmation colin did you ever kind of

were you on the edge there like

no i never questioned that i think yeah

it's far too important um to the plot as

well as to

differentiating the series in terms of

like classic fantasy literature

um i think it's important yeah for sure

uh and let's bring our second caller

into the show here let's uh

welcome to the dusty wheel how you doing


uh hello hello hello sorry you didn't we

didn't we don't have anyone screen calls

today so you're coming you're coming

right to the show who's this oh this is

uh noah mckenzie how are you

good how you doing so uh what are you

what are your thoughts so far on today's

today's a news release from willa time

amazon prime what are your what have you


god i've seen all of it was surreal

it is very much surreal it's

recently i just got into the wheel of

time thanks to

well thanks to daniel's green thanks to

daniel green here

nice it was i don't know

that's um that's that's awesome

honestly when i when i saw the shadow

logo uh

concept my brain completely disregarded

shadow logos was like that

that is that rudy on i was like are they

what are they doing here because i'm on

uh i forget what book i'm on at the


but um god it is

everything looks looks almost

completely different from how i imagined


yeah interesting yeah well that's and

that is that's and this goes back to

daniel's first question

like i don't think that in my

imagination at least for me as a reader

i'm very kind of narrow with what i'm

seeing in the moment like i typically in

my head is

all the things that are right around um

whatever the character's speaking i

don't have a like a huge concept of the

world in my head as i'm reading i think

other people do this

absolutely two different you know they

do it differently for you colin do you

see an entire world as you're reading or

do you see images in your head as you're

going or is it more

just kind of filling in the details when

they give it you know like this is a

they're wearing a green cloak

and so you know there's a green cloak

you know i mean i think i think for me

it's it's an

understanding that this back world

exists around but what i'm actually

seeing in my mind when i'm reading is


kind of what is being engaged with on

the page at the moment i think

um but you know you understand that like

these other things are very lush and

um and vast around that that area you


yeah yeah that's opening each picture in

photoshop and zooming in even though

it's not accurate i have to do that yeah

so uh

so nick just said uh dusty will zoom in

on the windows

in on in shatter logoth so taylor can is

there a way for you to

uh to actually get that one in for

shadowgraph up

and uh thank you very much for giving us

a call thank you for being a new caller

any final thoughts on what you saw today

before we let you go uh you know what

are you most excited

about seeing in this first season of the

wheel of time and amazon prime

um honestly i'm just excited to see it

brought i'm just excited to see it

abroad to talk

brought to real life and compare it and

see how the acting is to see how the

i'm more excited just to see land i'm

dead excited for that one yeah

absolutely yeah right

uh yeah he's he's a lot of fun to watch

and follow on social media too he's


he's just randomly thrown out high kicks

and i'm just like okay he's good

daniel and his dogs is uh it's its own

journey so

hey man thank you very much for calling

in thank you for being a first time

caller and obviously

thank you for reading the books because

of daniel that's pretty awesome uh so

hopefully uh

yeah thank you keep uh keep following it

and uh yeah i look forward to talking to

you again

have a good day thank you

so to be honest matt i've been zooming

in on the shutter logo windows for about

15 minutes now and i have not seen a

single thing in any of these windows

okay is that what people are they're

saying is that they were saying we're in

some windows and shattered log off


seeing some faces or something faces in

the window is what nick is saying in

chat here

um i don't see it

yeah and sarah and sarah pointed this

out i just got

that she just wrote in chat i just got a

text from my brother that the art looks

exactly how we imagined it's interesting

how folks have different personal

perceptions absolutely

everyone's going to have such a

absolutely a variation of what they're

imagining other than beyond just like

it it says specifically what you know

it's a green cloak so you imagine a

green cloak but how that green cloak

looks you know is obviously gonna be

different let's uh let's bring our next

caller into the show

hey welcome to the dusty wheel how you

doing today

hey good good i'm doing great thanks for

having me on

absolutely who's this this is uh kyle

kyle well thank you for calling in

appreciate it so uh what are your

thoughts so far and what you saw that

wheel of time amazon prime dropped today

i am loving it first of all i think uh i

don't know if it's been stated yet but

there hasn't really been a lot of great

concept art for the wheel of time in


so just to see like a couple you know

decently put together pictures i know

there's the book of

big bad art so uh you know which that

name kind of explains what

most of the fandom thinks about it but

just to see like time and stuff done

really well it's really cool

yeah for sure yeah that's that's a good

point uh you know i hadn't thought about

that but there is there has not been a

lot of concept

art uh other than just what artists have

put out there um and like you said

you know things that we've seen over the

last couple decades now

uh so it's fun to actually see artists


related to the show itself throw some

image out images out there for

like you said shadow goth and such yeah

that's a great point any thoughts on


are you excited daniel that we finally

have some concept art in world

yes um extremely so i i always

geek out over stuff like this a lot and

especially just like trying to pick up

the little things of like okay this is

the concept art can i

speculate on this is like the tone

they're going for like because they tell

from my impression they tell concept

artists like this is

what we want in terms of like a feel in

terms of like a look

and so i always try to figure out what

exactly they told the artists

yeah absolutely well just and sorry

to all the artists out there obviously

you've done amazing art in

about the world actually rob has put out

some rob christensen he's in chat here

put out some of the earlier art that i

remember seeing when i was young

that's to say rob and i are rob and i

are old folks here

and i remember some of the concepts uh

that we saw fans putting out there

and so it's fun to just kind of finally

get into the world this way

and uh and and i and i'm not sure if

sarah should put dot dot dot here uh she

said i really want to say what images

what images really closely reflect the

actual sets

but i won't

it's okay sarah again there's only just

a couple people here no one's gonna

take screenshots of your stuff and post

it on the internet

afterwards that's not gonna happen

well hey thank you very much for giving

us a call last thoughts before we let

you go

what was your favorite i mean other than

having the concept art was there

anything that stood out to you that you

loved the most

uh in what amazon just dropped today

um i like that they dropped some behind

the scenes stuff i know that there were

a lot of people asking

for that before so to see rafe kind of

like addressing you know oh this is you

know the

what i think the eye of the world is

about and uh this is kind of what we put


that's really cool and knowing that

there's probably a lot more of that

with interviews of cast and crew and

people actually building it so that's

going to be cool to see

yeah for sure um and oh yeah and

obviously uh

i think that's going forward hopefully

we'll get some more clips of this you

know as pointed out this is just a real

small snippet you know being able to

actually watch what eventually will be

the whole behind the scenes stuff

after the first season will be really

cool yeah i can't wait to understand if

maybe it's just me but i can't wait to

understand uh from rafe's position why

he'd made all the choices

and he and his team made the choices

that they that they ended up making

about the show whether or not it's

stuff like this like how something

looked you know yeah so

well hey thank you very much for calling

in really appreciate you uh hanging the

line and

we'll talk to you soon thanks for having

me bye guys thank you bye-bye

looks like we have something up on the

screen there taylor oh there we go we're


let me bring our second caller into the

show here

we have a long list of callers here uh


have you seen anything else any other

posts here on social media between the

two of you colin and

daniel anything from ray for from that

we should kind of highlight here before

we take our next caller

uh i haven't seen anything yet no no

okay cool let's uh let's bring our next

caller into the show

hey welcome to the dusty wheel how are

you doing today

hello how are you fantastic sorry we

don't have anyone screening the calls

you're just coming directly into the


today so uh what's your name

hi my name is scott duffy i go by break


but i'm here to talk about how excited i


about the new uh shattered logos imagery

nice my it's my favorite shot if i'm

being honest it's shot our logic i

immediately am like that's the one i'm

going to stare at

for like two hours later yeah absolutely

yeah yeah yeah

uh what is it that uh building other

than seeing it

what else did you like about that shot

and taylor want to throw up some of the

shots that we

were getting from them okay cool yeah go

ahead sorry about that

oh yeah no i i was just saying that it's

the buildings are much taller than i

pictured them being

um like and the the overall i guess it's

a dark shot because i believe

overall like in my mind i always

pictured them a little grayer

but like it's just beautiful the way


the way they've designed like the

intricacies of the exterior

yeah yeah i agree and that's again you

know it's it's so

like sarah sarah hasn't told us yet in

chat which ones look exactly like they

do in the show

so it's hard to know uh but i i do like

that there are

and i i i it's hard i'm having a hard

time actually

thinking about uh or thinking back to

what the exact text says

but i thought that it does talk about

just that they could tell this was a

huge city and that the building some of

the buildings were just tall they were


they're like you know obviously broken

down at the time you know whatever like

halved if you will

um and obviously uh the influence of

that um uh on the actual

uh buildings themselves make the

buildings kind of break down so maybe

that's what i'm kind of looking at the

concept art there

maybe the build some of the buildings

look a little bit more substantial than

i thought they would maybe that's what


uh but yeah absolutely more together

yeah exactly i can i can't wait to uh

some fades and some trolls running

through these streets though oh yeah

that's right yeah oh i did just zoom in

on the winter night one and just slowly

pan for like a trollic face hit in the

background like hey guys but there's


yeah sorry i'm kind of nick nick judge

and chad mentioned that there were some

faces in the shadow logo shot uh

sorry that uh we we can't bring that to

you um

hey thank you so much for calling in

being on the line and being a fan and


looking forward to what we what we get

here coming up taylor's trying to get

some images looks like the

the stream is having some problems

showing some images on the screen here

but anyway have a good afternoon hope

you join us back in chat

and uh come back for some more weekly

episodes that we do here at so wheel

thanks man have a good one thank you

very much for having me

i i absolutely uh love that i'm seeing

people on twitter already just like

picking apart pixel by pixel

trying to figure out like what is this i

love uh

sarah sarah just said in chat i am not

the wat version of tom holland

i am a vault

i love it i love it um yeah i'm the uh

brian just asked in chat which of these

are you guys going to make your phone


great question so colin which of these

images is your phone background after

this uh

after this uh this live stream oh man

i think um i think the shutter lag is

the obvious one but i i

actually really like the first one with

the the the two uh the two guys

overlooking the kind of canyon

yeah yeah i like that one too i like

that one a lot

uh yeah that one's good what do you

about you daniel which one is gonna be

your phone background

uh i actually just made already

well done well done i'm kind of curious

with everybody in chat which ones have

you already made your backgrounds and

let's bring our next caller into the


uh let's see what they have to say hey

welcome to the dusty wheel how you doing


hi i'm doing good this is kim i'm a long

time listener first time caller i feel

like that's that cold 90s phrase right i

like it i like it long time listener

first time caller kim welcome to the

show how you doing today

i'm great i've been so excited about

this i missed the live stream last time

at cause i thought it was an old youtube

notification so it was really sad

but i am loving all these images uh my

sister and i are

freaking out over edmond field and

winter night and that i love the the

misty look of shadow our lugoff it all

looks great

yeah there's a lot of fun taylor's

throwing some images up here uh

and getting them so we can kind of you

know jump through these as we talk about


which one's your favorite so far kim

i think i really love the concept art

for the shadow of golf i think that um

it fits kind of what i always thought

was this big towering

but crumbly ghostly city like old school

london so

i love that it kind of looks like that

um so it it fits what i love the wagons

too they were really

great um it makes me feel like you know


they're bright they're colorful but

they're not

clowny so i really love them they look

amazing that's interesting yeah colorful

but not clowny uh

yeah the really good way to put it

michael in chat just asked

are these from the show and uh these are

actually concept art

and we're given to understand that some

of these may look similar

and some of them may not or maybe none

of them do and

but uh this is just concept art and not

a direct representation of

the actual props and what exactly

everything else we'll see so just

you know so for for hispanics the horses

are remarkably stiff if you zoom in on


there's a bunch of horses going

yeah the one the over the one

overlooking the the valley is going to

get a lot of uh chatter i'm sure

you know like that does you know there

does seem like some red hair there if

you're going concept art you know i

could see that being rand and

and matt for sure uh you know so that's

i do like that piece of art itself um

but yeah this this

idea that old school london and shadow

logoth um you know i i

i do like that idea a lot kim uh any

other uh

from everything that amazon's released

which one's been your kind of favorite

recently of these teaser trailers you

know we got the

we obviously got the harry mark sword we

got the guitar

we have this one uh have you liked this

behind the scene concept art more so

than the others or do you like the

getting kind of a prop from the uh

from the from the actual uh production


i love this because it kind of gives us

a lot of i mean i feel like we're gonna

spend three days looking at all this

before we've kind of

gone through it all right um i really


i really loved the whole drop thing

because i i'm i mean i started reading

these in 2000 so i've been on this

train a long time and so it helps right


as they change things i'm like oh i can

i can live with that change that looks

really awesome so it's not like

when the show goes live we're going to

get hit by 30 changes in the first day

and freak out we we already know they're

coming and we've seen what they're going

to be and we've already

accepted those changes which i think is

really helpful for all of us old school


that's right that's the truth yeah

that's a great that's

really well said hey kim thank you so

much for calling in uh thank you for

being a long time

viewer but first time caller i always

appreciate new callers coming in and

love that you love what's going on here

at the dusty wheel and really appreciate

it and hopefully we'll see you uh next


next time we're live next what next

wednesday have a good day

thank you for having me yeah bye-bye me

too bye

yeah this this kind of drum beat of

really releasing these things so let's

be honest right maybe this one

obviously has larger scale applicability

just to generally

to everyone but i still think these

little releases they're doing

are very much about the fans and very

much about

engaging with us and and almost

preparing us

you know with some concept art to kind

of show us what their thoughts are


about what these things look like so

again one of these moments we're not


surprised uh you know that we're seeing

something here

uh are any of these a surprise for you

colin you know

um other than things might not look

exactly like you thought

did any of these kind of like catch you

off guard uh no i don't think so

i think they kind of all fall within the

realm of of

uh pleasant possibility for me um

looking at them

um it's exciting to kind of see the

things that they're thinking about

um but none of them feel kind of off or

yeah or strange you know mm-hmm and i'm

gonna bring this up

uh daniel i i well i don't know colin if

you're also a gamer i know daniel is

uh is there some excitement when you see

these images like this might be like an

in it's almost

this almost look like in-game shots in

some way do you do you anticipate that

wheel of time

that that you know amazon's going to do

some games

and put some games together and have uh

this hasn't turned into kind of a gaming

thing here in about two or three years

every successful franchise gets a game

at some point it's just a matter of

how good of a game to the end of kidding

uh so yeah i mean i

absolutely i've been salivating for a

wheel of time game since day one i'm one

of the few people who wants like a

army moving like like that scale game

not the individual like first person but

you know i uh yeah definitely more hype

than ever for a game that'll never

not be a thing i just love that the one

game we have so far if we all the time

is somehow an

fps the fact that we have a first person

shooter as the one wheel of time video

game is amazing

yeah for sure and for those of you that

are waiting online i appreciate it

there's a there's a long list we'll get

you in here just

shortly there's a six of you kind of

online right now so uh just waiting so

let's bring our next caller in here

to the show

hey welcome to the dusty wheel how you

doing today

good how are you guys fantastic so who

are we talking to you

um i'm jeremiah called in once before i

think uh

colin was in that episode too anyway oh


by the way by the way daniel i love the

idea of that

of a video game like that for the wheel

of time for like a total war style

oh yeah control the armies that would be

a lot of fun

um i wanted to say ten thousand trolleys

yes um

i just love i love all of these images

it gets me so excited um

i just watched uh one of daniel's videos

yesterday that popped up in my youtube


where you were talking about the uh the

re-watchability of the lord of the rings

trilogy and how it stood up

and it just made me these images made me

think about that of like the wide shots

that they took and uh

really god i'm so excited for that i

can't wait to see what it's going to

look like

yeah yeah absolutely uh from are you

looking forward to the gaming aspect too

for this

jeremiah that could be a lot of fun too

i just want to see the show

like just give me the show one at a time

look i know all of a sudden i don't know

why i got so excited about the gaming

and it's just i think it's just the

nature of the concept art makes me feel


like i can absolutely see this being in

world in a you know

in a in an rpg kind of style game so i i

agree with you

yeah yeah when i saw the art i was like

oh like skyrim what's going on here yeah

yeah yeah

yeah man i i i hadn't really and i

haven't really embedded in that idea

that we might

get like a really great you know uh

rpg out of this but i would love it and

i would play the hell out of that thing

so that's oh yeah i know i don't know if

sarah is willing to tell us this but

have there been

many wide sweeping shots is there a

helicopter following the crew at all

times getting those

we could is i know your fault but if we

can know about the kind of helicopter

i know you're a vault but just this one

little thing just this one little thing


yeah that's exactly uh sarah just said i

can't wait to share some of the

experiences i had

seeing these concepts come to life yeah

absolutely we can't either that's

that's clear hey thank you very much

jeremiah for uh calling in

one last question before you go favorite

wheel of time book

um shadow rising shadow rising yeah


that's a it's among the most common and

favorites for sure one of my favorites

jeremiah have a good one man we'll talk

to you soon you guys like

you sounded dismissive if you're like

that's not what i meant look it's just

when people say like crosstalk to

twilight i'm like wait what

stop the show we need to talk about this

and when somebody says shadows rising

the shadow i'm like yeah that's


drones and cranes i forgot we're in 2020


not 2000 you're like

sarah gave away drones i love it i love

it let's bring our next caller into the


hey welcome to the dusty wheel how you

doing today

hey good fantastic fantastic who are we

talking to

my name's lauren uh lauren awesome

i have a very long list of things i want

to talk about

okay okay just remember you got you got

other fans waiting for you so like

this is lauren with unwrapping the

pattern and it's so funny it took me a

second to really get

to uh your voice and i was like who's

this and you're like this is lauren and

my brain was like

yeah it's lauren so what's up lauren

have you enjoyed this man tell us give

us your give us your run down here

oh i'm so excited this is like a dream

come true for me

uh but i you know just thinking through

all this stuff

i have a lot of things i want to talk

about so i'll try to go through it quick

that's okay

yeah go for it go go through it quick

but yeah give us um first of all

i love that twitter has given these like

descriptive tweets of what's in the


i feel like that's a direct answer to

their whole trying to be more accessible

to people with different disabilities i

think that's really cool

um the second i

uh whether we like it or not these types

of images

they're forming our in our minds what

the wheel of time looks like to us

and i think about like the harry potter

movies i can't see harry potter as

anybody other than daniel radcliffe

you know i'm always going to see belle


as these images and as how the show

portrays it and i'm okay with that

because what they're doing is awesome

that that's something that came to mind

um another big thing is looking at these

different images

uh i've noticed that like the

the belting celebration and shatter

logoff and all these images they seem

like they're

pretty polished uh drawings or paintings

but the one with the two guys looking

over the what looks like a mining

village down in a

like near a lake or whatever that one

looks really sort of hastily put


and so my crack brain theory about that

is that

this particular image is based on actual

photographs of the location where they

chose to film

and then they sort of put this together

sort of after the fact whereas the

others were probably built

before the show started oh it's

interesting yeah we put that one up on

screen taylor leave that one up there

i see what you're saying here now if i

take this look from a from a

graphic design perspective when you look

at the encampment in the lower left of

this image

it does seem like uh they've you know

it's just not a high rails

yeah like it's not really a high-res

version of this valley but this does

look a lot like i mean it probably is

you're probably right this probably is

the valley

you know and it's just a bridge that's

kind of how it feels

yeah yeah and yeah like the bridge maybe

is real the

the mountains are probably real but like

low res image that they just kind of

photoshopped in

um so i'm excited because i think

probably this is an actual location

where they're going to be filming

um so anyway that that caught my eye

yeah that's that's a that's a well

that's an interesting thing to point out

yeah i love that uh there's nothing i'm

saying now i need to go back and stare

at these really closely

yeah this is that's a great one are you

are you are you in line with that idea

do you think that's a rand and matt

after they've split up is that what you

think that is

oh yeah for sure and it's funny when i

first saw it i thought white bridge and

then i really looked and i'm like no

there's no way this is white bridge


that's stupid that would be that would

be an interesting choice

yeah but yeah anyway that's cool to me


it makes me feel like um they

some of the concept art they've built

sets around it for example the inn in

the concept art looks almost exactly

like the images

of the inn in edmonds field that we've

seen leaked

right yeah so that was probably i wonder

if the set was sort of built based on

that concept art whereas

this one maybe they had concept art

drawing up but then they sort of hastily

threw this together after the location

was picked anyway that's my

correct favorite green theory no that's

the other last thing i love is

the the mandalorian ends each episode

with concept art

i love that they're kind of embracing

that but that's that's a really cool


um and speaking of that featurette they

did i already kind of mentioned this in

the chat

it does really seem to imply that

they're going to have sort of like

behind the scenes featurette

after each episode and to me this tells

me a few things one

they're probably going to release these

weekly because they have like a special

feature sort of like what game of

thrones used to do like at the end of

each game of thrones episode they'd have

a little

show runners talk about the episode

featurette right so it feels like

they're setting up for that

and then the other thing that excites me

is um

they're probably close to finished with

some of these episodes

if they're already working on the

featurette for the episode which is very


yeah yeah absolutely yeah it's a yeah

all those things are exciting uh that's

a great list of items uh now i really

need to stare at that one with the

in the valley that we have there i saw a

note here in chat

uh from delusion saying that both uh

celtic mist and

geekieri indicated that location's

called velka america

for those that are kind of interested in

looking that up and seeing that that


so hey lauren always awesome to have you

here uh

you know thank you very much for calling

in and love your assessment i'm sure

you're gonna throw a video out here

saying all these same things shortly


yes definitely i'm looking forward to it

nice to talk to you officially daniel

oh yeah just wanted to hear from you

yeah absolutely hey lauren have a good

one okay we'll talk to you soon bye-bye

um i do want to quickly note we haven't

touched on what rafe said in the video

at all and i just want to say that he

one of the few things out of his mouth

was touching on the gender in wheel of

time which is

such a huge part of the series so it's

just good to see him immediately

addressing like yeah

robert jordan played with gender

dynamics a lot

so let's get into that yeah absolutely

and he uh and

and that seems to be something he's

brought up a couple times in qas he

brought that up

in the jordan con uh you know zoom bomb

from back in 2020. i like saying back in


now that's crazy 2021 back in 2020 when

that all happened that was amazing um

yeah uh absolutely and the fact that

they did they chose that

to put in here uh just says again like

that's coming and he's mentioned a lot

of times so again it's to fandom

all these things i think of preparatory

for the fandom that's been around for

decades now uh getting ready to kind of

experience this and preparing us for it

so yeah that's a good call out daniel

there's five people here waiting to get

in so let's bring them in

and let's see what they have to say and

then we'll i want to play this again

taylor are we able to play it again or

is that not uh working on the screen are

you able to do a screen capture and play

the video

yeah okay so we'll play that video here

shortly but let's get our callers in


to the show hey welcome to the dusty

wheel how you doing today

we can't hear you if you're on mute oh

you know what yeah

i muted myself earlier i have no worries

no worries no worries you were waiting a

while totally appreciate it so uh who's


no yeah long time listener second time

caller so it's a

good thing i catch the live stream to be

back here again yeah i love it i love it

what was your name

uh chris chris hey thank you for calling

in again i appreciate that

so what are your thoughts on amazon's

release today

um i i really like the artwork i

actually i wanted to bring up something

that i don't think anybody said yet

about okay um the shadow picture

yeah we only see one writer sorry go

ahead chris

yeah we only see one writer in there so

i'm thinking could that potentially be

pat and spain and maybe we get a clip of

padam payne

riding into shadow logo separately i

like it

the group or is that just one you know

one person to represent you know them

writing out when they're trying to get

out of there

i don't know but yeah where it's just

matt looking for things to touch

it's just not okay i do want to point

this out because i did not point this

out before if you look in the far

distance you do get that

that looks like a dome which they talk

about i thought in chatter logo off the


and i want to say that that is does look

like honestly so i worked in

the chicago in the city of chicago and

this reminds me of a shot from the city

of chicago

actually it's in the financial district

and there's a

image almost like this so it it's

working for me on multiple dimensions

here which i love

so uh yeah

look i'm gonna go find a shot of it and

i'm gonna kind of pair them together

i'll throw that up on social media

afterwards yeah

i it's a it's a fun reference to to use

that's for sure

uh other thoughts uh chris what else

kind of stood out to you other than that

kind of single

writer on in shadow logo

um well that when we were first going

through the video

like that the image of like matt and

rand up on the mountain with like the


i saw that for a second because i was

like kind of doing something else while

i was on my ipad and i thought it was

white bridge and like white bridge isn't

in a valley like that and then

going back you know obviously it's like

supposed to be like a mining town or


um but yeah like i i think that scene is


after the group splits up but i guess it

like people were saying it could be

you know before they leave evansville

something in the beginning but uh

yeah that's i that was the vibe that i

got first off since it was like oh matt

and ran together this is probably them

when they're yeah on their own

adventures there's a part

you know corey road aspect to this you

know this certainly could be it's

it's not impossible you know the concept

art doesn't have to match exactly

so you know what what the scene is going

to be so yeah i agree this

certainly could be uh one of the entry

kind of moments where we get to know

these two uh later on but but because

braves talks about that whole scene of

where you know rand and tam are coming


edmonds field and you know we're going

to get bell time it's it's hard to

imagine them

breaking out for another scene around

the area but maybe maybe

yeah maybe that happens um hey thank you

so much

yeah thank you so much chris for calling

in really appreciate it uh

we have a couple calls behind

yeah that's a that's a good call out uh

now i have to i can't wait till after

this and i can go

pair the uh the shot i'm talking about

in chicago with the shadow logo shot

that's gonna be fun uh colin anything

else standing out to you as the

conversation's been happening here

we'll get these four callers in uh you

know you've we've been setting on this

suddenly on this now almost for an hour

you know what's your takeaway from what

we got today and

just it being 2021 and the real time

amazon prime show coming up this year

um i mean i think i'm i'm really just

kind of um

appreciative of of this kind of of the

whole team

that uh we love time on prime team um

they don't have to release this stuff

um they know that we're gonna they know

that we're gonna geek out over it and

love it and

um and i really appreciate that that

they kind of engage with us in that way

um and i like to see um

exactly how much kind of thought they're

putting into

um the show if they're putting this kind

of detail and thought into these images

then i can only assume that they're

putting a thousand times more into the


um for sure so i really appreciate that

uh yeah that's i i absolutely agree with

that um and

and that continues to be kind of a fun


thing for fans to engage in right the

social media accounts uh just themselves

they don't have to do any of that right

this morning they

they posted a tweet i don't know if you

have that one that t tweet taylor that i

uh threw up there

but it's uh you can actually through an

image for it so you can go

throw an image in there but the the

tweet was about

uh the fact that they were just taking

their morning tea uh

this morning and uh they didn't have to

reply they don't have to do any of that

stuff so yeah just

uh their engagement's been fantastic

let's bring in our next caller of the


hey welcome to the dusty wheel how you

doing today

good things how you guys doing fantastic

who's this

this is brian um longtime listener first

time caller

i just wanted to say thanks to daniel

and yourself for both your content um

huge fan of both your shows and

definitely uh looking forward to more


videos from you guys um love the fact

that you guys do these lives

um while they are releasing content i'm

now like waiting for both your show

and for new content on a daily basis so

appreciate that

yeah it's fine it's fine hopefully

everyone's enjoying the question yeah

yeah no it's great it's a really really

great way of engaging with the community

um so question for both everyone on the

show have you guys any ideas about

where race might be when he's talking

so i haven't heard anybody discussing

the background of

the video where rafe is um so looking at

the image

right it looks i mean he's obviously in

a set somewhere

i don't know if you want a second to

pull it up yeah we're going to taylor

i'm trying to pull that up here shortly

yeah so okay so yeah we have a still

here uh behind rafe yeah so go ahead and

tell us your thoughts so i was thinking

to that

perhaps shinar or faldara it has i mean

it's kind of blurry right but it's

obviously a multi-story building with

some sort of a wall

right with a railway of some sort i mean

could that be a set piece from

faldora or i don't know like i couldn't

think of anywhere else where he might be

with a big background like that beyond a

set piece

but thoughts on that yeah that's a

that's a great question of like what are

we seeing back there they certainly

blurted out

i don't know yeah daniel what are your

thoughts on this one i i honestly it's

me it looks maybe just like a sound

studio i can't i can't see that being

a wheel of time it looks too modern to

me to be anything aside from just

thinking so hollywood set studio yeah

i'm not entirely sure but that's my best

guess at this point

yeah maybe it's uh maybe it's sound

studio for the i'm just

you know having fun here with for the

waze you know

i'm just making something up it's like i

just want it to be the ways so therefore

that's what it is it's the ways it's the

sound studio for the waves

people are saying that looks like a uh a

warehouse or the yellow railing not very



yeah it might be something they could

remove with green screen or something

like that that was my only thought on

that but

um no still super excited to see all

this content and

you know the conversation so yeah for

sure yeah hey thank you so much it was

awesome and uh by the way uh sarah

is in chat and she said it's not a set

piece so

uh okay that's we do know that although

she didn't say it's not a sound studio

for the waze looks like a ship

on a ship maybe maybe maybe that fits in

that definition too

hey thank you so much for calling and

appreciate you being a first time caller

and that you've been enjoying the show

hey man we'll talk to you soon okay

great thank you all right bye uh daniel

to you any thoughts uh you know you've

been watching social media here

i can i can see you kind of like

engaging over there like what have you


you know what have you uh what's your

kind of takeaway here now that you've

had kind of an hour to sit on what

they've released

and what you've seen from fans i've seen

if you give fans a string

they will somehow knit a sweater it is

very impressive

to see people go and draw these

conclusions that i

i would not on my own but they're not

necessarily wrong a lot of stuff that's

interesting um

i've seen a couple people comparing the

uh cover of crown of swords to what

we're seeing of

potentially not confirmed but it's

definitely shutter logic very glad they

didn't go with the cover of crown of

swords because the architecture there is

bulbous um it's not dome it's bulbous

so i think they're made the good call um

yeah i think people are excited i'm very


i'm gonna rewatch it 400 more times i'm

trying to do like eight things right now

uh yeah right now what's twitter saying

what's matt

all right yeah this is the this is the

fun hopefully people are enjoying kind

of doing this live

uh you know it's right in the moment of

it's a lot of fun to kind of just

consume this together

uh you know seeing it was it was so

interesting because when they released

this time

uh from a kind of a depth perspective

was you know deeper than what we've

gotten recently and so i it's like

i think the first like three or five

minutes of the show was just all of us

just really quietly staring at images

it was like i need some time to consume

what i'm seeing here uh

so yeah by the way for those of you who

are watching this is this is colin with

the random tv podcast here below

daniel green mr goblin fantasy news

himself here we've been having lots of


talking all about the release of the

wheel of time on amazon prime news today

if you didn't check it out go follow

their social media let's play actually


i always started to do this we have

three more callers we'll bring them in

here shortly thank you very much for


let's play the clip one more time here

and taylor will give that

for us this is uh this is a lot of fun

if you didn't see it initially and

you've been kind of watching this

here yeah we don't have it on the screen

yet taylor

taylor's playing it but we'll rewind it

here in just a second

gotcha oh so here we go

what's special about the eye of the

world is the themes of balance of gender

and the emotional journey of these


as a fan of the books i feel so lucky we

get to bring this world to life

yeah good stuff oh man uh yeah

this one was a little bit more i got i

think more kind of chills

about just we're almost there we're

almost to the end of this

kind of road and you know we're all

we've almost gotten there uh

we let's let's bring our next caller

into the show here and see what they

have to say

hey welcome to the dusty wheel how are

you doing today

great innkeeper i raise my glass to you

norm fantastic to hear from you sir

i'm technically at work right now so

sorry lancer thank you very much for

calling in

this is so this is how dedicated i am to

your show you guys that i can

when i'm playing hooky for about five

minutes to chat with you guys

i love it i love it

i love it so uh what do you got to say

what do you what do you like about what

you saw today

oh i'm i'm giddy i i am truly giddy

that uh that we got these images and


but you know i hate to be debbie downer

you know

i noticed that there we don't have


so i don't know if cayman's supposed to

be a big reveal for us later on in the


or if you know it's going to be one of


uh the hard cuts that that they had to


so you know i'm happy and i'm i'm scared

at the same time

yeah so that's okay that's a good

question uh we don't we haven't seen uh

you know tracons be cast we haven't seen

any images we didn't get any concept art

from caiman here

um how do you feel about that uh daniel

if that if if that does signify that

that they're cutting it for first season

how do you feel about that cut

um i have no idea but i do know if

you're shooting cable in

and getting concept of that it's

probably one of the most challenging

cities to do so i wouldn't be surprised

if it's just one they're not ready to

present yet

because it's unlike charlotte logoth

where it's empty streets and just like

uh or like a small

town celebrating it needs to be a packed


beautiful spectacle so i i can't

speculate on whether or not that's just

ready or they're not having it in season


um but yeah i can't wait colin how do

you feel what's your theory

about it yeah that's a good that's a

good question

i think it's something that the

community has been kind of

um wondering about because they've been

very tight-lipped about that

anything having to do with the path that

came when might

you know send uh send the showdown um we

don't know anything about the trends we

don't we haven't seen any concept guard

um or anything like that

um i don't know i i think there is some

credence to the the argument that we may

not see it

in this first season um and i think

that's okay i i i really do trust the


to to find a way to make these things

work out um in terms of the

overall plot arcs of the show um

yeah i'm okay with it actually i i'm

gonna cut across like this idea

now because i've been so long without us

getting information about like okay

maybe caiman's gone so i'm gonna say

they're just setting us all up to

believe it's gone yeah we're just being

set up in this moment to believe it's


and then they're gonna talk about it all

over again yeah and then

and then then then it's uh then we're

going to get something and we're going

to just love whatever we do get

from from came in right it's like this

is like the perfect way to kind of lead

us down that rope and be like

yes we got some camelin and i'm so

excited more excited than i ever would

have been because i thought we had it in

the first place so that's my

that's my new theory that's my

that's my hey norm thank you so much for

taking a moment during your work day

uh this is my extended lunch break also

so uh uh hopefully you enjoyed what you

saw from real-time amazon prime i can't

wait to see what fans have said

all this time and uh man we'll talk to

you soon okay

hey thai shark to all of you you too

take care

you too bye-bye uh by the way sarah just

sarah just uh uh wrote in chat here just

lots of emojis with

zip for you know a zipper for a face and

i'm assuming that she's replying

in part to what i just said i love it

uh so we have two more callers here

let's bring them in and i want to show

that off get kind of your final thoughts


i know i saw a lot of people kind of

anxious to see if maybe uh

juan prime would call in uh that was

that was just like a fun

you know call me maybe reference i

wasn't actually expecting them to call


i'm not going to not take their call if

they decide to call in so

so here we go let's bring our last two

callers into the show

and see what they have to say hey

welcome to the dusty wheel how you doing


i'm good it's carolina it's been a while

carolina hey

it has been a while thank you so much

for calling back in

yeah i'm glad that you guys did this at

a time of day that i can

handle it's fabulous yeah yeah

i love that we can get more kind of

international you know

fans in and not have to have a show at

three o'clock in the morning for them

so yeah i love this so yeah i i have

stayed up for my fair share of those

but um yeah uh i wanted to say congrats

to daniel on his new book i'm super

excited for that

and also following i love your podcast

oh thank you

yeah yeah why not you know um i have a

really annoying question

so okay you're welcome in advance um

is there anything you guys are have been

disappointed by

that you've seen so far and have you

changed your mind

now so this one goes to daniel first

it's always got to be on my shoulders



i still want to see shadow spawn i'm

getting kind of like give me shadow


something dark related even a foot give

me a hoof i don't care

um that's been a little like come on uh

the only thing

i'm so far disappointed

i like tom's guitar i i get the decision

of giving him a guitar it's less

you know i'm thinking harper's probably

goofy i get 100 how that might look


um but it does there's an elegance to

tom playing the harper i'm like oh i

hope that i i

question whether they'll be able to keep

the elegance but i will put it up to the


to make me believe that tom plays that

guitar elegantly but yeah

there's i get the decision but there's a

part of me that's like hey

at least throw a harp in the background

have him have him break one on accident

or something

yeah i love it yeah that's a that's a

good answer colin what are your thoughts

here anything that's kind of

disappointed you

that's actually a really tough question


i don't know um i don't know that

anything's actually disappointed me

um no i think i try to keep a pretty

open mind

in terms of what what's possible um but

uh but yeah

i can't say that necessarily anything is

difficult disappointing although i do

like daniel i like your

your point of not seeing shadow spawn i

do want to i want confirmation of

how deep the show is going to go into

the darker aspects

um i'm really i'm really actually

concerned about that

not concerned in a bad way but curious

about that um so i would like to see

some of that

very good point and actually this view

of shadow logoth we got just

gave me hope because it looks horrifying

and that's right shutter logarithms give

me a nightmare i need to be terrified

right and that gives me hope that'll

continue the horror elements will

continue into the shadow spawn and such

and i see sarah and chat saying like hey

that's a big asset i get it that's why i

said a hoof you can give me

i love it give me a trolling sword

anything i'm good

can you imagine that that'd be awesome

if they just dropped an image of a hoof

and be like i hope you yeah there's much

more to come much more to come

okay this is the fun part about hosting

a show so i get to say stuff like this

carolina so for you what's been your

biggest disappointment

i get to go last that's the

she just left she decided

i was like depending on that so carolina

we lost you i'm not sure if on purpose

but whatever it worked out perfectly

because now i'm forced to answer that

question and not do it any longer

so sorry we lost you i i see you in chat

so if you have an answer for this

question which is

you know is there anything is there

anything that that's disappointed you

let me know so

as far as uh disappointing me um i will


that uh i think i'm

i have pat and feign so i'm not

disappointed yet

um i don't know if we have land fear so

i'm not disappointed yet

um and those are kind of the two keys

for me is uh land fear and pat and feign

so we have shedder logoth we have uh pat

and feign and we may have landfire and

sometime in the future so

uh my disappoint will probably come when

they start making some choices on the


and what they do with them and how they

present them

you know and you know what we what we

get with actually uh with varan

and those kind of characters so nothing

yet because

uh this first part of the story isn't as

important to me as what happens in the

great hunt

so that's where that's where i feel like

i'm going to potentially be disappointed


in ways that i'll just have to you know

deal with as a fan yeah so

uh stumbled just made a really good

point where it's casting an actor who

can play a harp you have like five


casting an actor who can play guitar you

have like 50 000 so that

is probably a very good thing where now

they can have them possibly really play

guitar on the show which is always

something as

beautiful they can do for sure yeah

and uh someone's pointing out a really

important point in chat which is daniel

has a hoof fetish that's apparent

uh thank you very much for pointing that

out uh to the fan i really like

ria i can't get through one of these

live streams do you matter without


something follow me for a year you're


daniel the goblin king has a fetish

that's not totally outside the realm of




a good um though i think you made a good

point about um kind of setting up

expectations i think it's easier

kind of before the show begins to say

hey they'll probably change this they'll

probably change this but

it's hard to kind of project what those

ramifications are going to be down the


yeah um and we're we're inevitably going

to find some disappointment

in something they had to pull from the

plot or change um i think that's that's

a good point yeah

yeah that's going to be the interesting

things for me i think i've said this

many times which is

i really want to see how the actors

embody their characters and so i think

after the show comes out you know that's

when it'll be a tougher

you know thing of like oh man i wish

this had been

done better or whatever but right now

i've loved everything i've seen so far

so i can't i can't complain too much

like the guitar thing didn't really it

wasn't as meaningful to me as it was to

some fans

um because tom i'll be honest

not as meaningful to me as some of the

character other characters in the show

so i i like

tom don't get me wrong but just he's not

like he's on my list of

like oh my gosh if they had cut tom i

would have hated them actually you know

um so that's right if you wanna do a

hashtag you know

you know innkeeper says you can cut tom

that's fine whatever

um well for me there's a big thing it's

it's not about

does the actor embody the character the

way i saw it it's does the actor embody

the character in a way where i can

see they're still getting the soul of

the character because like you know

before the lord of the rings movies came

out no one pictured gollum how gollum is

but andy circus

is gollum it's just a matter of do they

still get it

um in a way that's going to become

synonymous with still with the spirit

with the heart of what was already there

um that's going to be the real judge

i've already let go of my visions of all

the characters right like you can't

bring that over you're not going to be

satisfied if you do that because

no one's going to be the mat that's in

your head although for me personally

it's just you matt with a hat

oh that's that's that's your math that's

excellent i need to get a hat and a

chanderie yeah if that's how you

pronounce it yeah if somebody

has like cancel cancel in keeper for

hating tom is that that's not how you

say it shut up no

no not even a little look that's not

what i've actually practiced to do live


like literally that's what happens i'm

like oh my gosh i have to say this word

i need to go look it up because people

are going to make fun of me

so that is the next one i have to learn

apparently oh

man let's bring in our caller they've

been waiting a while here let's bring

them into the show

and see what they have to say welcome to

the dusty wheel how you doing

hey matt it's todd todd hey man it's

awesome to hear your voice

love having you on the show you've been

waiting a long time man so what's your

what's your reaction to what you saw


well i've watched it like 20 times okay


the more i watched it the more i thought

man you and brian were so

wrong about what you thought this was

gonna be

thank you thank you very much for

pointing that out

yes uh this is an impossible thing to be

right about i did offered i'd send

something fun to people that guessed it

right i don't think anyone guessed this

one right so uh

i love that they i love that they

tweaked uh you know that they did not

meet our expectations on this it wasn't

you know just another

uh teaser trailer in the sense of what

we'd already seen i like them mixing it


and this was a this is a lot of fun

yes it's really good and i love shatter

logan i like

the uh the wagons in the circle

um they're not like overdone they look

really nice i'm really happy with the

way they look i think that's going to be

pretty cool if they keep them kind of

tinkerish but downplayed i don't know

any other way to say it

yeah i like that idea a lot yeah and

again it's concept art so you know

whether or not these

you know these colors come out as this


again there's a lot being said here

which is we know we have the tinkers

here we can beltane shatter logoth you

know the

quarry road if you will maybe that's the

connection here

so yeah we've thrown up some of these

images hopefully people are watching

this are enjoying kind of seeing those


uh i figure we'll be seeing these all

over the internet for

for weeks to come and you know begging

for more concept art that's gonna be the

next thing right

everyone's gonna be adding what on prime

like can you give us

concept art for this i want to see

concept art of

this thing that's what's coming next

todd uh

so last moment todd yeah sorry go ahead

what were you saying

well no i was gonna say do you think the

uh where the two of them are standing

looking down in the valley do you think

that's possibly when they're hiding in


in the mountains of mist um

something to do with that because

there's no

road there it's a pathway you know

that's true uh that's true uh yeah it

absolutely could be the question is how

much kind of buildup are they gonna do

before we get to beltine you know i


um right or you know or you know i guess

it's interesting because they did choose

just both of those you know having

those two individuals there and

so it's hard to know what they're

suggesting or not with that so

yeah what's your thought do you think

that this is uh later on or do you think

this is kind of a build up over by the

mountains and mist

i i got a feeling this is later on

because i don't

you know when they're walking just matt

and rand

they're on the road most of the time

well all the time they they pretty much

follow the

camel road um and this kind of seems

like it's off the beaten path to me

yeah yeah i just want to point out i

would not walk down that path i am


i'm with you i wouldn't even stand that

close to the edge to be honest with you


you know yeah um yeah todd what's your

what's your favorite image of these

that's going to end up on your phone as


kind of phone background

the shadow logo yeah it's definitely

coming across as one of the favorites of

fans uh

it's not surprising shadow logo is one

of the biggest moments of the early part

of that book

so just makes sense that we you know

i'll be excited to see how they handle

it and

one of the things that kind of diverges

or immediately kind of changes the mood

of the book

um in ways uh that are they're a lot of

fun hopefully they

they have fun with that so hey todd

thank you very much for holding online

there for a while appreciate it man

and we'll talk to you i'm sure you're

soon back at the dusty wheel man

okay bye yup have a good one

i have a question for the both of you

okay if you could see a con

piece of concept art like this for any

scene in book one

what scene would you choose oh man um

yeah that's a great question


i mean so i'll be honest i i would love


they've given me a piece of this i want

i would like more concept art

from shadow logoth right there's i would


you know here we go like maybe we can

get some shadow spawn

uh concept art in shatter logoth you

know with

with uh you know master so you get your

hoof there

in the concept art in shadow logoth make

that happen

so what i would like to see is kind of

kind of kind of that but i want to see

the blight i want to see

i want to see concept art from them

traveling to the eye of the world

i wouldn't have thought that that's a

really good choice that i'd want to see


yeah maybe like when they kind of go by

like fallen like here melkier like

something like that that would be that

would be awesome yeah

yeah i i absolutely agree i like the

match just like i need more shot art


that's right give me more i don't have a

lot of notes here in the wheel of time

but it's like metaphysics fair and land


um and other powers and shadow of god

and kind of fan you know

what about you so i would love to see a

trollic foot



no uh of any scene uh i would probably

oh that's honestly i just want to see

the first time channeling is seen i want

to see the first

instance where we from the perspective

of someone channeling what they're

envisioning what they told

artists to do to bring channeling to

life so that i can get an inkling of

what it's going to look like for the


so i don't know what they've written the

first scene to be channeling being it

could line up the book it could not

um but i just want to see the first

instance of channeling more than


what daniel's telling you what on prime

is that he would like to see shadow


being destroyed by channeling in a

concept art that's what he's telling me

and all that's left is their feet just

standing there

oh my gosh that was so good just don't

i love that i hope whoever does concept

art somehow sees this or hears about

this and just goes no i'm gonna

i'm gonna draw just like someone

a troll like being eviscerated by like a

fireball and just leaving the hooves

right there on the ground it's like one

of those 80s psych gags right

yeah absolutely okay so uh we have two

other callers

i'm getting final thoughts from our

guests here and then we'll uh we'll let

everyone go

for the afternoon hopefully you've all

enjoyed this if you're watching this for

the first time

this is our live call and talk show all

about the wheel of time we do this on a

weekly basis this is a lot of fun here

at the dusty wheel

please like this video so other fans can

find it later on and

also subscribe if you haven't uh we'll

be back here

doing these kind of live coverages when

white on prime give us a little nod or

you know

a little wink if you will to let us know

something's coming so

we'll keep doing these live coverage

they're so much fun hopefully those who

they're in chat have had a lot of fun


and let's take our final two callers i

apologize to anyone else who calls

these will be our last two for the day

let's bring our next caller in

welcome to the dusty wheel how you doing


uh hi my name is chris first time caller

i love what you guys do all

all of you that support the uh community

thank you i wanted to bring up something

oh thank you

um uh something that daniel brought up

about the

role playing i think the wheel of time

could be a great

like tabletop dnd style uh

you know i know they had one about 20

years ago um

but um i haven't seen anything

like that since i think i just think it

would be a great

addition to the whole world daniel's

holding yeah go ahead and

describe this daniel what you got here

we have a role-playing game book

uh for the wheel of time and i'm telling

you you are right we need an update this

is a good one

it's fun it's adventurous it's so not


uh if you channel you win and if you

don't channel you die

so in terms of role-playing games it

needs a little bit of tweaking so i'm

with you 100

oh man that's that is that is one of the

things that we really haven't

gotten into yet from a fandom which is

the gaming aspect that could come from

this all the merchandise that might show


right the little trollics you know and

the baby trollics right like i don't

know what you'd call them you know

not grosgu but it'd be something similar

i feel like it would be something

similar i feel like roku is an awesome

trollic name

i'll be honest uh you know so i and as

sarah just said in chat i'm dying for a

watt dnd

game five absolutely i can't wait to see

what they do yeah

you know i'm usually not a huge fan i'll

be honest growing up

where like every movie that came out


like mcdonald's had some kind of thing

that they gave away for that movie

and it just kind of soured me to the

whole merchandising aspect of franchises

but i am so into it for the wheel of


i want but i think it's partially

because we haven't had very much

uh so i'm like i'm ready i'm ready for

some merchandising go ahead

i'm on the other end of the spectrum

i've been putting aside money like every


i'm saving it's gonna grow and i'm gonna

spend it all

that's awesome yeah yeah chris are you

what do you what do you want to see them

make merchandise out of before we let

you go

what do you what would you like to buy

today if they could make something for


karen mark sword okay the hair mark

sword is there

uh if it was actually like a stuffed


which stuffed animal would it be

that's the animal if you had to pick a

stuffed animal that's too uh

no gear i love it i love it

an ogre stuffed animal that note goes

out to be the time amazon prime

the fans are ready to buy your ogre

animals um that that's what i would want

yeah yeah what about like the piece of


what would you like your i must have it

wheel of time merch you know what i

really want i really want the dragon

banner i really want like oh

that's a good entertainer on my wall

that'd be awesome yeah i love it

but i want to hear though before you go

away from this question daniel

what's your stuffed animal going to be

for the real time

is it weird if i want a little stuffed

murder all just like a creepy little

chucky doll emoji

it's so cool i'll just put it places

that people open and scares the crap out

of them

oh my gosh yeah all of the world is

going to be full

of stuffed murder and uh and trollix and

oh gear i can't wait

and i love the alfin eelfin idea that's


hey uh chris thank you very much for

calling in uh really appreciate you

being a viewer

and uh fan this has been a lot of fun

and will continue to be a lot of fun all

in 2021

2021 man i can't believe it we're

actually getting the thing that we've

talked about

uh as fans for decades which is a

tv show it's gonna be it's gonna be

awesome so thank you for calling in man

we'll talk to you soon okay

all right thank you yep bye-bye

the stuffed murderer has a real sword it

has an asteroid

just to increase the nightmare i love it

i love it uh

yes the stuffed mirror troller they're


made in some form or fashion that you

know it poisons kids

don't do that i'm just kidding that was

a joke oh yeah man there's someone

it was a great idea

don't use that idea but don't do it

that's terrible idea

okay let's let's bring our last caller

into the show and get some final

thoughts from everybody

thank you all for being in chat this has

been a fantastic way to spend friday


hey welcome to the dusty wheel how are

you doing today

you might be on youtube

is it is it rihanna or yeah can you hear


oh um ariana yeah i'm a long time

listener and a first-time caller

um and i just wanted to thank you guys

for all like the plethora of real time

content during quarantine has really


i know me and a lot of other fans saying

so i just wanted to thank you

all three uh for all of that um and

also i'm a first time reader because of

daniel's channel i picked up

the out of the world last month and just

finished it the other day

so uh first time reading through the

books i was wondering if

either of you guys will be doing a read

along as we approach the show's release

do you guys think you'll be doing maybe

a read along for the first few books

daniel do i take this call for this


i i don't do read-alongs because they

scare me

uh because i know i either will read too

slow or too fast for people and people

will be mad

because i am uh an insane reader what i

will be doing is re-reviews of every


so i will let people know at the end of

this month i will be reviewing this

wheel of time book

um so if you if you can read to that

extent to uh

line up with it i think that'll probably

go for what you're looking for

yeah it's great quick great question i

haven't thought about doing okay

i haven't thought about doing um review

videos or anything

i i'm kind of very topical with the

wheel of time so i love

just you know for example colin was on a


a show that we did talking about the iel

and the fourth age and that kind of

thing i love that kind of aspect

so maybe i'll take a look at you know

the first book

and d you know kind of dive into some of

the topics that we cover there like for


if you've ever read the eye of the world

the end of the isle of the world is

a little bit confusing of everything

that happens there so maybe i'll do one

of those videos

enablis did a video just like that you

know it'd be fun to have them on to talk

about that aspect of it

so i think i'll be doing stuff like that

just kind of live shows around

certain topics from the eye of the world

for sure a reread itself a wheel of time

on amazon prime tried to do a reread

recently with fans and it's just

interesting it just hasn't

worked out as much like on twitter for

example it's not like a great medium it

doesn't seem like

to handle that so i think there's tons


you know rereading uh or first time

reading uh podcasts out there and

hopefully you're

you're following those um uh i and i'm

and i think there are some uh groups

that are doing uh rereads

actually on youtube too i think leafcast

might be doing a reread

so you should check them out potentially

so uh yeah

are you doing something like that or you

plan to ever do something like that

colin with your podcast or are you guys

sticking to kind of show news and

kind of show topics yeah i don't know

that um

we would do necessarily a reread we tend

to kind of stick around

stick to like show news and topics um

with some kind of

talking about like broader thematic

themes of the series in general

um but it is an interesting thing i mean

the books are i was obviously highly

rereadable so

um it could happen in the future and you

got to listen to collins podcast for his

voice of life

i mean good god hold on hold on hold on

hold on

hold on so uh a rafe judkins entered the


and i don't know if this was the if this

is the rafe judkins

so so uh uh

welcome rafe to uh to the chat here uh


uh you have to be on the call when we're

getting some from rayford he just joined

in i'm not sure

uh i'm sure chat is going to fill rafe

with all sorts of questions here

um but ariana thank you so much for

calling in for me a first time caller


for the comments you made about uh what

we're doing it's

it's fun right this is a fun time to be

a fan

you know it's there's certainly kind of

a renovation a renaissance if you will

of of what's happening in fandom right

now so i totally agree

it's been a blast uh just for the last

16 months that i've been doing the show

and i love what what everyone here is

doing on the show and for everyone out

there that's creating content it's it's

been so much fun so hey ariana thank you

so much for calling in and for being our

last caller i appreciate that

we'll talk to you soon okay thanks

yeah thank you bye-bye so uh

here we are at the very end of the show

and it would appear that rafe might have


jumped into chat with us uh so uh

uh the i want to ask both of you kind of

what are your final thoughts here or as

we kind of

tie things up about what we saw today

and just what fans have said when

they've called in you know what do you

you know sorry taylor's like over there

signaling me

um and certainly if rafe wants to call


um you know you certainly can um

give us a call let us know give us a

thumbs up if you'd like to we can get

you the phone number

uh just let us know but yeah final

thought or it doesn't have to be final

thoughts here but just

kind of as we close up shop what are

your thoughts daniel as far as

everything that's happened so far today

um i think it's

a lot of fun i love the conversation as


i'm more like than anything this stuff

just always makes me

curious of where they're gonna take

things how it's gonna head and develop

um obviously they're telling their art

department some pretty accurate stuff

just from the vibes we're getting i mean

even just looking more at the clothing

it's not standard medieval show clothing

there's definite signs of more modern

tinges which to me that's just

wheel of time um so yeah there's the

more i'm looking at the happier i am

uh there's definitely some digital

artifacts when you zoom in you're like

oh okay this is definitely concept art

on a tablet but

uh i'm also very eager and certain to

see we're gonna see fans recreating

these in various ways which i'm always

down for i mean you give a fan something

like this

the art people are gonna art and i love

that stuff as well

um i don't know like this is always like

a great little ignition and i like to

see what the fans do

and take it to the full-on explosion of

like all right we you've given us an


now we're gonna go for a mile well i

haven't and

raf's in chat here do you have a

question for rafe while he's kind of

watching here um

you know that you want to throw in chat

uh you know obviously if you if you

can't uh

just uh jump in why don't you throw some

throw him a question here maybe he can

answer it in chat

the challenge is uh can it be something

he can actually answer right because

there's thousands of things i want to


but why didn't he actually answer okay

sorry i didn't i didn't realize

so i'm sorry i didn't track all of the

things uh taylor's telling me rave said

he will answer one question that we have

and uh so what's our one question here

uh sorry

i'm catching up here with everybody in

chat here and uh

what's our one question for rafe that he

will answer between the three of us

uh let's let's let's yeah what is the

one question you want

don't and rafe i want to put this out to

rafe here

we're gonna we're gonna be talking about

a question and then we'll tell you when

we have the one question that it is okay

so uh

um so yeah there's no pressure here uh

what was there one question it either

came out of

um what we saw today or just something

that we would want to know from rafe

right um


uh oh man

there's so many questions uh

feel free you guys if you if something

comes down so i i i love you i like

all the pressure


because the rape just said okay one

question to rule them all yes exactly

um go ahead go for it no go ahead go


i would say how much the concept art

ended up reflecting the final product

like what are some big changes they made


percentage-wise would he say this

concept arp is 80 there or

20. it was purely just a base foundation

and they went completely different

directions just to give us all a

good idea of is that how sharper logic

will look or no it's going to be way

more decrepit than a whole other vein

than what we're seeing here that would

be mine now i like this idea of like

how much did uh did the concept art come

before um

uh you know and instruct kind of what

they did or how much was it kind of

after the effect or you know

a mix so yeah i like that that colin do

you like that question you want to throw

that out there to him

do we want to ask him this question

yeah i'm comfortable with that actually

yeah that's okay like how much can we


rely on these images so rafe our

question is very broad

and i think there are four questions in

the one question and so let's

uh daniel do you want to phrase that

question just like you did to kind of

so he can answer that so go for it how

accurately does this

concept arp art reflect the final


and what is the entire script so just


yeah yeah exactly so yeah we'd love to

that there's a slight delay so we'll

hear what rafe has to say in chat uh

this is a lot of fun thank you ray for

jumping in to chat here with us

uh and giving us one question he said

few because i was already replying to


that question so uh good we'll see what

he has to say here

and um as a second question

when is the trailer

how creepy and excited will we be when

we actually get into shadow logoff uh

yeah uh but no no we'll see what he has

to say with his first question

by the way everyone in chats here we get

to wait and i feel like everyone's in

chat with rafe

and we're outside of chat

so uh his answer was this is actually

really early concept art from the


there's a couple of them that are very

close to the final product

okay interesting i would bet money i can

spot two that are the closest

i would agree so uh i would say when

says tonight and charter logan they're

probably the ones that will be the


as a follow-up to rafe here in chat um

you don't have to answer this obviously


uh which of them is the closest

you know sarah did not feel comfortable

giving us that answer but

i i have a feeling like you could feel

that comfortable

so i raped just said but our concept

team did some really cool stuff that

didn't end up coming in until later

to the show so that's oh that's

interesting okay okay

so uh yeah and he said

and then things we diverted from a

little bit here

which two um they said you're a route

right one daniel

so that's good one of them's correct we

know i'm on party with one

so daniel is personally like it's winter


probably i feel like that's the one you

have to plan out the most earliest on so

that's the one the concept artist would

have the most to go off of so that's

probably the most

and plus it kind of lines up with what

we've seen in the village in the other

promo exactly

exactly yeah i feel like we should have

canceled out winter's night from that


and not winter's night um don't answer


because that one looks close to what

we've already said you're right about

one daniel okay

i could put forward one more question

that could or maybe not be answered by

rafe or sarah

just a general will shutter logic give

me nightmares

just to see what the answer to that is

if they want to answer or not it's

totally okay

i just want to know if i'm going to be

able to sleep that night i've never

just said uh i must be your nightmare

right now this is fantastic

this is absolutely fantastic that you're

that you're here in the chat with us

uh sarah and rafer and chat uh hopefully


that are here watching have gone and

told other fans that this is happening

they would

i know other fans would love to be here

i just don't have the time to

send out all the other notes uh to

everyone uh so uh rafe has said uh

after he said it must be your nightmare

and i said also fun easter egg

first piece of concept art for the whole


using muahrin using the one power i mean

yeah if you're gonna

sell the show on something that's it

like right there that

is the show go please drop it

exactly um yeah uh this is uh this is


oh read nightmares for daniel um

what are you sorry nightmares oh good

that means start our luggage will be


good i'm very very happy there you go

that's thank you that's an awesome


i absolutely was not ready for asking a

detailed question so thank you daniel

for coming through and asking that uh

nightmares for daniel is should be a

hashtag nightmares for daniel please


let's put that out there uh what is

going on in this live stream

no i love this i love this idea that has

been nightmares for daniel

and then we're to get the concept artist

to create the hoofs

and the and the the fireball that's

that's destroyed the whole trollic and

left him there i love that

this live stream is a nightmare for me


rafe just said rape just added to this

if you happen to actually be watching us

and not just watching chat at this

moment uh rafe just said

we hired about 15 amazing artists from

around the world to just

dig in on that idea of

moraine and the one power 15 amazing


that is that is awesome and this goes

back to that comment

where i think they made where they just

talked about how much time they spent

trying to get the sword right

you know how many meetings rafe said

that he was in just trying to get

certain things right wrong maybe you

talked about it was the

egg wayne's dagger i think at that point


yeah the the uh the the amount of time

and care that i that it sounds like

they're putting into getting these

things right

are awesome rafe also said and then see

what it looked like and did that for a

fair amount of things

so like i said he said we hired about 15

amazing artists around the world

to just dig in on that idea of more rain

and the one power and then see what it

looked like and did that for a fair

amount of things

so yeah sorry were you going to say

something daniel i was going to add well

that's the first poster for the show

then right it has to be more news that's

got to be if that was what they sold the

show on it's got this is my speculation

that'll be the first official poster

is uh moraine blowing people up probably

redone with roseman pike's face

pure speculation uh rafter said uh

he has to go but he said thank you for

doing the show you'd be surprised how

many cast members and crew members watch

that is that is that is amazing to hear


so thank you so much to all the cast

members and crew members and rafe

and sarah for being here uh this was

yeah what i said about this this is an

awesome way to end the week what a what


uh moment for everyone here hopefully

people got in here and had a moment to

be there with rafe and

kind of i i saw all the questions chat

was just like flying

like it's like when i watch a live

stream that daniel does like i don't

know how daniel you you catch

anything that's going on in your live

streams um but uh yes

uh hashtag hoofs for daniel please um


uh thank you so much rafe uh yeah this


this was an amazing way to end this

moment for

i think for all of us here in chat this

was just awesome and and sarah as always

thank you for being a chat and just

answering questions

and uh doing this uh geeky here you just

said matt's brain is breaking right now

yes my brain is breaking right now i

don't know what to say i'm just kind of

stumbling and saying stuff so uh i think

uh what i will do is we'll have taylor

end this

by showing the video one more time i

think he's

taylor's over there like seriously you

have to go do this if you happen to be


and you enjoyed this uh please like this


and uh yeah please subscribe here we're

gonna be doing this live show

like i said all the way up to the

through the premiere it's gonna be a lot

of fun and

thank you very much uh daniel and colin

i'll say that one more time after we


what we got from amazon prime today uh

what was released let me remind

you and show this video if you happen to

be here and haven't seen it yet

go ahead taylor

what's special about the eye of the

world is the themes of balance of gender

and the emotional journey of these


as a fan of the books i feel so lucky we

get to bring this world to life

i want to point this last part out he

did note this and daniel noted this the

emotional journey of the characters

is also the thing that he he narrowed

that in and i can't wait i think that

is what i'm looking for most is

just getting getting into the characters


you know heads and uh their adventure

and being part of that with them i i

really hope they've done that well it

sounds like they have

sounds like that's the part he's most

excited about is telling each of their

individual stories

and yeah that's that's fantastic so any

final thoughts

i don't know how do you how do you

encapsulate that what would just happen

over the last hour and a half but any

final thoughts colin that you want to

leave before we end for the afternoon

um i don't think so man i think we've

covered we've covered quite a bit

yeah i will say that um just to actually

kind of reiterate what i said

um before just rave chopping on this on

this chat with us is kind of indicative


the kind of amazing camaraderie and kind

of understanding between the

the the fandom and the creators of the

show which i really appreciate i don't

know what other

shows or fandoms get to experience

something like that but that's pretty


yeah absolutely yeah that's a that's a

great final thought actually um

daniel any final thoughts for you um

he has a lot to say but for me

i just i compare how much we're getting

early on as colin's pointing out

compared to other shows they're in

similar development process like they

have nothing

and we're sitting here with like the

show runner jumping into a random wheel

of time

live stream being like here's some

questions answered have fun

it's amazing um it's it's a level of

engagement i think is genuinely

unprecedented i'm wondering how much you

know if this shows a huge success

how much people will attribute that to

this and like whether or not that'll be

a new norm i'm always thinking about the

business bigger side of things but uh

i'm very excited i can't wait for the

next drop and

uh i also i genuinely like because this

happened today the whole day i've been

like it's wednesday

just like from the start it does it

feels like

wednesday um yeah i don't think i can

say anything else other than you what

you two have said

thank you again sarah for being here and

answering questions and just enjoying

this moment i'm sure for you this is


crazy experience just what sarah does

from a consultant standpoint and then

actually seeing

what fans that she knows fans that she

knows and just fans in general and being

a fan what this is like to actually show

something that they've worked on

so yeah thank you very much rafe and

sarah for doing this today

i'll be honest i moved one final meeting

an extra half an hour

because i was like what if it goes a

little bit long and i'm so glad i did

because i would have had to invented

this about 10 minutes ago and missed um

you know missed rafe's uh joining us

so so glad i did that

awesome awesome afternoon thank you very

much to wheel of time amazon prime

social media you guys are killing it

please keep doing that that's fantastic

people are loving it if you haven't

liked this video

uh please do again we appreciate you

having here and if you want you can

always jump into an after show and

discord you can find the link in the

description below

make sure you go follow

randlandtvpodcast colin and his

crew they do a lot of they're they're a

lot of fun and they talk

about uh the wheel of time show itself


it's a blast so go check out their

podcast and of course you all know

daniel green i don't need to tell you to

go follow him but if you're not

definitely go follow daniel green on

youtube it does an amazing job with

fantasy news and with the time obviously

so thank you everyone who showed up

today this is amazing

i don't even have words for it as you

can tell my brain is a little bit

i'm just trying to catch up on what just

happened over the last little bit but

this was so much fun

so um have a have a fantastic

rafe is still in chat

but have a fantastic afternoon hope

everyone enjoyed this

be on the lookout and be back here for

our next live

wheel of time call-in show on wednesday

thank you everybody have a good

afternoon and as we say around here at

the dusty wheel

smash to black

hey welcome back


good night




hey welcome back




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