April 21, 2024

Why Do Gay People Love Reality TV? | Gay Science | Rob Anderson

Published June 13, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

Gay Science is a series that asks the question “Why do the gays?” I take queer stereotypes and explain them scientifically with true 100% real science. In this episode of #GayScience we look at the scientific reason why gay people are more drawn to reality tv.

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this is gay science in today's episode

why do gay people love reality tv

reality shows you're dying for it gays

love them

you have made my life hell why are

homosexuals drawn to this format of

television david is dead their love for

unscripted drama stems from a common

queer genetic sequence that causes gay

people to become heavily invested in any

life other than the one they are

currently living knowing the personal

business of other people without direct

involvement is quite rewarding to them

is the drama on tv real is it fake who

cares it's camp within this genetic code

there are two existential questions that

drive the curiosity of gay people what's

the point of all this and who's in

control the music while gays will never

find the answer to the second question

competition shows can answer the first

by providing entertainment with short

and long-term goals masters of social

dynamics themselves gay people tend to

root for underdogs with feminine energy

however gay men have a higher bar to win

their affection as they're almost always

unsatisfied with their own

representation unless of course they're

competing as women


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