May 30, 2024

WHY Messi is going to Inter Miami 😳🇺🇲 #football

Published June 13, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Bethany

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the real reason Messi is going to enter

Miami has been revealed in the last few

hours several reputed journalists have

confirmed that Leo Messi's era in Europe

is over however this just does not make

any sense if you wanted money Saudi

Arabia was offering upwards of a billion

if you wanted to play at the top level

Barcelona wanted them a month-back PSG

were desperate for him to renew so why

exactly did he choose the club at the

bottom of the MLS you see Barcelona want

to design Messi but they've had a lot of

complications in their finances so they

wanted Messi to wait until they got set

finances in order nobody knew when or if

they could do that and the last time is

he waited for them he had to move his

family to a different country in a week

so barsaver no longer an option now

Saudi are offering some serious money

but at the end of the day Missy is a

family man he doesn't want to put his

family through the Paris experience

again and wants to go somewhere his wife

and children will feel comfortable and

this is very very sad but that is how


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