May 30, 2024

Women's Boulder final highlights || Brixen 2023

Published June 13, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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All Eyes focused on the women's finals

as the sun set on a beautiful day in the

Italian mountains of Brixton quite a

dynamic set of Boulders waited the women

and the podium was wide open to whom I

win taking bronze was stasha Gayo her

first medal for a while and one she's

worked hard to get

let's see her on the final climb that

she needed to top

wow so this is super important for

stasha now she's got time to do it and

she does stick it this time left foot in

the pocket bumps the left hand into the

Zone has she got something in the tank

with a minute 28 to go if you're a

stasher fan around the world stand up

because this is massive for her

the crimp to come locks It Off

she needs to go Sunny with the left

well that's a big big moment

she's down on herself but look at the

scoreboard up in the top spot for stash


on so took her first Boulder medal with

a silver and flashed Boulder 2 along the

way Maria doing well look at that catch


all right she threw into the pinches

looking very in control

I'm gonna try this uh shoulder move

pop out to the right matches

oh really deep it gets the pinch

furthest of anyone yep

big slap again one away from the top

look at that well we said she needed to

nothing she has wow

flash too that's very impressive

considering how many people have fallen

off the thing yeah

Natalia Grossman is back where she

belongs on the top spot of the podium

she had to dig deep though and Boulder 3

proved to be tricky until she unlocked

its secrets

totally different body position oh oh it

slides down the wall

just hands sliding down every time so

okay that's just gonna chill get the

healing make the reach through

okay well she had a bit of a moment but

found a method to change the feet yeah

here she goes into the pocket wraps the

thumb slaps

right no one has dropped it from this

position so far


big kick through a little knee scrub on

the hand

easily in

oh not quite sure what to do with that


it's not in yet oh did she even get

anything I think though so it must be

there yeah or an Italian Grace and wins

in brexit let's look at the final

results the podium places you already

know and Ayala Karem just outside of

that Podium due to attempts in fourth

Oceana McKenzie is in fifth a PB for her

and Johanna Farber finishes things off

in last with sing



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