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work of art: The next great artist. A group of artists compete for a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn museum and a grand prize of $100,000. Executive Producer is Sarah Jessica Parker.

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14 artists will be given a unique

opportunity to show their talent to

America and the top players in the art

world fantastic mentoring the artist is

renowned auctioneer see multiple hey I

know you can do it whoo I want these

artists to seize this opportunity and

grow in the process was a bold move to

photograph yourself I could see that in

the gallery judging their work is senior

art critic for New York magazine Jerry


a great artist has a unique vision

obsession they're someone willing to

fail flamboyantly and gallery owner Bill

powers I'm looking for someone that has

real presence in their work and a

magnetism on the wall one artist will

emerge from the path to take the grand

prize a solo show at the world-famous

brooklyn museum of cover story in

bluecanvas magazine and $100,000

furnished by the 2012 fiat 500 this is

work of art the next great artist


my name is Kim Yuna Wabi and I'm from

Durham North Carolina I think when

people first meet me they think I don't

have a care in the world and I'm super

bubbly and happy-go-lucky but I do have

a very dark interior I love that being

an artist brings you places like this I

mean if I was a dentist do they have

opportunities like this I don't know

names the sucklord you see mr. Corliss

sucklord this.look Lord yes okay

the name sucklord comes from the

suckiness which is my self-deprecating

misanthropic side and then the Lord

which is my metal maniacal self

aggrandizing side together in one word I

take bits and pieces of other toys

switch the parts around sculpt pieces

thereby using it with an original

meaning and I make my living doing it

it's kind of like an Andy Warhol thanks

I get soup cans and I had stormtroopers

are you doing some dusty on the suck but

it's nice to meet you along my name is

dusty Mitchell I'm from Mountain View

Arkansas check it out

it's a tiny town I've just been kind of

plucked out in the middle of nowhere you

know I've never been to the Brooklyn

Museum until now oh this is so cool

never seen crayons use this way before

I'm an art teacher at a public

elementary school so my work has always

had some kind of childhood reference in

it this is yours with the crown yeah

you're gonna be hard to beat my name is

Hugo I'm 33 and I'm from Paris France

this is a self-portrait yeah where's

your face Hugo's piece doesn't do

anything for me I didn't see a portrait

they're very cubist I do abstract line

drawing is very very train of thought

seeing his self-portrait I didn't expect

like tall dark and handsome for some

reason he's got the accent and I can see

him in the studio like painting nudes

alright sir that's yoga wonderful how

did he pull that off hey everyone hello

I'm your young everybody's already been

talking about your piece okay what's

going on there both of my parents were

going through terminal cancers at the

time and my dad actually passed away


um so this is the last family portrait

that I have with my parents Hey

I was always a very imaginative you know

creative kid because I was an only child

so instead of having brothers and

sisters to play with I have my


hey Jasmine nice to show you I was born

on a hippie commune where there was

nothing to do other than play outside or

make art I'm committed to being an

artist because I don't need to fit into

the popular culture hey there's the new

girl what's your name hi I'm Lola hi


my name is the sucklord hi boys

what is this burden you're carrying it's

a sculpture that I made is that the idea

that it's hurting the crew

I wasn't being that strategic about it I

feel like I'm blushing him for whatever

reason I find him kind of attractive I

think this girl's a vegan

god what is that uh here she comes

we had just come around here please oh

cool I make a lot of visceral tableaux

out of dough and jelly I study the

history of anatomical dissection it

looks like she's playing with these

gross dead things and I think she's

gonna attack me

hi my name is Lia hon my name is tues

this is my interpreter he'll be with us

son his name is bill cuz obviously I

can't hear my name is Leon Lim I was

born deaf when I graduated from high

school in Malaysia I got a scholarship

and I think that was the moment when my

parents realized that their image of

deaf people not being able to do

anything was false

so did you install this in this train I

asked the MTA permission god propel you

got permission it's not doesn't give you

a ticket and you'll get in trouble with

the place I know about that I've

definitely been caught writing graffiti

and have gotten locked up in Chicago

what are you doing actually here right

painting art on the street and art in

the gallery is really merging together

right now what are they they're my old

baseball card love it another nerd in

the next

wow this is incredible what are these

made of bulk paper growing up I was

pretty social but maybe on the shy side

I guess it was a little bit of a weirdo

I'm really nervous and I'm just thinking

I don't want to be the one that sucks I

wanted to do something that was kind of

like a stop-motion animation but freeze

framed altogether but kind of became

like a party banner

I like a party banner idea Sara is very

very perky and it scares me just a tad

to be honest I'm not this fully

confident artist right like I'm on this

journey and I want to show you know the

different sides of that I do a lot of

work with video and I always have been a

real big fan of kind of with people to

see what they'll do so you sure you want

to do this yeah

it's reality basically it's a portrait

of having a debate with myself about

whether or not I want to be on a reality

show which is the guy that's against the

reality show one with the baseball cap

he lost didn't he

they are hi everybody welcome to work of

art the next great artist I am China

Chow and this is Simone de Pury a

leading figure in the international art

world chairman and chief action Arab

stew beauty hello everyone hello you had

a chance now to look at each other's


we have sculptors we have painters video

artists one of you is a street artist

all taking part in this extraordinary

competition I'm going to be here to help

you along give you advice and I hope you

will all be bold be brave be amazing

Simone is esteemed in the art world is

kind of like this old world European

count I imagine him living in a castle

somewhere I do Oh head he knows a

sucklord I had the privilege of buying

some of his works I even had the

privilege of auctioneering some of his

works I feel a little bit of fear like

Oh does sucklord have an advantage how

can I sell Simone's my pieces Simone

will be with you every step of the way

until one of you takes home the grand

prize of $100,000 furnished by the 2012

fiat 500 and your own solo show right

here at the world-renowned Brooklyn


I get the solo show at the Brooklyn

Museum I would be the happiest person

alive I mean that's why I'm here before

we leave China and I want to take you to

see actual home where the winning artist

is going to have their solo show so come

with us

enjoy the art

it's the weirdest art ever it's all

thrift store art like paintings made out

of knitwear there's hair on one of the

pieces smelling kitsch I really don't

like the colors my dog was hideous I'm

so feeling this sparkly wizard art it's

not a wizard it's candle oh and the

swords name is glam during by the way I

love it I'm not a high brow kind of guy

I like crappy stuff and if I had walked

into that as a real Art Show I would

have loved it guys

what do you think of the gallery it's

intense it is time for your first

challenge each of you will choose one of

these works and transform it into a

piece that's worthy of hanging in the


haha this art it reminds me of what you

see at a tag sale so I'm thinking what

am I gonna be able to pick that I can

work with it is very important that you

keep a recognizable part of the work


and make it work within your style you

will have until midnight tonight and

only one hour tomorrow to finish your

work one artist will win this challenge

and one of you will be going home you

have five minutes to select your piece

you guys ready yeah


Lord of the Rings is sort of a religious

text for me because it encompasses the

epic journey that life is you got my

frog you were standing right next to it

I know I couldn't choose

it's my frog and I don't really do

sculpture so I was like what the hell am

I gonna do with this thing

what attracts me to the wood carving is

the detail in the composition it's the

art that I think fits the best my style

I'm feeling really indecisive my brain

hurts a little and just feels impossible

to choose one thing you have one minute

till you have to make your choice

Katherine picked the most hideous thing

in the room I don't know what anybody

could do with that okay artists that's


you guys have made some interesting

choices I will see you tomorrow at the

gallery I thank you autists let's head

to your studios and get to work I'm

excited to see your studio but I'm also

nervous because that means the clock is

ticking and I have a hundred things

racing through my head

coming up on work of art hey I'm

confused to see in which direction

you're going and I'm a little worried

freaking out

beautiful yeah the studio space is

awesome as a street artist I spent most

of my time working and abandoned

buildings rooftops train tracks and jail

so this is amazing

now I know what I'm doing I'm gonna sit

in the same spot all day and then we

have to take a piece of schlock art and

transform it into something that has

your own style within it we have until

midnight tonight and when our tomorrow

to finish our pieces I'm feeling pretty

good right now but the casting part will

probably freak me out

my initial idea is to take this

sculpture and use her body language and

convey there is this little creature

that's being protected by another


I'm a painter and my paintings are a

combination of narrative perverse sexual

undertones at psychological portraits my

piece is a sculpture and it's of a woman

who looks like she's in a lot of pain

when I was in high school I really

struggled with bulimia so I decide to

make the woman into an object of

consumption beauty's Elementary yep

what's your favorite project with them

we do like paper mache pieces that are

pretty cool I choose the portrait of the

clown totally uninspired bad Motel are

is playful and creepy I want to show the

difference between those two polar


so now I have a zebra stripe can being

an installation artist my goal in my

artwork is to change people's everyday

experiences the one thing that's gonna

put me above the rest of the competition

is my flexible thinking

my plan is to camouflage the cat and

slice this cat apart so that the viewer

can look at the object in a new way

this past fall my boyfriend and I were

the victims of a hit and run accident up

until two months ago I couldn't walk I

like the shape of the totem and since

the accident I'm always thinking about

death and the idea pops in my head to

make it a grave marker

I have this cheesy three-dimensional

painting and it kind of made me think of

Scarlett O'Hara the one thing I know is

that I want to deconstruct the image and

play with something that deals with

identity and race

I applied secretly to school didn't tell

my mom and my mom like not for about the

art thing or what she's okay with it but

she was probably rather IBM later I

moved a lot when I was growing up

because my mom is a gypsy who can't stay

in one place for very long I think that

moving all the time affects me as an

artist because my process is rarely

smooth and I have no idea what I want to

make at this point looking around at

everyone else seeming so focused it's

messing with my head a little bit

what are you thinking it's Percy yeah

and I wanted to transfer time

I'm really into transformative work and

this little doe sculpture made me think

of a big wreath made of white paper

flowers I do like to compete because I

think it makes me better as an artist

it's more like the piece that I selected

is a little old man looking over his

shoulder with birds and cages and I

immediately connect the little character

with Lola and then you're looking back

like you're like her mischievous Lola is

this sprightly sexpot and she just looks

like somebody who might sneak around

stealing birds and then setting them

free wait I think we got a thank you

song okay

we become as terrible as the Dark Lord

Himself do not tempt me sucklord is

obviously kind of weird and I think he's

gonna be an interesting person to know

go back to the shadow lame of who Doom

you cannot pass I have to take this

picture of Gandalf and make it better

which is gonna be kind of difficult

because I think the painting is already


I'm gonna make like an action figure

diorama out of this thing I'm a little

concerned about how long it's gonna take

my reference piece is a wooden carving

of a branch with two birds my star is

freehand line art I don't sketch and I

just let my mind guy my hand I'm using

this technique along with layers secret

codes and messages to create something

beautiful in a very abstract way it

looks like mine drawing there there's a

lot more detail that goes into it he's

doing this Keith Haring graphic thing

it's not very original so he's gonna

really have to break out of that if he's

gonna last in this competition

are you doing over there mister - I'm

making a little ceramic mold I wanted to

build this narrative where this frog

made clones of himself

both in the process of that things got

messed up there was this franken frog

that was born I may be able to make this

skylight up perfect I actually like that

it's off Frankenstein together

I'm gonna take apart the original piece

and use it to make a sculpture that

resembles the inside of a human body and

then photograph it are you gonna be yeah

think so when I looked at this weird

painting of these dogs they're doing the

social thing they're playing a game that

inspired me to make an installation it's

gonna be performative and it's gonna

invite people to interact with me I

think you'll make me stand out from the

competition making sure it fits over my

face know everyone

well I'm delighted to be here for my

first studio visit hey Betty how are you

hey so long which work did you pick this

morning the southern belle looking lady

glancing over her shoulder I decided to

deconstruct it I'm playing around the

idea of photo collage the concept is

cultural hybridity and commodification

of beauty you know when I saw it from

far I think it was even a little better

than it is now I don't know what has

changed as so often the danger is to put

too much stuff on it you're on the cusp

it can go both ways you can either do

something pretty fantastic or you could

just go too far and kill it good luck

yeah go for it

so NOLA which piece did you pick this

morning I picked this little 3d diorama

of calm Vista how are you going to

incorporate your style and to

transforming this yeah still a little

bit unsure I've been making a lot of

tests of things I'm playing around I

mean I was thinking about filling this

entire thing with sort of different

patterns so it becomes kind of a deus li

abstracted that's I'm saying kitschy

in to subjugate more kitchen quite

frankly at this stage I am confused to

see in which direction you're going I

just don't really get it at all I think

you should really formulate your idea

properly and then try to execute it okay

after talking to Simone I feel down on

myself freaking out

coming up on work of art I don't think I

improve this piece at all someone's

getting slow-roasted tonight huh

hey Morgan

how are you lord please sucklord prefer

me to call you your lordship or as long

as it's somewhat derived from my title

you can improvise on it which piece did

you pick picked the Gandalf velvet

painting I'm sculpting this figure and

then I'm gonna sort of create a little

environment and it's gonna be sort of

action figure II but I don't know if

it's necessarily gonna be elevated to

high arm I feel good about it because

you are able to use for pletely your own

style so I think you should continue and

not worry too much at this stage then

you know we'll see what the outcome is

yes we will thank you so much thank you

sir so what work did you take this

morning it was abstract had all these

pieces of mirror kind of coming out as a

mentor absolutely you can see it's here

Wow you felt quite violently about I

guess I did I knew that I wanted to

dissemble it and use it as a material to

create these kind of intestinal organs

sculptures who doesn't know know they

end up with photographs

it looks quite gruesome what's happened

here and virtually demolished and

destroyed this piece I can show you some

pictures on the computer we'd love to

see some pictures on our computer so one

that resonates most for me is this one

here you've got your own type of work a

one hand way of putting at the same time

visually intriguing thank you so much

out of it

come on summer yeah well I started

looking at the dominant colors that were

gold and red and I decided to kind of

invert the dominance my last there will

be my line art have you ever heard of

keys heavy I have miss I'm and have you

been told before that there is some kind

of similarity yes I'm proud to say this

is my own the issue with it will be with

your style whether it is too closely

evocative of keys headings good luck go

for me thank you I think there's enough

room for ten of the key things

tens of me it's up to me to just own it

okay everyone you'll have a little time

left tonight before heading to your pent

houses at the Dylan where you'll be

living during your stay with us I am a

little worried about some of you so I

hope you'll get your act together all

the best

I know life like I'm not doing the best

I can do I'm really worried about Lola

like start over

her process was knocked down I think she

just needs to start on something okay

I got a few hours to play before I have

to really know what I'm doing I'm

wondering if I've done enough to kind of

push the concept of race I'm thinking

about what else I can do and how I can

collage and add a little flair to it

with more layers I was thinking maybe

transform it before but hey seems like

he's spending so much time screwing

around with the image that his

presentations gonna come up short now

I'm working on approximately 10

different things making some concrete

sculptures and I've completely ripped

apart the piece that I got from the

Brooklyn Museum I'm mixing jars full of

chemicals and pouring all this crystal

weird water on pieces of paper I'm

hoping that if I try a bunch of

different things that one of them will

speak to me okay good I think I just

want to print it bigger and see how it


growing up in Malaysia deafness is

really stigmatized it's hard for a deaf

person to find work and certainly in the

art world it's even worse if I win this

competition then people will know that

there are strong deaf artists that our

life can be meaningful and expressive

ten minutes everybody so get it going

hey guys let's go home all right

we walk into the doan Penthouse and it's

one of those like old moments I'll be in

here with you there's too bad too bad I

haven't really talked to twos that much

about the gay thing yet he's probably

not someone that I would normally hang

out with but this whole thing is about

new experiences so I'm just gonna roll

with it are you guys roomie yeah I've

never lived with a gay guy before I have

a lot of gay friends it's not a big deal

but I don't know if how this is gonna


very cool welcome to New York New York

the center of the art world being a part

of this competition it's a make-or-break

situation you're putting yourself out

there but I'm willing to take that


today's gonna be our first gallery show

I've haven't been this nervous since I

got tested for STDs it's true when I

walk in I kind of take a moment and put

up everything that I have I started to

just move around the different elements

when I see them all together I feel less

nervous and all of a sudden these

disparate things that I've been making

kind of make sense together ten minutes


I am definitely taking a risk delving

into subject matter that could deal with

identity and race but I think it has

some good conceptual content that will

be intriguing to the judges POTUS

time is up so you can collect your work

and come with me for your gallery show

don't think I improve this piece at all

it's just as kitschy and terrible as the

original I'm kind of worried now that I

didn't really put enough sarcasm or

commentary in my piece I don't care I'm

just gonna slap it on the wall and let

other people make up their mind about it

coming up on work of art

I'm not sure I understand it totally why

should you be given another chance

really what's cooking up in here my

first impression with you go

Hugo is very handsome she's hot yeah

from across the room I'm like oh well

there's the handsome Italian boy day one


he's doing crazy damage well I thought

there's a handsome Italian but it turns

out his French women definitely trigger

a lot of creativity it's not the sex or

anything it's more I could have believed

this fantasy on the canvas the project

time and the French guy talking about


good evening everyone I want to

introduce you to your permanent panel of

judges first we have Jerry Saltz

senior art critic for New York magazine

all right bill powers owner of half

gallery and co-founder of exhibition a

hello guys and your guest judge renowned

photographer Mary Ellen mark I'm excited

and intimidated by Mary Ellen mark her

work is beautiful and interesting in

these really dynamic ways it's time to

open the gallery let's see how you did

I had just like little girl to paint my

number of paintings below I've done a

lot of gallery shows but I've never done

one in New York where there's famous art

critics and other celebrities that are

attending so it's on a grander scale for


it engages you

someone's getting flow roasted tonight

huh I feel really comfortable that I

chose the piece that I did and I'm happy

with how I transformed it

I'm not sure I understand it totally I'm

happy with the piece I am not scared to

take risks and not scared to play with

subject matter that can be provocative

and get people upset

I think it looks good but I see the

faults where the jeans and the shirt

should have had more wrinkle detail but

I hope the judges like it

the piece is called and mouse I was

interested in leading the viewer with

the title so that then they would look

for the cat she cut up a cat

someone's wired with some c4 there I'm

gonna do it oh cool

I took a kitschy piece of art and made

it into a piece of our creation I'm

feeling really good

was more than a tchotchke I feel really

confident about my piece but I think the

judges come in and you don't know maybe

what you're thinking is completely

different than what they're going to

think I wanted to live in a mountain but

then I realized Mountains move to my

piece is really personal and revealing

it's about something I used to want

which was not to move so much

I like the way you're using evacuation

I'm getting positive reactions about the

peace but mostly I kind of feel like

hiding in the bathroom or something

the person standing next to you is more

attractive my piece is literally a live

performance with the audience I hope the

judges appreciate the fact that I'm kind

of stepping into uncomfortable territory

for the very first challenge

I'm trying to engage the viewer in a

realization of what's going on

underneath their own skin this gives me


big frame under here that's pretty

seriously constructed oh yeah the work I

started with was Brown was very earthy

and what I transformed it to was very

heavenly and light white it's very very


I'm really happy to see how its

presented the way I envisioned it in my

head it feels really good

the judges are completely opaque to me

I'm expecting that they're not gonna

like it just because it's a little

juvenile now that I look at it a little

more closely cute no thank you

cutes better than horrible

thank you for a very exciting first

gallery show we would like to speak to

the following artists for the crit

Rochelle Lola

go go

Sara Jimenez Viet a the sucklord if I

didn't call your name you are safe you

can say good night to your peers thank


three artists work was exceptional this

week and we would like to speak to you


let's start with Sara Jimenez I

gravitated towards this pretty large

sculpture and it was a woman and she had

a blindfold on I immediately began to

think of this tension between pleasure

and pain well I really love the light

wispy touch that also has a kind of soul

to it and I also really liked that it

was a material transformation from three

dimensions to two dimensions is it meant

to be kind of a self-portrait definitely

parts of me came out in it it's very


you draw beautifully thank you very much

Sara another one of our favorites

tonight is Michelle

let's talk about your piece

the piste I chose was a wooden chainsaw

sculpture I kind of had an immediate

vision that this really devoted woodsman

he's like okay I know I'm going to die

so I'm gonna put this statue in my

favorite place in the woods and then

when I'm dying and go crawl to it I have

to tell you what he first grabbed the

piece I thought oh no what is she going

to do with this but it really really

works in this context you really made

something quite incredible thank you and

I love your paper sculpture technique is

amazing I mean you've even transformed

the totem into something beautiful thank

you is this piece personal to you this

past October a car hit me on my bicycle

and I kind of view living as this really

great privilege I really think you

embedded your thought in material the

content is really fused on an almost

psychological level Thank You Michelle

thank you there's one more workup for

the win

Lola it turns out that I'm in the bottom

damn it I was interested in trying to

transform what I thought was a really

mundane image and making it something

personal for me how was it personal for

you having moved you know 20 times in my

life I dream about really heavy house or

you know something amou Ville I love the

piece I really drew especially the paper

reminds me of primitive painting but he

was so inventive I love that you

incorporated sculpture and collage into

your work scene you could look at this

for about five minutes and go oh this is

a painting deconstructed and making this

weird dream house with this red light

charges up the whole space for me

thank you very much Lola please join

Sara and Michelle you all showed us

impressive work but only one of you can

be the winner congratulations

Michele you're the winner of this


Michele your work with materials was

fantastic congratulations thank you

being the first winner is SuperDuper

exciting so glad to be starting out and

making a big impact with my work you

will receive immunity and cannot be

eliminated next week the three of you

can head up to the studio thank you very


girls are the best one of you will be

going home tonight

Wyatt hey let's start your crib I played

off the idea of Scarlett O'Hara

this particular piece examines identity

and how its expressed and perceived

particularly the cultures of people of

color it feels a little too obvious this

is like a racially charged piece and it

felt kind of sloppy and disjointed today

my hope with this image was that the

loaded nosov it would be visually

captivating and compelling what happened

for me is that you created a prison of

meaning but the black and white the

money you have to figure out how to say

more than just the one thing over and

over again I kind of like to push

buttons with my work it did push a

button but it pushed a button that's

always pushed it's a button that kind of

has to keep getting pushed come on what

are you gonna tell me that I don't know

just because the topic is complex

doesn't mean that your piece is complex

thank you very much bye okay

the original piece of art that I picked

up was very intricate and I decided to

do my artwork on different layers and

use the light to create a drop shadow I

would love to just see your language on

the surface of it and I feel like the

other layers make it more muddled

couldn't you still have the shadows

without having the back piece it would

just be cast on the wall or wherever it

was hung I have to say that I agree with

the overkill of the red on red for me it

feels a little bit derivative of Keith

Haring they say you know good artists

borrow and great artists steal

and this feels like something borrowed

to me this is my secret language my way

to express my inner thoughts and my

feelings sometimes I I do draw things

like your name is on this canvas where

is it I'm not gonna show you I'm gonna

find it well I hope you find it and it

takes to five hours

thank you go suck Lord your up Lord of

the Rings is my favorite piece of

creative work in the world and what I

essentially accomplished was taking a

crappy two-dimensional rendition of a

stupid wizard and making it into a

crappy three-dimensional version of a

stupid wizard you made something that is

not our yeah I made the poster in my

style what's your style about that the

character design the splattering I guess

that's flattering

yeah the splattering okay you know all

of it is totally familiar a hundred


well maybe I'm biased because I love

toys it spoke to mocha what did it say

sit look at me I'm kind of glad this is

happening to me because if I get a

chance again it could sort of confront

all these things why should you be given

another chance really

wow you really got me there I think I'm

I think I might die yeah there's a sword

in his hand you're free to take it out

it looks really cool and it's kinda cute

thank you all very much you've given us

a lot to think about

please head back to the studio and we

will call you back shortly

thank you

when they tore us all apart pretty much

they really they gave it to me the worst

I think I don't know I think I was

having food pretty bad these three

clearly went wrong well I think they

turned kitschy yard into kitschy or arms

why don't we talk about buy a taste

piece it was a cheap shot at controversy

I mean there was a lot of cliches

trapped in that jail cell yeah the thing

is a mess it looks like almost nothing

here's the Hugo problem for me he

tackled nothing that's not already seen

a billion times before

and not even that interesting yeah why

it's in three layers who cares whatever

yeah the shadows are sexy and what are

we talking about it ultimately felt like

wall decor to me Wow I think sucklord

was really successful because she's

peace spoke to me with the weight was

mounted in the frame and the spray paint

was very distracting and I couldn't take

the piece seriously sucklord went wrong

in his piece by not adding changing


okay I think we've made our decision we

have let's bring them in

the only rule in art is what works and

none of your pieces did you go you were

trying to convey your own language but

it came off like you had nothing to say

stuff Lord you couldn't separate

yourself from your subject and make it

even Kitsch here

Itay you took on some charge subject

matter but had nothing to add to the

conversation one of you is leaving us


your work of art didn't work for us it's

time for you to go I was wondering if I

could just see my piece without the red

background it's okay by me oh wow it's

that easy

all right guys thank you being the first

to go home is disappointing but yeah I'm

happy with what I did here I wish he had

taken the red background down sooner

either way the piece didn't work

it's lucky for us that you're going

sucky for all of us thank you so much

for me than you made all the help he was

a nice guy but at the end of the day I'm

a supervillain and better him than me

it was nice meeting you the door is just

opening for my whole future as an artist

so there's really nothing I regret about

this experience

coming up this season on work of art

this challenge is much harder than I

expected stakes are higher

I'll give me like mother goddess

confidence is very attractive a man or a

soft Lord I don't see at all what it has

to do is what we've asked you to do this

morning there's horrible noise in the

world I really don't like these people

pull it together

don't get up you're actually ignoring me

Jesse this is the art world baby very

successful that's kind of creepy they

kept it simple stupid

honestly this is your last chance to you

know maybe be here your piece collapsed

into a piece of generic sculpture with

no imagination

I know I know I don't really give a I

think this thing has balls it fails as a

work farm to learn more about work of

art the next great artist visit


Blackie's pretty much


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