May 30, 2024

You Don't Need IPTV

Published June 13, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

I am hoping to educate people on using your Pyro Media Center to live an on demand lifestyle. In the video I am showing you that every show you would want to see on any day is available without subscribing to our IPTV service. Save money and time by watch your programs when you want where you want without paying for anything. I know people are going to say why is he trying to convince people not to pay him a monthly fee for the Pyro IPTV Service. The truth s I got into this business to cut monthly fee's out of the lives of the people I know. I hope you will realize the truth about your Streaming Boxes and that is everything is already there without you having to pay monthly fees.

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everybody today I was sitting back

watching TV and I was thinking about a

lot of people that were asking me about

the live TV service they want to be able

to watching other stories and uh other

programs and you know it dawned on me

that even though I value value you as a

customer I appreciate you spending the

money you know I want to educate people

to let them know that you really don't

have to do that I mean if you like

General Hospital you can watch General

Hospital every day and user you can

watch it I mean within an hour of it

airing so everything that you can

possibly want to see is there I'm going

to show you a little demonstration uh

just by going over to the TV shows I'm

going to go down to go to Exodus and I'm

going to just do new episodes just so

you can kind of get an idea of what I

mean about the TV show is always being

there so if I go over to new episodes

and there's a TV calendar section to

that TV calendar section let me bring

that up first you know shows you

everything that comes on that day so

yesterday was Friday today is Saturday

if I click on it we're going to get a

real comprehensive list of everything

that comes on today from The Insider the

Saturday Night Live Entertainment


uh dr. K's exotic animals I actually

just watch that earlier sing golly I

love something golly you know I didn't

even know actually he was on here so

that's a real treat he does a lot of

those um be rated movies really funny he

was like the male version of Elvira so

we have all the twelve Monkeys

first-time flippers Ayana fix my life

which is an Oprah Snow Show on on the

own network tiny house nation my cat

from hell bandit Patrol but as you can

see as I'm just really clicking through

everything from

collodion shows to ABC shows are on and

you can watch that I mean even the

evening news you know that's going to be

there for you you know so I'm going to

show you what I meant by the new

episodes just to give you like a

different view so going into the

calendar section will bring up every

single show airing the new episodes

section will bring up all of the new

episodes and I'm going to just show you

on one reverse with this as you see we

have Days of Our Lives bowling the

beautiful General Hospital Brooklyn

nine-nine the flash NC is the middle but

if I go through this I mean you're

basically on to see every new episode of

shows that are ready to watch right now

and there's a lot of them so you really

don't have to have the live TV service

in order to watch your stories or your

favorite TV shows you see days of our

lives again that's the episode from the

17th so as I go up they're going to be

newer in newer episodes so you're less

episode will be on the 19th which was

yesterday but everything is here so I

appreciate you wanting to get the live

TV service and paying the you know 10 to

15 dollars a month depending on how many

devices you want to watch it on but if

you stay with the on-demand environment

you literally can watch everything you

want and the best part about it is you

can watch it with no commercials and

that's something I love it goes days of

our lives from the 18th bowling the

beautiful from the 18th General Hospital

from the 18th you know you know what my

goal in his business was to help people

save money not to get them on a

recurring billing fee there goes bowling

the beautiful on Days of Our Lives from

the 19th watch was yesterday so again

you know my goal was not to charge

people to access things

you know our goal was to get everyone

with an on-demand process where they can

basically watch whatever they want

whenever they want without commercials

without the interruptions you know just

get in there and shave time off your

television viewing that's what my main

goal today still is to educate people

enough to let them see that you don't

have to have a TV service that you're

paying for and you know granted you know

the reason we got back into it because

the demand was high but you know again

setting up the servers paying for the UM

for the panel

you know updating logos updating streams

update I mean it's it's a it's a

full-time task just to provide live

television and even though it's it's

it's it's way less expensive than

traditional cable or satellite the fact

is you don't need it you really could

have the pyro Media Center playing all

of your shows your soap offers news

events everything with no monthly fee

whatsoever and that's what I want

everybody to get to the point of

realization that you can cut that bill

off completely even though the ten to

fifteen dollar bill for the live TV

service is not a lot that's still ten or

fifteen dollars that can be applied

towards something else go into a movie

you know buying some organic tofu

you know donating it actually that

there's so many worthwhile things and I

know you're saying I was only $15 $15 is

no three coffees at Starbucks $15 is a

week's wages in some countries so if I

can do one thing that one thing would be

to let people know that you do not need

the IPTV services everything you want to

watch is on the Box is on demand is

available for you without commercials so

you can watch three hours worth of shows

and save 45 minutes because that 15

minutes per each show of commercials

won't exist

so I'm hoping this gives you a little

more insight into into what I'm talking

about as far as not needing to have the

IPTV service because everything you want

is available on the box it's going to

always be available you know because

it's it's being streamed from somewhere

somebody somewhere is saying hey you

know let me save this on on my server

and let me go ahead and you know just

just allow the stream to be found so

again guys you don't need the IPTV

service you can look in the calendar

section and see everything that comes on

even The Tonight Show which a lot of

people you know one so you don't have to

even have your local reception to get

that because you can watch it um G you

can watch it on the box period so even

if you don't get good reception in your

area you know by using the Exodus or is

in which I loves in all souls in is is

very fast it has everything in there

still the new TV shows sections which

because we don't have commercials now

this is how I find out about new TV

shows so I'll go in there and I'll seal

okay well what new shows are out and you

know I can see that Oh American Gods 13

reasons downward dog which I watched the

first episode of downward dog it was

funny American Gods is very complex

don't let your children watch it there's

a lot of a lot of scenes in there there

unappropriate you know but even charlie

lust seemed eyes no idea I'm sorry

Claire Claire Laughlin had no idea that

was even the show don't even know what

it is but it's it's here and again you

know you can keep keep up to date on

every new show that's out you can keep

up to date with your calendar and every

show that comes on that day you can keep

up to date with new episodes so again

you know my goal is to educate everyone

enough where they see

that they don't need to have an IPTV

service that they're paying for that

everything they would want to see is

going to be available so guys is Carlos

I thank you and I really want you to

take time to just consider what I'm

saying you know really get to understand

how to use the box how to use a sports

section the kids section music you know

there's so much there so I'll talk to

you guys later and I hope to disconnect

you from my service eventually and get

you living on demand lifestyle


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