July 14, 2024

Cardboard TV - Craft Ideas With Boxes | DIY on Box Yourself

Published June 5, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Bethany

If you don't have a tv, you can just make one! Øistein shows in some easy steps how to do that.

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hello cardboard fans isn't it amazing

what you can get out of a simple box

for instance have you ever wished to be

a tv star oh yes me me me me me yeah

well here's your big chance because we

are gonna make a

box tv set but first let's make a work


close up the box and glue down the flaps

before we start

now we can draw

it's not difficult to imagine a square

box as a tv

you just need an aerial

a big screen a speaker and some control


oh hey a tv

we start by drawing the big tv screen

let's use a pencil to sketch a large

rectangular shape with four arched lines

that's the screen

next to that draw a long slim speaker

and some knobs to adjust channels and


on the tv screen let's draw some kind of

tv star maybe an artist no no no no no

how about a news reader

they often look a bit square and stiff

like this


they always sit there reading news from

a piece of paper

look here two hands gripping the paper


they also always wear smart clothes

suit and ties and so on

never a fleecy jumper


large eyes


well groomed and styled here

sticky out ears


and they have large teeth to help them

talk with a stern newsy voice

now grab a marker panel and go over the

pencil lines

bold and clear lines are easier to

follow when you paint

it's good to sketch with a pencil first

because then you can try out different

ideas before making your mind up and

going over them with a marker pen

i'm lucky and can draw with both hands

so i can switch which hand i draw with

that makes me twice as creative

why not try it out




now the drawing is done

see this box is starting to look just

like a tv then we need to add an antenna

on top

draw your ariel on a piece of cardboard

sketch it then go over with a marker pen


here's one already cut out

fold the flap for the glue

use a ruler to make it nice and straight


spread some glue on the flap


and stick it on top of the tv



so ice time when do i start my tv career

soon box soon

let's paint it up we'll start with some

bright colors inside the screen

start with black

most tvs are black these days


i'm using water-based acrylic paints

that you can buy in most art and craft


you can mix them with water but they

become tough and water resistant when



when you paint cardboard with acrylic


it toughens up the cardboard as well


this tv needs loads of black paint so

grab a big thick brush and just go for



i'll chuck that one here and grab

another all painted and dry


move on to a light blue color for the

background on the screen

on it goes


now some pink for the shirt

pink looks really great against the

light blue background


next mix a dark grey for the news

reader's suit


use that color for the speaker too

you can of course choose your own colors

i'm just showing you how to paint on the

colors one bit at a time

now some white for his eyes

and teeth


and his sheet of paper


finally paint is here yellow


now i'm swapping tvs again and grabbing

a dry one


look at this

i've freshened up the lines with a

marker pen and added some details like

criss-cross patterns on the loudspeaker

this is easy to do one line at a time

you can draw whatever details you like


maybe some text on his sheet of paper

last but not least every news channel

needs a cool logo up in the top corner


yeah look at this

very cool and neat


now we have a pretty cool tv set but if

you want to go a bit more advanced you

continue with

cat now we open up the tv set and bring

it alive

ask a grown-up to help you

then cut around three sides of the

screen and fold it out

check it out

the whole screen opens up

so you can put whatever you want in


that'll be fun

shall we see it again

first draw the tv screen speaker and the

news reader on the box first with the

pencil then with a marker pen then make

an ariel and glue it on the top

next paint the tv

black on the outside

blue background on the screen

and different colors for the newsreader

finally open up the tv screen and



you can also turn your tv set into a dvd


open up the screen and add the shelf

going across with a bit of cardboard

underneath to support glue and tape it

all in place and fill it up with your

dvds blu-rays or whatever you want

box how about you do you have any more

ideas sure thing kojak you can also use

the same techniques to make other

household appliances such as

this vacuum cleaner

or a set of cooking pots


saves the day

and here is the nine o'clock news

just kidding it's box yourself

there are thousands of ways you can box

yourself just use your imagination




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