July 14, 2024

#1 Worst iPhone BATTERY Drainer (You Need To Know This!)

Published June 6, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Courtney

David & David tell you about the #1 #iphone #battery drainer. It's something you've probably never heard of! Fortunately, it's easy to identify and fix.

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This drains more iPhone battery  life than anything else. What is it?  

Geofencing. What is geofencing? What is that?  It means that your iPhone keeps track of where  

you are. Whether you're entering a place or  leaving a place, so that it can do something.  

So a lot of apps use this, for instance, you know,  the alarm app, sometimes. The Apple apps that use  

it are actually okay, but other apps that say,  Okay, I want an alert whenever I go to this place;  

your iPhone always has to be tracking where you  are in order to do that. And at the Apple Store,  

this was the number one reason why people couldn't  get through a full day of iPhone battery life.  

Well, let's see if it's affecting you. Open the  Settings app. Mhm. Scroll down and, tap privacy,  

and then tap Location Services. What's next? Next  we're going to look for the purple hollow arrows.  

Nothing for my apps, specifically. Ooohh. But the  system services. This is what we're talking about  

here. The hollow arrow indicates that an item may  receive your location under certain conditions,  

kind of vague, but this is what we're talking  about. Well, let's tap on system services and I  

can see it right there next to find my iPhone.  This could be an AirTag thing because for me,  

I set up regions where I don't want to get those  you left your item behind messages because all,  

you know, of all leave my wallet in my house and  go for a walk around the block, and I'll say, oh,  

your left your wallet. Right. I said, I don't want  that anymore. Really? Yeah, interesting. Yeah,  

so Interesting. Just for that specific  regions of my house in your house. Yeah,  

that's very interesting. We should make a YouTube  video on how to do that with an article on how  

to do that. A link that we do in the description  section. Lets make a TikTok out of too! So, leave  

this on. This is the only exception people would  say, like, what am I supposed to do? I would say  

just don't use it like turn off Location Services  for that app. Find some other way. Let's go back  

one page, tap upper left-hand corner of the  screen and let's just pretend for example that the  

Ballpark app had a hollow purple arrow. I'll tap  on ballpark. What do we do here? I would just say  

only "While using the app" is when you would  want to have that work, not all the time. Right.  

Basically, whatever nothing should be on always.  Pretty, I mean, yeah, but the Ballpark app...  

Nah. Nah! Who needs it? Who needs it? You don't,  if you go to a ballpark. We found that out. Now,  

not everyone's iPhone is the same, and you  might not actually be impacted by geofencing,  

if your apps are set up well. Right. So, when  we were planning this video, I thought, okay.  

Should we do this next thing we're going to do,  which is... so let's go to the Settings battery  

section, to tell that everybody's different,  because sometimes it's a different app,  

and David said no, we should probably just pick  one thing and that's really geofencing. It is the  

number one thing. Yes. I'm going back to the  main page of Settings. Then, tap on battery.  

It's one above privacy and here you'll see which  apps are using the most battery life. So for me,  

it's, you know, right in your social media  apps where there's a lot of videos and  

right, tap show activity and then you can  see how long it was on screen. How much of  

the background if there's anything here that's  out of whack. Like it's using a ton of battery  

in the background. Those are the things to pay  attention. Into so my battery looks pretty normal.  

One thing we used to notice is that the covid  exposure notifications was using a ton; a ton of  

battery life to the point where after I got both  my shots, I was like, okay. Yeah, that's enough  

of that. That's enough of the notifications also.  I never got notified and yeah, I might reinstall  

it now that the Delta is kind of kicking back up.  But yeah, we're still vaccinated though! Look out  

for anything abnormal. Look out for geofencing.  check out our video 16 iPhone battery tips card  

above and description section below if you want  to learn more ways to save iPhone battery life.  

Thanks for watching this video. Give it a thumbs  up if you enjoyed. Leave a comment down below with  

any other questions and don't forget to subscribe.  Please join our channel - we really appreciate it!


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