June 20, 2024

How to Get VPN Connection on VIVO Y35 - Set Up Free VPN

Published June 6, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Courtney

VIVO Y35 Instructions:


In today’s tutorial video we are glad to show you how to download and install the free VPN on VIVO Y35. If you wish to hide your IP or change the region on VIVO Y35, then this guide should be perfect for you. Don’t wait and discover how to use Free VPN on this awesome smartphone just within a few simple steps. Connect VIVO Y35 to VPN service.

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hello everybody today in front of me I

have the Vivo y35 and in this video we

would like to demonstrate that you can

set up and use the VPN slash proxy

connection on this device

so to start off I would like to say that

in order to execute our goals we will

need to use the help of the free Play

Store app that is called turbovpn so let

me just go ahead and get it in order to

download the app just make sure that

your smartphone is connected to the

Wi-Fi you can also use Cellular

Connection as well but the Wi-Fi is


so once the needed app is found

go ahead and install it

after that you can

Just Launch it the green continue on the


skip the ad

and in order to establish the VPN

connection tap on the cell card icon

over here


off the VPN or disconnect just tap on

this little cross sign over here where

you can do that from the uh well

notification center as well

tap on this icon of it over there over

here excuse me and go for the disconnect


already so that would be it thanks for

watching and bye




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