Sept. 23, 2023

SPORT OR FOOD? WHAT'S YOUR CHOICE? – Relatable musical by La La Life

Published June 6, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

We all like sportive people, do we? But sometimes it really not a pleasure to be friends with a fitness fan.

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00:00 I am not a fan of sports

00:22 She is so competitive!

00:41 My friend wants me to workout

02:09 My sport fails

03:24 The healthy pizza

04:24 In the gym

05:23 My crush

05:51 Motivation from my coach

07:19 The diet

07:52 The running

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why don't you want to visit a yoga class

with me oh

oh hold it for yourself

maybe you have to ivy

i am not a big fan of sports there's no

time to rest let's go


have you seen that yeah it's so cool

lizard pays for lunch

thank god papa john's has discounts




in a sec i will be a super slim beauty


it don't even look like yourself in this

photo give it to me

from now on you work out three times a

week and eat unhealthy food

this will definitely wake you up

it's time for a morning workout


ivy you can't hide from me

come on let's do it you can run faster

i will die soon


let's do the workout

and one and two and three

and four get up get up


one two three four five

six seven

was it made for stretching or for


are you okay well granny we should be


exercises for you lay back so now

on the you do

like this is it clear


um won this yeah 20 reps

now come on

inhale exhale

good job well

done it's always hard to start something


yeah but better not to start


hmm wait a second


happy eater


much better


it's disgusting it's very future

fabulous body


i wake up we're late for the workout

you're doing great i think

you're helpless








hey oh god ivy get yourself together now


well i need to get into shape for this

good looker



i see you're really motivated

stop giving up you can do it

just do it do it do it

do it you can do it do it do it

do it just do it again



do it do it


do it do it

darling we should go for a stretch but i

haven't done this quite yet

believe me we should be stretching now

oh no

what a shame



oh it's too big

it's too small

whoa this is gonna blow his mind

what are you doing don't judge me i'm

doing my best

no comments


what a wonderful morning

the weather is perfect for running

oh my legs

but i have to do it


your outfit is great you know i really

am motivated and i want this forever

hi it's a wonderful weather today isn't



even the birds are singing today here

yeah lovely

what happened

just follow me

let me explain listen we were working so


especially joking it was so easy but i

was working hard too

that's why you can have it sometimes

hey guys what do you like sports or


from now on i like both


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