Sept. 23, 2023

Intelligence Meets Comedy | Gaur Gopal Das, Khan Sir |Ep 294|The Kapil Sharma Show| New Full Episode

Published June 7, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Synopsis: Intelligence Meets Comedy


The host, Kapil Sharma makes a rocking entry to the stage and welcomes everyone to the show. He then performs a stand-up act and entertains the audience thoroughly. He then proceeds to welcome the special guests for the night. They are none other than the great motivational speakers of our country, Gaur Gopal Das, Vivek Bindra, and Khan Sir. Their unique wit and humor end up being the highlight of the night. Watch the full episode to know more.

Show Name: The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2

Guest Names: Gaur Gopal Das, Vivek Bindra, Khan Sir.

Host: Kapil Sharma, Archana Puran Singh

Episode: 294 - 8 Jan 2023

Producers: Kapil Sharma

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About The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 :


Kapil Sharma is back with his gang - Bindu, Chandan, and 'mohalle ki dhoban' Gudiya. In tow is a new character, Maski, along with Goli, Roopmati, and more! Enjoy guaranteed laughter with Kapil and his antics as different celebrities join in.

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Intelligence Meets Comedy | Gaur Gopal Das, Khan Sir |Ep 294|The Kapil Sharma Show| New Full Episode

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You look lovely, Archana ma'am.

Wow! Where did you buy this jacket from?

- It's from France. - From France?

When did you get the time to step out of Film City and fly to France?


F for Film City! F for France!

Okay! Wow!

What a brilliant and meaningless answer!


- I have noticed that everybody in this world is stressed. - Yes!

From a rich person

to somebody poor! Everybody is stressed.

The process starts from childhood itself

when we ask our children

what do they want to become when they grow up.

And the child replies by saying that he wants to become a father.

What does he even know?

They pressurise the child to the extent

that he doesn't even grow up.

In general, the ladies are stressed of what is to be made for dinner.

Oh yes!

Das uncle is stressed because it's already late to make a drink.

A middle-class man faces the issue of cooking gas

whereas the rich class suffers from issues like stomach gas.

One keeps wondering how will he manage the food

and the other wonders how will he digest his food?

We take stress unnecessarily at many instances.

When a wife calls her husband who is working at the office

to tell him that she wishes to speak with him once he is home,

then the husband's blood pressure shoots up.

He recollects everyone from Sunita to Babita.


He starts wondering what his wife must have found.

Should he go home or meet with an accident?

She wouldn't question him till he is admitted to the hospital.

Or he plans to act as if he is having chest pains.

- "I am having chest pains." - Yes!

"What were you talking about on the phone?"

She replies, "I wanted to inform you that my mother is coming."

He starts feeling chest pain for real.


All I am trying to say

that all of us are stressed and we need motivation.

And tonight we have three motivational speakers

who are followed by lakhs of people.

With a big round of applause, I would like to welcome,

the lifestyle coach, author and motivational speaker,

Shri Gaur Gopal Das!

[audience cheering]

[theme music playing]

Welcome to the show, sir!


A big round of applause!

- Thank you. - A warm welcome, sir!

And thank you for accepting our invitation.

But I am confused today, sir.

I don't understand

- how do I address you? - Yes!

- Firstly, I would like to thank you... - Thank you!

and your production company for inviting me here

- on The Kapil Sharma Show. - Thank you.

He entertains everyone.

He has taken up

the responsibility of reducing the sadness in this world.

- Isn't it? - I am blessed, sir.

You entertain everyone as well.

I try to.

- He asked me how should he address me. - Yes.

I always say that you can call me from any name that you like.

The name doesn't matter when you call somebody with love.

- Absolutely right! - But...

But when you give the liberty to freely call by any name,

then, I must say, the names that I have been called by

and the way my name has been smashed is shocking.

Is it?

In one of the shows that I went to,

they announced saying

that Mr. Gol Gopal is among us.

I agree that I have a round head!

- Gol Gopal Das! - I went to America

and they announced,

"So, we have amongst all of us,

Gold Gopal Das!"

This was manageable!

Gol and Gold were still bearable!

- I went to another show in Mumbai. - Okay...

They announced in Marathi saying,

"Today we have among us

Gaud Gopal Das!"

That was fine as jaggery is sweet!

Let me tell you the worst one.

"We have Ghor Gopal Das among us today."

I am not terrible at least!

Amazing, sir!

Do you know, I was confused

and so was the production house, about how to address sir?

- Normally, film stars come to our show. - Yes!

The production asks if they should order burgers, pizzas and others.

Today, they are offering me fruits and milk.

And I am like...

Sir, now that you are on our show,

do you agree that it's important to laugh?


Laughing is 100 per cent important!

Because our lives are full of sorrows.

How many people are facing troubles in their life?


People who haven't raised their hand expect me to believe that!



You are going to face problems in your life.

- Life does give us pain sometimes. - Absolutely.

We don't even feel the pain of being burnt after we die.

- My goodness! - Superb!

[audience applauding]

I have noticed that sir has 55 lakh followers on Instagram

excluding the other social media platforms, sir.

- My question is... - Yes.

When the person who teaches the world not to be attached

wakes up in the morning...

Do you check if your followers have increased on Instagram overnight?


Because Archana ma'am checks her followers everyday.

She keeps checking it every hour.

He is such a liar!

She must be slyly checking on her phone right now as well.

Shut up!

I would like to tell you something.

Don't trust anything

that he tells you about me. All his comments about me are false!

The liar is always punished!

This liar will be punished!

Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu was replaced because of Dinesh and not her.

Is this false as well?

Thank you.

How many of you have done religious fasting ever?

Has anybody done Roza?

Has anyone fasted on Janmashtami or Navratri?

Did anybody follow Paryushan?

Isn't it? Let me tell you something.

You are living in 2023!

If you wish to fast in 2023

then you should spend a day without a smartphone,

- without Instagram, - Very true!

without WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn,

Twitter, Snapchat, Google

- Tinder! - or Tinder!

Just one day!

Fasting like this for one day!

God will come to earth and appreciate you!


Wow. I know he said this in jest,

but it is a very useful advice.

Instagram has become so ingrained in our lives

that man is now owned by Instagram.

Instagram is everywhere.

Young kids definitely use it,

but many adults can't seem to get enough of it.

During the shooting, whenever we take a break,

madam comes in with her phone in hand.

'Yes, tell me, how's it going?'

I mean, there's a limit!

Kapil, I just promote our show.

Yes, promotion as if you have 40 million followers.


- Don't be so arrogant, Kapil. - When was I arrogant?

Did I ever say I have 44 million followers?


Sir said this quote, 'When people smile, it doesn't mean

they're doing good,

it just means they have chosen to smile.'

Sir, do you think this is in a person's control?

Can we decide to just be happy?

Or is it in the wife's hands?

Or maybe the boss or the girlfriend.

I've always seen you smiling. Does it mean that you're lonely?



Once someone texted me on August 15.

And have you seen those messages?

Those with just one line at the top and then just dot, dot, dot...

- Yes, we have. - Yes, we know.

So the text headline read,

'Scroll down and read the message

only if you're single.'

So I thought I qualified for this.

So I kept scrolling. Dot, dot, dot. It was August 15.

And it read, 'Happy Independence Day.'


Shall I tell you something?

If we put the responsibility of our happiness

on someone else's shoulder,

then we'll be sad our entire lives.

- Truly. - And that's why

the more we can

take control of our emotions,

and see it as our responsibility,

the more we can be happy.

Then be it your wife or your boss,

we can love them as they are.

Or else, people will just tap your remotes.

Do not give the remote control of your emotions

in the hands of other people.

Try getting it back to yourself slowly.


I saw one of sir's videos

where he was talking about girlfriend and boyfriend.

He even sang the song 'Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahi Ho'.

- Yes, I saw that. - 'Kya Gam Hai Jisko Chupa Rahi Ho.'

Forgive me, sir,

did you have that experience as a student?

Since you studied electrical engineering in college.

Did you ever fall in love?

I mean, I just wanted to ask.

Kapil is using all his liberty today.

He always does!

He thought he has found his mark

in this innocent, bald, saintly man.

He thought he should make full use of this opportunity.


I did study electrical engineering in college.

And I went so deep into electrical engineering,

so deep, that

I did not find any time for love.

And when I finished college,

then I fell in love with what I am doing now.

- Wow. - So I went from this to that.


in today's time,

whoever falls in love,

whoever has their heart broken,

whoever sings 'Channa Mereya',

whoever sings 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil',

they come to me.

To cry. When not even

'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' can pacify them,

even 'Channa Mereya' can't help them,

where will they go?

Gaur Gopal Das it is!


One guy went through heartbreak.

They were in a relationship for ten years.


she had drank too much.

He was moderately drunk.


She was completely tipsy.

She was wasted.

I mean...

- To put it in layman terms. - Right.

She was tipsy. I won't say wasted.


So she said very bad things about his parents

while drunk.

He was moderately drunk.

So he understood

that she's a nice girl, fits well with him.

But what does she think about his parents?

So he broke up with her.

He came to me. It was a ten year relationship.

Without asking, he just lay his head on my lap and start sobbing.

'All girls are the same!'


'All girls are the same!'

I told him to cool down.

Just because he landed sour grapes

doesn't mean all the grapes are sour.

[laughter and applause]

He then recited a couplet for me.

He says to me,

'The heart said to the eyes,

the heart said to the eyes, "you need to see less.

It's you who see, but it is I who suffers."

In the midst of sobbing, he continued,

'The eyes replied to the heart,

the eyes replied to the heart, "You need to love less.

It's you who loves, but it is I who cries."


So I never fell in love with anyone.

But solving all these love problems

has now made me a love coach.


Sir, welcome to the show. Please have a seat.

Sir, we've seen many people

who get scared when starting something new

because of what people might say.

Firstly, who are these people, sir?

Where do they live?

Why do I never see these people?

Why are people so afraid of people?

Please, have a seat.

How do we get rid of these people?

My mother used to say to me, 'You aren't married yet,

what will people say?'

Those people didn't even attend the wedding.

Many did, but those didn't.


I always say,

if you keep thinking about what they are thinking,

then what will they think?

Leave some for them to think about.


In English, it's called 'noise' and 'voice'.

All those opinions and advices that people have,

all their comments and such,

it's all noise.

No matter how good or bad, it's just noise.

And you shouldn't lose your voice in the midst of this noise.

You have a voice inside you.

Well said.


That's why, many a time I say,

there's nothing wrong is asking for advice

when it's back by truth.

People will always have something to say.

No matter what you do.

Ignore it, lest the night should pass in these meaningless things.


I say this a lot, Kapil, I am confessing it to you today.


Whenever I set foot on stage at any event,

as soon as I get up there,

I take your name.

- All events. - Wow.

Organisers have told me,

"Guru, you can say whatever you want to

as long as the audience has fun."

Whatever 'fun' they talk about,

am I Kapil Sharma to do that?


It's a standard line of mine.

So ladies and gentlemen, in a quest to hear everyone out,

do not forget your voice.

You need to search for yourself what you want to do,

rather than getting their opinions on it.

- Well said. - So to those people,

shut them out.

And listen to your own voice.

Alright, mom?


I think he brought you here to make you listen to this.

It is said that when a man hits a violent roadblock in his life,

he turns to spirituality.

Sir, you have studied electrical engineering.

What electric shock was it

that turned you towards spirituality?

Many a time, people think that

only a shock could turn people towards spirituality.

Like when you don't get a job or a girlfriend,

something must've went wrong.

Back in our time, we only had three options.

You could be an engineer, a doctor or a failure.

You don't have any other option.

From that, I got a chance to do engineering.

After engineering, everyone wants to make their career.

A guy was filling out his MBA course form

outside a MBA college.

He asked the watchman about the college.

The watchman told him it's really good since he also got his MBA here.


At least, I didn't have to

go through that after completing my engineering.

I bagged a good job.

But I just asked one question to myself.

I would lose most of my time

towards my work.

How much time do we spend with our family?

A little in the morning, a little in the evening.

A little on weekends.

And if my work would take up most of my time,

should I be doing something

which would pay me a lot but not make me happy?

I was good

at what I was doing,

but I didn't feel happy doing it.

Then I thought, this won't work.

We have to leave now.

I took a risk.

And boy, was it a big risk!

I did not know

what would happen next.

I just took the leap. And I say this a lot,

drowning in the sea is a destiny as old as time,

feel sorry for those who get stranded on the coasts.

Oh! Wow.


If I have to spend so many hours, I won't spend them doing that

which doesn't touch my soul.

- That's why I made the shift. - Brilliant.

- Your heart has to be in it. - Your heart has to be in it.

Not everybody has that luxury, Gaur sir.

To not choose office and follow their hearts.

- Yes. - Right?

Because those who follow their hearts,

like I did...

Many of the youngsters here

will love the idea of leaving their mainstream careers

and following their passions.

But there are truths to face there.

And the truths are EMIs to be paid,

loans to be repaid, financial liabilities to take care of,

sick family members to look after,

and those truths need money.

So I have an advice for them.

Do not leave your mainstream careers right away.

I was mad and I took the risk.

I fell so much in love with what I was doing,

that I took the risk.

Because what else does man do if not risk it in love?

That's why I say, love is blind. Marriage is the eye-opener.


Sorry. Jokes apart,

I took that risk.

I took that leap of faith.

But I don't advice people to take that risk.

It should be a calculated risk.

Earn your money from the mainstream.

Side by side, keep your passion alive.

Do a little bit of it every day.

Do it as a hobby.

Maybe one day it might get fully developed

and you might pursue it as your main career.

You can at least do that.

It's a balanced approach.

And Archana, even you...

Archana comes from Dehradun.

Back then, 35-36 years ago

when you decided you wanted to be an actress,

you followed your heart. Right, Archana?

So this mainstream job that she's working now,

she earns money here and then goes to Vegas to gamble.


Sir, her mind changes everyday.

First, she entered films.

She thought she'll get famous and earn money.

Then she realised there's money in the TV industry too.

So she entered TV industry.

Recently she said to me, she wanted to deliver sermons.


I said you need followers for that.

She said she found one. Her husband Parmeet Sethi.

That's the one follower.

He's not your follower.

There's a difference between servant and follower.

There you go again!

Sir, normal people get angry

on many little things.

Do you ever get angry?


People always put me under the spotlight.

'Do you ever get depression?'

'Do you ever get angry?'

'Do you ever feel low?'

And I always ask them,

am I human?

If you're a human, you will feel emotions.

For me, feeling low

is not as much of a problem,

as is staying low.

Getting angry is not that big of a problem,

but saying bad things while you're angry

is a much bigger problem.

To say that I haven't felt angry

in the last 25-26 years is unfair.

To say that I don't react angrily is a fact.

I have learnt

a very, very important word

from my Guru.

The word is 'wait'.

If you're getting angry,

just wait a while.

I'm not telling you to stay quiet.

Just stay quiet for now.

Because if you speak up now, you never know

what you might end up saying.

You may say things you'll regret.

And then you'll sit there at the end of the day, feeling that regret.

'Why did I say that? I shouldn't have said that.'

'They're hurt. How must they feel now?'

'Should I text them sorry?'

'Why should I? It was their mistake too.'

'No, I should say it.'

'I shouldn't have... But why should I?'

'I was right. They were wrong.'

And you end up in this vicious cycle!

So you see how emotions fluctuate?

Anger, guilt. Anger, guilt.

The golden word that I learnt,

it has brought a beautiful change in my life.

Even I get angry.

But I take my time before I react.

I wait. And that wait has saved many relationships.



When you listen to him, you think you'll stop worrying from now on.

But when you leave his event,

you find your shoes missing.

And you start worrying again.

You'd just bought them yesterday.

You always end up worrying.


Sometimes, we face problems in telecasting.

Sometimes our script isn't ready.

Something else gets delayed.

We worry about small things.

- What do we do about it, sir? - Right.

So for tension,

every day worries have a reason behind it.

I always ask this to everyone.


always make two sections

in your mind.

One section

is about what you can control.

And the other is about what you can't control.

If it's in your hands, you should worry about it.

Only then the problem will be solved.

But if it's not in your control,

worrying about it will ruin your physical health,

your mental health,

your peace, your relationships.

And it wasn't even in your hands.

What isn't in our control,

trying to change it is like

banging your head on the wall.

The wall won't budge, but your head will hurt.

The only time the wall will budge

is when you're tipsy.

I did have one person come up to me.

He asks, "Guru, you tell me.

Does 15 litres of milk give you more strength

or 200 ml of vodka?"


I told him, "Look, I've never tasted alcohol.

I don't drink.

So I'll go with milk."

15 litres of milk

has more strength.

He told me I was wrong.

I asked him how.

He said if you drink 15 litres of milk,

and kick the wall.

Will it budge? No.

Now drink 200 ml of neat vodka.

Just stand there and watch the wall dance.


[applauding and laughing]

So, listen!

Some walls won't budge even if you try to bring them down.

- True. - Those things are not in our control.

But there are a lot of things that we can control.

We can literally control it. We have the power to do something.

And what we cannot control,

we should let it go.

And we should focus on

- what we can control and try to change it. - Lovely!


That reminds me, there was a drunkard.

He dreamt of God.

He said, "you are a good human being."

"But you drink too much."

"I must do something."

"When you turn 75,

you might either lose your memory

or your hands will tremble."

"Tell me, what should I do?"

He says, "Don't make my hands tremble a lot, God."

"I don't want to lose my memory." God asks, "why?"

He says, "If my hands tremble, what will happen at the most?"

"I will drop my glass."

"And if I forget where the bottle is..."

[laughing and applauding]

- Mr. Sharma! - Oh my!


Mr. Gopaldas.

- Hello! How are you, sir? - Hello!

I am good. How are you?

- I am good. I am so happy to meet you. - Glad to meet you.

Same here.

Mr. Sharma, I want Rs. 1,000. I bought onions. I need to pay

- the vegetable vendor. - You spent Rs. 1,000 on onions?

No! I bought onions for Rs. 50.

I have to pay at the beauty parlour. I got ready there.

Are you dressed up?


You could have bought onions for Rs. 950 instead.

You could have made something delicious.

She is here! Guruji, she is my problem.

- [laughing] - [Bindu sighs]

Introduce me nicely, Mr. Sharma.

- We have a special guest today. - Have a seat, Bindu.

Sir, I've heard you have a solution to every problem.

- She is my problem. - Huh?

Please help me with a solution.

I am your wife, and not a problem.

Back in the time, wife was addressed as a problem.

I doubt you know that.


Then what were husbands addressed as?

Husbands were told, this too shall pass.

Not to worry!

Archana's husband calls her Problematic Puran Singh!


Listen, Mr. Sharma. History is proof

that wives taught their husbands to behave like humans.

- Am I right, Mrs. Archana? - I agree!

You did. Prior to that, we used to live on trees.

I don't know about that.

But sir, he used to hover around me

to marry me. But look at him now.

This is where I went wrong, sir. I was always behind her.

I could have spared myself if I had any idea about the future.

She bothers me a lot.

What should I do with him, sir?

I have been to all the temples

- It's never enough. - Did you try going back to your parents?

Try visiting your parents sometimes.

That will definitely make me happy.

He is a married man,

but he still looks at other women.

That's not true. I used to do that even before I got married.


I have been a consistent performer.

Then why did you take vows at our wedding?

I did that because

your relatives took all the food away.

And her sisters were bothering me too.

They were asking for money.

My sisters only took

Rs. 100 as a good omen.

You have three dozen sisters.

Listen, Mr. Sharma. A woman

has to leave her parents and her family behind

and goes to her husband's house.

You didn't leave your parents behind. They live with us.

They have been here for two years now. They won't budge from here.

That was all in the past.

Sir, my parents watch your videos nowadays.

Their thought process has changed.

Right! But they don't change their clothes.

I asked them to change their clothes.

But instead, they swapped clothes.

Strange! Her father draped her sari, and her mother wore his clothes.

This is what they do.

[comical music plays]

- Parents who? - Huh?

Whose parents?

Hold on! What are you saying?

My Parents! What is wrong with both of you?

I am your daughter, Bindu!

Bindu (dot), comma, fullstop, bracket! - Huh?

That was all created by humans.


And the both of us have risen above relationships.

Wow! But they don't rise before 2 pm.

People wake up when the alarm rings.

They wake up when the pressure cooker goes off!

"The food is ready. Time to wake up."

Your body demands food and sleep.

Our soul is looking for peace.

We are on our way to find it!

That makes me feel at peace.

Leave right away.

- As soon as you can. - Hey!

Hold on! Be quiet. Where are you going?

Where are you both going?

We want to do penance.

We have made some mistakes in life.

You have made plenty of mistakes.

One of them is here, and the rest of them are inside.


Son-in-law, it is but human for humans to make mistakes.

But accepting your mistakes

- is the most courageous action. - True.

We accept this mistake.

[laughing and applauding]

And so that we don't make the same mistake

we are headed to the mountains.

Go to two separate mountains.

You go to the one in Uttarakhand, and you go to Himachal.

If you go to the same mountain, you will repeat your mistake.


[laughing and applauding]

I want to save myself from my children.

Mr. Gopaldas,

please take us to your hermitage.

They are looking for a way to stay for free.

Sir, please take them with you to the hermitage.

That is good, isn't it, Mr. Sharma? They will leave.

Why don't you and I go on a dinner date?

I will make 'Paneer Do Pyaza' for you.

What did you say? 'Paneer Do Pyaza'?

Make four portions of 'Paneer Do Pyaza', dear.

We will devour it. It is delicious.

Why? Hold on! You wanted to go to the hermitage with sir.

We will go some other time. He is not going anywhere.


Paneer won't stay fresh till tomorrow.

Did you see how they are?

Forgive us, Mr. Gopaldas.

We've cancelled the plan.

Let's go! The drama is over. Time to go back in.

[applauding and cheering]

Friends, it's time to call on stage, the second guest for tonight.

He is an influencer,

an international motivational speaker,

a leadership consultant, a business coach

and a corporate trainer.

Let's have a round of applause

for Dr. Vivek Bindra.

[theme music playing]

[audience applauding]

- How are you? - Hello! Welcome!

[audience applauding]

- Welcome to the show, sir. - Thank you.

I was telling everyone about you

that you are an influencer, an International motivational speaker,

a leadership consultant and a lot more.

Are you a master of everything or were you unsure of any one of them?

How do you manage to do everything, Doctor?

It is said,

"Jack of all trades, Master of none."


There should be only one focus and mine is business coaching.

I work on entrepreneurship.

I am proud to say

that we have built a pride for India

by creating the World's Best Entrepreneurial channel.

And we have earned 11 World Records

in the Guinness Book of World Records.


[audience applauding]

Sir, we have seen your videos in the past.

And today, we are seeing you live in front of us!

You have become so slim!

Didn't you get the time to motivate yourself while motivating others?

But now you've lost weight!

In the race of life, make sure

that your gaining weight doesn't tend to weigh you down.


You tend to complete a task that takes an hour

within 40 minutes when you are fit.

I feel the difference.

Another difference is that you can do a difficult task.

We meet weird audiences in certain shows.

And we have to stay fit and alert.

I met a man in a show.

After addressing me,

he said that I was right but he doesn't wish to change.


So, you keep meeting different people.

I was conducting a training program on finance

about how to repay your debts.

- Okay. - To repay your debts...

Gathering courage is the first step!

We were talking about courage

and then spoke about debt management.

Someone said you need Aadhar to live in India

and a loan to escape from India!

It's very important!

So, you have all different types of audience.

You have to stay alert, be able to engage with them

and be able to involve them.

- Health is an important factor for that. - Actually!

- You have lost weight as well! Congratulations! - Yes!

The wife made me do this!


Vivek's skills can motivate anybody!

He was motivating the guard outside our studio

by telling him that he can make it too.

Don't just sit idle. Get up and run!

He ran and his salary got cut!

Welcome to the show, sir.

All of you know Vivek

but let me tell you that he is known in the world of business.

He is the record holder of 11 world records,

as he said!

Congratulations, sir.

And I would like you to tell us

about the categories of the 11 world records.

Basically, the 11 world records...

During the time of Covid,

when people were in their homes and under lockdown,

we were trying to help people with their business in tough times.

We conducted webinars on Zoom.

We were expecting less than 10 thousand people to register.

But the registration for the webinar had crossed our expectations.

So we attempted for the Guinness World Record.

But Russia had the World Record of 11 thousand people.


26 lakh people registered

- for that webinar. - Wow!

And with 26 lakh people, we made the first World record.

I conducted another webinar in the lockdown

on how to improve your sales.

It was a major problem.

I found out

that China had the World record of the biggest webinar for sales.

On attempting, 35 lakh people registered for the webinar on Zoom.

After uploading it on YouTube,

the webinar on how to increase sales became very popular.

Then I made webinars on HR, finance, sales,

operations, marketing, leadership

and other subjects.

I strived to find ways to give free content to people.

I would like to congratulate you for the content you give

as it is very difficult to give a unique content each time.

And you always deliver unique content.

In the world of comedy, if there has been someone so relevant

for a long time after Mr. Bachchan then that has to be you.

Mr. Sonu Nigam can be appreciated for singing the same song again.

But you cannot repeat the content in comedy over and over again.

- It's a big deal. - Well said!

Thank you for everything you said and for your love.

It's time to welcome our next guest on stage.

He is famous for teaching kids in a unique way!

With a round of applause, please welcome, a teacher

and a motivational speaker, Mr. Khan Sir.

[theme music playing]

[audience cheering]

A big round of applause for Khan Sir.

- Welcome to our show, Sir. - Thank you.

The world including your followers

address you as "Khan Sir".

Please tell us your full name, Khan Sir.

For a teacher,

what matters more than his name

is for his students to glorify the name of the Nation.

That goal is more important to me.

My name does not matter.


Let me tell you something about Khan Sir.

Khan Sir's educational channel on YouTube

- has one crore 70 lakh followers. - The numbers have increased.

They are one crore 90 lahks now.

- One crore 90 lahks? - Yes!

My goodness! Amazing! Wow!

[audience applauding]

There were 30 thousand followers before lockdown, Sir.

The pace at which your subscriptions has increased after the lockdown

as left the subscriptions on OTT platforms far behind.

How did this happen, Khan Sir?

We used to physically go to a class to teach before the lockdown.

- Yes! - The class used to be full

and the children could not study.

We did not have an option

except for teaching on YouTube after lockdown.

And even we have no idea

why people kept subscribing in such numbers.

Because we have been teaching the same way as before.

Our aim was that the children

should not have any doubts unsolved.

Because while studying,

we would be the last ones.

We would sit on the last benches and we had admitted

that the frontbenchers are studious. We are hopeless.

And the parents expected us to pass somehow.

Later on, we realised

that it was the teacher's fault and we were blamed.

[audience applauding]

If teaching is made so simple,

for example, in my childhood,

I used to enjoy reading history.

When I grew up, I realised that

I was interested in history but more as a story.

Now, I even enjoy writing.

In the future, you might chance upon it.

I love writing.

Now, I realise that I enjoyed it because it had a story.

But they forced us to memorise it instead.

Your style of teaching is amazing.

I wish it were present in our times.

There would've been exposure to great teachers on YouTube.

Our teachers were great too.

I've watched your videos, Mr Khan. It's so detailed.

Even for an unknown subject

if your videos are followed

it creates so much interest

because we were all taught by teachers.

And we've had nice teachers too.

But you're certainly special

to be able to make every subject interesting.

- Thank you, ma'am. - The talent here

is to be able to give a visual training to the teachers.

As Kapil mentioned, stories

I'll ask you a question.

Who knows the spelling of assassination?

People won't believe it but I know it.


Assassination is spelt as

ass which is a donkey,

another ass on it

and then 'i' on top of it,

and the entire nation on me.

Ass, ass, 'i', nation.


The more you make education visual

and make it easier.

We couldn't remember who invented the radio.

The radio isn't working

Hit it with your elbow.

Marconi invented it.

- Ah. - You will remember Marconi now.

Make it so visual.

As you said earlier,

we explain things so well.

For that half an hour's class,

we prepare for a week.

I was going to ask you how much do you prepare?

It depends on our level of satisfaction.

- Okay. - Some topics take two months.

Unless we're satisfied,

- we don't share it. - Wow!

There's a saying that the world knows my achievements

and not the hard work behind it.



In our student life,

we were lagging so behind

that we were afraid of ourselves.

Where am I? Is there any scope for improvement or not?

But I always wanted to learn.

Before making a film, a director practices for months.

After two years of hard work, a movie is made.

- Correct. - There's hard work involved.

Experience teaches you

what could crop up as a doubt?

Another advantage of learning from you is that...


...he can't thrash anyone through the channel.

I have been beaten up a lot.

I couldn't ask the teacher a question.

If I ever asked him

how far the sun is.

He would ask me if I want to go there.

They won't try to befriend the kid.

- A lot has changed now. - Yes.

- Kids don't get beaten up anymore. - Our students

don't fight with us because there's no need to.

The subject matter is cleared at once.

- Wow. - Amazing!

I've seen that even Raveena Tandon follows you.

Your face has a smile the moment I mentioned her.

When you upload a new video,

do you personally message her, asking her to clarify

her doubts with you over a call?


I've heard that Vivek

gives business-related solutions within five seconds.

When your wife asks you how she's looking after dressing up,

do you answer it within five seconds?

Look, everybody has a problem with this one.

- Oh! - Yes. [chuckles]

In every house,

it is very common to hear

that the wife is sticking around

because of the kid, or else she would've left.

- This is true. - So right.

- So right. - Does Parmeet say that to you?

You must never say it.

She is different and more of a husband.

- So... - What's the problem?

- Nothing. - Women are not less than men.

That's fine. But you must not punch them.

You're still unmarried, Khan.



You're so popular.

Your sense of humour is so good.

I'm sure you get a lot of proposals.

Not yet, sir.

Mr Khan doesn't answer personal questions.


After seeing married couples, I am...


When people listen to motivational speakers a lot,

they get confused.

Someone asks you to dream big.

Buy a car. Build a bank balance.

Someone asks you not to have desires as they're the root cause of sorrow.

Whom do we follow, sir?

Listen to everyone and do as you wish.



- As you truly feel. - Yes, heartfelt.

Because what we hear

is not processed by our minds.

When we don't process others' advise

and try to follow it, it's called blind faith.

- Right. - Process it

and focus on what your heart resonates.

Then act upon it.

Mom, did you hear it?

Doctors mean nothing to my mother.

My mom's friend

sitting next to her

if she gives her an advise on diabetes

then she will blindly follow it.

She told me

that eating this will help.


This question was for you.

[music playing]

I wanted to ask Khan Sir.

You had an episode on trains.

Why do trains work like this? It's history.

There is a connection here for the compartments.

What is your source?

- Where do you get it from? - She will find out

- and then start her channel. - [laughs]


You can find some information directly.

Otherwise, you can ask on the spot.

The workers know more than us.

I ask them how it works

and try to find out myself

because I can deliver it better then.

Sometimes, I go to the yard to find out.

It was very interesting.

Make one on aeroplanes too.

On your recommendation, I'll make it.

- Thank you. - Sure.

Sir, parents often make this mistake

that if the child is 4 or 5,

you start inculcating thoughts

like he or she has to become an engineer,

maybe because the father is an engineer and wants so.

But it need not turn out that way because my dad was a cop.


My uncle was in the army.

I'm the only one from this field because I was drawn to it.

Is this right, sir?

According to me, you must not pressurise kids.

At the same time, we must ensure

what Albert Einstein said.

If there's a rabbit, a monkey, a deer,

a lion, and a fish.

Make them stand in a queue.

Put them through a test.

Ask them to climb the tree.


How can there be a uniform test?

The fish will kill itself because it will never pass.

- How can a fish climb a tree? - Right.

The education system has become all about the grades

- and subjects, which is important. - Right.

While doing it,

children's passion or interest

must be encouraged.

A father once slapped his kid so hard

that the neighbour asked him what's the matter.

He said that his results are due tomorrow.

So, why are you slapping him today?

I'll be out of town tomorrow. So, I'm getting my work done.

I mean to say that

if you don't cater to your child's competence

then they will continue failing and getting slapped.

- Very true. - Yes.

Vivek believes that

if kids score more than 95 per cent

that's bad too. Kids scoring between 75 and 85 per cent

tend to become more successful.

- Is it? - Has any parent ever said that

you're the reason for their child's demotion?


Basically, 95 per cent. Education in schools

is a classroom-based, conceptual, theoretical approach.

What does a child need? There's a concept.

Subjects in which the score is three out of ten,

instead of focusing on that,

focus on subjects where the score is above 7.

So that the child can specialise in it.

But everything is being poured in.

For the sake of 95 or 85 per cent,

the child doesn't have an overall development.

Because of these old patterns, our children aren't developing.

The patterns are deep-rooted.

I always tell people

to allow their child to pursue

their interest and skills in demand.

When this happens,

the child becomes successful

and a tough competition for everyone.

Wow, that's nice!


It's necessary to break these old patterns.

We're aware that cows give milk. Yes or no?

- Yes. - No.

Cows don't give milk. We have to milk them.

- Oh. - This is an old pattern.

Success is not easy to find.

You have to search for it.

In life, you have to lose to gain something.

Would you agree with me? Yes or no?

- Yes. - No.

You have to do something to gain something and not lose.

These are our old patterns.

Beyond fear lies...

- Victory! - No, there's no victory.

There's pain beyond fear.

If you persist, you emerge victorious.

But the problem is that our patterns are deep-rooted.

And these old patterns...

Spread your legs as far as the blanket can cover.

Why should I? I will bring a bigger blanket.

I can put my feet out and move on.

So, we've got to break those patterns.

Move on, develop better beliefs

and stay in good company.

If your patterns change, things will change.


Archana, you were asking Khan about the video on trains.

Apart from educational videos, some important issues

or national issues

he makes videos on current affairs too.

I've heard that you were

- threatened or attacked. - Yes.

- Really? - What had happened?

- They bombed me. - At your house?

Yes, at my coaching institute.

- They threw eight or ten of them. - But why?

Actually, um,

I charge minimal fees

very nominal. If a child wants to study

I charge them 200 rupees for the entire subject.

- Only 200 rupees? - Yes.


The others didn't like it.

- Oh! - They tried to convince me.

I didn't have a problem because

when I was a student, just after my intermediate,

few of my batchmates

went to Delhi to study.

They went to prepare for UPSC.

But none of them cracked it.


When we used to go to drop them at the station,

we bid farewell with a heavy heart.

Their parents are so wealthy to support them.

Our parents couldn't.

So, there are lakhs of students whose parents can't afford it.

Being poor is not a crime. Education has to be accessible.



I decided that I will surely subsidise it if I get a chance.

This year, I got a chance

and the toughest exam of India, UPSC.

I brought down the fees from 2.5 lakhs to 7500 rupees.

- It's the same thing. - Very good!

- Very nice! - Amazing!

That too, with the best teacher in India.

Nobody is better than him in that subject.

Despite that,

we might find 7500 to be cheap.

A girl

asked me to move the evening batch to the morning.

I told her that I can't transfer it for one person.

I asked her what's the problem.

She told me that she has to work as a maid in the evening.


The issues are larger than our perception.

Sometimes, I don't even feel like charging them.

A boy used to mine sand.

And his mother would sell it.

He paid me his fees by mining sand.

How can I accept it?

Very nice!


That day, I decided that no child in India

will have to suffer because of financial constraints

no matter how long the academic journey is.

- Wow! - Very nice!


- Also... - I want to tell you something...

Khan Sir, I want to share something about you.

- His startup is bootstrapped. - Okay.

In layman's terms, he is self-funded.

He has not borrowed money from anyone yet.

He's not using an investor's money

but his own,

and it's such a strong startup

- that I would say... - Wow!

...if investors wish to invest

then I note such startups.

Many people threatened me for this.

- Okay. - And then they bombed.

Around 7-8 bombs. Some of them blasted.

A boy who had come for admission, his scooty was blown off.

He was here to study but his scooty got blown off.

They bombed my office.

One of them fell near me.

It didn't blast.


Later, I got many threats.

But there's a saying that the sun might be the hottest

but it can't dry up the ocean.

- Wow! - Wow!

Very nice!

There's a reason behind reducing the fees.

Everybody can't afford a fee of 2.5 lakhs.

A handful can.

Their mental level is high.

But the nation's mental level remains unstable.

When the fee is reduced,

there will be more people ready to prepare

if they wish to work for the country.

The seats are limited and will be given to very few.

But those who don't get it

will get a responsible citizen.

Someone who can change the country.

- Very nice! - Wow!

We were called global teachers

because people from all over the world came to learn from us.

Hiuen Tsang and Fa-Hien came from China.

Nobody visits us anymore. We wish to turn the clock.

- Very nice! - Wow!

[music playing]

Archana, most of the IPS and IAS officers are from Bihar.

- Yes. - In matters of education,

- we've had many politicians. - A lot.

- It's not that... - There are no options there.

There's no industry and farming doesn't fetch you money.

There are no options, it's true.

Bihar is a stubborn state.

It aspires to get everything.

- And they strive to do it. - Very nice!

Vivek, we've heard that you tried to become a monk once.

Who brought you back?

How far along were you?

No, after my MBA

uh, I had decided to devote myself to God.

- Okay. - For many years

- I lived in Vrindavan and Gurukul. - Wow!

- Okay. - And I learnt a lot.

That was my real MBA. Most Beautiful Association.

- Wow. - I read the Bhagavad Gita.

I fell in love with it.

My teacher told me that

I must connect Bhagavad Gita with business management

and spread it to the world. I thought it was difficult

and later realised

Dr. Stephen Covey's book,

'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People'


He said that all the 7 habits were derived from Bhagavad Gita.

And people in our country

read my book, more than 3.5 million copies have been sold

but they don't read Bhagavad Gita.

I felt that I should speak on Gita and management.

I thought it must be difficult.

But it was my teacher's advice

that you will find difficulty as long as you look for it.

So, he asked me.

How many red lights are there in this room?

Look around and tell me.

Can you see it in 7 or 8 places?

One, two, the red t-shirt makes it three.

Four, five, six.

- Apple. - There, seven.

Apple, yes. Seven.

But when you were looking for red

did you see green? Yes or no?

- No. - When you were looking for red,

- did you see black? Yes or no? - No.

Life is similar. You will find what you look for.

- Very nice. - Nothing more.

So, he said that

I must focus on a solution

and spread the message of Gita.

So, I started business management programs in corporates.

It was the first Gita motivational seminar

in the history of Earth

was given by Krishna.

- Wow. - The first motivational speaker

was Lord Krishna.

He motivated Arjuna on the battlefield.

Krishna demonstrated patience with his leadership skills.

It inspired me.

That discussion inspired me.

- So, it's always with me. - Wow!


Khan sir, I heard that you in the five-star hotel yesterday,

but you went out to have 'Vada Pav' in the stall by the road.

The thing is...

You get to learn a lot.

What you learn when you are starving

and have no money is not taught in any university or college.

And poverty is shameless!

They say,

may there be death soon in a poor man's life.

There won't be any money left to buy a coffin

as it's spent on medicines.

Oh my! Lovely!

- Lovely! - What's so special about Khan sir is that

those who want to study and gain knowledge, they watch his videos.

There are a few... Mrs. Archana told me. When she started watching,

she continued to watch your videos back to back. Because...

The way you speak

while teaching and the humour you add

make your videos interesting.

When I was a student...

I see my students

watch your show when they get tired.

In the beginning, I used to wonder

they get tired of watching educational videos I make,

but they don't get tired when watching your show.

So, I decided to mix both up.


And so, I...

You might not know, but we did the same today.


Mix it! There are two shortcomings in our educational system.

One is education, and the other is system.

- [laughing and applauding] - Good one!

[song plays]


Hi! Wow!

- Hello, Guruji! Hello, Dr. Vivek! Hello, Khan sir! - Hi.

I love it! Now that I met all of you I can die.

Wow! Why don't you die?

What are you saying, Gudiya?

- I am saying, I will die for him! - Wow, Khan sir.

- You are from Patna, aren't you? - Yes.

I love Patna too.

Just that I need someone I can woo.

Oh my!

I am not joking! I subscribe

to your channel 10 times a day.

- In a day? - Yes! I press the bell icon so hard

that the other YouTubers peep out to check

who pressed the bell icon of his channel so hard?

Do you have no shame? You started flirting the instant you came here.

Hello, Dr. Vivek.

I have some work with you. Will you help me?

- Why should he? - Because Guruji always says

in his video to bring your 'Vivek' (conscience) to work!

He meant to bring your conscience to work.

Of course! Dr. Vivek will bring his conscience to work.

He is smart! Just tell me something.

He has not worked in any movie,

but he is on The Kapil Sharma Show. Imagine how smart he is!

I am upset with all three of you.

Why? What is it?

They always talk about 'motivate'.

Oh my!

Believe me.

Whenever I hear someone say 'motivate'

- it feels like someone is mocking me. - Motivate!

Change it!

Why do you have to say 'motivate'? Come up with a new word.

You can use any other word but motivate.

Take 'motivate' out of your dictionary.

It would help if you started exercising, Gudiya.

He has lost a lot of weight. Give it a try.

I don't mind the word 'motivate' anymore.

[applauding and cheering]

Motivation is not a bad thing.

My grandpa used to motivate us a lot.

My grandpa was drowning in a lake.

I had a rope

and a tube, but I couldn't save my grandpa.

- Why? - Because I threw a straw at him.

He used to say a straw can save a drowning man.


It didn't help. And my grandpa...


- Why have you come here, Gudiya? - Yes!

Why am I here? I wanted to ask something Khan sir.

My uncle's son

is not that great at studying.

Will you help him study for his 12th grade

and pass the exam?

He will do that! Let me talk to him. Let me have a word.

Hi, Ramsarovar!

I spoke with him.

You cannot complete 10th grade, and that is fine.



Don't worry! I spoke with Khan sir.

He'll help you study for 12th-grade exams, and you will pass.

That is not how this works.

You must pass 10th grade to sit for the 12th-grade exam.

It is not necessary that it has to be that way.

- Why? - I had an Uncle.

He didn't clear 10th grade.

But he passed away swiftly three days ago!

[laughing and applauding]

I don't know much about education.

I studied in a village.

We didn't have schools in villages, Mrs. Archana.

We used to sit under a tree to study.

We didn't even have a blackboard. But we had a buffalo in the area.

The teacher used to write on it.

I am not joking.

The blackboard had an attached duster.

Do you get it? This is how it looked.

That would appear

and wipe everything that was written and leaves.

This is nothing! What happened was it was the first day of school.

And they already gave us a two-month leave.

- Why? - The blackboard gave birth.


All of you are intelligent.

You know everything. May I ask a technical question?

There were four friends.

Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed.

They decide to play a game, so they form teams.

Saam and Daam were in one team.

Bhed got furious.

- Ask why? - Why?

Because Bhed received Dand (punishment).

[laughing and applauding]

She doesn't just laugh, sir.

Give her some petrol and her engine will start.


Why just that! Also, tell them

that I go to a mechanic instead of a doctor when I fall sick.

Give them more details.

None of that is true. He talks a lot.

I have a request, sir.

I have a bother. His name is Purshottam.

He lives in the village.

Will you please talk to him

and encourage him? Mr. Sharma!

- I have a request. I have never asked anything from you. - What?

When Purshottam is on stage,

tell him

that he is very handsome.

I haven't seen him yet. Just see him and say it!

- Tell him you're very handsome. - Okay.

- Please! I will summon him. Purshottam! - Okay.

[music plays]

- Hello! - He is Purshottam.

Wow! Your brother is quite handsome.

Everyone in our family is handsome.

There is no need to act smart.

[laughing and applauding]

Did you see? I have a say here.

Just perfect!

Just greet our guests.

He is a nice person. He takes buffaloes for grazing.

Please motivate him.

How will that help? Will he feed wild cats in the future?

He will be their prey!

I don't mean it!

You look like a goat. So...


They are renowned people.

What do you want to be in the future?

- HR! - HR!

Wow! He will be a

Human Resource professional in a company.

HR means Hrithik Roshan.

You need to know where you stand.

Have you worked in your life? Have you achieved anything?

I have achieved! I've helped raise baby goats.

How is that an achievement?

Have you tried something new?

Yes, I have.

When the baby goat went to drink buffalo milk, I stopped it.


He is not capable. Let it be. Come here.

These are renowned people who are here.

Is this how you talk in their presence? Meet them all.

Dr. Vivek knows a lot about the market.

Ask him anything related to the market.

Sir, my bicycle went missing in the market day before yesterday.

Did you see it?

[laughing and applauding]

- Your bicycle went missing, right? - Yes.

That is why you are not smart enough.

Do you understand what I mean?

- Yes! - Will you walk?

- Will you walk 20 steps? - Yes.

Turn around.

Take 20 steps.

Get lost!

Sorry! I apologise. I will make a move. See you.

[applauding and cheering]

Guruji, Dr. Vivek, Khan sir!

Our guests

have a few questions.

- If they have your permission, they would like to ask questions. - Sure.

You may ask questions.

Who will go first? Yes, ma'am!

- Hello, Mr. Kapil. - Hello, ma'am.

I am glad to be here today,

I am visiting the sets for the first time. Trust me,

I have never experienced this in life.

Thank you!

Where are you from, Ma'am?

I am from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

I am Kavita Agarwal.

I have a question for Gopal sir.

There is no problem in my family.

My son recently got married.

My son is sweet, but so is his wife.

But others have a problem.

People I know keep asking me

whether everything is going well.

I am confused. They are interested to find out

what is going on. But everything is great.

How do I respond to people when they ask this question?

That is what I don't know.

Such scenarios are rare, Guruji.

[laughing and applauding]

There is a word in English. Diplomacy!

Diplomacy means to live your life.

And how we are with others.

There are situations where we don't have to

share everything about our life with everyone.

There are a few who mean a lot to us.

Yes, a lot!

It is okay to share with them.

But if we share what is going on in our life with everyone,

then that is not how life works.

If they ask whether something is going on, say 'no'.

How's life? Life is good.

It is perfect!

These are diplomatic answers.

But when it comes to someone very dear to us,

we will share everything with them, won't we?

I always say

those who are by our side in good times are dear to us.

But those who are by our side in tough times are angels.

Oh my!

- Just lie someday! - Is it?

Tell her that there are fights and violence took place.

See the reaction and how they enjoy it.

Thank you, ma'am. Anybody else?

Yes, sir.

- Hello, everyone and Kapil. - Hello, sir.

My name is Amit Shah and I'm from Seattle, USA

especially to attend your show.

Oh! Welcome, Mr. Shah.

I and my wife follow Guruji's videos.

- Okay. - Guruji always says

that one should be humble and apologise.

But the situation is that I apologise for my mistake.

I also apologise for my wife's mistake.

My question to you is

that your lesson that one should apologise

applies only to husbands or to the wives as well?

Because she has never apologised to me.

You will have to apologise tonight once you reach home.

One more added to your list!

I often say,

"A man who says sorry

when he is wrong is honest.

A man who says sorry

when he is not sure is wise.

And a man who says sorry

even when he is right is called a husband."


But, jokes apart!

I often say

that if your relations mend by giving in

- then you should. - Very nice!

If your relations mend by giving then you should.

But you should stop if you are always the person giving in.

[audience applauding]

Now, giving an apology

and saying sorry is applicable to everyone.

And that's why it is said, "I made my life easier

by apologising sometimes and by forgiving sometimes."


Thank you for coming!

Anybody else?

- Yes, sir. - My name is Rajesh Tiwari.

I belong to the corporate world and my mentor is here.

I have a question for Guruji, Sir.

The problem is that

when I come home after a long day by working on the sales profile...

After coming home, I see my wife's swollen face.


She has a grumpy face and on asking

what the matter is, she says

that I won't understand.

I start wondering what to do and again ask her after five minutes

if there is a problem.

She again says that I won't understand.

I don't understand.

- There is a problem if I don't ask. - Do you wish to understand?

Yes! Then you better understand

that you will never understand.


That's not true. Hello, Kapil sir.

- Was he talking about you? - Yes!

You will see a grumpy face again!

Sir, he hasn't given up on his affairs yet!

Because of the affair, the vibe of the house changes

- due to perfumes and songs. - Affair?

- Yes! - What affair?

He has an affair!

- Business? - She claims corporate affairs to be something else.

Oh ho!

We don't know about your personal matter.

All of them are scared of commenting.

No! We will not answer this question.

Even Guruji started diverting himself

to be safe from this question. And so did Vivek sir.

I have a question for Guruji.

How to handle such a situation?


Sometimes, it would so happen...

- I will lighten the vibe first. - Yes.

I will have to lighten myself first.

In earlier times, a boy would propose a girl

in a spiritual language.

He would tell the girl, "You are the soul of my body."

It would be spiritual and sentimental.

The dialogue has changed in the year 2023!

He says, "You are the SIM card to my smartphone."


And the girl says,

"I pray to God

that your smartphone should not be dual-SIM."


Sir, I got the answer.

I am sure you got the answer to your question.

But I would like to say

that there can be misunderstandings in a relationship.


Because I have observed that, in India,

we consider the things others say and we create an image.

But we don't try to compromise

- and understand each other. - Actually.

It is very important to sit down and discuss

to clear the misunderstandings.

You are absolutely right, sir.

- We are married for 20 years. - Oh!

At times, she understands me

to make things work and sometimes I understand her.

Then we compromise. That's how things work.

- We are understanding each other. - Isn't it working?

You have spent all these years

and you will spend the rest of your life.

Thank you for coming, sir.

Friends, we have with us

the first father-daughter duo of Asia

who have glorified India by holding the World record

- for climbing seven highest peaks in the World. - Wow!

With a big round of applause, I would like to invite,

Padma Shri Ajeet Bajaj

and his daughter Deeya Bajaj.

Hello, Deeya! Welcome.

Hello, Bajaj sir. How are you? Welcome to the show.

And we are so proud of you.

Tell everyone about how did you begin your journey.

When I got into adventure, I was blessed.

The best thing that happened to me in my life

were my two daughters!

They are both here with me. Deeya and Meghna.

And also my wife.

After all that you said, if I skipped my wife's name

then I would not be welcomed at home, Sir.

You would not climb the stairs to your house after climbing the peak.

Look, as parents, we have to

introduce our children to various diverse fields.

Because I was into adventure, both of my daughters

would come with me for skiing.

We also do scuba diving and mountaineering.

Deeya is into extreme adventure.

We felt immense happiness

after unfurling our National Flag at the peak of Mount Everest.


And I would like to share that when we climbed Mount Everest

as a father-daughter team.

We were climbing the peak

because we wanted to give a message to our Nation

that we daughters can do a lot of things if we want to.


Thank you for coming on our show, Sir.

Thank you so much for coming.

Thank you, Deeya. So proud of you. Thank you.

A big round of applause for our guests.

Guruji, Vivek sir and Khan Sir! Thank you for coming to our show.

We got to hear such amazing things

as well as knowledgeable things.

I am sure we will try

to apply many of these things in our lives

and make our lives even more beautiful. Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much once again for coming on our show.

Friends, I thank all of you for coming to our show.

Keep laughing! Keep smiling!

Do visit us every weekend.

Good night! Take care! Thank you so much!


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