June 17, 2024

This 16-Year-Old Candy Salesman Is A Better Business Person Than You

Published June 7, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

16-year-old Nathan turned his school's bathroom into a candy shop... you won't believe how sucessful it is!

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folks this is one of the best stories

I've heard in a long time

my next guest is a 16 year old

entrepreneur who made national headlines

setting up an illegal candy business

that he ran out of the bathroom of his

school and get this he made about

$33,000 you have got to respect the

hustle all the way from England

everybody please welcome Nathan John


alright alright let let me get this

straight Nathan yet you earn roughly

$33,000 yes selling candy out your

school bathroom yes indeed indeed it was

experience but we did it in ends huh how

did you make it lucrative what what went

into this business so literally I had

three different schools running so it

wasn't just a normal selling candy in

school though there were twelve

different employees across three

different schools yeah yeah yeah twelve

different employees we've got three

different schools and every single

morning we would sort of dish out all

the sweets and during the morning and

they'll come back to me at the end of

the day with the profits they made we

had a actual shop in a boy's trailer as

well what happened and how'd you get

shut down so literally one day I got

caught doing my thing in the toilet

selling the sweets and yeah and then

what happened was I was in my test one

day and the teacher he came in ox Nathan

can you come with us and they searched

my bag and all over from there just shut

down but we were shut down completely

let me say that we were shut down

completely come on yeah we yeah we still

had the employees running the business

whilst I was excluded from the classroom

we were sort out completely

right now what was it or who inspired

you to set up this business what

happened so I actually went to a program

which allowed people from black

backgrounds got mixed race myself and it

was to better ourselves so there was

somebody that came in we had loads

against but a one guest in particular

and I was a guy could call and he had a

past you know how to pass to you and he

came in and he actually spoke to us

about his business and how he started to

get into business and from that day I

met him and he pulled out his car key

I remember the car key and that from the

room and I saw that I was like yeah I'm

getting to business and that's the day I

started working Oh God when Turkey yeah

that nice cocky yes very good car I got

to get into business

now the story's still good folks okay

you've earned yourself a nickname what

is it the wolf of Wolfenstein you saw

the movie the wolf of Wall Street

this is a wolf a Wolfenstein now you

took this money and you spent a lot of

it on something I personally love you

spent a lot of your money on nice suits

idea of business so you've got wear some

nice ease you can't be going to a show

like this either with no nicey on so yes


you know the other alternative what they

could be doing the kid goes buy some

candy wholesale and sets up shop

what makes it incredible is he employs

how many people twelve twelve people and

three other schools thank you thank you

and that was the whole foot in the

program as well because a lot of people

that were in that program and they had

the potential we had the potential to go

down that other path

so that's why the whole program young

leaders was there to take us away from

that that block because you had a past

yeah just like this guy that came as

yeah yeah it was going down that path I

would say and the people in that program

they had the potential like I said and

that's why the program was set up so a

lot of people were to find another

alternative you know in life what's the

most money you made in

day walk for sweets or Oh for sweets

okay cool that's another business but

from sweets yeah from sweets just three

hundred two hundred yeah from sweets in

a day what's most other business okay so

that's something to do with them the

foreign exchange you learn how to do I

learn how to trade foreign exchange yeah

I've voice had a dream of actually

trading and I told my wall I'm learning

stove I told myself had to trade their

foreign exchange market I know how a

great nice suit can make you feel I

dress up every day I have on a suit and

tie every day yeah I don't kill what

every show I've ever done yeah I've

dressed up nice yeah my first show I had

a video store yeah and they fought me on

wearing a jacket they said why would a

video store owner to owner have a jacket

on I don't give a damn I'm wearing a

jacket yeah because I just want to look

like I'm successful million percent

that's all I wanted you've got to

believe it before you can see it yes

look man that's it it starts simply with

a vision you just gotta see something

you go you you got to encourage kids

when you see them like this so since I

know how suit makes you feel I'm gonna

I'm gonna help set you on your way our

friends at of Indo Chino calm they make

some amazing made-to-measure suits and

they want to keep you looking fly so

they're hooking you always custom suits

they live up thank you because man I

want you to keep hustling me like I want

to say thanks to Nathan for being here

I've got to feel that this is not the

last that we've got to be here tonight

not the last but we'll be right back

it's a great story

hey listen this your man Steve Harvey

you know we could go on like this

forever I mean literally just press that

subscribe button or click on this list

and keep on watching man it's me come on

joining right now do it

Qi wait now


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