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Best VPN for iPhone 💥 Top 5 Best VPN for Your iPhone in 2023!

Published July 21, 2023, 4:45 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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There’s a thousand and one VPN for iPhone on the Apple AppStore, but not all of them are worth checking out. If you need a fast, reliable, and affordable VPN - look no further, here come the five best VPN for iPhone.


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=== NordVPN - the most versatile VPN for iPhone ===

This fairly affordable VPN won’t let your connection get hijacked, by protecting it with the latest encryption and transferring it through one of the 5,300 RAM-only servers. These servers are designed to keep none of your data and they span over 60 countries. NordVPN is also based in a privacy-friendly region and features an audited no-logs policy.

Checking out this VPN on iPhone, settings menu contains a lot of security-boosting features, with Threat protection hands down being the highlight. This feature is a heavyweight ad and tracker blocker that can even cut malware down to size. Looking elsewhere, you can find specialized servers as well, designed to boost your security and privacy.

NordVPN can also offer streaming support, with apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and Hulu being very easy to acces, I didn’t even have to try many servers before everything worked.

=== The most affordable iPhone VPN - Surfshark ===

This one can rival NordVPN in security, with matching encryption and secure RAM-only servers. This VPN for iPhone app also offers CleanWeb - an ad-blocking, tracker-busting feature of its own. The Kill switch is just as reliable as in the NordVPN app as well.

Surfshark’s privacy is one of its cons since this VPN’s jurisdiction lies within the intelligence-sharing alliance. But a well-thought no-logs policy counterbalances it in my opinion.

Surfshark’s servers span over one hundred countries, and this lets you access a lot of streaming content. Even some of the stuff that is currently hard to get, like Indian Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar.

=== AtlasVPN - a native iPhone VPN ===

Not only is it extremely affordable, but it was also designed for mobile devices from the beginning, so it has all of its features on iOS. This includes reliable encryption, a kill switch, and auto-connect, in case you want to enable the VPN as soon as you connect to the internet.

However, Atlas VPN’s privacy is not perfect since this VPN is based in the US, a not-so-private jurisdiction. Is VPN safe for iPhone in this case? I’d say so, after all, Atlas VPN has a no-logs policy.

When considering Streaming, Atlas VPN can access streaming content from all over the world. The servers and country coverage of this VPN are enough to keep stable performance even when streaming various content.


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6:09 What is the Best VPN for iPhone?

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