May 30, 2024

8 Reasons to QUIT CHROME and USE BRAVE Instead!

Published July 23, 2023, 9 p.m. by Monica Louis

8 Reasons Why You Should Use brave browser and Quit Using chrome… If privacy and security are a top priority for you, the Google chrome browser is one you should avoid. As an alternative the brave browser is one to consider for your daily use. It actually respects your privacy with additional features built in. Continuing our series of browsers we think are better than chrome, I’ll show you 8 reasons why it just might be time for you to quit using chrome and consider using brave instead.

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QUIT chrome and USE “THIS” (Playlist)

Best Free Software (Playlist)


brave Search

0:00 Intro

0:27 Privacy Focused

0:55 Blocks Trackers & Ads

2:30 Faster & Lighter

2:56 brave Search

3:40 Open-Source

4:05 Proxied Request (chrome Extensions)

4:39 Tor is Built-In

5:32 brave Rewards


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