June 20, 2024

Canon C70 travel case | Customized Pelican 1510

Published July 23, 2023, 6:30 p.m. by Liam Bradley

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My gear (affiliate links)

- camera -

pelican camera case | https://bhpho.to/3gOKrJl

Canon EOS C70 | https://bhpho.to/3uWLkI6

Canon C70 SD Cards | https://bhpho.to/3krvzpb

Canon .71x EF Adapter | https://bhpho.to/34KECdy

C70 Mini-XLR cable | https://bhpho.to/3M9xV4H

C70 Handheld Cage | https://bhpho.to/42HEPr9

Large C70 batteries | https://bhpho.to/3JOlOsg

Affordable C70 Cage | https://bhpho.to/3rTCqsX

sigma 24mm 1.4 | https://bhpho.to/34MUtIz

sigma 50mm 1.4 | https://bhpho.to/3BoF4tQ

Monopod | https://bhpho.to/354n6Rq

Tripod | https://bhpho.to/3GVef1t

Gimbal | https://bhpho.to/41No2lh

Boom Pole | https://bhpho.to/41lYcF0

Undercovers (to hide lavs) | https://bhpho.to/3rxlDv5


Aputure Lightbulb | https://bhpho.to/3Tw0NZZ

Amaran RGB Tube | https://bhpho.to/3yQ6XKP

Aputure Key Light | https://bhpho.to/3gU8zKJ


Laptop Monitor | https://bhpho.to/354QDtW

Editing Hard Drive | https://bhpho.to/41t79wk

- LUTS -

My Favorite log LUTS: Phantom | https://bit.ly/3Tq0zmN

(15% off w/discount code "ERIC")

My Favorite Creative LUTS: Tropic Colour | https://bit.ly/3O8CNcf

(15% off w/discount code "SOUNDITOUT")

Rachel IG: @batterandbloom

#canon #c70 #pelican

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