June 17, 2024

Coming thrifting with me I 60s & 70s inspired Vintage Clothes

Published July 23, 2023, 7:30 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Hello dolls, 🌼

come thrifting with me in todays video! I'm on the lookout for some 60s & 70s inspired vintage clothes, jewlery and homeware and I found some incredible things. From 60s Minidresses to gorgeos 70s gowns and unique vintage hats this thrift trip had a lot in store for me. ⭐️

Look out for my next video coming in a couple of days where I'm gonna share & style all these amazing finds with you.✨

Always remember that you are beautiful with & without makeup and that you don't need a lot of clothes to dress vintage! ⭐️

All my lovin,

xx Emma 💌

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⭐️ Music: "In My Garden" (Album) by Julian Fulco Perron


⭐️ Hello my dear darlings and welcome to my channel! My name is Emma Rosa Katharina and I'm making videos all about 1960s & 1970s fashion, makeup, music and pop-culture. So if you fancy the spirit of these long lost days I wanna welcome you to my world! On this channel, I upload videos every week surrounding topics such as vintage fashion, thrifting and all about the people that made the 60s & 70s so wonderful. So if you're looking for a little time travel back to the days of The Beatles, The Doors and the Rolling Stones I am happy to welcome you to my world! ⭐️

If you made it this far though my description box comment "See her walk by, Peppermint coat, Button-down clothes, Buttoned-up high" ! 💌

#thriftwithme #thrift #vintage

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