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Tasty Grilled Chicken Recipe | Grilled Chicken Recipe | How to Make Grilled chicken | Glazed Chicken Recipe | Chicken Tenders Recipe | Grilled Chicken Recipe Healthy | Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe


- Chicken fillets - 4 nos. (weighing around 100 gms each)

- Salt- 1 tsp

- Crushed Pepper- 1.5 tsp

- Honey- 3 tsp

- Soy sauce - 1 tsp

- Butter - 2 dollops/ tsp

- Olive Oil- 3 tsp (preferable but can also use refined white oil)

- Crushed whole garlic with skin- 6 big pods


- Keep the chicken fillets in a mixing bowl.

- Sprinkle salt & crushed pepper evenly. Pour the olive oil over it & add the crushed garlic.

- Mix everything well to coat evenly. (Alternatively you can add garlic powder or finely chopped garlic too.)

- Set aside for around 30 mins.

- To prepare the honey-soy glaze, mix 1 tsp of soy sauce & 3 tsp of honey in a bowl. Mix well & keep aside for glaze to be used later.

- For boiling vegetables, take a saucepan & boil water. Once it comes to a boil, add salt, mix well & add all the vegetables. Boil the vegetables on high for around 5 mins. Should still be little crunchy.

- Strain & wash it with cold water to retain the color & stop the cooking.


- Take a grill pan & add a dollop (1 tsp) of butter. Spread it evenly.

- Once hot, add the chicken fillets one beside the other. Grill on high heat for around 3 mins.

- Turn them on the other side & continue to grill for 3 more mins. on the other side.

- Lower heat to medium & keep pressing the chicken pieces with the spatula for the chicken to cook & get the grill marks.

- Turn it on the other side & repeat.

- Check if the chicken is cooked.

- Now take a basting brush & brush the chicken pieces with the honey-soy glaze.Turn the fillets on the other side.

- Again brush the other side with the honey-soy glaze & turn it over. The color should be evenly browned.

- Grill both sides for 1 min each or less. Take care that the honey-soy glaze does not burn.

- Remove onto a plate.

- To sauté the vegetables, take another pan & add a dollop/tsp of butter. Spread it and once hot add the boiled vegetables. Sauté on high for 2 mins, sprinkle some salt & crushed pepper. Mix & sauté for 2 mins.

- Serve the grilled chicken with a side of the veggies.

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