Feb. 29, 2024

History of Clash Royale's Weirdest Giant

Published July 27, 2023, 12:03 p.m. by Arrik Motley

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giant skeleton is one of the OG Giants in clash royale! It's been here since the very beginning, and it's had a long struggle finding a spot in the meta. It took a long time for this card to be properly buffed, and it's had some very high low points in it's history. This video covers everything about this bone head from 2016 to 2023!


00:00 Intro

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01:48 2016

08:01 2017

10:23 2018

12:35 2019 + 2020

16:00 Devastating March 2021 Nerf

19:01 The 2022 Rise

21:31 Final Balance Change + Final Thoughts

Music List:

Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Taswell - C418

Greenpath - Hollow Knight

Northern Kremispheres - Donkey Kong Country 3

Tarir the Forgotten City - Guild Wars 2

An Ordinary Day - Kumi Tanioka

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