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Mitski - Bug Like an Angel (Official Music Video)

Published July 27, 2023, 12:03 p.m. by Arrik Motley

“Bug Like an Angel” by mitski from the upcoming album ‘The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We’, out September 15th.

Listen: https://mitski.lnk.to/bug-like-an-angel

Pre-order on Black, Pink Aster or Gold Metallic Vinyl: https://mitski.lnk.to/TLIIASAW-Physical

Pre-save: https://mitski.lnk.to/TLIIASAW






Featuring: K.J. Holmes

Director: Noel Paul @n0elpaul

Producer: Raven Jensen

DoP: Trevor Tweeten

EP: Danny Herman

Prod Co: Friend London

Record Label: Dead Oceans

Production Manager: Lucy Rennick

Associate Producer: Jordan Alexander

1st AD: Tasha Petty

2nd AD: Taylor Harris-Butler

PA: Aaron Prescott

PA: Tim Lopez

PA: Adrian Lausell

PA: Kaileen Rozanski

1st AC: Rob Agulo

2nd AC: Jeff Pollina

Gaffer: Eric Sorensen

Key Grip: Dominic Ciofalo

BBE: David Williamson

BBG: Austin Blankenau

Production Designer: Carol Kim

Stylist: Emily Constantino

Stylist Asst: Bailey Rose Brown

HMU: Lauren Citera

HMU asst: Mary Chapman

Colorist: Belal Hibri

VFX: Miled Boulos

BTS: Rafe Scobey Thal

Casting: Michele Mansoor

Choir: Janis Russell, Brandon Peterson, Cara Brownell, Wayne Babineaux, Jonsie Cheatham, Barbra Dahl, Susan Farwell, Michael Finch, Cigmond Millnery, Kelsey Swift, Nelson Kezoh, Brandon Peterson, Vilma Donovan

Special thanks:

The Lafayette Inspirational Ensemble & Choir at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian church, Ramzi Hibri, Lucid Post, jv8inc, Iva Gocheva, Tala Safié, Ben Levin, Robby Morris, Good Harbor music, Toufic Safié


There’s a bug like an angel

Stuck to the bottom

Of my glass, with a little bit left

As I got older

I learned I’m a drinker

Sometimes a drink feels like family


Hey, what’s the matter

Looking like your sticker

Is stuck on a floor somewhere –

Did you go and make promises you can’t keep?

Well, when you break them

They break you right back

Amateur mistake

You can take it from me

They break you right back

Break you right back

When I’m bent over

Wishing it was over

Making all variety of vows I’ll never keep

I try to remember

The wrath of the devil

Was also given him by God

mitski - Bug Like an Angel (Official video)

#mitski #buglikeanangel #TheLandIsInhospitableandSoAreWe

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