April 22, 2024

PLG LIVE GAME 23-24|240402|1900| 新竹御頂攻城獅 vs 臺北富邦勇士

Published April 3, 2024, 12:19 a.m. by Naomi Charles


👉🏻官方指定用球molten,For The Real Game: https://molten.com.tw/product/p-league/

👉🏻24hr 歡樂送陪你追賽事: https://mcdtw.com/3/10/48/

PLG LINE 官方帳號|https://lin.ee/7ywLveM

PLG FB|https://plg20.com/p05wEuEf

PLG IG|https://plg20.com/p05wjMvu

PLG Twitter|https://plg20.com/p05vubfb

PLG Store|https://plg20.com/p05QjAqy

#PLG #PLEAGUE #籃球 #Basketball #Taiwan

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