June 19, 2024

Nintendo is erasing its history - The war against ROMS

Published June 11, 2024, 12:02 a.m. by Arrik Motley

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The recent dmca takedown notice from the ESA on popular rom sharing site VIMMS Lair is another blow to the preservation community. nintendo believes rom sites are haven for illegal activity, copyright infringement, and piracy and they have a history of taking down sites in the past including LoveROMs, rom Universe and more. Can nintendo be trusted to do it themselves? The nintendo switch Online (nso) service is a fraction of the size of the Virtual Console and its unlikely it will ever exceed it. It's my view that nintendo is effectively erasing their own history as more games are lost to time. In today's episode we take a closer look at why I believe the only true preservation in the video game industry are roms.

Note: This episode is an opinion piece for entertainment purposes only. I'm not a lawyer







00:00 - 02:12 - Introduction

02:13 - 04:16 - Sponsor

04:17 - 14:00 - nintendo, dmca, roms and preservation

14:01 - 14:21 - Outro

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