June 17, 2024

Buffalo chicken stuffed Hawaiian rolls! 1st Super Bowl recipe 🏈 #shorts #food #recipe

Published July 1, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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the Super Bowl is right around the

corner and I'm going to show you guys

how to make some inexpensive Super Bowl

party meals our first one is going to be

with this rotisserie chicken from Costco

we're gonna make typical buffalo chicken

but we're gonna stuff them in some

Hawaiian rolls we're going to begin by

shredding up our whole chicken and I am

going to add a little bit of love like

some onion powder garlic powder and some

black pepper I also do some cream cheese

with chives and some mozzarella cheese

I'm only going to use half of the

chicken because the other half is going

to be for another recipe so on this half

we're gonna add some buffalo sauce and

some green onions I usually always see

like little sliders for the game but

this time I decided to carve the

Hawaiian roll and then we're gonna stuff

the inside with the chicken we're gonna

chop up some parsley lots of garlic and

then we're gonna add it into some melted

butter so we can butter up our buns to

make sure they get nice and crispy add

some extra cheese all over our buns and

then we pop it in the oven at 350

degrees for about 15 minutes hit it with

a little bit more parsley as soon as it

comes out and then we drizzle it with

some buffalo sauce and there you have it

guys some stuffed buffalo chicken rolls

hope you like this recipe


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