April 15, 2024

Illegal IPTV Streaming Services - How To Know the Difference

Published June 1, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Bethany

In this video I talk about how to tell the difference between an illegal iptv service and a legal streaming service like YouTube TV. Illegal iptv services offer thousands of channels for a very low price. Some people may not be aware they are using one. Using an iptv service can get you disconnected by your internet service provider or even sued!

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hey everyone it's Tyler the antenna man

today I'm going to talk about illegal

IPTV services and how to tell the

difference between them and a reputable

streaming service like YouTube TV and

sling TV

I'll get right to the point to inform

those of you who want to make sure that

your streaming service is legal there's

a huge difference between reputable

streaming services like YouTube TV

illegal IPTV services like I'm not going

to mention specific names illegal IPTV

Services don't have agreements to

rebroadcast the channels on their

service they are basically the live TV

version of illegal music download

services like LimeWire using one can get

you disconnected from your internet

service provider or even sued for

engaging in piracy

here are a few ways you can spot an

illegal IPTV service the first way to

tell is pretty easy if it says IPTV

right on the website while right

people's streaming services are

technically Internet Protocol television

they typically don't use the term IPTV

on their website

illegal IPTV Services either don't show

all the channels they offer and if they

do it's all text instead of logos just

look at the difference between the

channel listing on this illegal IPTV

service and one from a reputable

streaming service

here's another example this illegal IPTV

service offers thousands of channels but

only lists a few of them on their


illegal IPTV Services usually make you

jump through hoops to install their app

on a fire stick such as side loading an

installation file on the Kodi app the

streaming service is not in the App

Store there's a good chance it's illegal

another way to spot an illegal IPTV

service is the price of the service with

the exception of a few live streaming

services like friendly TV and Philo TV

most reputable live TV streaming

services cost about 40 or more a month

on the other hand an illegal IPTV

service will offer thousands of channels

for an unheard of 10 or 20 a month

if it sounds too good to be true it

probably is you won't find a streaming

service with local channels like ABC NBC

CBS and fox for less than 65 dollars a

month that's why it's a good idea to get

your local channels for free with an

antenna instead of paying for them with

a streaming service there's no reason to

pay for things that are free yet the

majority of Americans do

additional red flags if the website

suggests you use a VPN with their

service unless you're spoofing your

location to access geo-restricted

content you should not have to use a VPN

with a reputable streaming service

unless you have something to hide some

of you are probably saying oh IPTV is

not illegal at all it's just screen

sharing it's perfectly legal stop it

it's illegal and you know it I get that

there's a major problem with greedy

media companies constantly jacking up

the price we all pay for their TV

channels illegal IPTV services are not

the solution banks are greedy too but

robbing or defrauding one is not the

solution the best way to get back at

greedy media companies is to set up a

decent antenna to get all of your local

channels then supplement the rest with a

cheaper streaming service that doesn't

require you to pay for local channels

like friendly TV filo TV and sling TV

if you're new to the concept of an

antenna it's not like the analog days a

good setup can get you dozens of

channels in high definition with better

picture quality than cable or satellite

watch my other videos for antenna

reviews to find out which models are

good and which ones are bad

since a lot of antennas out there are

junk you can also sign up for an antenna

recommendation from me on my website at

antennamanpa.com I run a reception

report at your location take a look at

the frequency signal strength and even

tree coverage determine what Anton will

work best for you based on my experience

testing out over 100 antenna miles and

actually installing them in four

different TV markets

thanks for watching my YouTube channel

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