Oct. 4, 2023

10 WORST 1970s Fashion Trends 👨 WE NOW REGRET

Published July 23, 2023, 7:30 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Sometimes we remember the past and what people wore with reverence, worshipping the fashion gods that came before us. But just as often we glance back in time and think, what the absolute hell were we thinking? Poodle skirts. Leg warmers. And so many Trucker hats. People saved up money to purchase these specific fashion fads. And Every decade has its own fashion faux pas, but the ten year period where fashion really spiraled out of control, the decade when people truly lost their minds has got to be the 1970s. I’m Nostalgic Nick for Doyouremember and today we’re going to venture down the rabbit hole of terrible 70s fashion. If you like stepping into our Closet, Be sure to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel, but till then tie on your ascots, zip up your jumpsuits, and pop some tops, because here we go!

10 WORST 1970s fashion trends 👨 WE REGRET


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