April 22, 2024


Published June 11, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

7 must watch doomsday tv shows. In this video I discuss some of the current shows that I am watching right now and what you can learn from them.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this topic and discuss anything you would like to add.

Invasion: apple tv

See: apple tv

Raised By Wolves: hbo max

Y Last Man Standing: Hulu

The Unexplained: History & Hulu

While the Rest Of Us Die: Vice

The Walking Dead: Netflix and then demand for current season.





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hey family it's tasha mama bear prepping

welcome to the channel welcome back to

the channel you already know what time

it is get your drink pull up let's talk

about it today we're gonna talk about

some fun stuff i think

okay so i'm gonna walk you through seven

tv shows that i'm currently watching now

or watched very recently okay


i think that it's really fun watching

preparedness type shows survival type



you know shows that have to deal with

the end of the world right doomsday type


because to me there's so much to be

learned i literally learned something

from everything even that show a long

time ago doomsday prepper

i learned so much from that show you

guys and took so many notes every single

time a new episode came out because

there's stuff to learn or there's things

that you see or you see somebody doing

something you're like oh okay i like

that and you write a note and you write

it down and it's something new that you

can add to your preps

or it's like life skills of what not to

do basically something has happened and

it's like

don't do that that was that was a dumb

decision okay so i'm gonna walk you

through these shows um what i'll do when

i post it you guys in the description

box i'll list the shows and then i'll

put next to it what network they're

they're on like what app or network that

i watch them on okay so first one i have

is invasion

so invasion is a show

that is obviously we are being invaded

by aliens um so it's kind of you know

creepy scary you don't really know

what's going on in the beginning there's

a lot of different story lines but from

jump this is a typical show or movie

that has to do with preparedness where

the number one lesson um is apparent in

this show from jump and that number one

lesson you guys to be learned from all

of these shows is that it's appalling

the number of people who do not have a

clue what they're gonna do what to do

next right they're very panic and

they're like they don't even know what

to do right they're all standing around

something major is happening

and they're looking at each other to get

answers from each other and should we go

should we stay what are we doing what's

happening right all of this stuff's

going on and it's not that you know i'm

human right preppers are human okay even

people who prepare are human and would

possibly be thinking in that moment

what are we gonna do like what's going

on trying to assess what's happening

but there's a lot of times that that

thought process is going to happen a lot

quicker for somebody who prepares

because you've already got a specific

plan so for you you're just trying to

put the pieces together to figure out

what's going on enough to be able to

know which plan you're going to execute

right instead of you have no clue what's

going on you have no idea if you should

leave go what looking at to follow other


and it's just a mess and so the there's

a lot of people that would not really

know what to do okay and would just be

off the cuff trying to figure it out

which is dangerous okay so invasion

super uh good a little annoying with the

characters with the with the mom right


you know i don't blame her necessarily

but just a little bit of her storyline

is kind of annoying and some of her

decision-making she makes at the

beginning is kind of annoying to me um

but i'm still watching it good show okay

i'm current yeah we're currently

watching that that comes out every week

okay so invasion new show second one

i've watched recently and i haven't

picked back up i think we watched the

first season so far is c so s-e-e-c

and basically it's like the end of the

world something major happens nuclear

war whatever

you know fast forward to the future

we're literally taken back to stone age


and everybody is blind okay so for

whatever happened all those wars

everything you fast forward not only are

we it's stone age you know we're living

the people are living up in the

mountains and different locations around

the world and they're little mags or

little communities

but everybody's blind and it's crazy you

guys to see

the amount of stuff

these people are doing blind now granted

there's people that are blind now you

guys and they do all types of stuff

every single day but i'm talking about

full-on battles full-on could you

imagine trying to fortify your home and

protect your area at home and you're

blind and the people attacking you are

blind like it's insane okay to wrap your

head around

you know how you

how you would do that but they evolved

to that right and so it's just a great

show it has my baby daddy in it okay

so check it out

you'll know as soon as you watch it who

my baby daddy is so i'm not even gonna

mess it up for you but



amazing okay i've watched the first

season and i think the second season is


and we just haven't got through yet

because i'm watching a bunch of stuff


um next thing that i watched recently

was a show called raised by wolves now

this show i don't think is that um

new right um

but new to me and basically i like it

because it has to do with ai um

and so it's kind it's cool right it has

to do with the whole typical it has some

religion stuff in there it has ai stuff

in there it's the future

it has to do with you know people

fighting it's just a great

show right um it's a little slower right

so it's not so super high packed but

there's a lot of good stuff in it that

you're just like what this is crazy um

but if you're watching it with like the

sense of ai and what that could look

like it's kind of creepy right

all right next thing i'm watching this

one's okay you guys but i just thought

the storyline was just what got me which

is super crazy and i'm not even i'm not

even through the first season yet right

because i keep going away from it and

coming back to it but it's um

why the last man on earth i think is

what it's called and


something happens and all of the men


dropped dead right every single man

on the planet drops dead



and it's that whole chaos they all drop

dead then all the women are there who's

in charge who's the president who's the

government who's not what's happening

all the people just thought that whole

dynamic is happening and it's and it's

creepy um but the pretense of what's

really going on is why is the name of um

the female president now

her son and he lives and so it's the

storyline built around you know what's

in the world all the men die but this

one guy right and then obviously you


what do they do they're trying to keep

it a secret all this this craziness okay

so i just thought it was a cool kind of

story line that like wow that could you

imagine like

one sex just all all just die on the

whole planet so

just a wild storyline still watching it

trying still trying to figure it out but

if you're looking for a new show it's

something different okay

uh number five now i've been really

getting into this one okay it has

william shatner in it he hosts it and

it's called the unexplained and they go

through different things that are

unexplained and they have different

titles every show is like a different

topic if you will right

and some of them were kind of weak but

some of them are very controversial very

like what happened very get your mind


very um

can you trust the government can you

trust things that have happened in our

country what happened with this what

happened with that it really really gets

your mind thinking um about all types of

topics okay

all types of topics and so

it's it's really good i i'm

really enjoying watching it there's a

couple that are you know you get to it

and you're like okay this is kind of

lame like

um one the other day was on colts and i

was like okay you know they were talking

about the unexplained and how cults work

and how do people follow

okay that it was all right but the other

ones are the ones that really get me

thinking like there's one about aliens

obviously there's one about

um technology weather making technology

you guys so it's like really really good

some of the topics that they talk about

that you're like what like or you're

like oh okay


if you haven't checked out you know the


check it out that's like a really really

interesting show

right behind that one you guys number

six is another interesting show that

i've actually talked about in other

videos a few a couple times

and it's a show called while the rest of

us die

and again i'll put in the description

box you guys where all these can be

found but it's basically what it sounds

like it talks about the elites and if

certain things happen and how there is a

you know there is a if major things were

going to happen you know

would the government tell us would the

world tell their people hey you're about

we're about to be hit by a you know a

a world ending event like would they

tell us about that right

and what would you do

and um and basically if something

happened that was major they would all

leave and go underground and nobody's

coming to save you baby you're on your

own right if major stuff starts breaking

out elites are going to go underground

and we're only going to have you know

each other you're only going to have

what you've done for yourself and what

you can continue to do for yourself and

so the show is called while the rest of

us die and it's again it has shows so

every show kind of has a theme or a

topic that it talks about it's very very

good it reminds me about

um some of the unexplained shows right

they kind of talk about that same kind

of realm of secrets and things like that

okay and the last one i have is an oldie

but goodie and that's the walking dead

lots to be learned obviously it's a show

about songs you guys but it's still show

about preparedness survival there's all

types of stuff to be learned in that

show um it's on its last season which is

going to be broken up in three sections

and only the first section is done so

there's still like two


i think 10 more episodes in each one so

there's still like 20 more episodes

before that show will be closed out so

if you've been watching the walking dead

it's not done yet

this february that second piece will

start and um i've learned so much over

the years from that show okay

some some stuff to take away you know

that's the seven some stuff to take away

if you're still watching is you know

take notes if you see somebody doing

something cool write it down right write

down that supplies if you see somebody

using something

take notes about and use um the stuff

that you're like that is that is dumb i

can't believe they did that right that

poor decision making use that and use

that as teachable moments for your

family members right

use those moments in the shows as

teachable moments for your kids like

okay see how they did that that is a

completely wrong that is not how we

would do it whatever talk your family


the whole scenario of

you know what would you do if this was

you what would you do we've literally

talked about like man aliens attack like

this what would we do right and we

literally try to talk through because

there's certain things you're like okay

i prepare but

we don't prep for aliens okay like

that's you know we don't prep for aliens

chasing us through the house breaking

through stuff right so how do you

fortify how do you protect yourself

right and so we talk through literally

like what will we do what would we do if

this was real and we really were trying

to hide and get away from aliens fast

aliens trying to attack us okay so

this video is meant to just have fun

relax it's the holidays watching some

shows decompress i know a lot of people

i have chronic anxiety and a lot of

people watching me have anxiety are

feeling overwhelmed feeling uneasy keep

the course keep doing what you're doing

but take a break take some time off

watch a show

and just relax with you your family

whatever it is that you mentally need

right now okay and i'll see you guys

tomorrow on the next video take care bye



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