May 31, 2023


Published May 13, 2023, 8:08 a.m. by Naomi Charles

It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game as unique and interesting as Garten of Banban 3. The game is a mix of genres, with elements of puzzle, platforming, and even a bit of stealth thrown in. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and your goal is to help a group of survivors escape from a city that’s been taken over by a hostile force.

The game is split into two parts: the first part is a puzzle game, where you have to figure out how to get the survivors out of the city. The second part is a platforming game, where you have to guide the survivors to safety.

The puzzles in the first part of the game are challenging, but not impossible. The key is to think outside the box, and to use the environment to your advantage. For example, there’s one puzzle where you have to use a zip line to get a survivor across a gap. However, the zip line is too short to reach the other side. So, you have to use a nearby platform to bounce the zip line up, so that it reaches the other side.

The platforming in the second part of the game is also challenging, but again, not impossible. The key is to use the environment to your advantage. For example, there are parts of the level where you can use a zip line to get across a gap. However, the zip line is too short to reach the other side. So, you have to use a nearby platform to bounce the zip line up, so that it reaches the other side.

The game is also full of secrets. There are hidden rooms and areas that you can find, if you know where to look. Some of these secrets are essential to progress in the game, while others are just there for fun. Either way, it’s worth taking the time to explore every nook and cranny of the game world.

Overall, Garten of Banban 3 is a unique and enjoyable game. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the usual fare, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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he is huge dude he looks less than

pleased you've had a rough day oh he

talks she would diligently wait for the

moment you leave the stretcher please

with your child not to undermine your

effort don't touch me don't touch me but

I fear that moment

you need to hide

you're gonna help us we're gonna operate

on abnalina oh this is Sheriff toaster

Mr Kebab man we got another new

character here


State you're welcome here I'm here oh my

word what is that hey everyone it's your

friend think noodles and welcome to

Garden Bayon Bay and free it has been us

so long since starting bandman 2 came

out it came out on March 3rd that's like

two months ago

so it hasn't been that long but look

guys we've already got Garden to Bam ban

4 with uh Sheriff codester as the uh tit

Idol image titular image which means we

may not actually see him even though we

did see his jail in that like as a

puzzle in the trailer I'm already

noticing something different here on

this a mural he doesn't have pants on

and he had pants on in the trailer

because I marked I remarked on it let's

just start the game guys and if you are

hyped for this game hype for the

premiere everyone welcome uh make sure

you subscribe if you want to chat also

for apparently oh yeah you got to click

this uh also like the video like the

premiere let's see if we can do a

hundred thousand likes on this I'm

pretty sure you guys can do it oh we

know her name it's Queen it looks like

Queen Elite cakes or leap leap leap leap

something leave cedia I I don't know uh

but yeah there's a name now

uh I think it's a

honestly anything different here oh look

right there that changed it's the first

time I think I've ever seen anything


okay we got some missing tables now

I got darker

oh we got drawings so the children were

left over

and now we start all right oh I know

exactly where we are from the trailer we

should yep yep yep okay so uh why am I

so short I'm not really short uh then oh

see oh I'm sorry there there it is Queen

bounce Celia says jump as much as you

like but never to conclusions and the

naughty ones that's what her babies are



your homework and be nice

don't want to join us so if we don't do

our homework and are mean we can join

the naughty ones I got it all right so

oh wait do we already oh we already have

the Drone so let's just hit this

wait why can't I hit this I'm glad to

see you've made it yeah I don't know how

you did it but then again you survived

the giant elevator crash so I guess I

shouldn't be a surprise

also again I apologize for hitting you

over the head


me too we can fight ourselves do not

give in to them again

I have locked myself inside of a

surveillance room chicken that way I can

help without being in danger yeah yeah

yeah yeah you just don't want to get

beat up floor to remain active before

everything went awry

there are many floors below us but this

all remains closed and abandoned for

quite some time now is it the whole

place abandoned enough to fall okay as

for your children I don't know exactly

where they're being kept but I know

someone who does

The Aquatic sector right that's where he

resides oh it's Stinger fled

I don't know what I just oh battery find

two batteries for your remote oh that's

why I can't make it fly over there well

wait a minute okay oh I don't I don't

need to do that right now why would we

have lost batteries when we went down

the little elevator and and came to here

right we shouldn't have lost the battery

that doesn't make sense all right fine

let's find it let's let's check the

information kiosk I don't know it just

makes you seem really short here but

then up there I seem like normal high I

don't know

ah there we go what kind of battery is

this it's a I don't know written

backwards it's pretty oh ready for some


I always knew I was an unlucky person

but this is a new standard I leave a

bustling floor for the washroom and when

I return everybody's gone Without a


which would have been peaceful if it

wasn't for the giant bird walking around

I doubt I can keep this quiet for much

longer my breasts are getting very heavy

what's the bird doing outside of its

containment anyway I thought they were

showing off only the short Josh only the

short purple creature because we were

behind on schedule this not how I

imagined my end would be

okay I don't know who that is what is

the beeping okay you could you could

what it's just tell me to use my drone

I'm pretty sure uh wait it said not to

fall so that's definitely what I'm gonna

do in a second okay so we are here in

the ground sector then there's a

progressive sector the medical sector

and the arboreal slash aquatic sector so

trees and and ocean are water uh so oh I

I think okay

well so wait so if we're here that means

to our right

would be what ah this is confusing does

this work no okay okay okay

does this work

no okay but yeah we go around in a

square oh right but I was gonna die

let's see what happens

I did this in kind of Batman too just to

see if like the message is changed or


damn last time I tried my best to make

like a code out of those but it didn't

seem like there was anything that like

even if you jumbled it up it wasn't an

anagram or anything let's just see me

okay I'll write it down we'll probably

die a few more times and we'll see if we

can form something out of it all right

okay here we go use left Mouse button to

use your toy okay do it

yeah yeah we know we know we know yeah

oh wow I didn't is it a different color

no it's just the lighting

oh we gotta bring it over here

this one

let's go oh cafeteria we saw this in the

trailer also this is gonna be happy

jumbo Josh we've got it just hate me

that you need that key card to walk

right the cable car yeah shouldn't be

too hard to find one literally everyone

had a copy it's how you'd get from

Station to Station

so we didn't know her name but a lot of

people uh in my reaction video named her

this so I guess that makes sense just

like band Ballina uh from ban ban we got

NAB NAB who not oh people said NAB

nablina so NAB nalina oh we got um and

then here's Captain fiddles with his uh

with his drawn pants on and I guess it

was from the uh the Crayons from the

kids did they draw anything else right

so we need oh look at this to jumbo Josh

bambolina and Captain fiddles this way

but we that's kind of back the way we

came all right oh here we go here we go

notice the janitors cleaner

cleaner checks are required before the

end of shift artists Oddities are to be

dropped inside the marked hole ah okay

and then what we get a key card



I mean I don't well yeah oh ah so we

have to pick up all the Crayons because

we're the janitorial staff I hope we

don't have to mop all this up man

there's a lot of uh drawings on the

ground here

Lair was here who is Claire is that our


okay I don't know how many we needed but

let's just do this


they fly in two three four

five six

hey I have no Oddity oh wait what

so is that okay so there's more oh wait

oh was this here before dear Mommy the

nice jellyfish is very strong he carry

everyone to here but miss Mason hates

him and I don't know why look at he's

lifting weights man uh was that there

before or did that just pop I is that an

oddity no I have no Oddities to drop hey

there we go a cleaner has been

dispatched please wait for results okay

so we needed that to oh no no no no no

no no no no no no no no no no no no I

missed it oh pillow bird wait what is it

what's a cleaner look like

it's scary dude oh oh okay oh geez okay

okay okay hold on hold on I gotta throw

that away

okay dude we do it we doing okay you

gonna kill me or what

it sounds scary oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

oh oh oh

okay so that maybe there were eight

because I did uh six and then these last

two shush I know I know I know I know I

know here we go there we go eight now

try it again try it again Oddity

detected remove Oddity

oh yeah okay try it again am I an oddity

do you detect me huh I think we're good

though eight seems like uh a game type

of number six didn't seem right

we got it

yeah yeah



what is it uh no Oddities detected

dispensing key card all right cool

let's go so I think that's for the cable

car but uh I feel like oh this is total

okay this is totally a place we can open

I don't know if this like part of the

playthrough or if it's like that red

door in Garden of Batman 2 there's

definitely a key card there but yeah

this looks like something we can open

somehow uh this goes to the opella bird

which is back oh oh pillow bird uh

Corridor so that's back the way we came

so I'm assuming this works

hey okay so wants us to go to arboreal

so I would say we just click this one

let's see what happens

pretty dark

pretty fast actually there's actually a

lot going on so I think once you press

it it goes the full route hey I found it

look at me aha all right cool we're in

the arboreal sector yellow grass is oh

yellow grass uh we know this puzzle this

is from geob2 do this hit it right here


and then whoops here we go open up the

office sir

oh wait okay wait oh yeah and then here

so it's Gotta break a window I'm not

sure oh there we go we're in let me out

like hey can you move the stop please

like just just shove that there we go

thank you all right we are in we've

gotta okay that chair scared me I

thought it was something chasing me okay

now what uh we got oh two sticker Flynn

two NAB NAB and NAB nolina

so he's I don't think he's oh we saw

this too okay we can't get in here and

we don't have this key card do we we do

have this key card never mind that's

what we just got uh there's a right

somebody for everybody you just need to

look uh and maybe we are going to see

Sheriff toadster uh yeah so we saw this

in the trailer as well you have no audio

discs to play okay so that's what that's


oh we got this I remember okay remember

seeing this too whoa case update report

case 13 case type 2 update number one

Alias the jellyfish as we know Stinger

Flynn uh

okay so I guess I bet that Christ Sora

is like species it's a species of

jellyfish or something and then human

and gervanium case 13 as it happened in

the beginning with most prior cases has

finally started showing signs of body

and brain activity which means actual

testing will be possible soon dormancy

for two to three weeks has been observed

in all prior cases when gibanium and the

genomes are first mixing Place into a

body case 13 is an abnormality and

misrespect case 13's body has only been

in the expected dormant state for a

single day and neural activity has

already been observed this is new a

proposed theory for this phenomenon is

being the direct result of the

modifications applied to the gervanium

solution being used after the testing

with 12g and I don't remember which one

12g is which would allow it for maximum

learning speed cases not ready for

presentation and we've got a QR code

let's see what that does oh that goes to

their website uh

what's that is that that's slow celine's

head right

doesn't yeah right oh and there's a

number two down here I don't know why

there's number two here uh but yeah

that's that's slow Celine if you

brighten it all the way up so I mean I'm

not sure why that brings up slow Celine

because it's talking about Stinger flims

let's see if we can open up Stinger

Flynn here maybe that's what this key

card is as well

it is or that one all right oh cool okay

we're definitely going down to the

Aquatic realm here under the sea oh here

we go here we go

oh oh wait is this where yeah


oh he is huge dude

wait but isn't

okay is he gonna attack us like he's not

underwater so maybe javania made it so

that he doesn't have to be underwater I

feel like we should avoid his tentacles

he is huge we'll go right up the middle

and see if there's like anything in his

I guess head is that what

I guess this is what it's like inside a

jellyfish okay so uh wait where's oh

he's asleep okay okay wait


where is it where is it where is it

where is it

hit him where's my where's my drone it's

so communication kiosk I can't get the

Drone I want the Drone to wake him up

oh back here duh that's kind of oh I'm

stuck I'm stuck wait oh okay so yeah

when you get when you

hi good morning

he looks less than pleased

oh he talks it's not so bad

okay okay he's talking about serious


you don't think yeah I can be bad man

and I will gladly show you why but after

I do

you take my advice and leave my kid this

place nah dude I gotta get my kids

uh without my kids right is that what

you're trying to say don't touch me

don't touch me

so oh yeah okay this was part of the

trailer too it's zolpheus wait yeah look

how huge he is and then we've got

Stinger Flynn in a car


this is like a memory singer Flynn's

memory of when he used to like hang out

on the beach with cool kids so wait is

this gonna be all of the kids from uh

bambolina's classroom oh yeah it is it

is it is

yeah it is it's like the dorks or

whatever the Geeks or the losers and

then we've got the mean kids over here


well thank you

whose car is this

how do you drive

like come on to land when I feel that

I'm staying true for off my original


water's warm come on

of course

none of this is real really but it all


I have never had actual Sunrise touch my

skin do jellyfish have skin

so he's never been outside of the garden

uh whatever I decide to do with the

adults I will make sure to give once

that's me I'll do it

bro of course

to deliver me to where I choose to be

I'll put you in the ocean

bro how are you gonna be non-sentient


you never appreciate how calming it is

what to swim away from Turtles

I mean

thank you I'm giving you the chance to

walk away

okay dude it's an island

I I'd have to swim bro I want my kid

wait Dolphus no wait I want to get in

the car I didn't get in the car oh

I don't know why is there a car there

how did it even get there

oh okay yep we're gonna be Stinger Flynn


or like a babysitter no intestine oh but

most importantly

ah you can't eat me dude you have more


what am I supposed to eat when there's

nothing to eat why do you like

pancreases so much elsewhere

uh okay so this was Stinger Flynn when

he arrived in the garden I guess before

they infused him with Jimmy or maybe

after but I think we're gonna be him

because we saw this in the in the

trailer here right yep

okay yep yeah

so our first time in Garden of ban ban

being anything other than ourselves so

now we're Stinger Flynn and Oh I thought

yeah right click the shoot and see

see people said it was water in the

trailer I don't know maybe it is

but it sounds like doesn't it

it looks like water but it sounds like

electricity okay

so we know what to do here well actually

let's see Stinger Flynn likes to collect

seashells in his chest find out okay

somebody's oh

so maybe we don't have to because we've

already done that as ourselves so we can

just go straight

so we just start this thing yeah okay

wait that's cool oh wow look at how much

we can jump dude we double jump

nah okay right let's start it up okay so

we don't use the cannons

because we can't pick these up right I

was gonna see if we could all right so

it's the same exact puzzle

I'm a little lazy but I'll go ahead and

solve it it's a lot easier when you're

not stuffing stuff into these like

cannons that take forever

there right

no yeah there we go hey open up the door

open the door

before we've been in here before


that's cool

uh there's no key card

so wait are we gonna go yeah we should

be able to access the hallway okay so we

can't get that

is there anything else we can do you got

you gotta keep an eye out for little

secrets here and there this yeah here it

is the hallway dude okay we're okay now

slow Saline

no I'm one of you

oh yeah they're coming you're gonna help


you're not gonna kill us they who is

who's there oh she's gone so where do we

I'm I'm exploring dude

uh wait what wait

sure tote sir share toasters catching

criminals catch him 10 criminals to get

your prize it's like catching the opilla

bird babies uh criminals are terrible

you hear about the terrible criminals so

wait are we share of toaster now no oh

no now we're us because we've got the

the Drone so we exited the dream of

being uh Stinger Flynn uh and it looks

like slow Celine helped him a toaster

snail the place all criminals tremble

when they hear about uh I can't get in


which is fine because I'm not a criminal

but uh we've got our drone the Drone

can't go in there the Drone can probably

hit this little bucket

I don't know if oh he's gonna nail it oh

man it was going so fast from oh we

gotta collect these

yeah that's pretty obvious but how do I

can I reach this one

oh yeah I can okay so we gotta collect

the buckets I'm not really sure why oh

maybe these are criminals y'all

criminals y'all look Shady

they are look at their eyes man they

look they look they look Shifty oh

there's something up there let's grab a

few more of these guys here can you so

you can oh no you can't these chairs you

can't knock I was gonna say you can

knock the chairs but can you knock it

with a Criminal on it but you can't uh

wait wait

let's go up here yeah I knew there'd be

one or two up here boss room he ain't

bossy but he is the boss all right so

there is so

hottest spot there I don't know that's




well well well hmm

okay so I think we go like this yep


oh wait oh I almost jumped off okay hold


got it audio tape let's go that's a

secret audio tape and trying to hide

stuff from me can't do that

so what do we got uh

uh oh catch criminals and well yeah I

already did one two three four five six

seven eight we got two more probably up

here this was in the trailer also oh

let's not do that yet let's read this

first oh there's the last two hmm

okay let's follow the light Trail and

jump on the lights as they appear


uh let's grab these two so jump on the

lights as they appear

how about I just

this is cool

I'm making them up here

there's a witch hat

for our drone I assume follow the lights

in the show okay and then press me to

start round two


so that should open this up I think


oh yeah okay I was gonna say did I miss

count okay we got a blue key card which

will open nope it won't because yeah

there's no door up here right is there

no so let's let's start this thing let's

do this oh blue K card that's what we

need it for right here



then what okay


oh I see and then what




okay I don't know what I'm doing dude


I got that right what I I definitely got

that wrong sure

got it okay hold on where are we going


boom boom it sounds different but okay

I feel like maybe if I don't follow the

the path like I could go I can jump on

it as many times as possible but if I

don't follow the actual path I

I would die like I don't know who maybe


did I um he's still going or oh no it


well there we go that was super easy

ah we're back okay audio tape audio tape

audio tape we got one right here dude

let's listen


we but I


I didn't what so uh what did I get then

I totally got an audio tape didn't I I

did see a video playing one uh let's go

to you

me he left for the progressive sector

okay we have something more important to

deal with right now what's that see NAB

nab's room yeah it's open now which

means he's inside that's good he's only

hun and it's too dangerous to do

anything in this state okay we have to

deal with go kill him

luckily I have a solution but you won't

like that I don't know try me head to

the medical sector and we'll talk there

okay so let's do this let's try and head

in here just because he told us not to

that's what we do

oh geez okay yep yep yep

all right well we've got another letter

s m e s now right now what I'm actually

gonna do is not listen to him because I

don't like to listen to him so medical

sector would be uh like this way but

what I'm gonna do is go back to ground

sector and try and play this tape yeah

right here yeah so I think this is where

it goes even though like I thought it

looks like a cassette tape it isn't it's

video yeah okay

all right so it's some sort of

containment room what is that is that a

frog that's a frog okay oh this is

Sheriff toaster

this is how he became the the sheriff or

wait is that it

it's a toad

that's it I came all the way back here

for that I jumped on a little part well

it wasn't that hard but a little bit of

Parkour there for nothing he said he

went to the progressive sector but we're

gonna go to the medical sector so let's

do that all right we are here

oh and we got a little note here left

behind for us case update report case

number six human givenium uh the devil

this is ban ban update number six case

sixes or we could just call him Bam Bam

rebellious Behavior remain unchanged

even after the introduction to Case

seven which I would assume is bambalina

like they're like we made him a

girlfriend so he's not so bad but so

alternative methods were approved by

management to encourage cooperation one

such method was the introduction of a

newly modified gervanium solution

engineered to lower the functions of

self-thinking in any cases case two of

type 5 which is responsible for one's

brain functions this newly modified

germanium solution will never be applied

again and all access material will be

locked away under heavy sedation the new

solution was applied to the cases

systems shortly after bamban appeared to

experience excruciating stomach pain and

a show aching that he fell onto his

knees holding his stomach before

undergoing significant physical changes

it appears the solution was so effective

at limiting self thinking that case six

fell victim to the Primitive instincts

that we are so badly trying to avoid

case is not ready for presentation all

right but he definitely self thinks now

so you guys screwed up

let's open this up okay

what do we have here we got pink on the

floor pink on the walls

all right we probably don't have that

key card so I'm not even gonna bother

going that way we got to board it up

door here none of these open right yeah

okay ah we've got an open door here with

uh cameras and some lights and stuff

we'll just let's just check this hallway

here real quick we got a drone station

we got a lot of gervanium yes we

probably need to get that key card let's

go this way

he's gonna you're gonna tell us anything

dude I did the thing for you oh I know

this this is from the trailer turn the

lights on please yep yep okay cool

concentration cable red plus red is okay

okay this is pretty easy

this makes sense ah

okay it wasn't long before workers

started to disappear

of course precautions and trading can

only get you so far so we had to think

of a more permanent solution okay

abnalina was that solution yeah

was as aggressive as he was due to his

loneliness right yeah we never got to

prove this Theory right that's the

collapse happened during the surgery

so that's where you come in okay you'll

be carrying out oh

we're gonna operate on that nolina

procedures are very delicate so I'm

going to need you to pay very close

attention to these instructions

um the hard part is already done I'm not

really uh

six thighs okay the machine with the

droplet levels is where that's done when

it's time the screen will light up with

a symbol of the needed concentration for

Simplicity the concentrations have been

represented by colors okay mix and

achieve the right concentration then

collect it in the syringe and give it to

now give it to her or or inject her with

colored pipes will occasionally shift to

the wrong colors and when that happens

use the given prongs to revert them all

to their normal state of green the

buttons on the walls will also

malfunction at times what why when that

happens hit any ones that are lit with

your drill the excess gervanium that you

can find in the room will deplete when

anything malfunctions or in a

concentration is needed wait well that's

complicated dude I can't even understand

it stops if any of the 4D leads

completely okay and what happens next is

never good

only the best of us perform gervanian

procedures but we don't have much of a

choice oh good luck thanks

seems uh I have no choice I'm probably

gonna screw this up like I I know he

gave us detailed instructions but I

think they were too detailed hey you

okay well where's your eyes are we gonna


oh my goodness we're sliding her around

okay you ready all right you just stay

there okay uh it says the proper shade

of green they are all greenish but I

don't know like if I have to remember

what color green wait it said Supply

uh oh these

okay okay uh right a good doctor knows

how to prevent excess gervanium from

depleting completely by injecting

subjects with the correctly mixed

concentrations as soon as they are

needed in yellow turning all power

suppliers back to green when they


uh got it okay punching wall buttons as

soon as they need punching all right

let's grab this don't know why we didn't

have this uh but let's get our drone

into here all right get ready to hit the

wall buttons I see okay

right okay I mean whatever let's let's

I'll screw this up at least once okay

all right

so this is like a boss fight thing huh

so we do that wait what how do we green

and green okay cool

um let's grab that

okay did it hit yeah it hit Okay so

we're gonna here we go wait how do I how

do I um

wait did I get it what happened what

happened what happened what happened all

right um oh gosh I am not okay

you cannot handle this substance fat

tools bro bro we talking about tools bro

I got tools oh wait wait wait wait wait

what hold on I I had then wait wait wait

wait wait wait oh my goodness okay I

have to get these all the green yeah

llama's gonna take

all right something's going on

do that go over there hey

oh geez oh I understand you can only

have one tool at a time so you gotta

like do that puzzle the music is kind of

freaking me out that's blue hey okay all

right cool now this is like

so do I need to hit this seems like I do

go hit it hit it hit it okay and then

this needs to be oh wait did I okay blue

oh no that's not the right color dude

that's not the right color it's blue and

green blue and green and then I have to

do this

okay I I I'm sort of getting oh geez

this is starting to deplete here okay

what red red okay okay

and then I take it

there we go and give her the red

stick it in her head

it's gonna give her an eyeball hey I got

one okay okay I got it okay I'm

understanding a little bit here

okay do that let's go in there okay so

you gotta like do multiple things at a

time I don't know what we're doing here

hmm like oh I see so that actually like

I think as you like get everything right

like back to normal uh it fills that

back up right

yeah I think I don't know uh you gotta

do this let's hit you to there let's do

blue blue right blue blue we gotta do

what did they say six

six of these he said maybe probably

okay here we go stick it in the hand

that must hurt it's like in her ear dude

if she had ears okay

it's two uh that's already Green Oh this

is bad okay let's let's mess with the

nuclear fuel rods here I like it you

know it's like it makes things I mean I

don't know what will happen if it

depletes like how we will die

uh but having us like

need to do multiple things but only

being able to use one tool at a time

it's kind of a cool mechanic it's a blue

and green right blue



let's do this

oh what did I do oh no I screwed up I

pressed so when you press that it

actually depletes it instead of like

yeah doing that there we go take some


mixture of


yeah um

okay so uh

we don't die

we just oh

ah yeah but we do

okay so the patient wakes up and murders

us M again all right I knew I would

screw up and I guess I'm kind of glad we

find out who kills us okay so now we now

now we now we know what we doing hey can

you lay back down patient please thank

you all right let's start the procedure

all right let's go let's go

oh that's it we done

let's go

does she have eyes she ain't got no eyes

still is that we're gonna put

okay that is a that's a floppy like a

where'd you go there she is she has eyes

now hi you're just like your boyfriend

go find him you like the Hat behind

doors like that I see you I see you I

see you and she gone okay so we got uh

like a floppy disk audio tape which I

think we can play back uh at the

beginning like well I'm at the beginning


what I already said time for a spider


I like that I don't like spidery

anything so we got green key here it's

back here let's see can we see anything

bulletin board maybe oh there's a hat on

the ground so that is probably for the

Drone uh so this could be a secret door

that we uh get the green key card for

all right




this is not really an audio tape what is

this new spider assembly called stay

away from doors and windows oh hello oh

all right wait this is a window

oh oh look look

what you gonna okay wait wait wait wait

she doesn't have a tongue like he does

wait what are you guys doing

what are you guys doing oh they're

dancing that's cute they're gonna attack

me no wait wait what

he's happy they're miserable we can't

tell I'm surprised they both weren't

originally members of the mutants below

what do you think they certainly fit

what did they actually even come from

this is what what

what happened yeah they killed him

oh oh okay oh wait


something happened okay so Bam Bam

stopped talking NAB NAB is gone and NAB

nalina's running away and there was a

sound obviously


oh hello what's this

uh I think it's a hat for our drone but

also I believe that is Nab nab's hat so

I think NAB NAB got nabbed yeah there

that's his hat right there

okay do we have a hint on where is he I

mean we could go

we could go to the program uh

Progressive oh my goodness I'm I'm stuck

um oh oh

welcome here uh really Stinger Flynn


guess what

was accepting it is long overdue what's

that supposed to mean

no I'm the One You're Gonna Save right I

was never one to abide by ways okay

an old friend who needs you a lot more

than I do like nothing but you were on a

path to achieve peace of mind

I already have more than enough subjects

to move forward with my aspiration and

my ultimate mental refinement


you just take a little now oh he's gonna

hit me

he's gonna hit me

or squeeze me what did he and he stung

me right that's a jellyfish dude he

stung me and put me to sleep right like

oh dude we're in the car oh we got a

road chip look hey Captain fiddles

hey what's up can't blame you for taking

a nap go peel a bird up there in this

car forever yeah are we there yet so are

we there yet

when are we arriving in this place

called Beach

look NAB nabs back there

he's chasing us he wants to be

what's that what's that who screamed

don't scream at me dude nice nice what

one job and you messed that up somehow

whoa yeah Dad can't even use the GPS

whoa can you at least put some music on

since we're gonna I hear music for a


oh look

that's what I'm talking about yeah let's

go what do you think about this opila

not opila

she don't like it oh that's his screamed

so wait is sticker Flynn married is that

because he's got his arm around her

awesome what about you

what do you think dude what do you think

we think

turn it up baby turn it up

okay decent cancer


can you stop vocalizing just one second

so I can focus on the road dude

yeah what road we're at the desert man

never trust a jellyfish am I right



they're a fight they're like a happy

family wow water is another infuriating

oh we crashed I knew we were heading

toward a wall

it's all your fault sticker Flynn pay

attention to the road

it's actually Batman's fault

yo we're back okay we're back oh this is

like exactly where the dream left off

remember I I was like oh I'm gonna go

explore down the hallway and then

oh oh yeah we can still do that uh

but it went to Black okay yeah we know

oh what is this

this is oh that's gross what was that

who that who are you what's this

okay wait there's a thing okay there's a


cool it's dark but we apparently can

open this got it oh this is where we see

the giant Stinger Flynn right ER well

let's just do that


oh I like the different sound



oh okay

oh cool let's get on

oh oh there's stairs there so oh I

thought we were falling into an abyss

apparently not okay so we've got a key

card in here okay so we gotta hit okay

okay so we're a little like when we fire

it's a little bit delayed so I think

when it's on the corner then you do it

no a little bit early so Justin's about

to start moving maybe you want to like

do it like that there we go yeah

there we go now what is it gonna oh okay

next one is it oh great okay yeah you

want to hit on the corner

so I think when it arrives at the other

Corner that's when you want it yeah so

yeah there we go got it okay now it's

gonna go oh wait it didn't stop though


okay this is pretty much completely


like there's always gonna be one there

because it's going so fast So eventually

we'll get it

got it

it's kind of ridiculous okay we're

heading toward the gervanium now wait a

second before we go there there's a

little spot down here does this is this

just if you fall it goes back up okay


we've got key card

open the door

give us the gervanium

so this was Stinger Flynn because we're

like in his own dream up his dream ended

so this is his journey I think uh after

the car crash apparently

finally you're waking up oh hey

bamboleena are they bored and that fella

over there isn't much of a talker okay

who is oh would you do to NAB dab that

big green guy keeps checking in on us I

think he believes we're some sort of


we could use that to our advantage to

try and Escape he cannot know that we're


wait every time we move I already killed

you didn't we flatten you that it's back

to the way it was before he checks in on

us okay I got it jumbo Josh change her

way towards escaping all while he

doesn't suspect a thing okay in other


okay when he's close the lights change

color so run back to your chair when the

lights change okay

I don't know where to know where to

start though so you give it a try all


just stay there okay training

and training so uh oh okay so it's

letting us oh man he is Bored she

knocked him out uh okay so the super

secret Jump Blue Josh Lance are you cool

enough to enter

I don't know let's move these out of the

way all right you were cool enough to

enter yeah and

okay so I'm picking up all these blocks

okay we stacked them there I don't know


oh okay so those go there

all right so you can change their

position oh yeah I saw this


we have no cubes to place

uh oh so we do this

yeah I was thinking that we built our

own parkour oop I missed

uh and grab this

uh-oh sit down bro I didn't okay okay

but I didn't even end that I don't even

know which chair I get dude which chair

which chair bambolina I don't know which

chair it is okay

bro I don't I didn't I don't

I think I've screwed up I think I should

have put well I didn't know what it was

set as before dude

and who moves this stuff anyway can't we

just keep it the same what oh oh I see I

see I see so no that's not how

shut up

don't kill us huh I don't I don't know

oh geez okay

okay okay hold on hold on so I think

when I get that block it gives me an

extra block

so that stays the same that's like that

wait no no no no so that okay so this is

let's leave it like that because that's

how okay he's here okay sit down okay

this is exactly how it was those are

there that's there and I've got extra

blocks let's see what happens oh here he


I think we're good because she didn't

she didn't complain about it so I think

we're okay no that's not how the secret

clubs enter

ing principal's office and

this is

supposed to be what is it supposed to be

like you know I mean I guess there's

supposed to be some

all right let's just look at okay so

closed closed open

one there let's just assume that's how

it's supposed to be actually let's not

change anything let's not change a

single thing and let him cycle in and

see if this is how it is supposed to be

if that's the case then we know that we

did it right or that we know what we

have to do to get back to it oh look

first there was a crash then a loud

groan then endless screaming I can

they're talking about the car accidents

still here outside of this room if

you're reading this consider yourself

very lucky for reading this the right

time do not make the same mistakes my

colleagues have made and move even an

inch when that thing is looking through

the window

it's a turn

by their rules now okay

uh it wasn't talking about the car

accident I was talking about him

crashing through the window

um but it says not to move but I didn't

am I supposed to sit in a different

chair is there any I feel like that's

the chair

it's a little tiny it's a small chair

too look why is that chair little okay

so now sit down Okay so let's see what

happens here okay and don't move

okay I'm not gonna move

all right

all right here he comes

Square bambling I'm gonna I'm gonna

yes okay I got it okay so we have to

leave okay I understand now probably I

like left a door open or something I

think I know what it is okay it's the

order of this gray green yellow red

yellow so

it's a gray green

red yellow so


green red yellow that's what it is so

I'm pretty sure we can go and do this

and he's not gonna care

so this one yep okay and we can go take


uh because he can only see


uh he might be able to see if they're


you might be able to see if like a door

is open or not not sure about that

but I bet we've got it now so I've got

yeah I bet that's what it is

could have been more clear we can go

play with these now so obviously let's

not do that what was that sit down

hey all right cool I was right okay so

yeah that makes things a lot less

frustrating because now we can do this


okay actually we're probably not going

to want to do this one we want to do the

other one first I think because we can

do this and then we can do that


yep okay so now

where you at dude

bro I need you to go straight ahead

do the thing uh right okay

bro why can't you hit that

I don't wanna oh wait I was gonna say I

don't want to go down because I don't

think you get back up but I can okay

let's go

so we might have to like

go back in here

I go back out there and hide

because we gotta shut the door

um what else we got here uh I am not

sure how I'm reaching that

okay we're gonna have to go back out

he's coming pretty sure yep okay pick

that up pick that up close this door


he's gone got it okay cool so let's do

this again

okay so we got the two here

but are there any okay there's the third

one there but that's not really very



how do we turn those so

about those can I like

I don't think I can get that in there

somehow I've got to get up there right I


because that's uh maybe this one I don't

think so though

and I was noticing this in the trailer

also like these are places where we have

to go

um so we've got the one here that's all

we can yeah we've got one

so this room is not where we wanna you

talk about can't be grabbed oh because

I'm on it


okay so it's got to be something in here

so we got three

okay so we can do one

wait uh oh wait hold up wait why oh oh I

see you can only stack one okay I got it

you can't stack two oranges you can only

stack an orange on top of blank or on

top of a green you can't stack two


so then this is the way that it goes

then right because we can only stack

yeah we can only stack one anyway right

so let's see if we can

oh yeah you can nope no I can't yeah

right there

oh and how would I oh I see wait nope I

have no cubes in place so we do need one

more for this puzzle here

yeah we're gonna get him coming in a

second let's go look over here though

all right so we've got like we got like

three so if I do one there so that goes

from there to there oh yeah this is easy


stupid it was just like

yeah okay


okay and then up there we go now we got


still not like seeing how this is going

to help us in the Next Room hey come

help me

what are you doing

s so equals infinity that's not an


what do you what S Plus what you're

right maybe now isn't the best time for

education what

just oh I get it I get it you know that

we're not supposed to be changing stuff

and you're changing stuff why are you

doing that

okay so you got to be careful because

she starts changing uh oh uh um wait why

it was like

stay still

so so you gotta like erase the board the

way it was and I don't remember might

have had something on it

or it might have been blank

I did I didn't pay attention to that

okay all right cool

is there anything else you can screw up

ah okay let's see what we got here so

one two

and we jump over jump over I can't grab

it oh I can

okay we've got three now can we stack

these like no you can't I can do that

and that

so let's get up to here now


can I like

oh you can you can hit those

uh okay can I hit this one

I don't know about that one but this

when I can I think

not easily but

I hit it

seemed like it

come on

I'm pressing it

let me get back out of here because it's

gonna come pretty soon here wait uh I've

got four so that's okay I can leave this

as is right yeah okay let's close this

you gonna do anything dumb okay so I

can't stack anything on these I can only

stack it where that thing

wait now I was gonna say we could like

stack it back we can't

be able to I mean this is

get on the edge here and like

got it okay so you can hit that one

got it there we go come on ah okay it

started those it activated those little


um we can maybe hit it but I just want

to be ready

for Josh oh it's gonna open it come on

let's go

think he's gonna turn us blue

bro everything's green

no no no hold on Josh is interrupting us

from our our progress here don't be

doing dumb stuff on the board bambolina

okay we got it this one was tough


put them up let's go

I don't think you need to grab that one

but I do it anyway just in case you

never know you could oh we got a key

card we can end the simulation or

whatever I'm picking up all the little

uh blocks let's close the door just in

case let's end training I guess

which uh

yeah let's go come on bambolina oh wait

what's she doing what's she doing are

you coming with what up what about NAB

NAB what did you do to him

huh uh would you do to him

where we going

just solitary you put me in prison I

helped you man

uh okay oh yes dude Queen uh what sort

of bouncilia

oh we're still going we're going to her

house I forgot about her you know why

would you talk to me

come on

very anti-social you were going to your

house nope oh oh oh oh we got a tape can

I go back and play

what's your problem

there's literally nothing there you're

just staring at the wall I think she's

waiting for me you come you coming

dude I think she's going into the back

room it's all yellow and stuff okay what

is that gonna close now or

okay not escorting us no more so yeah oh

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so this is what

I was saying oh there's a place maybe we

can get and I saw the audio tape on the

ground uh but now we're back here and

we're going to go and play it well it's

not an audio tape it's a videotape how

convenient okay

okay oh this is this is uh Gardner Bam

Bam too there's a kid here dead it looks

like a kid who killed bambolina that's

bambolina on the ground right

I mean it's it's basic wow there's not

much in there but yeah that's that's

Garden of Bam Bam too where we did like

the slide and stuff I guess we go to the

uh Progressive sector right oh oh we got

something on the ground here it looked

like a little construction hat yeah you

know I haven't customized my drone at


we should probably

okay let's see if this opens we did get

it hey got a green key card let's go can

I customize my drum oh oh we got puzzles

we got opila wait oh my so egg egg plus


a pillow plus egg opella minus egg so if

egg is one then it would well we would

have to know what a pilla is also uh oh

chart of bird so we saw this in the

trailer we saw uh us riding a a no

pillar bird that was that was green uh

that's a tartar oh wow tartabird and a

pillow bird

oh wow this is like methods of deduction

ah here we go right here this this gives

us the answer so

um egg plus egg plus egg equals three so

egg is one uh the the TARTA bird is two

and a pillow bird is four that's really

easy so we just have to follow this code

here oh yeah let's do this real quick

um I just oh wow I've gotten six out of

Seven Hats let's do do we want to do NAB

NAB hat yeah let's do NAB NAB I want the

NAB NAB hat right oh wow look at that

that's amazing so one two and four are

the numbers so one is one this is two

this is uh four minus one is three and

uh oh no four plus one is no idiot four

plus one is five

I screwed up this is three so this is

wrong go ahead ah okay you gotta do them

all and then it'll probably kill us I

don't know there we go okay let's try

that again one two five

uh four minus one is three

got that and then we've got two plus two

is four

uh two minus one is one

uh two plus one is three and a pillow

bird uh which is four hey I'm good at



and I didn't need bambolina

Mr Kebab man we got another new

character here he looks like I don't

know man I kind of like clippy I don't

know if you know who that is but uh be

yourself no matter the cost unlike me

which I don't know he's like I don't

know what he is this is him hey buddy

what are we gonna do are we gonna ride

Mr Kebab man

he's gotta it should not mean be moved

without its costume oh

he's naked okay so what do we need we

need the party hats right that's the

costume the two party hats from ban ban

I might add those are those are on ban

bans horns wait a second this is where

we came from wait I didn't go over here

let's just look oh geez I missed

something case 13. this is the jellyfish

this is Stinger flan today marks the

first day that case 13 was introduced to

its Human Genome Domer and the results

were not what was expected in clear

contrast to what occurred during the

Revelation day of both cases six and

seven uh which results in complete

meltdowns of the cases at case 13

assured the general the original genome

donor it was aware of what it was in its

typical manner this despite having

described identical events to what k6

has described regarding their bodies

such as an unexplainable immense pain

that persists across their entire bodies

as well as sharing physical attributes

such as body growth and the presence of

many large veins yeah uh we um a weight

Management's decision regarding the risk

presenting a case that is this

intelligent and unpredictable case to

its clients and we've got a QR code

again let's uh let's see where this goes

uh-huh it's something different oh this

is jumbo Josh's teeth

um yeah let's do exposure all the way up

yeah those are jumbo Josh's Teeth Let's

go to where's Shadows up

yep uh brightness all the way Max

uh oh look oh uh yeah this is jumbo

Josh's teeth as you guys remember

um and uh there's actually a five in the

chorus the other one was a two this is a

five this code is gonna be used uh in

something and this oh this opens I

wasn't actually gonna I wasn't expecting

hold on




so there's two ways to go uh we probably

have to use this guy I guess uh as part

of the puzzle because these are all the

same key card that open things

but it's weird to have like two

separated routes like this okay there's

a bunch of doors here a lot of doors

here oh

oh here we go another number okay again

with a stinger Flynn the jellyfish hands

on testing with case 13 has started I


oh I feel like the first one I didn't

did I did I scan the QR code because I I

I think we had one jellyfish we had one

bam bam

yeah so this is our fourth case update

but I don't know if i s if there was a

QR code on one of them gonna have to go

back we'll see uh but wait let's let's

read it so the jellyfish again hands on

texting the case 13 has started a

deemberry promising case 13 is even

capable of fluent speech primitive

instincts and proneness to unwarded

unwarranted hostility the previously

observing cases seem to be completely

absent from case 13 of accidental

stinging is to be disregarded uh how

regressiveness can still be presented

when case 13 is provoked or when any of

these questions go unanswered

aggressiveness never involved excessive

violence or fatalities despite case 13

being completely aware of its impressive

staying strength Uh current testing

involves introducing case 13 to basic

human etiquette so just shake your hands

without stinging the following phase of

testing will involve in forming case 13

with its Mission which is what at this

rate case 13 should be just as ready for

the upcoming bring a friend day as case

12 G case not ready for presentation

let's damn it okay I don't know why I

took a picture of it but

there we go okay it's NAB NAB let's save

it let's find our little number wherever

that is Max exposure Max shadows and uh

where is it uh Max brightness

there it is in the corner it is a one so

we have two five and one and maybe

missing one okay let's keep going

this is like it never

this is like doors actually going

through just another watch out loud oh

wait uh oh no that's just the poster I

was like dude's following us okay I see


here we go who is it is it eyes

oh oh okay flashlight equals

Cy red equals uh firework

uh firework

what the pickle I don't know what is


the tongue someone's tongue like a

bird's tongue or something

all right we're gonna find out what's

going on here

okay yeah we saw this in the trailer as


oh my

uh okay so wait wait wait wait do what

now I forgot uh what was it okay stop



so I'm gonna just stand still and see oh

okay so he lays his tongue hits you in

the face

from all the way across here so you

gotta keep moving I would guess all

right so okay let's let's go to this

other platform here let's just keep

moving when he

oh wait that is actually what's he doing

oh okay that thing oh

okay I don't know what that does okay so

but we wanna oh do we want to get up


so I think that was what I thought oh


that was what I thought was um like like

zolpheus oh look look it's lit okay

let's do this can we

do I have to is that I don't even know

where it is where where's my drone

bro drone drone drone drone go go go go

bro oh my goodness stupid drone do the

thing okay go go go

okay so he's gonna hit the button okay

now you did the licking thing Oh weird

okay wait he did did he hit it oh you

hit it it hit it okay now what

oh oh oh oh oh oh dude okay I don't

I don't exactly know what I'm


what are we doing oh I got it okay now

what and now now can I like

no no no no no no no

across okay all right how do I make it

how do I

so wait sound

okay so I got a firework now what though

can I oh no that doesn't oh oh how do I

make it go though

what am I sticking it in

is there a place to use this firework


ah no bro

um I think I'm actually safe here how do

I do this firework though do I have to


remember this no

doc but he can't actually hit me

can I where oh I don't think I can make

this dude

okay I made it I made it okay

what am I

what am I doing with this firework here


fireworks oh I get it I know what I need

to do I need to like when he

dang so I need to wait for him like okay

I think I

I think I know what happens here he the

the tongue Only Hits the middle platform

you know

I think it would make sense actually

with the tongue like let's see hold on

let's go here yeah he's a chameleon

that's he's a lizard like you know a

chameleon lizard not like yeah yeah you

get the point okay okay oh it's on that

side I would have chose the wrong side

okay so yeah he's a chameleon and that's

his tongue that's what chameleons do

with their tongues they do have like a

super long tongue let's wait okay there

we go

uh when you're on that middle platform

it always makes the tongue go so if you

don't want the loogie spitting head to

to do his thing they keep going back

then you don't have to dodge the spit


oh he didn't hit it all right let him do

the Tom yeah

yeah you can like pretty much guarantee

if you do that if you get the timing


that you'll always get the Tom

okay there it is okay go ahead yes


uh okay

um okay

yeah yeah look at that look at that

totally well like a turtle chameleon he

kind of has a shell oh that's what it is

he's oh oh oh oh oh oh oh he's half

turtle half chameleon or like tortoise

maybe look at his shell you see that's

definitely a turtle shell okay okay come

on get across we need that we need the


yeah that's the tortoise turtle yeah

it's a chameleon tortoise okay now we go

here that we put this in the tongue I

did not do it

okay so we do this then we hit it we

blow it up did I do it oh wait I


ah you know what's actually happening


so what actually is happening is he puts

the tongue out then you put the uh the

firework in his tongue and then it rolls

back into his mouth and blows him up

that's okay all right that makes a

little more okay there it is there it is

okay and we're gonna go oh it's perfect

I just wanted to go there anyway there



got it

did you hit it okay he did I didn't hear

the noise but I assumed that the fire

yep there it is good man okay oh geez I

got disoriented oh I spun around a

little quick there oof okay oh

that's two

all right so I assume the last one's

gonna go there

we'll stay here for a minute not for

that long though let him do that

so this one that one's gonna light up

see so far we've had zero loogies

there it is okay

let him hit that because like this will

shake the screen this is actually a

difficult jump there we go uh hit it

let's go

let's get back I kind of want no loogies

no loogies no loogies no loogies there

we go yep good stuff okay I gotta make

this stupid jump again okay got it

all right

get back over here no loogies no loogies

no boogies oh I think we might have

gotten a movie there okay okay

we're okay we're okay let's get across

here wait wait we want to wait for the


there he goes he's active

okay let's get it and there we go oh I

almost didn't make it in there we go

that's three

yeah die Turtle chameleon


go have fun with zolpheus that's where

you belong okay how do we okay there we

go we're gonna say how do we get uh over

there and of course it's this route why

couldn't it be the other route this

route is the worst one because like this

jump like I I

it is not an easy you I kept glitching

like I don't know whatever it doesn't

matter we made it yeah okay we've got

the costume uh we did oh there's

something on the floor there we got the

the the hats for that that

new entity there

what is this

okay so that's that's zolpheus singing

apparently uh we've got the chameleon uh

and the turtle uh they look happy they

look like they've been digging stuff and

then we've got like this half purple

half green guy who looks both happy and

sad at the same time it's like the night

and daycare attended at uh in snap or

something dude okay

so let's go back and put these party

hats on him so that we can use him now I

guess dang look how nice

uh we oh

we over route too I like almost kind of

forgot about it because I took so long

of that boss battle there uh okay party

hat one party hat two now and over your

pancreas oh I get it so

so this is so be so we've turned him

into ban ban

he um sort of he he has that he he he's

got well he's yeah he has Bam Bam's

Voice or something that's it dude can

you follow are you following me what are

you doing

dude I did not just go through all that

for you to just like take one step and

talk about pancreas's pancreas

oh hello oh yeah right right so here's

the little mini opila bird

there's the mama Opel bird she happy

cool I didn't expect that what so don't

go over there okay so what does this say

how to tame a giant Angry Bird that's a

good idea achieve The High Ground jump

and land on the subject's back interact

midair you on top of that uh so okay

we're gonna go up this little set of

stairs here because I don't think uh

opila bird will get us there I think

there it looks like oh oh yeah they're

there they're there I knew it oh man no

QR code okay

uh k6 the devil so yeah so if it's uh

singer Flynn it has a QR code if it's

bam bam it doesn't uh case seven entered

case six is holding chamber today and

the results were not what was predicted

once they entered case seven under very

clear instructions taking caution

avoiding any provocation of k6 slowly

made their way to the corner of the

chamber the k6 was huddled in as usual

k6 unsure what to do simply remains

silent and stared at k-6 which slowly

looked up at them an awkward silence

person for a few seconds as if Bam Bam

was trying to figure out what he was

staring at which was followed by

I think bamboo uh Bam Bam standing up

band slowly walked up to case uh to

bambalina and against all expectations

simply gave her a long hug before

reverting to huddling in the same Corner

once more bambolina standing in

confusion was ordered to leave the room

shortly after case is not ready for


oh so I wonder if I like jump and it

tries to come down

and then I land on it


straight in the face see what I feel

like is a is supposed to happen here

is I'm supposed to get

that robot he comes in

and then it jumps down and then I jump

on it right that's what I think

Oh weird you went

wait I don't get it hold on

I see so if you click on him

then he moves but if you do this he just

screams I got it okay

so you go there over your pancreas yeah

take his pancreas wait I think we can

push up one more

or do I just oh I scared ah

very interesting okay

hmm okay

oh oh hey hey let's not uh maybe don't

do that I don't


where are we going dude what are you

doing what are you doing what are you

doing what are we doing what are you

doing oh oh I see I'm supposed to pick

you up I got you baby now what

okay oh hello

okay so I think I'm supposed to jump on

you nope

I'm not

okay we're part way there I mean it's


achieve High Ground

jump and land on the subject's back

interact mid-air but he comes after me

like it would be fine so yeah he's gonna

be angry because he's Daddy I think oh

peel a bird's Mommy and and tartar bird

is Dad let's see what happens here if he

I can't okay oh I didn't notice that he

actually came down here like okay okay

like he comes down I thought he came

through the door okay

so we're running we're running we're

running doesn't come up here

she does okay okay

now he comes off so he won't oh he won't

jump off of anything

right so he'll come there and he'll go

down those stairs right okay this is a

good way to like get a headache

but I'm not seeing a way

that I can easily

do this

how do I get him


okay let's see if we can make him go

here he's just gonna pass through the


oh he got stuck there

got him yeah

what's up Slow Down slow down slow down

slow down what are you doing I'm out of

control here wait I ain't pressing that

what are you guys looking at huh what's

happening whoa look look at all the like

I've never gotten this close to Pila

bird look at all the like the handprints

and they're all left hands

um okay well we're a big happy family

here cool

empty your hand first I actually don't

know how how do I let him go

I've been unable to this whole give it

to Mama oh that's cute yeah dude me and

you were riding there well while I'm

riding your dad but you're riding your

mom I ride your dad

what are we this is Stinger Flynn right

big Stinger flying giant Stinger Flynn

oh oh I see him I see him

yeah you like that

what drives

I want to beat it

I need my kid


promised you what you






so Batman was good and you're bad

is he dead he ain't talking tremendous


thanks to him I believe witnessed a very

Vital Information like what information

you asked yes I do


my turn comes

I will simply prevent myself from

turning into what he turned into

run run run wait wait w to speed up S to

slow down how do I like control

Direction here


are whistling down

be good

come on come on you got to stay with me

little one let's go


wait ah am I supposed to let them go

first what okay all right here we go so


blue light I crossed first okay go all

right here we go let's go

here we go here we go got it okay what's

next what's next it's pig pig

here he comes gotta do it

all right okay I'm probably blue is next

yep let's go yeah bam bam I can't even

see you bro


uh oh that's me again

but I want to get us pretty even so that

the next one's gonna be pink I'm pretty

sure yep let's slow it down


oh dude he got he ain't got nothing on

the tartar bird

an opila Bird good luck buddy


oh that's me ah go go go go go go go go

go go go go go go hold on oh you're

quick you're quick all right your turn

your turn your turn I think uh no the

next one's blue I can see it next that's

me that's me I got this

and the next one's you this is easy

because I know it's pink see

I think the next one's blue yep you can

kind of see the colors through the doors

and I thought it was blue again

look how far ahead I am okay I think

um hurry up hurry up a pillow bird

get ahead of me got a little bit ahead

of you there got a little too excited

pink again

hey we did it it was low I want to see

Batman oh oh oh where are we going what

are we doing am I controlling this wait

what's happening

oh that's gross bruh

wait put it

hey yo Josh Josh

is Stinger Flynn in the back too dude oh

come on oh we can fly bro this is cool

oh what is happening dude

yeah okay he's dead now for sure he got

dropped off I thought he was dead but

now he's definitely dead oh

what Stinger Flynn oh


my goodness yo Josh did you just pull

him up oh no TARTA bird

you can fly dude fly whoa oh oh pillow



it's very dark am I supposed to jump

down everybody else did

I don't want to

I guess I am wait what uh I can't

uh wait what wait what what what do I

what where are we what


oh little one you and me we survived

find the kingdom find the sheriff do not

let the jester find you so I'm thinking

we just beat it right me and little of

pillow bird oh and I'm just realizing


I know how to open that closet we're

gonna have to oh dude wait how am I

getting back there

oh okay

hold on I because

yeah this is it this is the end


all right I I just realized those

numbers that I found are the number of

replacements for a pillow bird and

tartabird on the math equation you can

use those numbers because there are

three of them

uh uh for the drop uh the a pillow bird

and the tartar Bird right yeah there it


and yeah we did not see Sheriff toad sir

we saw his jail we did not see Sheriff

toaster in the game at all obviously we

are going to see that in Garden of

Bambam 4 as the title character uh just

like we saw so much of a stinger Flynn

in this but we're not gonna no no no no

well first of all yeah that's not gonna

work because I'm playing this a little

bit early but no I gotta go back so

yeah let's start a new game and let's

just see there was that one little

closet there oh and we never saw the the

the the queen leave Celia either at all

that's kind of surprising let's see if

we can get there because like we might

be able to go there kind of quickly oh

dude look look there's NAB NAB totally

missed it and you guys are probably

calling it out earlier that you missed

NAB NAB he's sitting right up there

wow that was really obvious dude I I

think it's because I came around that

way before hey buddy yeah you made a

little uh made his little appearance

here it is gonna take me a little bit

longer to get uh over there

well I don't know let's try this I think

I need a green key card to unlock that

so I have to go through a lot of the

puzzles we'll try and go straight there

but I don't think I'm gonna be able to

open it let's see if it'll let me

because if it will no

yeah okay all right we got some I got

some work to do guys I'll be back

oh missed one

so I'm wrong about the code then because

there would only be three numbers I

don't know where this one goes but

there's another QR code let's read it

real quick uh then we're just gonna have

to like where would we even enter a code

oh man uh anyway the teacher

case seven was approved and that's

bambolina a bambolina was approved for

manufacturing earlier than scheduled to

Aid with the ban ban situation it

appears this was a mistake prior to

introduction to ban bam bambolina

inhabited identical Behavior to ban ban

before they introduced to their human uh

Geno Domer donor a course of action that

will not be done with band Ballina to

avoid a similar situation said behavior

is non-violent and involves confusion

regarding their confinement overall they

remain cooperative

in uh fairly testing after bambolina's

introduction to ban ban there has been a

noticeable decline in bambolina's

cooperation that worsens by the day at

an increasing alarming rate ban bolina

would outright refuse to do what they're

asked a behavior that was never observed

prior to the in to their introduction

the correlation is undeniable and what

might have caused the behavioral shift

is being looked into case is not ready

for presentation

uh that is uh yeah that's bambolina

let's save it uh I see it in the corner

already let's get the Shadows bring them

up yeah we see her bow let's get the

brightness all the way and we have a six

now uh I would say this is the first one

in the code uh so we have six two five

one uh because we found the other ones

afterward and I missed this one on this

chair there might be more but I'm just

not sure

where would we be entering a code now

that we oh yes now that we got the green

key card we did not go in here before Oh

what is this okay there's the final hat

now what is this

oh interesting okay

so there's actually six numbers and uh

I'm blue okay so I'm gonna do we did six

two five so

wait what oh wait




one I don't actually I don't even know

three four


oh oh oh oh oh okay these are the okay

so we must have missed them but let's go

through the images I have them on my

phone here so bambolina is number six so

she's the sixth one I get it okay okay

okay we might still be able to figure it

out having only found uh three of them

I mean four of them because it's process

of elimination after that so uh number

one is actually NAB NAB right so number

one is Nab NAB number two was slow

Celine now three and four we can just

it's it's either it's either ban ban or

uh or toadster Sheriff toadster so let's

do sheriff toadster or ban ban then

Sheriff toadster then number five is

Josh and number six is bambolina

haha first I mean it was 50 50. yes we

got the code and we got an audio disk


some lore I started doing my own

research on the side regarding our

decision we really should have thought

through this better we didn't think

about any long-term consequences we are

very selfish he was never going to be

normal and even assuming we could even

get him out of this place with his size

what they're talking about jumbo Josh uh

what was next what house would he fit in

what school would accept him what

government would allow us to keep this

Abomination around let me answer you

none we haven't even seen what he's

capable of when he's scared or angry I

don't want to imagine the consequences

not to mention how dangerous it is to

keep him around these other

monstrosities he plays with them like

they're toys throwing them commanding

them around and everything sometimes

life denies you beautiful gifts and we

should have accepted that but we're both

doing the right thing here and I'm proud

of us okay that is definitely what those

are I mean obviously hold on

this this one if management sense of

humor is this bad then no wonder this

establishment is having difficulties

running as a kindergarten uh they waste

God knows how many resources on a prank

room like this for employees to find and

then complain about financial

difficulties even worse it's only found

in the day the world ends so it couldn't

even get a few laughs I'm supposed to

get if we survive this someone else

needs to cut control our budgets

priorities but then again whoever set

this up is probably gone already so this

will have to be done anyway wait what if

this is

this and what if this entire thing is a

prank by management and everyone's

actually okay this is my chance to

become popular around this place and I'd

better not waste it bro it's not about

popularity right now people dying okay

so we got the audio disc which I think

it plays um in the in the Arbor

yeah the arboreal so we're here we want

to go this way

yeah it plays where uh where NAB NAB and

NAB nalina's tape plays yeah basically

I've been

oh my goodness okay I've been playing

this game for about five hours now

here we go what do we got what is it

unrecognized assembly called practice

emergency protocols what what do you


what did we what do we call

what do we call

show me open this door here or something

I don't know

ah we called zolpheus

he speaks

is that it

it's okay zolpheus

you're drunk come here come here come

here hit him in the face come here go

tell him it's okay hit him in the face

hit him in the nose hit him in the nose

no go go go go go go go

yeah dude it's okay

my drone forgives you


so wait can we oh we can still operate


oh no

oh he's sorry he broke oh no wait there

it goes there it goes okay

bye but what's behind him what's behind

him what's behind him dang he's so huge

all right

well there we go we summoned zolpheus

probably not a good thing but we solved

the code and beat the game I can't think

of anything I did I might have 100

everything with the secrets uh we did

miss a couple of lab reports obviously

or maybe not maybe they left out too uh

just so that we had to like figure out

the code I don't know either way that's

it for garden of ban ban three if you

guys enjoyed it whoa and you're still

here are you still here all of you still

here hi hi good to see you glad you're

still here because this was a long

recording it's gonna be a long video but

if you enjoyed it click the like button

subscribe let everyone know you were

here for the premiere and I'll see you

guys again soon thanks for watching and

of course new line


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