June 17, 2024

Team Building Activity At Work [EASY AND AWESOME]

Published May 13, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

leadership Crafts - team building activity at work easy and awesome

If you're looking for an easy and awesome team building activity to do at work, look no further than leadership crafts! This activity is perfect for helping your team bond and build trust, while also getting everyone thinking about their own leadership skills.

To get started, each person will need a piece of paper and a pen. On their piece of paper, they should write down three things that they think are important for a good leader. Once everyone has finished, take a few minutes to share what you wrote with the group.

After everyone has had a chance to share, it's time to get creative! Using the materials provided, each person should make a craft that represents their idea of a good leader. Be as creative as you like - there are no wrong answers!

Once everyone has finished their crafts, take a few minutes to walk around and admire everyone's work. You might be surprised at the different interpretations of what it means to be a good leader.

This activity is a great way to get your team talking and thinking about leadership. It's also a lot of fun, so don't be surprised if you find yourself doing it again in the future!

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Are you looking for a quick and fun team building activity at work that only

takes 10 minutes, well I'm gonna share with you my all-time favorite that I

have had huge success with, stay tuned to the end of this video

because I have for you one of my amazing, number-one tools for meeting success

free. Hi if you're new here welcome, my name is Adriana Girdler, a business

productivity specialist and a professional meeting facilitator. I have

for you a very unusual team-building activity that I have used in many

workshops, and have got complimented for, so now I want to share that with you,

this fun quick and very unusual team-building exercise is called the

poncho exercise, so now I want to share with you exactly how we do it, so the

first thing you need is you need flipchart paper, so ensure that you have

this around the room, and what I usually say for all my participants,

I don't even tell them what we're doing by the way, I just say we have a poncho

exercise go to a flipchart paper and grab yourself flip chart, once everyone

gets one I actually guide them through this process so that at every moment,

they really have to listen to me, and they have to pay attention in order to

know what the next step is, so once everyone has this particular sheet you

need to ask them to create a poncho, and the easiest way to do that is by folding

it in half and then folding it in half again, I know the joys, and then you

actually can cut yourself space for your head so that you will have a poncho, so

here it is here's my poncho, next I say okay everybody put it on and then I have

everybody walking around with a poncho, grab a sharpie now, right away if there's

a woman in the room or a man who has a white shirt they go whoa whoa whoa,

Adrian isn't that gonna bleed through, it's never happened yet okay, you can't

do this with pens, you really need to do this with a sharpie because you need to

see it, so I have everyone in the room with these ponchos

on and then I have them with the sharpie usually it's black - green but that's

okay, then what I say is, I want you to look

around and every single person in the room you need to assure you right on

their poncho, but here is what you have to write, you have to write down

something that you are grateful for in regards to them, what appreciation do you

have and right away from that note they're like what, and if they don't know

each other you can give an example like, okay if you don't know somebody just say

I really appreciate your warm smile, or I really appreciate you making room for me

at the table and if you do know them well and you know the work that they're

doing maybe give them a great appreciation on some of the work that

they've done for you, or that you know that they've done, the whole purpose of

this exercise is to really get teams to come together and think positively about

what and how they feel about their teammates, so it's super fun, so now we

have this, now everyone understands those rules they go around and they start

writing and everyone's back, Superman here's my team do you mind writing on my

back, and you stand there, now what usually happens is a train occurs and

that train is everyone's kind of one behind the other writing the back, it is

fun, it's excited, people are laughing, they're having a really good time by

doing this, once everyone is done I say okay if you're done leave your Poncho's

on sit down at the table or wherever that where we're at and don't take it

off, now this is a really important part, you want everyone to take off the poncho

at the same time, but the key is we're not reading it out loud we're going to

spend two minutes where everyone can just take in the beautiful words that

their teammates wrote about them, so everyone sits down okay guys on a count

of three you are gonna take off your poncho, you're gonna read your words and

take it in and literally one two three take off that poncho, and since

everything is written on the back they read it, and as I'm looking around

because I'm the observer, the smiles on people's face, even a little bit

teary-eyed where people are super touched with what people said about them

it's powerful, I have people who then folded it up, and they've put it in their

knapsack or their briefcase because they

want to keep it, it is super powerful, really easy, I get extreme extreme

success with this, I've done this with people who are so into this stuff, but I have

also done it with other groups, like security teams who you think are walking

around with Poncho's giving gratitudes, yes they do and you'll be amazed,

everyone needs a little bit of love, and so what a wonderful exercise to bring

into your organization, now that you've gotten everyone into this really fun

cool team-building activity, it is time to go to another level of great meetings

and that is to get your free download on meeting rules, not only our team-building

activity is really great and helpful but understanding what you're supposed to do

in a meeting also plays a part in all this, on that note I want to thank you

for watching this video, if you can give it a thumbs up, if you can subscribe to

my channel and let me know if you're gonna try this poncho exercise in the

comments below, until next time, bye


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