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Top 10 Time Travel Chinese Dramas

Published May 13, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

1. "Time travel" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2011. The drama is about a man who travels back in time to relive his life.

2. "Time Traveler" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2014. The drama is about a man who travels back in time to save his loved ones.

3. "Time Travelers" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2015. The drama is about two people who travel back in time to save the future.

4. "Time Traveler's Wife" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2016. The drama is about a woman who travels back in time to save her husband.

5. "Time Traveler's Lover" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2017. The drama is about a woman who travels back in time to save her loved one.

6. "Time Traveler's Diary" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2018. The drama is about a man who travels back in time to save his family.

7. "Time Traveler's Journey" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2019. The drama is about a man who travels back in time to save the future.

8. "Time Traveler's Dream" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2020. The drama is about a woman who travels back in time to save her loved one.

9. "Time Traveler's Hope" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2021. The drama is about a man who travels back in time to save the future.

10. "Time Traveler's Destiny" is a Chinese drama that aired in 2022. The drama is about a man who travels back in time to save his loved ones.

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here's the list of top 18 time travel

chinese dramas for everyone who loves

fancy historical and romance genres

my assassin girlfriend

if you're looking for a funny and

uncomplicated time travel chinese drama

check out my assassin girlfriend

here you will see some of the

traditional sea drama themes such as

love triangles amnesia and enemy still

lovers type of theme

unlike in many other time travel tv

shows its characters travel to the


not to the past the plot revolves around

the king who rules over an imperial

court full of corrupt officials

the story tells us how he almost became

the victim of another assassination

attempt and falls in love with a female


because of a strange pocket watch he his

loyal guard and his beloved assassin

time traveled to present-day china

the king from the past takes the

identity of her rich successor of the bi


however he faces many problems since he

doesn't know much about the person whose

identity he has taken

moreover he realizes that his beloved

assassin doesn't recognize him


hello dear ancestor

here's another c drama where characters

travel to the future

the series hello dear ancestor is a

great choice for you if you want to see

a comedy a drama or a super touching


except for several sad and serious final

episodes it's an extremely funny rom-com

it centers on a man from the han dynasty

who almost died in a fight for


thanks for the help of a being from

another world he survives however the

man falls into a deep sleep and wakes up

only many years later in 2020 he finally

wakes up and realizes he possesses super


suddenly 17.

suddenly 17 one of the top time travel

chinese dramas is not about kings

emperors or a completely new period the

characters of this series travel in time

only 10 years back

moreover it doesn't focus on the idea of

time travel too much

unlike in the majority of other shows of

this genre

it shows how characters try to change

their fates using the chance of

traveling to the past

check it out if you enjoy watching

series about youth and campus life


cinderella chef

this c drama has quite a unique story

and setting they are different from the

majority of others on the list

the main female character time travels

not to the royal palace but a bandit


it's not typical for a drama of this

genre isn't it

moreover the protagonist remains herself

despite her new surroundings

the series cinderella chef centers on

the story of a modern girl who travels

through time to an ancient period

when she wakes up in the new place she

realizes she is kidnapped by bandits

soon she enters into a fake marriage

with the leader of the gang and starts

to break many hearts


closer to you

here's one of the high school youth time

travel chinese dramas that cover

societal problems

if you are ready to dive into the world

of high schoolers learn life lessons

together with them root for their dreams

and go through difficult times with them

then you can't miss this fantasy c drama

closer to you centers on the story of a

handsome surgeon who travels back to his

high school years

he decides to use this unique chance to

be brave enough to help his classmates

to change her tragic future





dreaming back to the qing dynasty

if you like the highly popular drama

scarlet heart you will most likely enjoy

the chinese time traveling historical

dreaming back to the qing dynasty

it has the same level of an emotional

roller coaster and a similar quantity of

endless palace intrigues

so if you are into this type of drama

don't walk away from this one

this fantasy historical drama follows

the story of a girl from modern day


she is an architect so she deals with

items from different periods

one day she is given an item from the

qing dynasty and suddenly she gets

transported to that period

right to the royal palace

moreover it turns out she has already

been here but in her dreams

back then she met a man who she liked


the memories of both of them have been

erased so they have to go through a lot

before they meet again

hence the girl from the modern world has

no chance but to intervene with endless

palace intrigues




reset is a time loop drama in the mold

of groundhog day deja vu

happy death day and source code

the protagonists a college girl and a

young game designer mysteriously find

themselves reliving a bus explosion each


why this is happening to them and more

importantly how they free themselves of

this catastrophic cycle are central to

the narrative so

how to get out of the time loop is there

a way to even stop the accident and hope

for everyone to survive

what's the reason behind this accident

how many loops are there going to be

until their destiny is final

lots of questions to ask and answers to


this drama was most interesting and fun

to watch keeping me on my toes from

start to finish and making me completely

fall in love with the leads

shining for one thing tells the story of

a woman who is unsatisfied with her

current life

one day she gets a chance to time travel

back in time by deleting messages in her

old phone

she goes back and tries to do well on

her high school examination in hope of

changing her future

but she was always sent back it was only

after several times that she realizes

that there is more of a return to the


if you love angsty love with a very

light romance and cute friendship

this is for you

but if time travel is not your alley you

can pass by this drama

this is romance drama but i promise that

you will drain your eyes

legally romance

this drama is told from the perspective

of qian wei a 28 year old woman who was

unable to write the exam to become a

qualified lawyer for some reason

she now works as an assistant to lu shun

a former law school classmate

she saw him as an enemy a rival who made

her life as uncomfortable and difficult

as possible even back in college when he

used to beat her in everything she did

she also had an ex li chong wen who was

her law school senior

she is involved in an accident that puts

her in a coma one day

during this time she fantasizes about

returning to her adolescent self where

she knows exactly what will happen

she seizes this opportunity to change

her life

she plans her life to be exactly how she

wants it to be

she works even harder to reclaim the

things she lost to lu shun and swear she

will never date her ex again

but something went wrong with her plan

and she fell in love with her very

rival's younger self lu shun without

realizing it

this is a fluffy romance show that is

perfect for people looking for drama

with a unique storyline and an amazing

cast i would recommend this drama to

anyone who is looking for a lighthearted

drama that will make them laugh and cry

at the same time

parallel love

this is a story of another time

traveling concept but this time the

female lead goes back 10 years ago from

the year 2020 back to 2010 and not the

ancient time or wushia period actually i

don't fancy watching time traveling

dramas but due to li hong yi i decided

to give myself a chance to watch it

this drama surprisingly has quite an

interesting story

at least the female lead and second

female lead don't go chasing after the

male lead like a mad lady and neither of

them is too loud too

the plot is interesting the female lead

travels back in time 10 years

her mission is to help the male lead who

is a bummer become the ceo of the

company his parents started

which of these time travel dramas is

your favorite and which do you think

should be on this list you can let us

know in the comment section down below

see ya



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