June 8, 2023

10 NEW【Time Travel ─ Historical】CHINESE Drama to Air in《2023》

Published May 13, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

As the new year approaches, so does the anticipation for what new dramas will air in 2023. Among the list of potential dramas are 10 new time travel historical Chinese dramas.

The list includes:

1. "The Legend of Zhenhuan" - a drama about the life of Empress Dowager Cixi

2. "The Empress of China" - a drama about the life of Wu Zetian, the first and only female emperor in Chinese history

3. "The Prince of Lanling" - a drama about the life of Gao Zhan, a prince during the Tang Dynasty

4. "Legend of Mi Yue" - a drama about the life of Mi Yue, the first female chancellor in Chinese history

5. "The Lost Tomb" - a drama about a group of people who get stranded in an ancient tomb

6. "The Journey of Flower" - a drama about a young girl who becomes a flower deity

7. "Nirvana in Fire" - a drama about a general who sets out to avenge his family

8. "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace" - a drama about the life of Empress Dowager Cixi's granddaughter

9. "Scarlet Heart" - a drama about a woman who gets transported back in time to the Qing Dynasty

10. "The Untamed" - a drama about two men who fall in love with each other against the backdrop of war

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we are now in the first half of the Year

2023 and of course our year would not be

complete without watching historical

Chinese dramas with a time travel plot

we can deny the fact that this type of

genre is truly exciting in this video I

will list new time travel Chinese dramas

that would dare already aired this year


number one take my wife away the story

starts with the female lead who is a

modern Financial executive she suddenly

finds herself transported into ancient

times and became the young wife of the

male lead who owns a bodyguard agency

that was about to go bankrupt

number two this servant is not simple

the drama focuses on the male lead who

after failing his college entrance test

accidentally traveled to ancient times

he becomes a servant in a small County

town and there he meets two women that

would help him in his journey

number three Nightshade bride the female

lead is a modern screenwriter who

accidentally transmigrated to her script

becoming an ugly bride who was forced to

participate in a ghost marriage unable

to accept her fate she is determined to

escape and in the process she meets two

men who have completely different


number four the empress doesn't go to

court today the female lead is a modern

girl who transmigrated to an empress

body in ancient times however after many

years she suddenly exchanged bodies with

the male lead who is the Emperor and now

the two of them who hated each other had

to find a way to get back together

moreover unable to go back to their own

body the empress has to handle the court

while the emperor has to deal with the


number 5. Moran the female lead is a

modern doctor who travels back in

historical times becoming the wife of a

young Master when her husband returns

from guarding the borders the two of

them who are only married in name have

to live under the same roof and now as

they spend time together they eventually

develop feelings for each other moreover

the female lead also finds ways to use

and develop her medical skills

number six the shufu can read mind the

female lead is a food blogger who finds

herself in the body of the nominal wife

of the melee who is the senior Grand

Secretary of the sui Dynasty as she was

aware that their marriage would not go

well she tried to get a divorce however

apparently the male lead has gained the

ability to hear her mind as a result he

knew her every plan

number seven my Divine Envoy the female

lead is a modern student who does badly

at school one day she suddenly traveled

into historical times and she is honored

as their Divine Envoy and using her

modern skills she eventually become the

mentor of the male lead who is the king

number eight the castle and belongs to

me the female lead is a modern writer

while writing she soon finds herself

transmigrating into her novel becoming

the arrogant and unwanted wife of the

male lead and now with a new completely

different personality the melee became

interested in her however chaos appear

when the male leads brother who has

always coveted his position and power

starts to attack them

number nine catch up my prince the

female lead is an intern doctor while

the male lead is a game designer both of

them accidentally enter the virtual

reality game that the melee designed for

his sister and together they experience

The Peculiar course of events in the

Fantastical and cryptic world

number 10 story of kinning Palace the

drama is about the female lead who was

given a chance to change her fate in her

first life she was a fallen Empress who

aspired to have the highest power but

ended up dying and now given a second

chance she decides not to enter the

palace however a certain turn of events

entangles her again with the palace and

the male lead whom she hated the most

and that's the new time travel Chinese

dramas set in historical times this

first half of the Year 2023 thank you

for watching


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