May 31, 2023

How to Pay For Flight Training

Published May 21, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

When it comes to financing your flight training, there are a few options to consider. You can pay for training out-of-pocket, take out a loan, or use a combination of both methods.

Paying for training out-of-pocket is often the best option, as it doesn’t require you to take on any additional debt. If you have the funds available, this is definitely the route to go.

Taking out a loan is another option to consider. There are a few different types of loans you can take out, such as private loans or government loans. government loans tend to have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms.

If you’re looking for a flight school, be sure to check out Thrust Flight Academy. We offer a variety of financing options to help you get the training you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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the number one most common hurdle that

99.9 percent of people face when flight

training is paying for it

you already know that flight training is

expensive in this video we're going to


two aspects of paying for flight

training tips to make your flight

training as affordable as possible

and advice for acquiring funds for

flight training

so let's take a look at some suitable

options to pay for flight training

i get a dozen calls a day from people

who are passionate

about becoming a pilot but they're not

in the right financial position to

afford flight training

if dropping a thousand dollars on bills

right now is going to send your whole

world spiraling

then you probably shouldn't be

considering flight training

rather focus on saving up open up an

account specifically for future flight

training expenses

if you are starting from zero we tell

individuals wanting to train with us

to set a goal of thirteen thousand

dollars this gives you enough money

with some cushion to obtain your private

pilot certificate

i know that can be a daunting number but

stick with us until the end of this


where we will reveal some tips on

acquiring help for those funds

with that being said let's begin by

discussing some tips

to making sure that your flight training

is as affordable as possible

each rating has minimum requirements to

make your training as affordable as


your goal is to get as close to these

minimums as possible

most people are well above these

minimums the average number of hours

flown before becoming a private pilot is


which is 30 hours above the required

minimum of paid flights

to complete this minimum we have a few

tips and tricks

for you number one fly accelerated

totally immersing yourself in your

training yields fantastic results

we've been specializing in this type of

training for years

and can say for certain that if you fly

multiple times a day

six to seven days a week you will

average less hours than someone flying

once a day two to three times a week on

average our accelerated private pilot

students require 10 hours

less training than our slower paced

students so this factor alone could save

you over two thousand dollars

number two familiarize yourself with

radio chatter

listen to audio on and get

used to the chatter

the more you learn on your own time the

quicker your training will proceed

which means less cost to you you can

also use thrust flights video in the

description below

to find some tips for communicating with


number three watch free youtube videos

there is a lot of great free learning

material on youtube

on our channel and many others learning

from free videos is a great way to get

ahead of the game and

we'll keep your ground training as close

to minimums as possible

number four train in an affordable


the bulk of your cost is of course going

to be the cost of flying the airplane

reduce that number by finding a low per

hour rate

aircraft some schools even offer a

discount if you put some money down up


further reducing your hourly cost at

thrust flight we help our students save


by flying the sport cruiser a light

sport aircraft

with affordable operating costs aside

from reducing costs there are also


you can use to acquire funds to help you

in your flight training

let's go over four different tips you

could try for getting help to pay for

your flight training

number one acquire scholarships whether

you are attending a university in

conjunction with flight training or

you're going directly to a flight school

each option provides you with

scholarships if you're going the

university route

talk with your admissions counselor or

the financial services office

to get more information on some

scholarships you can apply for

if you're going the flight school route

you can check out

or to browse their list of

scholarship opportunities

check the links in the description below

for a few of our favorite scholarships

and spoiler alert thrust flights more


scholarship is at the top of that list

number two finance your flight training

through a loan

if you consider this option it's better

to try and complete your training as

quickly as you can

by training full-time if your goal is to

get to the airlines

it will take about two years from the

time you start training

however if your plan is to become a

recreational pilot

then it's better to save up rather than

to take out a loan

but some institutions do offer financing

for recreational training as well

check the links in the description below

for some resources for financing

your flight training number three

use military assistance if you were in

the military previously

or are currently in the military you can

use the tuition assistance program to

pay for your flight training

or you can also use the gi bill to pay

for advanced flight training

the gi bill can be used through a

private or public university or

a vocational training program if you

have any more questions about

saving costs and acquiring funds for

flight training post them down below

as always feel free to reach out to us

at thrustflight if you're ready to take

that leap

to become a pilot from thrustflight i'm


take care


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