April 22, 2024

Helldivers 2 - Massive Update Adds New Automaton Enemies, Balancing Changes, Hidden Changes

Published April 3, 2024, 12:02 a.m. by Arrik Motley

Massive balancing changes will probably cause a lot of shifts in weapon choices, and playstyles, what do you guys think will have the biggest impact in the game?



0:00 Intro

0:39 New Planetary Hazards

1:20 Level Cap Increase

1:53 Retrieve Essential Personnel

2:18 Command Bunker Missions

2:27 Modifiers Nerf

2:53 Arc Thrower Changes

3:30 Guard Dog Buff

3:38 Anti Materiel Rifle Buff

4:01 Breaker Incendiary and Fire Buff

4:40 Liberator Penetrator Buff

4:48 Jar-5 Dominator Buff

5:07 Dilligence Counter Sniper Buff

5:19 Slugger Nerf

5:40 Recoilless Rifle and Spear Buff

5:47 Heavy Machinegun Change

6:02 Charger Changes

6:08 Bile Spewer Nerf

6:21 Bile Titan Buff

6:36 Shriekers Nerf

7:04 Heavy and Medium Armor Buff

7:35 Devastators Nerf?

8:03 More Devastators

8:24 Hellpod Steering Fix

8:35 Ballistic Shield Buff

8:55 Hidden Changes

9:22 Bloody Characters

9:34 Gunship Facility

10:05 Factory Striders

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