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Love Beyond the Wall | Romance | Film complet en français

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In the early days of cinema, most films were shot in black and white. However, there were a few filmmakers who saw the potential of color film and used it to create some truly beautiful and timeless love stories. One of those filmmakers was Jean-Luc Godard, who used color to create a visually stunning film about the power of love.

"Romance Science - Love Beyond the Wall" is a beautiful and moving film about the power of love. Godard uses color to create a visually stunning film about the power of love. The film follows the story of a young couple, played by Anna Karina and Henri Serre, who are trying to find their way back to each other after a breakup.

Godard uses color to create a visually stunning film about the power of love.

The film is set in the city of Paris and the couple's journey takes them through a number of different locations. The film is shot in a number of different colors, which helps to create a sense of atmosphere and mood. The colors also help to create a sense of depth and dimensionality.

Godard uses color to create a visually stunning film about the power of love.

The film is a beautiful and moving film about the power of love. Godard uses color to create a visually stunning film about the power of love.

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grandfather, adults are not allowed to enter here.

So it must be my lucky day.

This girl, what is her name?




Is it reciprocal?

I don't know.

Look, I think you would good to tell him your feelings.

The worst thing is not knowing what the other person feels for themselves.

It doesn't matter anymore because tomorrow I go back to mum and dad,

then I will never see her again.

You will come back here for the next holidays, so you will see each other again.

She will have already forgotten me.

You know...

When two people love each other

really love each other i mean,

nothing and no one can separate them.

But you have to fight for it.

And never give up,

otherwise they end up forgetting.

Okay, so what do i do now?

I knew someone like that.

Who exactly got the same problem as you.

- But he never gave up. - What did grandfather do?

Your grandfather will have to searched his memory a bit.

Because it goes back a long way, this story.


where to start ?

Excuse me.

Hello, I am looking for Alexandre Elverg, do you know where i can find it?

Yes, you can find it in the decor Studio 301 and tell that crook,

he still owes me money.

And tell him too that I know he's passing through the emergency door to avoid me!

Excuse me, studio 301?

Continue there, it's straight ahead.

Sorry !

Your attention please, silence !

It turns !

And action!

It's okay, you can go.

Cut! Thank you all.

Welcome to the cinema.

Excuse me for not having could pick you up,

It never stops here!

Come on, come on, I'm in a hurry.

I'm happy to see you !

Thank God I got out of there.

You will love this place. We shoot eight films at the same time.

Besides, we're making this movie with Beatrice Moree.

Not know !

Warning !

These Russians real soldiers,

they are there as extras. They are nice when they are sober.

It's here !

You are all really thirsty for cinema.

Come on, come on, help me instead.

This is Omega for the space film.

Later it will look totally real on screen.

Come on, now it's time to get to work.

What ?

You start right away shooting at night.

But I arrived a minute ago.

Turn right, then at the third studio, on the left, in the extras department.

You just have to put yourself in the background. It will be perfect for you.


My honorable ladies and gentlemen outlaws,

I present to you the thief who take over all your senses.

Mia Laurena!

Wait ! Stop!

Cut! We stop !

We stop everything!

It will therefore be necessary to I repeat it once again.

I don't like the light at all. Change that for me ASAP!

More light, it does not go at all.

We're gonna do one more another Light test.

Omar, I'm sorry, but the light is catastrophic.

Ten minutes, please. Okay ?

I need two spots on Omar and quickly, please.

I wish the scene was in the box today!

Quick quick ! Here on the mark!

We don't have all day! Hurry up !

You see there, what is it?

Nothing ! There had to be something!

Namely a spot of light!

So that the Black pirate is not not in complete darkness!

Come on, please!

It's not too early !

Here we are.


the two characters are face to face.

They look each other straight in the eye.

He, with all his tenderness,

will gently push back the wick,

from in front of his face.

A magical moment occurs.

And then he kisses her.

And so to see this on camera, what do i need?

No light, damn it! You hear ?

From light !

It's not okay, right?

- What are you doing here? - What are you doing ?

I thought you...

You said the pirate...

Yes. Not you ! You had to stand there for the light, my God!

How can you be so stupid!

Get out of there! Come on !

But anyway, get that idiot out.

The last thing that I need right now

it's far too stupid an extra to stay in place!

Now I need more light on this side. Go on !

Where is he ?

Where did that idiot go?

I'm going to kill him !

What's going on ?

How much longer do we need for that stupid dance scene?

I've been waiting for 1 hour already in that damn uncomfortable dress!

Excuse us Beatrice, but we have a little problem with the decor,

as you can see.

So we could immediately my close-up scenes,

because for that, we don't need decorations.

Yes, you are absolutely right.


Get ready for a close-up. I do not have no more need for you, the dance double!

You can go. Set up for close up.

Come on and put out this fire! Put out that fire!


Call my driver, I want return to the hotel immediately!

Of course Madam.

Did you kiss Béatrice Morée on the mouth?

Yes, I would like to see her again!

I'll take her to dinner.

Emile, half the world would like invite Beatrice to dinner.

You have to make up your mind. You're never going to get there.

Alex You don't understand!

This morning, we had a first eye contact. Our exchange of looks was really intense.

And she gave you a big smile.

Not quite, but she did like that.

Then, it is love at first sight.

That's it, kidding! You will see.

Émile, don't mess around, you'll get fired!

Something may have gone wrong tonight.

Good evening Mr Director.

I was informed that last night an extra brainless left behind,

a whole section of decor in ashes. This needs to be fixed!

Put your men to work, at once !

Immediately, Director.

A whole section of ash decor.

One day.

You've only been here a day Emile.

I would have tried.

Can you tell me find a new job?

Please Alex. I can't go back!

I will do anything all that you will want.

But I have to see her again.

He can watch the geese here, the Russians don't mind, he steals them to eat.

Six are already missing.

Thanks. Take.

It remains between us.

Geese ?

For once in your life, don't nonsense, take good care of them.

And when I come back, I want these animals are still on their feet.


But who is it now?

I said I didn't want not be disturbed!

Come on, send it back!

I'm going to see Mrs.


Madam, where to start? My name is...

What can I do for you ?

I wanted to apologize for the...

You know for the...

Yes. The kiss.

Yes that's it. Although technically it was only half a kiss.

Because one of the two halves, yours,

there wasn't your half of the kiss.

Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for that half kiss last night.

So on behalf of the whole team film production,

I welcome you in DEFA studios.

It is a great honor for us to welcome a world famous actor,

a world famous actress.

It's really very nice, but I'm here for two months and I'm leaving tomorrow.

But lady... Before you go...

I have many qustions, is everything okay there?

Yes of course.

And that what is it ?


I really like peanuts. Speaking of food,

If you don't mind, I would like invite you to dinner before you leave.

Say, are these geese yours?

My tray is full of feathers.

They are not mine!

Emile, what are you doing with my geese?

But what else is going on here? I want to be quiet,

but there are all these vultures that revolve around my dressing room.

You had to fire all these people and not spin around here and talk nonsense!

You're really useless.

You will shut up now! It's not possible !

Have a modicum of respect who you think you are.

Mr Beck... Director Beck,

I'm really sorry for this story with the geese.

I acted recklessly neglected in my duty of supervision.

With careless negligence, my tongue forked.

And Madame Moree...

Everything I told you, I really meant it.

Yes, every word I said to you.

I'd rather die than to remake a film here.

I never want to see you again.

Don't you dare put back one foot on this property.

Let it be clear,

if one day our paths cross again...

I will make your life a living hell.

Go ahead!

Pardon ! Come on!

This way !


Come back here right away! Clear the way!

I'm sorry !

Hide !

Where did they go?

- Accelerate a little! - Yes.

What's your name ?


And you?


- Hi ! - Hi !

Go on !

Stop moving, come back here! Stop!

You hear ?

Here we are ! Come !


Come !


Unfortunately, I don't have had time to do better.

You like peanuts, right?


Sit down.

Listen, I should have dispelled the misunderstanding earlier,

but I had to take revenge like you ruined my dance scene.

I am sorry.

It's nothing.

I'm afraid that the world of cinema is not for me.

You wanted to have dinner with me, right?

Here is !

It's a good vintage, isn't it?

- Enjoy your meal ! - Enjoy your meal !

It is delicious !

We should come here more often.

You're right, it was a real treat.

But there should have been a toast,

when we toasted. You should have said something romantic.

Yes I...

I'm not the romantic type. Rather tough, a shell of steel.

Yes, maybe is... Superficial.

Otherwise, why did you want to have dinner with a woman you know nothing about?

It's a sign that you care about appearances.

And you judge me before you know me.

maybe i know you better than you think.

May be. Do not take it badly. I am not mad at you.

Very well.

you shouldn't be here and you know it, right?

You are a professional dancer and if I then allow me, a very good dancer.

When you were younger you must have go see a musical,

and since then you dream of a career on the biggest stages.

But you're too young for that.

So instead you became the shadow of Beatrice,

and you gave up on your own dream.

You're like cracked glass about to break.

It is for this reason that you were crying in the car.

The fact that you are incredibly beautiful is just a detail for me.

I believe this silence means that I'm not entirely wrong.

I'm just wondering if I should tell you this I think or if it's too mean.

Say it.

First, neither do you. you shouldn't be here.

Second, you know it too.

And third, you don't really know what what you want to do with your life. Do not you think ?

I have never seen a soldier carry his uniform with as little pride as you.

Why did you join the army?

Because you had nothing better to do?

And it is obvious that the world of cinema is not for you at all.

And yet, you are there.

The problem is not the world of cinema, but rather the outside world.

In fact, you're not even looking more to know where your place is,

but if it exists in the world.

You know, I wonder...

Which is worse.

To have an unrealized dream,

or not to have one.

You were right, it was pretty nasty as an actual answer.

You didn't even make the effort to slip in a compliment like me.

Yes, it's true !

Excuse me, I have to go.

I am very sorry.

And kiss him?

Well, I can't really judge.

It was only half a kiss.


We are even now.

We are not quits. I still owe you a toast.

Tomorrow is the last day of filming. Then we go back to Paris.

Was I right?

I saw Jungle Melody for the first time at the age of 5.

Since I saw the scene where the princess dances with elephants,

I dream of dancing with elephants. It was... the moment.

Was I right?

I'll tell you if you join me in hall 7 at sunrise tomorrow,

I want to show you something.

Are you going to join me?

May be.

May be.

Sorry !

I'm late, I know.

In fact, that won't happen again.

- What does "maybe" mean? - What are you doing here?

- What does that mean to you? - May be.

How can it be? Does that mean yes or no?

It's neither yes nor no.

Maybe that means yes.

maybe you can tell me what you're stuck here, Emile. If ever Becker...

Precisely my brother, I will tell you the last thing you can do for me.

I need your help ! I need your assistance. Its a question of life or death !

Well no, but almost.

Who is with me ?

Pardon !


It's more than a little service!

It is he who does not stop don't bother me too!


- Hello. - Hello, where do you want to go?

To Babelsberg, please.

- Are you going to DEFA? - That's it.

I knew it ! I have taken many artists there.

What ? What is happening ?

I have no idea.

Excuse me.

Step back ma'am, go back in the car and turn around.

I told you to back off. Stay away or I'll shoot.

Do not advance! Turn around, please.

We have orders to fire.

Crossing is now prohibited.

Everyone turn around. Go on !

What's going on ?

At all the border posts, the sons barbed wire and the armed national police.

It is said that the situation of increasing flow of refugees from East to West,

makes it necessary to close the Soviet sector of Berlin.

I'll take you back to the hotel.

May be.

The people's police cordoned off all the borders of the Soviet sector.

Traffic is reduced. There are barricades and barriers.

Don't try to walk either.

The soldiers at the checkpoint are armed.

In West Berlin, the police are on duty at the borders for our protection.

No car can enter East Berlin.

As a precaution, we recommend to get home as soon as possible. Thanks.

I want to leave immediately before a war breaks out here!

Yes, but there are no more flights until tomorrow.

What is this mess!

This country makes me sick!

Director, I'm sorry. to inform you that filming,

are at a standstill in all studios.

All the personnel living in the West are absent, as well as many employees from the East.

It's a terrible turn of events!

What are we going to do now?

It will make us stronger.

I have full confidence in the decisions of our party.

We need to take stock on the remaining workforce.

We will have to do without employees who come from the West and hire new ones.

- Hello. - Hello.

The car is waiting for us in front.

Go ahead, I'll join you right away.

Excuse me, I can try call Babelsberg, please?

Sorry ma'am, no luck, the lines to the east are still down.

Milo, here we go!

And right now, I'm waiting for you not a second longer.

Long night ?

The one who was there before will not come back.

Is this your office now?

Is this your office now?

Would you mind telling me how you are called for...

So that I can register it instead.



Noted, gentlemen.

Get up man!

We have a good remedy for the heartache.

You are free, go!

Go! Run!

It's time to flee!

Fly to freedom!

We are currently leaving the airspace of the German Democratic Republic.

You are safe again. We will land in Paris in about 2 hours.

Where are the others ?

In your opinion ?

I do not know at all. We did all this for nothing.

Milo didn't come.

Unsurprisingly, no one cannot cross the border.

What ? Which border?

Are you kidding me ? Berlin is in a state of emergency.

They closed the East-West border. Everywhere there are barricades, barbed wire,

soldiers armed to the teeth. And they have destroyed roads with a jackhammer.

No one can cross.

That's why !

Obviously that's it!

That means she doesn't have able to cross the border.

His hotel is in West Berlin, she couldn't cross the border.

Have you gone crazy?

But yes !

Alex, she didn't ask me rabbit. You realize, don't you?

She probably wanted to come, but...

I sensed something was wrong. I knew it. But of course !

Of course she wanted to come. I knew there was a trick!

All lines have been cut.

I have to go see her.


You can't put feet to the west.

At this hour, she must already be on a plane.

She left.

But why don't you have it called on his cell phone?

Well... How do you... You...

Grandpa, I'm not stupid, I know you are talking about yourself.

Yes, you're right.

So why do you didn't send a text?

But none of that existed back then.

It sucks! But then, does did you go to Paris to join her?

If you knew... I moved the sky and earth to be able to see her again one day.

But they built a wall three meters high,

between East Germany and West Germany.

And I suddenly been trapped in my own country.

Unfortunately yes, it was a lost cause.

A bit like for you and Camille.

What is this stupid story which leads to nothing at all?

Wait a little young man, let your grandfather finish telling you.

Because this stupid story as you say, took an unexpected turn.

Everything she said it was "maybe".

You may be right.

Maybe you have to let me get it out of my mind.

Wait a minute !

Director. Mr Brager.


Keep me posted on progress.

Yes sir,

Report to me daily.

Understood sir.

Need to replace employees as soon as possible who can no longer come from this side of the wall.

What can I help you with ?

- This is the office of... - Mr Karl Borgmann.

And you're ?

Albrecht. Rose-Marie Albrecht, Mr. Borgmann's secretary.

Yes, but he's not there.

I've only been here three days and I haven't seen it yet.

I don't even know what he looks like.

Yes, it is said to be quite large.

Yes, he must be around that size.

Blonde with blue eyes.

We can say that it is rather thin.

He is quite young for his position.

And above all, he has a charm breathtaking.

You are Mr. Borgmann.

It's me.

Wow ! I am really sorry Mr Borgmann.

If only I had known.

Yes, but I've only been here three days and There you go. So I thought you were...

Shooting on film somewhere right now.

I was on a set of an extreme emergency. It couldn't wait.

It goes without saying, Mr Borgmann.

You will be happy to see that your office was renovated in your absence.

You come with me ?

I took the liberty of ordering you new office and...

a brand new chair.

And I put your mail here and the scripts that are there,

are considered for production. And here I put your new studio card.

Yes !

I'm not keeping you any longer. If you need anything,

you just have to press this button for me to arrive.

Rose-Marie, I could have a coffee please ?

Consider it done, Mr Borgman.

Hello, Rose-Marie?

Can you do come, Mr. Elverg,

set construction in my office, please?

It is urgent that he hurry.

I take care of it immediately.

Here it is !

Come in !

Your idiot brother is responsible the destruction of one of the trays,

and you didn't tell us.

Have you gone crazy?

Alex I found the dream way to see Milo again without delay!

You have completely lost your mind!

Your Monsieur Borgmann coffee.

Thanks Rose. Can I call you Rosie?

Of course, Mr Borgmann, you are welcome.

Not bad is not it ? For a keeper barred geese, undesirable!

What are you doing here?

You will never be able to cross the border, even as Karl Borgmann.

That's not what I want to do.

Milo will return to Babelsberg.

And how ?

If Béatrice Morée returns make another movie.

And Karl Borgmann is going to write a movie that Beatrice could not refuse.

Want to make a movie?

Yes !

You know you might go to jail if anyone ever finds out about your trickery.

But only Beck and Brager have me in their sights.

Apart from them two, nobody in the administration don't even know I exist.

All I have to do, it is to avoid them.

You just have to convince Béatrice to play in this movie and once she's taken the bait,

Everything will follow almost alone and gently.

And Beck will have no choice but to approve the production.

And what kind of movie would it be?

What can it do ? A very small film will be easy.

Believe me, it will be very small, tiny, all ridiculous!

It will be a short film.


You know I'll always be there to help you. Truly !

But here, the best way to help you is to tell you it's the dumbest idea,

that I have never heard. You know absolutely nothing about cinema.

And then you want to put everything in game to see a girl again,

when you don't even know not if she wants to see you again.

Karl Borgmann does not exist!

It will never exist!

I know this sounds crazy and I also know that this plan,

is just as crazy.

But I absolutely have to see this girl again.

I have seen a lot in 40 years of career in the cinema, but that,

that's really the thing the craziest, the most stupid!

And the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I agree to help you.

So if Béatrice should have a dream role, it must be that of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra. Yes, Cleopatra, that's good!

It will be perfect !

What do we need?

First you need to have a team.

You can't make a movie alone.

Sure. We will take the best of the best.

Above all, these people must don't go tell Beck everything.

The leaders are there where they are for a reason.

So we need people we trust who have a heart and a passion for cinema.

You are with me ?

Helmut, for example, he is an assistant cameraman for 40 years,

but his real dream has always was to become a cameraman.

It's perfect !

Yes, but I'm color blind!

- For what colors? - Green and red.

No problem. Our movie takes place in the desert.

It will be entirely yellow anyway. Welcome to the Helmut team.


Who else ?

I have a few candidates on hand.

But never tell them who you really are,

nor that you do all this for charm a woman.

Silence !

One at a time, please.

For that, I think we would have need at least 1500 extras.

We absolutely need a huge room where she would sit on a gigantic throne,

full of accessories like treasures!

Yes and we should have lots of nice costumes,

It's true and we also need columns, sculptures, busts,

and the most important of the pyramids!

Why are you helping me?

Next year I will be retired.

This is the last adventure for me.

But keep in mind,

that this secrecy must absolutely not get out of here.

The Cleopatra project really shouldn't not leave this room.

We will go soon make a film about Cleopatra.

Yes, in all studios at the same time, on several platforms,

with thousands of extras, amazing battles!

It will be the greatest movie never done here.

The director, Mr Borgmann,

I know him personally.

- That is true ? - Yes.

It's a secret.

Comrade Beck, how come we we learned the news by reading,

this defamatory class enemy?

Come on, we came to congratulate you for this tremendous success.

This is exactly what we need.

A prestige project of socialism.

But you should have told us.

Yes, what nothing was still carved in stone.

I didn't want to alert all of Germany. I don't know how the West was informed of this.

It's a good thing they see let's not stand idly by.

So how is this project progressing?

- Pretty good. - What ? Should we be worried?

Are there any problems with young talent?

According to the information we lay out, the young man of 24 years,

Karl Borgmann, will lead of this great project.

In the Soviet zone it is already considered as an exceptional young talent.

Yes of course. Our director Borgmann, my very young talent.

The shining example of what our film industry produces better.

Mr Brager,

Locate our comrade Borgmann and do come here as soon as possible, please.

Excuse me for disturbing you, Mr Borgmann, but a man wishes to speak to you.

Mr Borgman!

It's you, Borgmann.

Dear comrades, Mr Borgmann is here.

fellow director, our young talent in the making.

Mr Borgman,

Don't be afraid, come here.

Pleased, I am Mr. Groten.

You have full support and unconditional of the party.

Comrade Beck, tell us more on this young prodigy.

Yes, where to start...

Work, discipline and talent.

That's what I see in our comrade Borgmann.

And then what I find particularly exciting,

it's his ability to surprise me more and more every day.

Very well.

And it's wonderful that Béatrice Morée plays the main role.

Screenwriter and director.

My respects, Mr. Borgmann.

Our top priority will be the right operation of this production.

Do you guarantee that?

Yes and for the sake of my work it is important that I can direct the film,

with my own film crew.

Needless to say ! As long as the cameraman is not blind!

We are waiting for the script tomorrow morning at headquarters.

Comrade Beck, Comrade Borgmann.

Goodbye gentlemen.

That's crazy !

I better go write my screenplay I believe.

It's crazy !

Damn Emile! This time, you have really gotten yourself into deep trouble!

Do you realize?

Finally, too bad, you have to type.

Go on !

We will always have to write Cleopatra camera close-up.

That's all that interests Beatrice.

There, a plan on a boat with 1,500,000...

Yes, I like that, it's excellent!

So ?

This script literally contains the worst nonsense I've ever read in my life!

Cleopatra by Karl Borgmann.


- But what a stupid name! - Completely stupid!

We do not care ! Go ahead, keep reading.

On the pyramids of Egypt, the sun is rising.

No, but go straight at my first scene.

Close-up on Cleopatra.

Madame Béatrice, please, before that you don't say anything,

let me tell you, the script is...

The best thing I ever read my whole life! I want this movie!

I accept your apologies, Mr Beck, we'll see you on the set. See you soon !

With pleasure madam.

I do not believe it.

Cleopatra is approved.

Brager, I want this production be monitored day and night.

Elverg is nothing but a moron of extras which will not survive the first days of filming,

as director. Call our dear comrade Janssens, tell him to get ready to start,

as soon as Elverg is fired.

I do not believe it at all. I bet you made it all up.

Maybe yes.

Maybe not.

Still, this story is cool.

Oh yes, do you think so?

Okay. In that case, do you want to know more?

Does your film Cleopatra went well?

Yes, more or less.

I did not imagine the turn what it would take.

You know, making a movie like that is...

Making a film is very complicated.

All the preparation took her only whole months,

so that filming can finally begin.

What I didn't realize at the time,

is that when such a long period passes, many things can change.

Madame Morée, on behalf of the Director General Beck and all DEFA studios,

I wish you and you too, Mr Chaloux, welcome among us, in our studios.

- Thanks. - Your car is waiting for you.

But we've seen each other before, haven't we?

I know you.

No, I do not think so that we have already met.

I really should have forgotten about it.

You were right.

This whole movie idea was totally stupid.

It's a bit too late for that. Do not you believe ?

Now you have to make this movie, whether you like it or not...

But what is that for ?

Whatever I do, this damn story was doomed from the start!

Look, you gon' get your ass up off this seat, you're going to get on the set,

and finish what you started. Do you hear me ?

I'm giving up.

I won't let you abandon all these people.

You have no interest to let go now.

You know that Beck is waiting for you around the corner and that he will denounce you so that you end up in prison,

as the greatest impostor of socialism. Is that what you want?

Come on, come on!

Your place is there.

Do you want us to use 35mm or 50mm lens?

It's up to you. I trust you completely.

It's me who sees.

- Which do you prefer? - That one !

Perfect. That's what I would have said too.

Is this where I have to put Monsieur Borgmann?

Yes, it will be like that.

- Pole vaulter. - Okay.

Silence on set.


It turns. Scene 48 Premiere.


And action!


That is enough.

- This scene makes absolutely no sense. - What ?

Cleopatra doesn't need to dance like a prostitute to seduce Caesar.

We should stage some staring games and make close-ups of Beatrice instead.

- No, let's stop! - Isn't it Beatrice?

Absolutely. He is right.

What's the matter with you ? You want to sabotage my scene?

- This dress is vulgar. - It's my dance!

Calm down ! End of the discussion.

But it's one of the highlights of the movie. We can not...

Well, you're the one saying that.

I am okay.

Ok, we can skip it.

Don't come near her.

We stop.

We'll resume with Beatrice tomorrow.

Finished for today! See you tomorrow !

Elverg is totally overwhelmed.

I don't even give it a day. His successor is already ready.

Make sure this is the case. Tomorrow, he shoots the coronation scene.

- You know what you have left to do ? - Yes.

Rumor has it that you are sleeping on film sets.

I had to see this with my own eyes.

The man who lives in the world of cinema because it has no place in reality.

You take me for an idiot, I see you!

It's not okay, isn't it?

My apologies Mr Borgmann, I took you for someone else.

I'm looking for my friend Emile, have you seen it?

You can see that I was sleeping and you wake me up. It doesn't happen.

- Not saying hello, that's what is not done. - And you throw a shoe at my head,

You pretend to ignore me!

You're still mad at me 'cause I did not come.

It's ridiculous !

If my memory is good, you said maybe.

So we can't really say that I waited for you.

But you wanted to show me something.

It was what ?

It tells me nothing at all.

No idea.

A lot has happened since.

Yes, that's for sure, it happened.

Last time I saw you, you were just one little extra and now you are a director.

Karl Borgman.

It's true, the tide has turned and I took my chance.

Of course, I needed an artist name.

I'm still a little insecure, in case you haven't noticed.

Be careful, there is still film in it.

After today's scene.

I see.

I really wanted to keep...

Regarding the dance scenes, I am used to it.

Yes, but that would have been really special.

The highlight of the show, we had planned to do falling a shower of rose petals from up there.

I would have gone to pull the lever there, just at the right time.

It would have been grand.

Yes. It was the scene that I liked the most.

We can still turn it.

That is true.

You just have to put yourself in place.

Come on, come on!

Miss Lambert in place, please.

Where would it be ma'am? We don't really know at the end.


For the moment.

In place, please.

I didn't know that between you two, Omar and you, you were...

- Yes... - I'm happy for you.

- Thanks. - Congratulation.

- Look, I called the studio. - Okay, ready?

They said there was no Emile here. I thought...


Concentration. Are you sure a film set. It turns !

Camera in place. The camera is rolling.

Cleopatra. Dance scene. Premiere and action!

I better go.

Yes, I better go to bed too. Big day tomorrow.

I just wanted you to know that I'm happy for you.

For all that.

There may be a place for you in this world after all.

Maybe here.

May be.

I really wanted to come.

- Is everything ready? - Of course, Headmaster.

You can help me shut it up please ?

She looks great on you.


Tonight our comrades will come to view the first rushes.

Good luck !

Come on, go to the cinema tonight.

Madame Béatrice, you are superb.

Are you ready to be crowned and named Queen of Egypt?


Call the extras. This plateau must be crawling with Romans.

Helmut, my friend, it's up to you.

It turns !

Brager! Take notes !

Today, the history of cinema is being written.

The extras are ready.

Very well. Get ready to turn.

But there is a problem.

Obviously, these gentlemen had a party last night. I really didn't get it all.


The history of cinema.

Gentlemen and gentlemen, in position!

Guys ! What is happening ?

Everything is fine. Ready to spin!

Turn on the camera.

We are ready to shoot.

We're shooting the coronation scene!

And we had agreed.

The guy with the glasses over there,

he told us : "No shooting today."

He had canceled, but no problem.

On whose head the crown?

Alright, let's go!

Stand up straight, It's understood ?

As straight as a tree.

You have to cancel, no choice.

How do you cancel? If we let go now, it's all over!

We turn.

It turns.

Everyone in place.

But it's not true !

- His ? - It turns.

- Camera? - It turns.

And action.

But that's completely ridiculous!

How can I play my scene like this?

But what are you doing ?

An earthquake.

Earthquake. Keep shaking camera. It's an earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!

Earthquake. The earth is shaking!

The earth is shaking!

Earthquake. We are agitated!

Go on. Trembling!

The earth is shaking. You must all be shaking. Earthquake !

It's shaking!

It shakes everywhere! Trembling!

Trembling! Throw away the dust!

Get to work, go! You hear me ? We are active!

It's an earthquake!

Keep shaking!

Go on !

Come on, let's continue!

Beatrice, it's an earthquake!

Come on, raise your arms!

At the coronation of Cleopatra, there was never a tremor.

It's a film !

We are still shaking. Go on !

Put your arm around her, you have to protect her.

Helmut, over there! The !

Tighten. Still.

Hold me.

Hello comrade.

Mr Director General, we are very curious and eager to see,

what Borgmann has to offer us.

Me too. Know all the same that he took some liberties in the script,

without me being informed. But let's keep an open mind.

Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce you to seasoned director Janssens.

He will be there as an advisor.

Yes, delighted.

Comrade Borgmann should join us shortly.

- Thanks. - After you, please.

Absolutely ridiculous!

You know what ?

Very good work,

but we expected no less!

And that earthquake! Special effects !

They will take full view!

An excellent director!

A great future awaits you.

Today I understood something.

What matters is not knowing whether what you see on the screen is real or not,

what matters are the emotions that we feel in front of the screen.

Because all these emotions that we feel,

they are very real.

And that's the most important thing.

Our comrades,

our comrades watched the movie today.

And they are...

How to say...

They are delighted !

Absolutely thrilled!

It worked !

It worked !

We resume tomorrow.

Let's finish this movie!


Over here everyone! We smile!

Earthquake !

No ! I missed my car!

- Come on, I'll take you! - But you don't have a car.

With that ?

And even without hands!

So try to keep the balance.

Don't be afraid, I'm here.

Warning !

We better watch the road.

Wait, do you see what I see? Trust me, okay?

What was that ?

No idea !

M****, we're down!

Let's walk !

On the way !

It's always dark here.

It's night, of course it's dark!

I speak in general. Not enough no light or people on the street.

At home, there were colored lights,

music everywhere and lots of people.

How is Paris? Tell me !

I love paris !

You would like it too.

My father always said: "When the good Lord is bored of heaven,

he opens the windows and looks below the boulevards of Paris."

But it's true, we are always outside to dance, to sing.

We are just...

- Free. - Yes, free.

It looks wonderful.

Who knows, maybe although one day I will go there.

Keep on going ! Tell me how are the people there?


Open minded. The low...

Everybody likes to laugh, we talk strong and all that at the same time,

but above all, we look each other in the eye.

And then we like to hug each other.

Identity check. Both.

Hello, what is it?

We asked you to identify you, citizens.

Yes of course.

Here they are.

Are you a French citizen?


Don't move from here and stay calm.

We did absolutely nothing wrong so why do they need...

Silence !

Why do you have in your possession coins with two different identities.

Identity card in the name of Emile Elverg and another from Babelsberg studios,

in the name of a certain Karl Borgmann.


Borgmann is...

Hands behind your back, now!

But what are you doing ? He didn't do anything wrong.

Let him explain himself.

Please back off or else we're taking you on too.

Let him go ! Release it!

It is not fair, he did nothing wrong!

Stop! Emile!


But he did nothing wrong!

It's going to be fine Milo, it's going to be fine!

Go on !

Let him go! It is not fair !

But what should I do?


Open the door.

I'm changing, I'm coming right away.

I waited for you. Where were you ?

It's the picture. It was longer than expected.

I'm sorry.

Stop avoiding me!

Do you take me for an idiot?

Where have you been?

With him, right?

You see it at night too now.

I knew it !

I saw it coming, but I didn't say anything.

I said to myself: "No, she wouldn't fall off right away. not even under the spell of a pseudo director.

That's not what happened.

What happened ?

I see.

What's next?

You are going to leave me ?

Abandon your life in France for a ridiculous flirtation?

And change a sweet and comfortable life against a life with a man,

that you have just met.

Here, in this country worthy of a prison!

Where people get killed at the border!

I have no intention of letting you ruin your life. You're coming to Paris with me, is that understood?

Get in there!

can i have your attention please.

Certainly some of you are aware that the director Borgmann,

is no longer able to continue his work on this film.

I would therefore like to introduce you to your new director, our dear comrade Janssens.

His experience will be a real asset for this project and will allow the filming to be completed.

From now on, please hold on Mr. Janssens informed of the follow-up of the production,

and resume filming as soon as possible.

Here is. Hello everyone, I'm going start by making an inventory,

talking to each head of department.

I will then make some changes.

Alright, meet Krista, our makeup artist. I believe you already know each other.

Pleased Krista. Very well. I have some suggestions for you,

concerning Madame Morée's make-up, but I think that can wait.

For the moment. Hello ?

Hello Krista?

You hear me ?


- Gentlemen Janssens. - Helmut.

I am sorry.

Come back here immediately!

Think carefully about what you are doing!

It will not be without consequences.

It will at least cost you your job.

If you leave now, don't come back.

Have you all lost your mind?

Elverg! Good grief, Elverg!

Good luck explaining this to your classmates.

It's not true !

- Is this the prisoner Elverg? - He was transferred.

Mr. Director General, is it this man?

Come back to finish the movie and avoid screwing everything up.


Where is Milo?

It's a piece for our film.

Do not leave.

Don't go back to Paris.

It's not that simple.

I have a life there.

- With him ? - Yes. With him. In Paris.

He is lucky to live in the right place, that's all.

You do not even know me.

You don't know me that well you just guessed a lot of things.

Do you want me to continue?

Go ahead.

You're with him just for a little security, that's all. I am wrong ?

What is the alternative? Do like you to have a life made up of naive decision,

and thoughtless? you do everything whatever comes to mind, like in this movie.

A life of lies, it doesn't seem like you to disturb, to pass you off as a director,

and risk jail time.

Do you think that ring on your finger means that life is not just made...

Made of love or dreams?

You know perfectly well, just like me, that this are the only two things,

that really matter in life. But you prefer to give up everything.

You're ruining everything for him for a bit of security.

You do not understand. It's only been a few weeks that you have a dream.

I have been fighting for mine for 15 years. I've been trying to make it for 15 years,

to the point of finding my feet bleeding. And you blame me for wanting a little security.

What do you want from me ? What are you waiting for of me ? We've only known each other for 6 weeks.

We've known each other for a year Milo and since then I've been waiting for you here!

You wait for me ?

Until six weeks ago, you didn't even know we would meet again.

It's pure coincidence that I'm here.

And now, do you want me to give up everything for you?

Excuse me.

You're right.

Alex! Tomorrow, program change.

I need everything on this listing. Okay ? Without exception !

What are you talking about ? Why ?

How can we recover all this?

We're going to redo the dance scene that we abandoned, we're going to do it big with all the decorations.

Wait a bit there, it's not possible, the deadline is too short.

Why this ? We have almost everything here! The chorea is done, the decor is done,

we all know the scene! we just go make it grander.

That's not what will make her stay.

Yes I know.

But I made a film for a dancer.

And I won't let her go without that she could achieve her dream.

Excuse me Miss Lambert.

Modified program for tomorrow.

You will not dance this scene!

If you made him stay here, you will destroy his life!

Leave him alone !

You have nothing to offer him in this fortified country!

That's enough !



What is that ?

This is the change program for today.

And my scene that we had to shoot today?

- We don't need it. - Why was it decided without going through me?

With all due respect, Madam, it's me who decides.

You are an amazing actress and it was an honor to work with you.

But this film was not written for you.

Thanks for the scene.


the last few weeks have been the best of my life.

But right after the shooting, Omar and Béatrice take the plane to Paris and...


I'm going to take that plane too.

I can't stay here. I'm sorry.


I need a replacement.

I can not dance. I can not.

Yes I know.

It would be completely crazy that you stay here.

I know. But you have to dance.

Milo you have to dance.

Not for me. It's for...

For you that you have to dance.

I came to get the things of Beatrice, that's all.

So here we are.

I am so happy ! I still can't believe it.

And that dress is so beautiful!

And the director, he is really cute!

You better forget it.

Oh good ? He is married ?

Worse than that.

- Completely madly in love. - From whom?

From the French dancer.

Beatrice's understudy? But she is engaged to Omar.

Yes, that is precisely the problem.

She was already there the year last for a production.

It was there that he fell in love with her.

The day they closed the border, he had an appointment here with her.

He had spent the whole night in a studio to make him a backdrop,

a scene from his favorite movie.

He wanted to surprise her.

But she never came.

She was in a hotel in West Berlin and could not cross the border.


And that's not the worst.

Borgmann is not Borgmann.

He's not a director at all.

He was just an extra.

He had no way of seeing her again.

No address, nothing.

He even tried to cross the border running,

but then he had a better idea.

He took an office here, in the studio, under a false name.

And he made the whole administration believe that he was production manager.

And listen to this. His brother and him wrote the script for Cleopatra,

and edited the whole movie just to let Beatrice return to Babelsberg.

And if Beatrice is back in Babelsberg, so Milo too.

Exactly. You realize ?

This whole movie only exists because...

A little extra fell in love of a dancer's understudy.

Here is.

Get into position.

- His ? - It's recording.

- Camera? - It turns.

Music !

We will fly away.

Stock !

Let the camera roll.

Cheer !

You danced beautifully.

I never should have tried to stop you.

You can pass.


Did she give you the middle finger again?

Yes ! Grandma has always been a naughty girl.

Grandmother ?

In your opinion, what is your grandmother's name?

Grandmother !

Your grandmother,

Is named,


I have to go talk to him.

Wait a bit, you can do it later.

I think you have things more important things to do, right?

That is true !


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