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Published May 21, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

Beauty Money is a brand new Nigerian movie for 2023. The movie is trending and is the latest in the Nigerian nollywood industry. The movie is about a young woman who is trying to make it in the world of modeling. The movie is full of action, drama, and suspense. The movie is sure to keep you entertained.

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I hope it's good news

that'll be all for now


do you

use a yam yum you see


you're not a chick

with so much Vibe panache


it's quite excusable to believe that at

your age

you're still a machine oh no you've

gotten strong I'm just 41 and I'm just




oh my God

I am living with

well I can imagine how boring your

sexual life would be

because she's serious

that's my wife you're talking about


she's my friend she a friend

it's in her husband sorry

she's never essential

she's my friend

really really

yeah come bring the leaves


welcome thank you you're welcome


thank you


some of you

surprise you're surprised to see me


now where is she

where is Hope where is the lady you've

been sleeping with in that room I think

she's about you

where is she

Nelson where is she Sylvia

there is no woman here oh

there is a woman here and that's you


please you really have to try harder

help me convince your friend or Malaysia


I love her so much

and as a matter of fact I can do

anything to win her heart you mean like

buying her a private jet come on no more


like I said I really like your friend

and I can't get her off my mind

as a matter of fact the thought of me

not having her ruined my day every day

what is funny

no but the way you bring those words

together it's

see chasing after omalita is pointless

just give it up already you don't have

to chase her up and down it's not


what are you trying to say

does it mean I don't have a stand with

her it's not what I mean it's not what I



done the job

done the magic and all you need to do is

just to make a move


that's so sudden

what you mean to tell me

is that I don't have to


see omalita is my friend I know how to

get her in accepting things like this I

mean why you know rich girls of all

these days they have their obnoxious

moments too so this is the right moment

for you to get her

wow so just go ahead

really appreciate it ah it's nothing as

a matter of fact I owe you one

who made the whole world come on yeah

you are right maybe I should get you the

private jet

that sounds very nice wow

why shouldn't I say that Sylvia

you batched in on me raining fire and

brimstone over some mystery woman come


are you blaming me

you are the one who left the house ran

to the hotel to stay

so do you want to blame me if I suspect

that you're here with a woman

come on now

that you've satisfied your curiosity

let me tell you I didn't live the house

you practically frustrated me from that


to date

but I thought you were just secretary or

forming our duty but you choose to

interpret it as your heart pleases

are you cheating on me what

what is the question coming from

answer the question

I wonder why you suspect me left right

and Center if that's not what you do

by the way

how did you find my room number



ma excuse me ma

excuse me ma

I'm done for would you what's up you

don't what you doing



thank you boss you are the man thank you

thank God for you that was close but

thank God for you I mean how do I repay

you how do you repay me yes but just

give me all the money in your account

and I'll be fine

I'll just kidding I know Bobby you

deserve more you deserve more do you

know the embarrassment you saved me I'm

in the Scandal I would have been in a

deep mess as it is

but there's something called the

brother's code oh yes I just showed you

the bonus code

it entails protecting your brother

you're my brother and I just protected

you so that's the Box called the

brother's call yes but

what really happened I mean how did she

get to know this hotel wow boss I

honestly cannot say I honestly don't

know I have no idea

it was going to get worse but I had to

stop you there







hurry hurry hurry

so there's a situation right now what

situation your wife is here


how do you know she's my wife that's not

important for now

he's trying to get your room number from

the reception

but wait

the best thing to do is to ask the

guests to leave okay your guest you have

to ask us

or take her out of the hotel myself

it's okay


I mean


that was how I found out and uh

I had to run

as fast as I could



Obi you are a brother thank you boss

become to think of it

I can't remember I ever discussing my

wife with you

or describing her to you so how did you

recognize my instincts boss

my instincts told me


so when she walked into the hotel

I saw her and she was upset she had rage

all over her face

the other day I overheard you speaking

to someone on the phone and you guys

were having a conversation and it was

very obvious to me that uh

you're married to an older lady yeah so

and I also saw her picture

saved on your phone

it was used as your screensaver

that was how I recognize her as your


I'm sorry I had to quickly come here


you just

knew she was my wife like that


I mean

she's light-skinned

and I

it was easy to recognize her and I knew

she was

she was your wife when I saw you know

the energy the rage

the end of

I'm a smart guy now come on

baby I really appreciate this I mean you

saved me from your home

thank you Boss Brothers called Remember


we're just cold yeah but so what what do

you intend to do are you gonna go home


I'll have to take my time before I leave

I'll have to take my time okay

suppose just know that whatever you

decide to do

I have your back

no problems

you are the mind

appreciate boss I go you thank you boss





hey Joy

oh sivia how did you see me

what do you mean by that you standing in

the middle of the street where anyone

can see you my friend what are you doing


yes it's true I will just say







why are you staring at me like that why

am I staring at you really you're still

acting innocent after all the crime you


is he upset is he upset oh no he's happy

how dare you how much were you paid it

wasn't about money obviously so what was

it about

actually I really don't know what

happened for a moment she's still there

looking all innocent

she had this beautiful and Angelic smile

on her face and then suddenly it was

overcasted with sadness bitterness and

regreters she started shedding tears I

didn't realize what happened until she

left with the customers details I just

felt sorry for her my heart went out for

her and that's why I gave it to her

I just felt sorry for her

my heart went sorry for her that's why I

gave it to her wow

Bravo what a well thought out speech

I hope you're going to sound this


when management summons you I think you

imported me to management already are

you going to get upset if he does that


which would you do you know the

magnitude of crime

you committed

if it wasn't for my sweet response and

my intervention do you know all that

happened by the way what did you talk

about it

I didn't say anything about any woman

and she was not even concerned about

that she just wanted to know his room

number and to give him the surprise

visit here that's all oh I didn't say

anything about him on his way

I know you would you

you would have said something to her if

she had asked you

but you're very lucky

you know why

he has decided to drop all the charges

yes but all of that will change the

moment he finds out

you told his wife something about him

say anything about

to move to United

I've been covering you up

would you

I have been covering your ass off okay

fine what do you want how are you going

to pay obviously thank you thank you

enough thank you thank you it's not

enough it's not

you know what to do

would you want to let me have a taste of

you why okay huh

she better make up your mind tonight

to light indeed

you're coming to make demands as if you

saved me from armed robots or kidnappers

come and have a taste of it now




so you haven't told me what you're doing

in this area Joy

yeah I actually came to check out the

piece of land I wanted to buy oh it

wasn't empty close to

what I want oh okay

what did you come and do in this area

for severe my friend to have driven to

this area

sure it must be something very important

and what could that be severe

very important and serious as well

I'm telling you

I went to

King's pool hotel and suites

it's a chicken Nelson

with any woman



I did not

he's lucky he's lucky that I didn't see

him with any woman I paid some people

to keep an eye on him and they did so

they told me that the soul Nelson

driving into that hotel

so I went there and I bashed in on him

and that's it

of course

did you see him with another woman

I don't know

I didn't see him with any woman

what my mind

seriously telling me

that the woman he was within that hotel

had already left before he came in

that's what my mind is sending me


a hotel he found him of your arrival and

so you either

I'm not sure

I'm not sure

I just botched in

so I'm not sure nobody told him anything

I'm sure the person he was staying with

had already left

you know because I'm sure he was there

with somebody with a woman to be


up Syria how did you get past truth from

this and beside

how did you know his room number

ah Joy not you they asked me this kind

of question it is still new Sylvia

of course I get any information I want

to get at any time

I was able to manipulate the young

girl's brain and she just gave it out

she told me my husband's room number

boom I badged in

from him of your arrival no no no no no

he wasn't with


I'm not sure he hidden the person

because I just botched him you know

maybe maybe he's with somebody because

that's what my mind is telling me that

the person had already left before I

came in

but I'm sure the poor girl didn't want

to like you know tell me that my husband

was with a girl you know

to cause problems in my home

but that's all right

I was still catching

maybe he's not cheating as you clean

you know

sorry please close your mouth I beg how

can you talk like that


Nelson the likes women

what is it doing in the hotel counting

they're selling or AC or what come on

now not a talk like that


I'm okay what are you doing here

I'm like uh so you still recognize me

even still remember my name

the first day I came to America's house

you were there I saw you and yeah

do you live around here

of course I know they still decide I

gave monitor this kind of media

oh yeah I can't see

you came to see me

yeah why I hope there's no problem

no problem Sabo know everything was so


I will go outside go sit down


um lead the way



thank you for taking your time to hang

up with me you know it was a beautiful


cool for you

don't you have fun I know you do

speak for yourself

why being called on me after this

beautiful moment you had to come and

please I bet you

the human shorting the halop and just

drive this car and take me back home is

it possible I need some space to break

all right

don't I will treat myself





I think this is making a whole lot of

sense yes it is




wait wait

a friend

how come you know no no

let me say you don't know all this you

know about them at all

yes we are friends

but it's not been long uh Parts crossed


so why are you saying all these things

what do you stand to gain

what's your benefits in this


thing when I on you

don't be about me

let me say about waiting a big game


what do you mean by that

okay I'm all ears talk to me


would you

am I the only Potter in this hotel

listen if you like me

and want to kiss me just tell me just

say it stop pretending obviously

obviously stop putting false ideas into

your head

stop lying to yourself don't you ever

get tired of this topic who's pretending

about liking you okay fine why did you

call me I just left here seven minutes

ago why did you call me to come back

Mr Man I did not call him she did who


















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