June 19, 2024

Partners HealthCare Innovation | Inspirational Advice from Partners Innovators

Published May 24, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

When it comes to healthcare innovation, Partners Healthcare is at the forefront. From developing new treatments and therapies to improving patient care, our innovators are making a difference. Here, we share some of their stories and advice.

As healthcare professionals, we are constantly looking for ways to improve patient care and outcomes. Innovation is key to this process, and at Partners Healthcare, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated innovators who are constantly pushing the envelope.

One of our most recent innovations is our partnership with Mass General Brigham. This partnership has allowed us to create a new type of healthcare delivery system that is more patient-centered and efficient. We are excited about the potential of this partnership and the difference it can make for our patients.

In addition to our work with Mass General Brigham, we are also constantly looking for ways to improve the way we deliver care to our patients. We have developed a number of initiatives that are designed to improve the patient experience, including our Patient-centered Care Model and our efforts to reduce length of stay and readmission rates.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families, and we are grateful to have such a talented team of innovators who are helping us achieve our goals.

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you've studied the biology you've said

the application you've got a vision I

would say just put your head down and do

it I think the successful inventors I

know are very tenacious and they just

stick with this it may take years it

might take ten or fifteen years but the

drive to learn something new to drive to

deliver something for our patients for

patient care

so I'll wrapped up in the same equation

and you'd be surprised if you just hang

in there good things really do happen I

would say the most important thing is to

truly understand the problems that are

worth solving

and that's a personal definition which

means you have to fall in love with a

problem that you're working on you can't

work on actually personally helping to

take care of people without getting

emotional and passionate about it and

what I found is it's that passion is

what carries you through chase the

problem wherever it takes you

and see if you can't then exert your

influence on making the world better by

the solutions that you can develop I

think the one single piece of advice

would be to really explore the

opportunities that we have now regarding

inventions and commercialization and I

think that's that really is the single

piece look at it if it's not for you

don't do it but I almost guarantee that

if you get step into that world you'll

love it because what you do becomes

useful start with a particular patent

that you may have heard of by word of

mouth that's as close as possible to the

area where you're doing your work and

that taking the time to do that

which is a hard work can often be a very

valuable way to augment your journey to

across the chasm to successful

commercialization and impact

what you're doing and as we think about

these rooms it's it's of course they're

physical entities and there's wonderful

names and plaques but today and over the

time we've been here and going to future

or going into the future

these are places where innovation is

occurring and for us it's thinking about

the application of the invention

thinking about the business

relationships that will drive it through

and and bringing ideas to bear on top of

these incredible breakthroughs honestly

my inspiration is just like what this

whole institution is about which is

helping people my driving force was to

see if we could leave it better than we

found it inspiration wise this idea that

maybe my children don't have to suffer

what their grandparents had I think

that's why it makes it feel good on them

inside but I want to go work in an

apartment where people have the courage

to take on all industries and and make

things better so my inspiration is the

makers of the world so my inspiration

really was naturally I ended up in this

environment where there's a lot of

problems and being a scientist you know

this is studio DNA to solve a problem



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