April 15, 2024

Sports Insurance For MTB? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Published May 24, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Arrik Motley

Mountain biking is an increasingly popular sport, and as such, more and more people are looking for insurance specifically designed for mountain biking. Sports insurance for mountain biking can cover you for a variety of eventualities, from loss of equipment to personal injury.

There are a few things to consider when taking out mountain biking insurance. Firstly, what level of cover do you need? There are three main types of mountain biking insurance: third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. Third party only covers you for damages caused to other people or property; third party fire and theft also covers you if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire; and comprehensive cover includes both of these plus cover for your own bike and belongings.

Secondly, what kind of activities will you be doing on your mountain bike? If you only ride on gentle trails, you may not need the same level of cover as someone who regularly takes on more challenging routes. Most insurers will offer different levels of cover depending on the type of riding you do.

Finally, consider any extras you might want to add to your policy. Many insurers offer cover for race entry fees and travel expenses, for example, which can be useful if you plan on competing in mountain bike races.

When choosing mountain biking insurance, it’s important to compare policies from different providers to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. Use an insurance comparison website to get quotes from a range of different insurers, and then use the information you’ve gathered to narrow down your options and choose the right policy for you.

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welcome to another ask GM BM where we're

gonna be tackling your very tough

questions that you put in the comment

section down below this video that will

answer next week but let's deal with the

ones you've put there already

Neil what you're looking forward to what

what sort of question well could come up

that you're like anticipate that's a

Google further than this vid Martin did

you yeah oh no these my fees okay

first why she came in from Daniel silver

so since the Cape Epic is a marathon

like race wise Nino using the UCI World

Champs de I'm not haven't seen II oh do

you know the answer um I feel it's

probably cuz he's Nino sure means do

whatever the hell he likes so like what

I'm interviewing him seen by like granny

wave anyone comes up on the dirt Church

so it's one of his big rivals a Virginie

is the marathon world champ yeah and his

normal trade jersey and that is because

this is a stage horse class ah see

cross-country stage race right is

actually not America it's not America

that's the key point there for Nino

where is it Jersey

yeah well as well at least there's a

good reason other than just blindly

being mean oh sure that's good news

everything that's good

another question here from to know says

how to convince your parents you need a

new bike I'll say hi to convince your

parents you deserve a new bike being a

more pertinent question such a dad

such a dad um it's a great question

though cuz out it odd man and what did I

do when I was young I think I just did I

started building a bit of a story around

why a rally super tough burner would

change not only my life but their lives

and about I think that's what I don't

think about all the positive things you

get from a bike health from Fitness met

positive mental health

fresh air well what I did is I had a

creek rat bike and I was racing I was

starting to do okay and my bike was

falling apart every week so why I

convinced my parents to land me the

money not paying back in winnings no but

once you've got the money you then

you know I did not change the deal yeah

change the deal you sound like Theresa

May yeah yeah that's a good idea it's

great question we could probably a whole

server that and maybe we'll go I'm wait

good now Sam Matson Baca or this one for

Blake actually he says hey player coach

realize a bath is over three hours car

ride away from the Isle of Wight motives

you drive that every day well yes okay

so if you're not familiar in the UK the

Isle of Wight is a little island just

below the sort of mainland of England

and Blake Blake lives there it's

actually no I'm not saying anything bad

about you I like it yes she has to get a

ferry across and then he has to drive

all the way up to Bath which is up on

the sort of the m4 corridor but for a

tween London and Wales this geographies

crazy but basically it's a long road

trip he does it twice a week he comes in

he stays in bath GMB own headquarters so

yeah stays in his tent on top of this

car yeah three days yeah but I tell you

what it's not about I do something

slightly similar and it's not a bad life

coming and staying in bar for a few days

because it is a lovely place I see

UNESCO World Heritage Sites a gorgeous

it's very gorgeous yeah

and you live here too yeah you rock star

you total Robster right next question is

from Chris Williams what model are the

car key North Wave SPD shoes Blake's

been using recently can't find the same

model on this side Neil do you know I do

they're not ask you tissues is a flat

shoes oh okay

I think these are ones you'll go for

excel the ones he's wearing a lot

recently the North Wave tribes to buy a

new flat shoes yes I've got the tribes

on the clans in Tunis malls like loves

them they stink he wears one time yeah

I've got the clans actually in black and

they're very nice they're very nice

they're very nice shoes right sim Bob

sim Bob says I recently had what I call

an almost crash and any confidence is

now ruined and I find myself riding

insanely slowly on the section that I

had the incident please help because

I've turned into an awful rider just

because of an awful crash

an almost crash in almost crashed Serbia

was like a moment of like realization of

how bad saying could've yeah I guess get

away with it yeah what do you think neo

I'd you get your confidence back from a

moment like that why are you asking

right Matt so I hope you just ride your

bike more is always my answer for

confidence it's yeah yeah I know I mean

this wasted it Pat's and skills so maybe

you could try and identify why you

almost crashed it could be bike it could

be maybe your tires a bit soft could be

a whole load of thing so yeah go through

a bit of checklist

check the bike over check your skills

and I'm sure I get more

yeah that's what I'd say I try to

identify what the problem was and then

go back to the beginning a little bit

and try and learn that thing or change

the setup on the bike

I'm also it and that could be the

difference and you start to understand

why you made this don't stress it too

much either you can spend your whole

life looking at why it almost happened

you've get too stressed about it yeah

but a video about it so check this is a

challenge looming in your riding career

like taking the plunge to enter your

first race well what about that riding

adventure you've always dreamed of maybe

you've had a big crash and now you need

to bounce back well this video is going

to give you the tools to build that

confidence to make things happen

it's rammed with advice and insights to

help you make the things you're dreaming

off a reality that guy knows his stuff

what brick Absalon says is it worth

getting insurance if you're

self-employed to protect yourself in

case of injury yes yes simple answer I

didn't used to have it now I know I know

late used to do this and I've looked

into a little bit there's lots of places

you can get it actual insurance that

covers you for mountain bike riding

specifically but also will help you if

you were injured and you missed days of

work and things like that you can come

up with a policy that really works for

you so it's definitely worth doing

because I know it worked for Blake quite

a few times he'd have an injury when we

were working on the same touring sports

tour and you know you have an injury and

suddenly you can't ride on the show for

like five weeks on campaign you're not

earning so he had this cover that would

literally understand what his job was so

I'd say yes worth doing because for

Blake it definitely worked out and I'm

sure for someone like me used to crash

like woodwork to help for me to do if I

reckon I could've been somebody yeah

yeah I'd I'd say it's a good idea

I really would right what about Calum

mclaughlin who's saying i'm looking at

buying a full face helmet but i'm

short-sighted and need to wear glasses I

imagine this would become an issue when

trying to wear goggles I'm thinking

about contacts but I'm not sure how I

feel when he's riding what would you

recommend I know lost people shops like

the ride some people ride with glasses

inside their goggles

yeah can I sing that the double fit I

know Scott used to make and definitely

I'm sure all the brands do as well no

you can't get can you get prescription

lenses with holes you can yes yeah I am

also looked into this a little bit

there's quite a few different ways to do

it special goggles specifically designed

for a prescription lens or you can get

prescription lenses to fit existing kind

of like recognized goggle brands so you

can do it contacts though is probably

the easiest solution if you're

comfortable wearing them but there's God

you know you just kind of got watch out

for it and think that's what also I know

people that arrive with them and after

wear glasses or goggles the whole time

if you get something wrong you can be

better problem yeah yeah but it can be

done so no excuses full face helmet and

get yourself some goals Dan Aston got a

lot faster when he thought wearing

contact lenses he where he's going he

was already pretty fast

mr. ko has got a 20-18 canyon spectral

with 148 back and 150 in front but I saw

the 2019 miles got 10 mil more front

camera yes I've always 150 160

I know I can extend the fork with a new

air piston but can the same be done for

the rear by shortening the shot save

something for the five-minute extra

stroke Wow is the world even the same

way up that was before he started

reading there I'm lost

yes you can the only difference this

bike is the stroke length on the shock

so you can talk to a friendly suspension

center I'm sure they could changes for


thank God you knew the Earth's life back

in the day I was to find my Sacre's v10

had too much travel for me so I ran the

same I'd

I shocked with a shorter stroke no yeah

so that last hole hey can I just ask is

the santa cruz v10 has caught arrives it

looks I know you slot like very much

Neal you do like breaking it that was a

long time ago though I did get my pin

suit me but I can serve because Renny

Steve peat men are real wedding on it

Gooden oh yeah yeah my let's move up I'm

Chris Wood said I'm five foot nine and a

half inch the half symport and that's by

said and looking for a new bike really

like the Nick proof mega 275 yeah but

don't know whether to go medium or large

my current bike is a large 2014 mega TR

reaches four four millimeters on the

current bike on 4 3 5 and 4 7 e on the

newer bikes yeah

CN 173 my current bike seventy five

point five on their new bikes any

suggestion and what side why I would say

this ghost

thanks for preference so I'm almost

exactly same height 510 probably I like

a smallish bikes why I write the medium

need proof mega yes I like a 440 ish

reach but for some people that's too

small they get along the bike so do you

like on the bike gofer Lodge

just want to make sure that you can get

the seat post drop in this it's not too

tall for you seem you're potentially

must get down on a travel on a drop post

good points there good point so I

wouldn't have thought of that actually

I've never ridden a large but yeah

unlike my medium yeah I'm and I tell you

what if you're a fan of Nick proof why

don't we take a look at the old versus

new mega video what the hell have you

brought the trousers you've got the

museum like this is a 2012 heatproof

Magga the original


next one is from will be and he says hi

guys what what would I have to do to be

a man invite journalist like you when

I'm older fell I tell what something

that still aren't I know I know some

people in the building that are mad

about journalists and not not one of

them hasn't written right there bright

although we are really but it's strange

actually because there's lots of roots

into this because you you basically just

need to really love the sport that's all

you need to do because da DS a great


we're both myself and I guess I've put

you similar to me Neal that we're we're

both like huge infuse yes of the riding

Dottie absolutely loves the tech he

absolutely lurked he lives for it so

it's easy for him to talk right yeah

because he just can't stop himself I'm

the same about kind of like the vibe of

riding and the places I can't help

myself and the people and and you're

kind of right in the middle of the race

Aaron wait yeah I mean we've got is it

going to it from the right side Donny I

remember back in the day him come was

very first magazine shoot missile forced

his way into the door of the of the Brit

big British magazine a time just by

being super enthusiastic and extending

the messages emails just being really

proactive by doing it so anyone can do

it you just caught us off be really

enthusiastic I'm blind your gateway of

getting it yeah and I mean I think it's

one of those industries that you've just

gotta let people know that you really

love it and if you keep telling them

they will go let's give this guy a

chance you know let's try out you know I

mean but you know just love the sport

and that comes through show that show

them and I think does that mean I can

now say cuz don't answer that question

I'm like a journalist now yeah no I look

journalist quite a nice questions on my

planet something in a minute with honor

is it worth buying a full size from

zombie plant is it worth buying a full

suspension bike your first bike if you

start as an adult

yeah that's why not yeah why not yeah

you definitely got me but I but I

wouldn't say it's a bad idea by a

hardtail because it's super fun dart

great great design yeah cheaper earth

probably way

getting into my bike in and then maybe

deciding you want the full sponge bike

after a lot people don't nice down hard

towels just a quiz is there any is there

any utility in starting to understand

suspension by getting a hardtail front

suspension bike so you start to

understand suspension before you've got

it on both ends and you don't really

know what's going I always used to say

that now I've mellowed better thing if

you get a good boy knows it's gonna be

great so you don't really you're not

really suffering for jumping start on

full spectrum boy but yeah I think it's

true that there's actually not many

terrible bikes out there these days yeah

I think if you go to bike shop you gonna

start to get a bad bike if you go onto a

catalog shop or online yeah I do then or

do you buy you breakfast yeah next up we

have got rockers who says I'm twenty

stone I have an XC bike am I too heavy

starting to enjoy and want to hit some

proper trails but yeah it's 20 stone to

pretty big I tell you what some bikes do

have weight limits and some components

have weight limit so I did look on the

Cadi website there's no information

there but I asked dotty he knows

everything and he says that some things

so like something like a carbon bar I

would go and check on their website on

their brands website so I would

definitely check because there are some

weight names I never see it more on eBay

actually they give you a total limit

these are the body kind of rider

combined mountain bike is do but they're

not quite as easy to find so back to get

in touching the manufacturer yeah see my

answer would be slightly different am I

allowed to put that one out there um I

would say you're twenty stone you wanna

hit some hard proper trails do it like

go for it I think you'll probably be

fine if not make sure you're running a

camera so we get it footage of that and

if you really go for it you won't be

twenty stone for very long true and

that's how I go about it but I'm not

necessarily the right answer on this one

right time for some correct me if I'm

wrong switch I really like taking a look

at um if you've got anything you would

like to be judged on judged is a hard

word yeah we can take a look at it if

you send us a video into our GM be an

uploader there's a correct me if I'm

wrong section

put it in there we'll take a look and

then maybe you'll be on the show next

week and we'll be giving you a few hints

and tips of what to do bath yeah yeah I

could work vice for God's refuse this

week Ashley and this guy's a trained

coach that's actually what you used to

do after he wasn't racist that's like

dirt fern living and fast mantle people

paid this guy food to hear what you had

to say what more could you ask or write

who've we got first Sean is riding his

Orange Crush is that an REM song Orange

Crush it should be alright here's

starting to write gap jams how could I

do this better right let's never look

it's kind of a sketch you run into this

I'll watch this boom yeah it's got a

little bobble before they have a lumpy

bum I would say go steady because your

see I like the bike squad level there so

actually the you casing that little bit

over the front with its landing flap a

massive big long drop to file

yeah so life can cause some issues

because of the way a third go whatever

the second one so on the way in you're

trying to paddle over bump that messed

about third one is bad yeah here we go

remember run in yeah decent and you know

I think it's the biggest difference in

there that I think's to worth noting is

on that third run you're not trying to

pedal through those pre jumps yeah

you're you're letting the bike Rolf room

I've just been watching a video actually

that we've got coming out soon of one of

the top down ill is in the world and I

spoke to Tom Grundy who filmed it and he

said it was very frustrating watching

him because the guy never pedals yeah

and he said it just looks like he's

going slow all the time but he clearly

isn't going slow but it's because he

just doesn't pedal fresh just Prince a

bigger yes yes yes but that's coming up

not gonna talk about anyway because I

don't wanna ruin the surprise but yeah

right next up we have got another

correct me if I'm wrong I've got a

couple this week from Simona who's

riding in bikepark Wales

great place to ride unpack your he's on

his mater 4.2 and basically stride

transition from bloom routes in the Reds

Neil yeah and that means he's gonna be

tackling some bigger jumps some more

challenging things he looks like he's

doing alright actually

here he comes rolling down through the

trail hitting his first big jump it's

not a good shape he lands that into that

boom no I say it's almost a bit of a hit

back yeah yeah

sparking the rate of right that's

definitely um what would you say is a

good bit of advice if you're thinking

about that you feel like you want to

take on those you've got a bit of fear

of that next level of trail how do you

do it how do you start to like work out

should I drop in eventually you've got

press the Sun button and do it but

what's that

some people do it too early ponds but

Simoni as it looks so confident they're

really nice and smooth

why say doing that hip so that shows me

that it's not stressing about yeah jump

in that jump too much he's looking ahead

so yeah make sure you comfortable and

then ascend by fabulous yeah don't miss

out on the chance to send us something

or correct me if I'm wrong so remember

that G and being uploader if you've got

any questions for us for next week's

show then put them in the comment

section down below for it yeah there's

there's so many things we want to talk

to you guys about so let us know what

you want to hear or see any videos click

over here for the Patagonia a pit ride

me and play Brian rainbow in a great

time yeah and we've got Blake's vlog

just here where he was out on that trip

having a great time the old subscribe

button that's there for a reason they'll

miss out on the chance and give us a

thumbs so see you next time


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