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Gervonta Davis LUXURY Lifestyle 2023 - Model Girlfriend, Mansion & Super Cars

Published May 9, 2023, 5:40 a.m. by Bethany

gervonta davis is one of the most talented athletes in the world. He has a net worth of $8 million and is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. He started his career as a teen hunter and now he is a professional boxer. He has a luxurious lifestyle and is known for his super cars and girlfriends. Here is a look at his lifestyle and some of the things he likes:

gervonta davis' luxurious lifestyle includes a $2 million mansion in downtown Chicago, a $2 million car collection, and a $1 million dollar watch collection. He also has a $1 million dollar account in Bank of America.

He enjoys luxury items such as a $1,000 per night hotel stay, $100,000 for a day at the spa, and $100,000 for a day at a horse farm. He also owns a $2 million dollar yacht.

He has several super cars including a $1.5 million Lamborghini Aventador, a $500,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a $350,000 Ferrari 488 Spider.

He has multiple girlfriends including socialite Chrissy Teigen, singer Rihanna, and model Emily Ratajkowski.

gervonta davis is one of the most successful athletes in the world and he has a luxurious lifestyle to show for it. He loves spending his money on luxury items such as cars, hotels, and clothes. He is known for his super cars and girlfriends, and he has a lot of money to show for it.

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I was so much in love with the sport you

know then I got a little older and

saying that I can make money out of it

being one of the greatest boxers around

has its perks and javonta Davis is

definitely living the good life with big

winnings comes a big lifestyle and this

can be anything from his car collection

base camp house and a secret tattoo

here's a look at javonta Davis's

lifestyle Davis had a troubled

upbringing as he is from the streets of

Baltimore but he found purpose at the

age of five when he started boxing his

father was in prison and his mother was

struggling with drug addiction so

javonta and his other brothers were

placed in protective custody at a young

age and by 2012 javonta had an amateur

record of 206 wins and 15 losses and he

had won the 2012 National Golden Gloves

Championship two National Junior Olympic

gold medals and three consecutive

National Silver glove championships at

the age of 18 He Turned professional and

he was signed onto Floyd Mayweather's

emotional company Davis credits his

childhood in the gym for his

determination and success Davis stated

if it wasn't for the gym I would have

been out in the neighborhood running

wild but most of the time I was out of

town at tournaments because I was

winning so much another person that

Davis attributes his success to is none

other than his coach Calvin Ford you

know Calvin he bear with me since I was

seven I used to sleep in coach

government house I used to sleep at his

job I was working at a seafood

restaurant in Baltimore when I had the

train tank when I want to get in trouble

and I want to make sure we was together

I should take him and work with me and

hit you all everybody know everybody

know I'm at work remember Calvin used to

fuss at the guys that was coming up with

me and they was in the streets a lot he

was telling them like you can't have one

feet in and one feet out you gotta be

like all the way in it like focus on the

goal you know and them guys they went

left and

um Unfortunately they they got killed

you weigh the odds out like that do you

want to go to jail or you wanted to live

that's the whole idea to come to the

boxing gym if I ain't had the people I

had around me like the people that

started with me and things like that I

probably would have been off the scene

for a long time wow with his great

success has become all sorts of

opportunities and winnings with a net

worth of six million dollars there's no

limit of what you can do or buy and

Davis has no problem spending his

well-earned winnings of course riding in

style is a priority for any celebrity

and tank made sure that he rides in

personal lifestyle Davis has a

personalized tank car with huge leather

seats in the front and back and off-road

tires to tackle any terrain the car even

comes with his personalized GTD branding

while that alone would be enough for

most people there's still plenty of room

in Davis's garage as he also has a 330

000 Rolls Royce Lamborghini Urus SUV

Ferrari 458 Corvette Stingray and his

rather modest Range Rover if bling is

your way to get yourself Wrecking

recognize Davis definitely makes a

statement with his collection of jewelry

and accessories that is considered to be

worth millions on their own his

collection includes diamond encrusted

necklaces rings and expensive watches

crazily enough someone actually broke

into his house and stole pieces from his

collection after it happened Davis

reached out to the public by posting yo

somebody broke into my house here in

Cali I stole my jewelry if somebody

tries to sell it let me know the watch

and chain that was stolen were worth

over 7 million dollars which is more

than most people will ever see at one

time living in luxury isn't complete

without mentioning someone's house and

Davis has himself a nice mansion to

enjoy his winnings in while not much is

known about his actual residence the

Mansion he uses as a base camp in La is

lavish enough to know that wherever he

stays during his off time has got to be

Magnificent the Las Vegas Strip is

completely visible from Tank's base camp

mansion and even comes with his own

jacuzzi a swim swimming pool and a

basketball court after getting a private

tour of Davis's base camp boxing news

channel es news described it as very

relaxing it's like you're in a resort

like you're on an island somewhere but

you're in the middle of a city in a busy

place like Vegas while tattoos are

becoming more common in the world that

doesn't mean they have gotten any

cheaper and Davis who dropped a good

amount of money on his to cover himself

from head to toe with some of the most

stylish ink you'll see in the Ring Davis

has 20 separate pieces and he's not

looking to stop anytime soon some of

them include one that reads blast on his

neck a gorilla's face on his chest and a

pair of boxing gloves on his bicep the

count also includes the hidden secret

Playboy Bunny Tattoo that he's got under

his right forearm low on his body Davis

also has a woman's portrait tattooed on

his leg and on his right thigh there is

a thriller tribute for Michael Jackson

while money is a big perk of being one

of the best boxers out there there's

also another side to Davis's life Davis

is married to Instagram model Vanessa

Pozo and they have a daughter together

named Giovanna Vanessa has over 720 000

followers on Instagram and she models

for multiple different brands with

fashion Nova being one of the biggest

she also has her own jewelry company

named rich girls and they have been

selling body chains and silver jewelry

since 2010. an interesting Flex is the

fact that Davis actually received a pet

from his older brother and it's not just

any pet though it's actually a pet

monkey with a week left in his training

camp for his fight against Ryan Garcia

his older brother bought him a pet

monkey and Davis immediately accepted it

as part of his new persona he even named

it bubbles Davis wasted no time in

trying to have bubbles be part of the

team and he even gave him a mini

training session during his break while

javonta has had successful friendships

with some of boxing's great his falling

out with Floyd Mayweather seems to be

the most significant Davis met

Mayweather in 2015 and may with her

promotions helped Davis reach a record

of 26 wins and zero losses before Davis

decided to part waves with the promotion

in 2022 to join his longtime advisor Al

Haymon Floyd seemed to understand this

promotion did exactly what it was

supposed to do and he had nothing bad to

say about the fighter Floyd stated

there's nothing like taking a kid that

comes from the same background as you

helping them and putting them in a

position to become a multi-millionaire

however Davis and Mayweather are now

back on good terms Davis is also a huge

hip-hop fan and he's even gone as far to

walk out to the ring with hip-hop

artists besides him in 2020 Davis walked

up with Lil Uzi for his match after that

he walked out with rappers such as

little baby Lil Durk and even Chief Keef

what type of stuff is in the headphones

I listen to a lot of like uh baby this

little baby I listened to uh

that's the Baltimore artist named OTR

Chaz Roddy uh Roddy ranks


I listen to a lot of people it's the

future meat this is a lot of people

listen a lot of people I like to listen


um to guys that's coming up hey them

guys be Ashley like good yeah I like to

catch them before that before the buzzes

and let people know like I was on there

before y'all yeah relax yeah I've been

on this yeah yeah Davis even walked out

to a speech by Jay-Z in 2023 the speech

stated everything in life is for your

greatest good no matter how difficult it

seemed at the time everything is for

your greatest good just teaching you

discipline so you can receive your

blessing see I'm From The Bottom from

the mud it doesn't matter if you're from

Brooklyn or from Baltimore all that

matters is that you believe in yourself

when no one else will with a knockout

ratio of 90 one might wonder what kind

of workouts Davis might do but it seems

as though workouts aren't the only key

to his success while cardio Shadow

Boxing and strength training are the

keys to his success his diet is a strict

one Davis mentioned that he sticks to a

strict Spartan diet where lean proteins

vegetables and healthy fats are eaten

every four hours breakfast usually

consists of turkey bacon with eggs and

mixed Peppers lunch includes proteins

such as tuna with spinach along with a

light snack and dinner is salmon

potatoes and either broccoli or

asparagus anyone who thinks the diet

isn't important should definitely check

in with Davis while he's training if you

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