April 21, 2024

‘This is not what politics is about’ | Jacob Rees-Mogg criticises green taxes and water rationing

Published May 9, 2023, 8:40 p.m. by Courtney


jacob reesmogg criticises green taxes and water rationing

Jacob Rees-Mogg has criticised the government's plans to impose a water tax and green taxes, saying that politics is not about these things.

The Conservative MP for North East Somerset said that the focus of politics should be on creating jobs, reducing taxes, and ensuring that the country is run efficiently.

He said that the government's plans were "not about governing the country, but about imposing a new tax and green agenda on the British people".

Mr Rees-Mogg added that he was "alarmed" by the government's plans, and warned that they could damage the economy.

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the government seems to be wanting to

make people's life difficult whereas I

think we should be trying to make it

easy so we've had announcements today

that rationing water will be coming in

so that anyone who uses over 55 000

gallons will be charged at four pounds

for every 220 gallons above that a 166

percent increase but we know in this

country there is no shortage of water

there may be leaks there may be

incompetent water companies but we have

plenty of water but in the name of the

green economy consumers voters electors

must be punished because it doesn't fit

with what their masters want them to do

surely this is not what politics is

about we're seeing the same with cars

cars petrol cars in this country are

supposed to be phased out stop being

sold from 2030 but even the EU that

famous Bastion of freedom and

Independence and deregulation isn't

going to ban it until 2035 and then has

just announced that there will be a

scheme said if you have efficient fuel

you'll be able to carry on making and

selling petrol cars for once we should

be grateful to the interests of the

German car industry

but electric cars are still very

expensive and there's no evidence that

they will be cheap by 2030. so why are

politicians putting penalties on the

people that we expect to vote for them

why are we making people poorer and it's

not just water and cars we've also had

an announcement today that landlords

will be penalized if their houses don't

meet certain standards so instead of

tenants deciding whether they're going

to rent a place and taking into account

what standard is is at this will be set

by the government and government and

will find landlords heavily if they

don't meet certain standards whereas

actually if you're a tenant you may find

that you're happy to pay a lower rent

and have higher energy bills surely that

should be a choice that you make a

market Choice otherwise

landlords will leave the market putting

up the rate of rents for people who are

already squeezed because we're in the

middle of a cost of living crisis and

then the silliest idea of all is the

green border tax this will be a tax on

Imports making the goods that we buy

that aren't made in this country more

expensive again why are we doing this in

the midst of a cost of living crisis

high water prices higher car prices

higher rental prices and higher import

prices and we import so much of the

basics that we use that this will be a

fundamental problem

for all the voters all the electorate

all the British people who will find

that their standard of living is reduced

now the climate change committee is very

keen on this it has said that the heat

is on the government to show grit and

determination to address the negative

impacts that the climate change will

continue to have on our daily lives I

don't think that's right I think it's

for individuals to decide how to lead

their own lives and this comes to the

fundamental Point what is politics for

why do people go into politics well it

seems to me that the main reason for

being a politician is to take the

obstacles out of the way of people so

they can lead the lives they choose to

lead so to deal with the green issues we

need new technology and things that

bring down costs for people not penal

charges on water on Imports on cars on

renting we want to be taking the

obstacles out of people's way that is

the fundamental Challenge and currently

our scramble to Net Zero before the

technology is ready wishing the end but

before working out the means is simply

going to make people's lives more

difficult and that's not why I went into

politics it's not why I asked people to

vote for me I don't want my constituents

to be poorer and colder but of course I

want to know what you at home think

please get in touch as always email me

at mailmog GB news


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