June 8, 2023

Lighting the Way for Wellness: Education. Community. Action.

Published May 17, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

It’s time to light the way for wellness education and community action! DBSAlliance.org is leading the charge with a wide range of programs, resources, and partnerships that are making a difference in the lives of people affected by depression and bipolar disorder.

Through our work, we’re shining a light on the importance of wellness education and community action. Here’s a look at some of the ways we’re making an impact:

We’re partnering with schools and universities to promote wellness education and prevention programs.

We’re working with businesses to create workplace policies and programs that support employees with mental health conditions.

We’re teaming up with faith-based organizations to break down the stigma around mental illness and promote healing and recovery.

We’re collaborating with law enforcement agencies to improve responses to people in crisis and connect them with treatment and support services.

And we’re supporting individuals and families affected by mental illness with information, resources, and referrals to services.

This is just a snapshot of the work we’re doing to promote wellness education and community action. We know that when we work together, we can make a real difference in the lives of people affected by mental illness.

Join us in lighting the way for wellness education and community action!

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In 2021, the Depression and Bipolar Support  Alliance reached more than 2 million people  

with free educational materials support groups,  and tools to support them on their journey to  

wellness. Today I want to tell you about one  person's personal story of finding mental health  

wellness through DBSA when Vanessa Harris found  the depression and bipolar support alliance she  

told us her heart exploded with joy and relief.  Vanessa, a Chicago resident, said that in 38 years  

of living with bipolar disorder not once was she  able to find a Black therapist. That's why she was  

overjoyed when she found DBSA support groups  created four members of the black community  

who live with mood disorders. After attending  several meetings Vanessa said her support group  

feels like a second family and she adds that  quote "I know that I have a group of people  

who have had experiences similar to mine that I  can lean on people who understand where I'm coming  

from and can help me get to where I want to be.  For thousands of people around the United States,  

the Depression and Bipolar Support  Alliance is lighting the way for wellness  

through our unique approach which centers on the  experiences of people living with mood disorders.  

We empower countless people each year to get  where they want to be a place of stability  

community connection and wellness. In 2021,  more than 17,000 people downloaded the  

Wellness Wheel and the Wellness Tracker the  newest additions to DBSA's wellness toolbox.  

More than 3,600 parents and caregivers downloaded  Mood Crew activities designed to help children  

understand and process their emotions.  Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic,  

our community is stronger and more connected than  ever before. Our 111 chapters and 400 support  

groups helped more than 320,000 people on their  journey to mental health wellness in 2021. We  

transitioned our online community for parents  and caregivers to a new platform to allow for  

more interaction and enhanced support for those  caring for children who live with mood disorders  

we also took action alongside a coalition  of mental health advocates in response to  

the mounting mental health crisis in the United  States. In congress working with other advocacy  

partners, we saw the introduction of three sets of  bills critical to the expansion of peer support.  

They addressed Medicare reimbursement for peer  support services, the expansion of veteran support  

services in the health care system, and funding  for virtual peer support services as we transition  

from this public health emergency DBSA is also  working to address a wide range of other issues  

including mental health parity the implementation  of the new 988 crisis line and expansion of  

crisis support services and the continuation of  mental telehealth services. We also amplified  

the voices of people living with mood disorders  through peer councils and research stakeholder  

committees where thousands of researchers and  policymakers learned from the peer perspective  

we accomplished so much thanks to the support  of so many we are grateful to those of you who  

volunteered your time your talents and your  resources and now we're asking all of you to  

join the movement for mental health. Take action  with us by donating your time or your financial  

resources to DBSA you light the way for wellness  for people like Vanessa and all people living with  

depression or bipolar disorder by providing  them with hope help support and education.


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