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Simple, quick and easy homemade dog food recipe | Dog Nutrition Lessons | Ep 11.

Published May 17, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

As a dog nutritionist, I often get asked about homemade dog food recipes. While there are many great recipes out there, I wanted to share a simple, quick and easy recipe that you can make at home.

This homemade dog food recipe is packed with nutrients and is perfect for dogs of all ages. It is also a great option for those who are looking for a grain-free diet for their dogs.

The ingredients in this recipe are all-natural and provide your dog with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. I also love that this recipe is easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

If you are looking for a nutritious and delicious homemade dog food recipe, then look no further! This recipe is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

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what's up all you cool dogs and

i'm the dog nutritionist and today we

are going to be making an everyday

really healthy dog food recipe this is

not a complete recipe complete recipes

are the superfood recipes that give your

dog all the possible nourishment they

could need all in one meal but this meal

unlike the complete meal is just

designed to give your dog the day-to-day

nourishment complete meals every day i

do not recommend it's not the most

natural form of feeding overloading the

dog with every nutrient they could ever

need all in one day that is not natural

feeding to a mammal i've made a video on

why you shouldn't necessarily feed your

dog complete recipes every single day if

you want to learn more about that please

click the link at the end of this video

this is one standard recipe and you can

find standard recipes in my nutrition

guide which you can download there's a

link in the description

right let's get to it these everyday

extremely healthy recipes you can make

with ingredients

most generally you can find around the

house liver you might not have in your

house so i'd recommend buying some liver

you can then put it in the freezer

and then take individual livers out at a

time to just chuck them into the meal

they are the multivitamin of the meal

without liver this would be just a quick

recipe a leftovers recipe that you

should feed your dog maybe once or twice

a week but this meal we want to be using


three to four times or three to four

days per week

obviously you'd need to vary the

ingredients a bit to ensure the balance

we've got the water boiling over there

whilst that's boiling we're going to

chop up our

meat just into small chunks as always

the reason being if the chunks are too

big the dog can separate the meat from

the veg which they tend to do because

most dogs do prefer meat that's from

their carnivorous background so they are

inclined to pick out the good bits some

dogs obviously if you've got a labrador

or a golden retriever they don't

discriminate between foods they will go

in or nearly all of them if you want the

quantities get the guide the link is in

the description we're using two chicken

breasts today the guide also contains

batch amounts which means you can make

these recipes

one day and they could last for two

weeks so it's just

makes your life a whole lot easier

chicken is a lean meat so we will be

mixing it with some really healthy oils

we're just going to use extra virgin

olive oil today

um your other options are hemp seed oil

coconut oil

mct oil which is probably the healthiest

of the lot okay now for our multivitamin

the chicken liver

just a couple chicken livers in this


nice and small chunks

it's not that gruesome for those of you

who are

less inclined to handle raw meat

vegetarians and vegans remember this is

best for your dog

i know it's probably quite a strenuous

task for you but

it is a natural diet for a dog

okay so it's probably taken about two

minutes to chop up the water has boiled

in that time we're going to chuck all

the meat into the water

and probably that will take around

five to seven minutes it really does not

take very long

all right in the meantime whilst that's

boiling we are going to grate the

vegetables the reason why we're grating

them is to make them into unavoidable

sized chunks thinly grating them just

helps the dog break the vegetable down

and helps the digestive system to

extract the nutrients

so we're going to do a carrot and a

chunk of broccoli

okay there's probably enough carrot


raw broccoli i've mentioned this before

in previous videos is a cruciferous

vegetable that is high in sulfurophane

raw broccoli has 10 times more

sulfurophane in it than cooked broccoli

and that is important sulfurophane is an

anti-cancer food compound so the more of


you can get into your dog's diet the

more you can help

support them don't grate your fingers

into the food

although i imagine your dog wouldn't

bat an eyelid

okay okay

we've sieved out our meat

should be still nice and warm then what

we're going to do is take the veg and

just chuck it in there mix it all


mix this all together

okay so the remaining ingredients we

have our egg uh just crack that in and

keep the eggshell we're gonna use that

as our calcium sauce

crush the eggshell chop it up into nice


fine bits raw feeders you can use a

raw meaty bone a small bone like a

chicken wing or a small duck neck per

500 grams of food will ensure you're

getting the balance of calcium


nice and fine

into the mix

okay so

we've got our veggie our egg our calcium

and our meat now all we need to do is

add the oil this is a lean meat we have

to supplement this meal with a bit of

added fats to ensure that the dog is

getting the energy that it it requires

from the food


another option

with this meal you can bolster it with

some carbs

i i don't normally recommend dogs eat

carbs every single day but having said

that you can find some really healthy

carbs that you can bolster the meal with

occasionally and your dog will get some

amazing health benefits from those for

example a bit of cooked sweet potato if

you have any of that

lying around you want to make it no more

than 15 to 20 percent of the meal and

only do it a few times a week not every

day so

mix the egg in we're going to pour our


oils into the meal

mix that up

very nice


last but not least we have my meal

topper this meal topper

it's to help boost the overall nutrition

profile of the meals it does also

contain nice smelling herbs like thyme

and sage which your dog

will will smell and get stimulated by

in this supplement we've got pumpkin

seeds thyme cranberry papaya reishi

mushroom nettles seaweed

all of the ingredients i've picked

myself to help boost the overall

nutrition profile of your dog's meal it

helps ensure that you know they're not

going to miss out on any of those vital

nutrients and they're also you know

really functional foods papayas

digestive enzymes which helps

your dog actually get the most out of

the meal you've got

mushrooms which are known to support

immune system

cranberries good source of copper it's

just such a well-rounded simple and

tasty supplement that you can add to

your dog's meal

so we've mixed it all in together

if you want to add a little bit of sweet

potato or some whole grain rice maybe

you can do that we're going to we're

going to do that today

now all that's left is to put it into

the bowl and feed the dog so i'm just

going to portion out a little bit into

this bowl

save some for later

and then

just to top it all off put the cherry on

the cake we've got some left over sweet

potato you can use whole grain rice if

you have some available bit of sweet


butternut squash or cooked beetroot all

of those ingredients need to be cooked

and just

slot them in

wunderbar if you want

you can also add some sardines in water

a little bit of fish this is

very extra but

why not the best of the best for your


there we have it we've added

a little bit of sardine and water

omega-3 sauce it's a fish-based omega-3

sauce which means it contains the dha

fatty acids these are the ones that

provide us and our dogs with the

associated health benefits over let's

say flaxseed oil or chia seeds which


ala and epa which have less of the

associated health benefits so

look at this meal it is super healthy

it's delicious

and simple to make your dog is going to

love you for making these meals

watch the video on why your dog doesn't

need a complete meal every single day

the link is here

i hope you've enjoyed watching my name's

cam i'm the dog nutritionist

like and subscribe download the free dog

nutrition guide and i'll see you on the

next video


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