May 29, 2023

the PERFECT Data Science resume

Published May 19, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

There are a lot of articles out there on how to write the perfect resume. But what if you're looking to get into data science?

Here are some tips on how to write the perfect data science resume:

1. Start with a strong summary.

Your resume should start with a strong summary that outlines your skills and experience in data science.

2. Highlight your technical skills.

Make sure to highlight your technical skills in data science, such as programming languages, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

3. Don't forget to showcase your projects.

Be sure to include any relevant projects you've worked on in your resume. This is a great way to show off your skills and experience in data science.

4. Tailor your resume for each job.

When you're applying for data science jobs, it's important to tailor your resume for each position. This means specifying your experience and skills that are relevant to the job you're applying for.

5. Use keywords.

In order to get your resume noticed by employers, be sure to use keywords that are relevant to data science. This will help your resume show up in searches when employers are looking for candidates with your skills and experience.

following these tips, you can be sure that your data science resume will stand out from the rest.

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hello today we are talking about all

things resumes so i just went through

this entire process where i was

revamping my resume applied to different

roles and i just started at a new

company about three months ago best

decision i've ever made it's a startup

called drizzly that's under uber i've

thoroughly enjoyed all of my time and

honestly getting in front of the

interviewers is the most important part

and your resume is your gateway to doing

that so you need to have the best resume

especially in tech it's so competitive

so let's go through everything you need

to know i'm going to go through

non-negotiables your resume structure

and my exact resume i only applied to

about 10 different startups and

literally 80

of them got back to me and i think it's

just because i've gained my resume in

the right way so let's get straight into

it let's go into non-negotiables before

we even think about structuring your

resume if you have less than 10 to 15

years of work experience your resume

better be one page that's it literally a

non-negotiable two there's a very big

difference between embellishing your

work kind of adding a little something

in there and lying about your work do

not lie about your work don't take

credit for other people's projects

that's just a big no the third if you're

listing like literally 20 to 30

different technical skills out you

better know every single one of those

skills immaculately if you're gonna

waste so much of your precious resume

space because you have such limited

space in your resume i'd rather know the

top five skills or the top 10 skills

that you're extremely proficient in like

if you've literally written in

javascript once please don't add that to

your resume you want to use the skills

space to really tailor your story and

show them what you're the most

proficient at and what you're hoping to

add to their team and last

non-negotiable like if you just have a

blank piece of paper that you started

writing your resume out in that's a big

note you want to look as professional as

possible and honestly i got my resume

template off of etsy literally five

dollars best five dollars i've ever

spent because it is such a beautiful

resume with all of the formatting done

for me already so just make sure you

have the right resume format and

template going into the structure of

resumes my resume has four headers work

experience technical skills education

and interest i added these because

that's what made the most sense to me

but my previous resume headers include

projects publications and so many

different things because i was straight

out of college trying to get my first

job and i had a different set of skills

then right now i really wanted to

emphasize my work experience as well as

my technical skills and use the interest

section to show them who i am as a

person other sections that you can

include are summary projects

certifications as well as your

publications if you want to you really

have to figure out what kind of

narrative you're trying to create there

is no set way to go about this and i

know a lot of people talk about needing

a summary section honestly i don't see

much of a benefit from a summary section

that's why i included interest because

my interests show them who i am and my

work experience speaks to my

qualifications as a good data scientist

so i never really had to summarize it

because once you talk to me you know

what kind of person i am the kind of

teams i fit into the kind of work i do

so i just want my resume to get me in

front of someone so i could really wow

them in the interview process okay let's

start with work experience the first

thing you have to stop being vague the

amount of resumes i've seen where people

are vague and they say that they did a

project but i don't understand why that

project's important how it relates to

the larger company goals and what the

quantified results of that project were

tell me what you did why you did it and

what the quantified results are all in

one point you really want to quantify

your results and showcase all of the

specialized skills that you've gained or

used throughout this project let's go

through my first point as an example

spearheading research and creation of a

new anomaly detection production level

python model to better detect and

prioritize metering equipment issues by

severity within 40 000 plus nielsen

homes to ensure highest quality panelist

data for nielsen's tv ratings research

involves decision trees clustering auto

encoders feature engineering so this is

a mouthful but this really sums up a

massive undertaking the biggest project

i've ever worked on something i

completely did by myself designed start

to finish and i go into how impactful

this is going to be this is a first

machine learning model that could

potentially impact nielsen's tv ratings

by ensuring data quality and nielsen's

tv ratings are the biggest thing that

they do at the company so honestly like

this is just about showing them the

value of your work and relating the

direct like output of your work to some

larger company goal so never forget talk

about what you did why you did it and

what the results were and relate all of

that to the company goal if possible

that's the structure you should have for

each point the next part of work

experience i'd say don't include more

than two to three different experience

headers if you have way more potentially

just list them at the bottom of your

work experience as other roles 2015 to

2018 include and just list your other

roles in the company those roles were in

i'd say a good rule of thumb 40 of your

resume should be work experience 20 to

30 skills like you really want about 70

to 80 of your resume really emphasizing

your work in however many headers that

requires whether you want to split it

between work experience projects etc

really like think 70 to 80 the other 20

show them who you are as a person what

you do outside of work and why that

makes you a better fit for this role the

last point i will say about work

experience is that you really want to

detail the most important projects that

you've worked on under each header and a

great way to do this and really

personalize this to the role you're

applying to have a master resume

template with like you know two three

pages every possible point you could

have in it that would be your master

template and choose the right points

based on the job description of the role

you're applying to so having a master

resume template that has every possible

point you can use tailoring that to the

job description and creating a

personalized resume for that role while

it may take you an extra 10 minutes is

so worth it and i think that's why

people reached out back to me because i

tailored my resume to exactly what they

were looking for in the role based on my

previous work just a quick interjection

to remind you to smash the like button

subscribe if you haven't already help

the youtube algorithm thank you moving

on to the next section technical skills

this is a very important section if

you're in tech and i personally really

wanted to emphasize communication and my

storytelling skills using the data

personally as a data scientist my

ability to communicate with different

stakeholders really design a project end

to end not just the code but also

describe why this is so valuable to the

company is probably my biggest skill and

that's really what i wanted to emphasize

in this section of course i program

mostly in python i build machine

learning models end to end like of

course i'm good maybe not good but i am

decent at coding and i really wanted to

use this section to talk about how i

really enjoy learning quickly how i love

communicating my findings and how i love

being part of that end-to-end process so

for doing that i just list the skills

i'm good at you know the python the data

visualization the querying but then i

have a quick short sentence that says i

am a fast and enthusiastic learner who

enjoys synthesizing large amounts of

research and data insight into a concise

and robust story for presentations to

stakeholders and white papers i really

wanted to emphasize that so that's what

i did here and you should do whatever

you think is right for you but you need

to figure out what the narrative you're

trying to tell us and show them how

you're different from every other

candidate for me it was really my

writing and storytelling moving on to

education this one is honestly very

straightforward include your education i

just included that i graduated with

honors i co-founded a student

organization on campus i was a science

writer that had a publication and i

included some relevant coursework

because again i'm only 2.5 years out of

college so this is pretty relevant for

me and lastly the interest section

honestly this was so important to me

because this entire section shows my

entrepreneurial side and it just paints

a picture of who i am what i do with my

free time i think that's so important

because you really want to distinguish

yourself from other people and i think

an interest section is a way better

place to do that rather than a summary

section but that's just my opinion i

think the fact that i am an educational

content creator things like that just

show that i'm so passionate about things

like outside of work as well personally

like education whether it's at work or

outside is probably one of my biggest

pillars and i really wanted to emphasize

that because that's what i care about

constant learning and then i talked

about being an ap independent research

mentor which i did for about eight to

ten months where i literally mentored a

student on

creating a classification model between

stars and galaxies which is so relevant

to my major what i've done in the past

and what i'm doing now as a data

scientist i thought that was a great

cross-functional point to include that's

pretty much it for everything i have

when it comes to how you can potentially

better your resume what a data scientist

resume even looks like and how i got the

rules that i got don't forget to

subscribe and smash like if you haven't

already and i will see you guys on my

next video don't forget to comment video

ideas if you have any




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