June 19, 2024


Published May 28, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Are you a parent who loves to travel? If so, then you know how important it is to have the right travel gear to make your trip go smoothly. But what if you could make your own travel gear that was not only functional but also stylish?

With a little creativity, you can easily make your own travel gear that will make your trip more enjoyable and hassle-free. Here are some diy travel hacks that every cool parent should know about:

1. Use an empty baby wipes container to pack your child's snacks.

2. Put a sock over the end of a hanger to prevent your child's clothes from slipping off.

3. Use a binder clip to keep your child's shoes from getting lost.

4. Use a laundry bag to keep your child's dirty clothes separate from the rest of your luggage.

5. Use a shoe organizer to keep your child's toys and clothes organized while you travel.

6. Use a reusable grocery bag to pack your child's snacks and toys.

7. Use a scarf or sarong as a makeshift changing mat.

8. Use a reusable water bottle to keep your child hydrated while you travel.

9. Use a travel pillow to prevent your child from getting a crick in their neck while sleeping in the car.

10. Use a baby carrier to free up your hands while you travel.

With these diy travel hacks, you can make your next trip more enjoyable and stress-free. So, what are you waiting for? Get packing!

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all right honey are you ready to go

swimming you lose your cap

no no swimming cap you can't make me

kids can be such a pain

ah watch me


i have an idea

i'll just fill the cap with water

i'm a water dragon the best in the world

i can breathe water

huh no

here comes your cat honey

oh if it hit my head

i'm all wet now

i'm thirsty i want a drink of water

i need to turn it on over there

oh i can't reach it it's too far

mom i want a drink of water

oh gosh my baby is calling me i better


what is it

mommy i'm thirsty

don't worry i'll help you get a drink

there you go a glass of water for my

perfect baby boy what do you say thank



i'm not sure about this book


oh sounds like he needs me again

yes i better see what's up

mom water please

all right one second okay here you go a

glass of water yes water water water

oh my gosh so loud i'll never get this

work done

what is it honey

more water

all right hold on a second i'll be right


look what i have for you wow

here you go it's a little water

dispenser just for you

it's just your size and you can reach

a penguin

let me show you how to use it

you hold the glass here and then you

press the button wow look at the bubbles

here you go water just for you


i'm gonna get more water

that's right good for you

yeah i am a cowboy all right


hmm i do really like this room color

gotta go potty no mommy's allowed in the


i don't know what's going on with that

i need toilet paper


oh it's a toilet paper monster

it's got me

the toilet paper monster got me mom

what what are you doing wrapped in all

that toilet paper

it got me ah i'm dead

i don't want this anymore

okay okay hold on a moment




all right it looks like we need a toilet

paper lesson come on over here


too much toilet paper oh balloons

yup take a seat and i'll show you how to

use the toilet paper good okay take some

toilet paper but not too much

you want to fold it neatly

fold it okay i can fold

that's right now use it just like this

see no toilet paper monster now you try

huh like the balloons okay here comes

the toilet paper

oh the balloons are a butt

oh my gosh you're growing up so fast


can i have candy yay i love chocolate

yummy yummy yummy


i could eat some grapes but there's

chocolate right there one little piece

can't hurt i'll treat myself just

another quick one i'm almost done

writing this report

huh the bowl is empty

oh my gosh i can't believe it i ate all

the chocolates

oh no i can't let that happen he'll be

so upset

mommy i'm home


i have to do something and quick

maybe i can use the grapes as a solution

what if i were to just wrap them up

doesn't hurt to give it a try i guess

i'll just wrap them all up there we go

this is the last one

hi honey i missed you so much

mommy it's nap time right

okay thanks bye

oh is he going to notice anything

huh this doesn't taste the same i'm

going to play with my dinosaurs

that was a close one

go away flamingo

hey i'm gonna draw on my balloon with

this marker

there i drew a smiley face

oh what a little artist

balloony face is the best

oh now i have to blow it back up


oh my gosh please don't cry

i know what i can do to fix this problem

i want my balloon


okay i've got his pop balloon and

another whole balloon

there i put the one inside the other

and now i'll add some glitter stars



next up i'll fill the inner balloon with

water too

i don't want to fill it with too much


and the last step involves using a


there the balloon is tied shut so none

of the water can escape


honey look i made you a new toy

huh a new toy what's this

wow we made a balloon and i squeezed it

hey there's stars inside too

so cool

right crabby's gonna get checked

hi honey are you having fun i brought

you a snack

yeah gummy bears thanks

i'm gonna eat this one first

yummy my favorite

so cute okay you have a fun time playing

with your toys


look how king crab is coming


pink crab is dumb now he's face crab


pew pew

laser guns fire

oh no my gummy bears

oh no what happened to them he'll so




oh my gosh what's wrong what happened

my gummy bears are gross goop now

oh i see they melted in the hot sun

oh this gives me an idea though i'll be

right back okay i'll start with a plate

some wax paper and a cookie cutter

this star is a good shape and i'll fill

it with gummy bears

next up i'll melt the gummies

there we go they're starting to lose

their shape and spread and to finish off

i'll add a stick

i don't want to play anymore i'm sad

i miss my gummy bears here you go honey

whoa a star lollipop yummy it tastes

like my gummy bear


star seahorse try this

mmm this is my favorite



how about cereal

double check

don't forget the spoons

anything else make sure there are two in


we're eating well today

this fresh air feels great doesn't it

this spot's perfect

first we'll lay the blanket down

and let the picnicking begin



let me handle that




where'd the bulls go they're over there


oh never mind


but i'm so hungry

wait what about these cereal boxes

good thing i brought this bad boy

need a cereal bowl


carefully cut a square into your box

remember to always cut away from


then remove the square you cut looks

like we cut through the bag too

now pour your milk on in

you may need quite a bit

it's a whole box of cereal after all

nothing like cereal in the outdoors

this thing's awesome


whoa whoa


this looks like a good place to stop

i'll just sit and enjoy the air for a


i could also use a little refresher

which is why i brought my favorite drink


this thing's on tight come on


i hope this isn't bad for my teeth

nope that hurts



i'm gonna have to call you back

having a little trouble there

hey david what's up


that was awkward i bet i can open that

for you




channeling super strength

you rode your bike

because this pedal is about to come in



your delicious soda milady

you want a kiss


i knew that was too good to be true


i still love you david

when it comes time to pack for a trip

putting everything in is a delicate


everything has a special spot

don't forget to buckle them all in

and done

zip these guys up tight

and now it's off to the airport baby

we're going on vacation we're going to


let's go come on

almost forgot


this hotel is even prettier than the


can you believe we're here

what's up with my suitcase

is it oozing

i'm kind of scared to open it

oh seriously

my stuff's all covered in soap and



wait i packed toiletries too

may as well rip off this band-aid

yep ah i got the lotion explosion all


what a way to start our trip

wait maybe we can actually go to the

real start

just a few hours back

it worked


nothing spilled

wait one minute

take your lotions and soaps out


put your suitcase aside for now

see the soap

screw out the lid

and put plastic wrap at its opening

then screw the cap back on


no explosions happening on my watch

do this to anything that could

potentially spill

aren't these the best

you and your packing hacks



man that practice was intense

too bad i don't have time for a shower

i'd better get a move on it

ooh gotta tie these suckers up

come on we're gonna be late for class

your other shoes


that was bad

my knee took the brunt of that one

oh that looks like it hurts

my deodorant


think this could help

if i run it over the wound

it should seal it until i get a band-aid

pretty handy right

nurse david to the rescue


long time no sea suitcase

another trip is upon us which means it's

packing time

there we go

doesn't look like there's much of a plan

here and that thing's getting pretty


can't forget the denim jacket



how am i gonna zip this thing

come on just get in there

i've got to use more force



perhaps it's time to employ the real





but i bruise like a peach

never mind

should i just cancel my trip

you're not packed

i tried

you haven't tried my method yet

you want to bring the shirt right

first lay it down flat with the arm


put another shirt the opposite way

now lay down the rest of your clothes

like this

time to wrap this thing up

start by crossing over the sleeves

then fold the rest of the shirt

keep going until the whole thing's


and there you have it

a perfect pile

let's get this show on the road

it's the perfect fit see

don't forget to secure it

and off we go

pretty easy right



that's what the wheels are for


i can't wait to show off this new suit

i got my sunscreen


a little cash

should i bring all this

what if i want to take a dip in the


i'll have to leave my bag all alone

think it'd be safe there


and here comes the dreaded beach thief

get your hands off my bag dude



any snacks in here

but i need my cash

my shampoo bottle

no one would suspect this was a wallet

take a regular bottle and empty it out

have a blade handy

cut a slit at the bottle's opening

and keep going all the way down do both


but stop before you reach the bottom


now squeeze

look at how much stuff fits in there

even keys

then just screw the cap back on

pretty sneaky right

this is genius

and i don't have to worry at all

sunscreen anyone

time to catch some waves

good luck finding anything buddy


let's see here


where are the goods



where's the green

who doesn't bring muddy to the beach

well on to the next one


ah it's so nice and warm out here i

should go take a dip in the water

the sand is so hot owie shoot what am i

gonna do i'm trapped

oh my gosh look at him

wow he's so amazing i can't look away

oh my gosh he's coming over this way

hey i've come to rescue you here step on

these puppets they'll protect your feet

i'll just keep moving them as you take


it's working i'm almost at the water

yeah we made it no more scorching hot

sand thank you so much for your help


this place is a total mess there's party

stuff everywhere and dirty dishes in the



hey rock paper scissors to see who has

to clean


yes paper beats rock i win

oh fine just let me write down what i

need to do

there are bags and things people forgot

here and don't forget this garbage and

food over here of course we have the

sink full of dirty dishes hey look over

here an umbrella whoa that's a lot of

puppets you're gonna have to pick those

up now too here catch


that's a lot better decide where to


wait what do these notes say oh this

isn't organized at all and why are there

so many puppets on this list

wait a second i think i've got a good

idea i'll just cut it apart and take

this row

time for my trusty glue gun i'll add a

line of hot glue right here and then

i'll add the poppet road to the glue

perfect that's exactly what i wanted now

i'll just add this to the door and then

put on the checklist okay now i'm ready

to get to work i'll start with these

dishes since they're the worst there we

go nice and shiny

that's done and now i can just press the

puppet i'll pick up some of this trash


yes cups and puppets are done wow there

are party hats left everywhere and i

finished the straws and the socks

a nice clean kitchen once more

it's steamy outside today i'm definitely

looking forward to getting some sun on

my legs

yeah this is relaxing but also i want to

watch some videos oh the sun is so

bright i can't see my screen

what's happening i can't see anything

i'm missing the whole video what are you

doing over there here i think you need

these more than i do

great thanks this should definitely help

huh actually it's not helping at all the

sun is still too bright i need something

that can cast a shadow on my phone what

the heck is that shoot the sandal isn't

working like i hoped

oh look at that guy doing yoga over

there he's got great balance

hey that gives me an idea i'll just be

taking this

yoink hey i've got a solution for your

sunshine problem i'll just need to cut

the shape out of the yoga mat then i'll

use this wooden skewer to poke a hole in

the shape there we go that should work

now for the sunglasses i'll just slide

them through the holes i made

good it's working and now i can just

flip it over the lenses perfect all

right here you go give these a try

these look kind of weird but okay no way

these are awesome i can totally see my

screen you're an absolute genius


this book is pretty interesting so far

hmm let's see anything interesting going

on oh wow she's so beautiful she's

totally asking me to come over there


all right i'm totally going in

hey how's it going


what the heck she totally shut me down

okay i'm gonna have to be even cooler


push-ups are harder than they look


ouch that was tough and she wasn't

impressed what about some deadlifts

does he think he's that cool the sun's

so bright now that it's moved

no i'm wrong wait i need you to make me

look good

hey i have this cool puppet


come on seriously it's a pink heart


that was a shock did she even notice i

wish i had something to eat i'm getting

pretty hungry she looks like she could

use a snack or something

huh wait a second i think i know what i

can do


all right i've got the pop it and now

i'll add some candies next up some

melted chocolate look at how well it

fills the puppet mold gotta make sure to

fill the whole thing with the chocolate

just gonna finish the last few rows now

and now for the final one perfect i'll

finish by adding a stick to the

chocolate and then i'll just let it set


um hey i brought you a snack

oh seriously wow here take a seat i

can't believe you made this just for me

you're so sweet yeah it's really good

i'm so happy it actually was more

difficult than it looks but don't worry

my muscles helped

this ring is so pretty i hope she likes

it what's the best way to give it to her

she's here early i've gotta hide it

hi sorry about that but i got you


oh wow a ring thank you here let me just

slip it on your finger for you

oh it slipped off let me um let me just

try it again i'll just try one of your

other fingers maybe

yeah it's not gonna fit it's fine don't

worry about it i'll just take my drink


whoa wait hold up a second i'll open it

for you

hmm it's not working okay let me try

using this knife maybe if i try using my

teeth oh don't do that you could break

your teeth

man i can't do anything right today

huh i do have the ring still maybe i can

slide it on my finger and use it

it worked hey here's your drink


yeah it was the ring it helps me pop the

top off hey i've got an idea i can just

wear the ring as a necklace instead now

it doesn't matter that it doesn't fit on

my finger


what a nice little hike and a great view


i mean i guess

let's go down and check out that beach

i don't want to go down there it looks

sandy are you serious come on we came

all this way


there's so much sand it's all in my


i'll just get on this rock instead hey

what is it i don't want to go any


ugh you're being such a baby today let

me just adjust your sandals

i'll just remove the straps and use my

glue gun i'll use a line of glue along

the shape of this handle


there that should be enough and now i'll

just add another sandal on top i'll

press down to make sure they're glued

nice and tight four sandals should just

about do it all right i've got a

solution for you new sandals

huh they actually work really well i'm

impressed my feet are now stand free


all right i'm ready to check out that



somebody forgot their sunscreen

oh how long have i been asleep

i don't remember putting this on

consider yourself pranked david

don't worry we've got a whole bunch of

summer pranks coming your way



ever wish your crush would pay attention

to you


oh good here

uh hey chloe

i love your shirt who's he busy texting


what's with all the love talk

i can't believe he has a girlfriend

i wish he'd get out of the picture

or i can just shove her out of the way


these fake lips can do major damage

i'm gonna get david a smooch he'll never


now to go in for the kill


say cheese

what's with the strong grip


well that was uh something consider the

seed planted

what's keeping amy so long

quick before david sees

he doesn't know i'm here right

oh that smooch looks perfect


yeah could have sworn i heard something


these are for you beautiful

now give me some sugar

is that what i think it is

you flying cheating scumbag

amy wait

well that took a turn


could that have been more perfect

now off to plan our wedding


you ready for the biology test today

oh hey brian


whoa check out that ride

that definitely belongs to david

the most popular guy in school who also

happens to be the meanest loser alert

what a jerk

aren't you dorks late for math club


why is he like that

i think it's time we got revenge



sorry to bug you but isn't this your car

out front

somebody scratched it


my betty

looking good ladies whoa


don't even think about it

david no

i'm going in


my eyes


where are you going

betty who did this to you my baby

i can't believe he's crying


wait a second

is that a sticker

my car's not scratched at all


stupid dorks


uh bye david

oh your face

you better look in a mirror bro

wait i i have some wipes

be right back


oh my hands are really dirty

may as well put him to good use

chloe's sunglasses could use a little



just a little along the top here

yes this is gonna be so hilarious

and she won't have any idea i've gotta

document this

it's funny see


well i'm off to school

catch you later


i gotta rest it's hot out here


who's this fine bench specimen


why hello there


things are hot out here huh

i'm jeff

nice to meet you i'm chloe



where are you going



why is he so freaked out

what's all over my face


nothing like the sweet sound of revenge

being a good prankster is all about

seizing the right opportunity and this

one's a no-brainer

oh chloe


and there go the chips

scared ya

what's the matter with you david

but sometimes pranking requires more


smoking mirrors if you will




and some pranks are more obvious


just go david

i can't get any piece around here


oh yeah

a backwards facing chloe

that means it's prank o'clock


bro huh

your butt is mine david please no

i'm going to eat you in one bite

this hot sweaty mask was totally worth



i don't want to die oh god somebody

please help me

is it gone

he's just outside the door please don't

come in please don't comment

oh god


oh david

no fresh meeting here huh

this is gone

thank goodness you didn't see me

should i go out there

i'll hit him where it hurts

i'll show you some bananas

nothing like the first day of vacation

you can practically smell the sunshine

ah this heat is unbearable i'm so not a

summer person what's wrong

but there's so much more to see

stupid hot beautiful nature

check out this house

look at these street lamps

i wonder how far this lake stretches

we're super close see

i bet you can't beat me to the hotel

one foot in front of the other let's go


let's go


finally a place to rest my feet

i could drink ten of these things

no one's scheduled rest stops remember

oh man


wasn't this trip the best idea

where does he get the energy for this




this is the most boring vacation ever

so why not create some fun of my own

i have lipstick in here right

blood red

this ought to slow us down a bit

a few smears can go a long way

only one thing left to do



i'm coming

what's wrong


yikes that looks pretty bad

it must have been all this walking

we better head back to the hotel

and up we go

now it feels like a vacation

the woods are great but i'm glad i've

got my phone oh oh i do not feel good

i have to go to the bathroom

right now


oh no please i've gotta go somewhere


no no no no no

maybe over here oh that path looks kind

of scary

nope need somewhere else

oh my gosh what is she doing

she's got a bucket and a toilet seat and

a garbage bag

i don't understand what she's doing

it's a toilet it's mine out of my way

it's an emergency

oh thank goodness what a relief

i barely survived my harrowing ordeal

thank goodness i managed to find solid

land it was nearly impossible dragging

my body onto the beach

but i did it though it exhausted me

i wasn't sure where i was though a beach

yes but where

and there almost on the horizon a cruise

ship i shouted and called for help but

it was no use i was trapped on this

torturous beach and i was all alone

on top of that i was starving

what could i eat

it was as if the heavens had hurt me a

suitcase washed up on the shore

maybe my luck was finally changing it

was one of those waterproof ones real

nice luggage i was sure the suitcase

would be my salvation

but i was

wrong there are only bikinis inside

there is also some oil too

and a spoon for some reason

whoever the suitcase belongs to they

packed strange things

but their strangeness was my boon

i started with the oil in the spoon

then i added the sugar into the oil

i'll add a toy to use as a handle now to

start to melt it all

i've never smelled something so amazing

starvation makes even the simplest snack

into gourmet food and here i am


dude that's ridiculous so exaggerated

it's true all of it i swear

yeah whatever laugh if you want


go drive faster

might as well get a drink while i'm

stuck in traffic

i hate rush hour ugh i've made a huge


i'm gonna be so late this is the worst

well at least i'm not thirsty anymore oh


oh this is not good i have to use the


what am i going to do

wait i think i have an idea

i'll cut the top off

and then i'll need some foam tape

i'll just peel off the paper

and now for the bottle top the foam tape

will go right around the outside edge

and now to drill a hole in the cap good

thing i bring all the stuff with me in

the car there

and now to add a little hole in my

underwear just like that not too big

and now the nozzle will fit right

through the hole

next up a tube it'll fit right into the

hole i drilled perfect i'm finally done

all right out the window the tube goes


gosh yes what a huge relief

this worked great


what a great night's sleep

wow camping is so relaxing

oh my breath is rough

better get out of my tent


okay let's find my toiletries



what the heck

oh no my toothpaste is totally ruined

how does this even happen

i absolutely love being out in nature oh


right i fell down

that explains it well there's no fixing

this anyway this is a huge mess though

hey looks like you could use this

oh you're confused let me explain

i took a poppet and some toothpaste

and i added a little dollop of

toothpaste to each spot i completely

filled it up and then i grabbed some

baking soda

i sprinkled it all over the toothpaste

baking soda can help keep your teeth

clean too go ahead take one okay let's



oh it's minty time to brush

this is totally great it really works

hey thanks a lot i really appreciate it

no problem dental hygiene is important

this level is so difficult i can't get

past it

can't forget some cokes okay get packing

what the heck all of it's still out here

hey david you're supposed to be packing

get to work

okay fine where's my backpack

i'm so close to passing this level


just gotta shove this stuff into my



and this and this too

can't forget this blanket she threw at


ugh i failed the level better finish

packing hey are you finished packing yet

let's go sounds good i'm ready now

this looks like a good spot right

yep let's set up

picnics are always so fun

all right here are the plates

the cokes

and the spoons can't forget those

uh david what about the knife

oh the knife i know i passed that

it's not here

oh i can't trust you to do anything


wait a second i've got an idea

a credit card what are you gonna do with

that watch this and be amazed

see it's working like a knife and

cutting through the rind

there we go

the melons been cut

wow that's really impressive david

this watermelon looks really delicious

what a great way to spend an afternoon

i can't believe how hard it's raining


oh i'm utterly soaked and muddy too

great now i'm a total mess



bonkers weather we're having huh i'm


hey how are your shoes so dry

oh yeah they are pretty dry

let me show you what i did


i took my shoes and then i took a candle

and then i got to rub it i made sure the

wax just transferred to my shoes

and then i covered all the surfaces

next up it was time for the hair dryer

the heat made the wax sink into the

fabric that part was actually kind of


and voila waterproof shoes

i can't believe that squirrel stole your

sandwich here you see that puddle give

it a try

no i don't know it's pretty muddy

okay fine

here i go

hey wow it totally worked just like you


this is so amazing

i'll never have wet sneakers again


oh my god




ah does it get any better than this i

should put on some sunscreen i don't

want to burn

i can't reach oh i know


can you help me uh sure i guess so could

you use your roller nope no way


fine i'll do it myself you're crazy lady

let's try this again

i'll put my sunscreen onto the roller


and now i can put it on my back

it actually feels good like a mini


that's it all done


that's such a good idea

time to work on my tan

whoa that was a bumpy landing

get back here

this is just like in the movies it's so

cool i should investigate


leave me alone

time to go but first let's dance


stay back

i'm innocent yeah yeah they all say that

stop running i'm so unfit never

i'm in it at least not for a rest i'm

not a cardio guy


catch me if you can

oh you're in so much trouble

earthlings are weird

where did he go

over there

do you think he's a ghost


what was that

i don't like this

something's not right here it's like he

just disappeared come on

i'm so glad they didn't look up

aha a clue

just as i thought it's from a tree this


my leg

that's gonna hurt

don't worry earthling use this

okay wrap it around your leg


it's helping already

thanks oh

we've got you now

whoa is that an



what now


we dance


oh feel that rhythm it's kind of catchy



what's going on

don't fight it i feel so alive

oh yeah

i love this

hold me

wait look


go go go

it's great to be outdoors

i know it's perfect we should do this

more often

i feel at one with nature


do you

do you hear something

what is that

fresh meat alex i'm scared quick into

the tent

just what we need i hate nature

look at

this these are fancy

who who are they

where did they go

oh my gosh i can't look

what's this these smell bad but they

taste good

are they eating my sneakers there's

something in here ah

what are they doing you need to do

something what if they come in here


give me that

no stay away

let go


it feels good though



never mind what are these

i'm beautiful

i want it

it's mine

what's that

oh good

empty a tube of toothpaste and cut off

the bottom section next we need a


cut the neck from the balloon

now slip the balloon over the toothpaste


just like this

remove the cap from the tube next use a

syringe to draw the body wash from the

tube this will make it easier later use

a syringe to inject the body wash into

the balloon then replace the

cap look what i have

wow these are great this has been a

great day

let's get out of here


i think they're gone

look at our things

let's go home good idea


this is amazing

it's the perfect day

huh what you doing

come on in it's great


fine hold on


can we go swimming

come on it'll be fun

think of all the fish we'll see


no way



i have an idea

it's time to get to work

this looks like a good spot

let's do this

this is hard but it's got to be done

it's going well

i think that's it okay put down the

plastic sheet

quite messing around

i'll push it down

that's it spread it out

i think we're ready


wow awesome

come on fill it up


look at all that water we did it our own

private pool


woohoo make yourself comfortable

hey catch


what are they doing kids huh

what a day

oh it's so warm i need to cool down

i need to put the aircon on

why isn't it working oh it's so


i'm sweating so much

oh that's so gross

i need to make a call

hello i need your help


uh hi

fix my air conditioning

yeah sure

i've got this hold on

oh yeah i need to buy tools i forgot

about that is there a problem

nope i'll be right back

hey yeah

this is what i need this jar is perfect

i'll keep the candy for later and i'll

take this cloth i'll just run it under

the faucet

i need to soak it

that should be enough

now i'll fold it

then roll it up


and it can go in the jar i'll add a few




i want to cool down this is a waste of

time lady i'm a professional i feel like

i'm gonna pass out


this can go in the freezer and now we



that should be enough time

i'll take it out now


time to cool off

hey lady

okay that's weird


you're still here

try this

this is so stupid

put it on your head

oh that feels so good it's so cool and


it'll cost you allow me


that'll do yeah

whatever just doing my job see ya

ah this is so relaxing just me and my

thoughts huh

whoa a mermaid



hi oh

you're my dream girl

that's so cute



what what's wrong i've got this has your

crush got an oral hygiene problem don't

worry all you need is some lipstick

remove the lipstick from the tube next

take a toothbrush and cut off the handle

now apply glue to the inside of the

lipstick tube we want to fill the tube

then stick the toothbrush to the tube

this should fix things

hey try this you'll have minty fresh


and then we can kiss

hey where did she go oh i blew it

hey come look at this hey what's up


balloons awesome can we pop them that's

the plan three


one go

i'm winning

you suck loser and now for the last one

what that's a water balloon my sneakers

who's the loser now

okay how do i look hair is great dress

looks good i think i'm ready can't

forget my bag

i'll just let them know i'm on my way

great this will be so much fun

quiet gotta be sneaky the coke is in

place now all i need is this candy drop

flip them in and stand back there she


oh my gosh what's happening my dress is


hey i thought you could do with a drink


i'm stoked no

i can't go out like this

that was a great swim i'll go for a

shower now

oh hi hey

i'll wash my hair first just a little



i have a great idea looks like she

missed a spot i'll help her

still soapy

fine i'll need to rinse again

she's still washing her hair

why won't this go away what why

a little more won't hurt gotta have

clean hair there's more is the shampoo


now to turn the water off

see ya what happened to the water i

can't see help i need water

here you go

i think that got it all you're welcome

come here i'm outta here whoa

you deserve that

it was funny right yeah it was

i need to work on my tan i'll just put

on some cream

it seems quiet


rub the sun cream all over

aha just where i want her

this is such a relaxing day i need this

hmm it'd be a shame to ruin her day

i'll have that

wait i'm sure i heard something must

have been imagining it

i got it i'll just add something a

little extra special wriggly worms

yuck so gross


in you go

donate these anymore

better make sure it's all mixed up it's


great she's asleep

now to put the cream back

nothing to see here just a walking plant

ouch who put that there



hurt hmm getting a little sunburn better

put some more cream on


huh there's something in there

what is that it's it's a worm

got you


are you okay

it was just a joke

wake up wake up what am i gonna do i'm

too pretty for prison

oh look another worm


i thought you were

never mind scared of a little worm

what me

no not at all

this sandwich looks so good i'll sit

here and eat it



time for some revenge

just need to sneak under here i'll tie

his shoelaces together

almost done

there he'll never notice

and now for the final part i'll take

that come and get it give me that whoa

i'll get you for that i thought you'd

want some water with your sandwich


just you wait

there she is this book is so boring

oh sleeping beauty now don't move a

little tape here

oh my god please

gotta be quick

there did i use too much tape

oh look a bucket full of coiled water

wakey wakey rise and

shine happening

look what i have


you wouldn't no don't

i would

hey it's snowing

one last sprinkle you look so pretty i

need to take a photo smile


now to post it

seriously this is a good look for you


is that

yes he's asleep now i can get some

payback and i know exactly what to do

huh still asleep

wait a minute

got it

this branch will be useful

tickle tickle tickle

nothing wow he can sleep through

anything let's try something else



so heavy we need to talk about dieting

come on

phew i need to hit the gym


i can do this

no i can't how much do you weigh


hey you okay need some help

amazing come here

got it

got it

one two three


what's wrong with you

thanks so much girls

what a great day shopping

oh she's coming better put this on


look at your face it's me i hate you i

hate you

a lazy day by the pool just what i need




i can't believe that worked again

quit it that's not funny

save that last he can't get me out here

you can't

escape that's it i'm going home

what a day i can't believe i scared her

so many times i need to tell people so


hello guess what yeah so i hid behind

the wall her face

oh look what's here and then i jumped

out the sea it was hilarious


another sunny day

oh i smell bad guess i need to change


don't army

oh it's the mask i wondered where that



save me

leave me alone please

not so funny now is it i love this mask

i hate it

oh i need a


dingle shower





here we go kids your favorite pasta

are you feeling okay mom yummy

and we can't forget the sauce


it looks delicious mommy

why not



hey pretty good

i'm glad you like it and there's no

dishes to clean after


you're so cuddly


hello let's see how you're feeling

say ah


come on open that mouth nice and wide

get back i don't wanna

okay wanna see a magic trick

wow aha gotcha

works every time

you tricked me i did

okay i need to listen to your chest i

don't like this

can you stop that

this is fun

mr cute is fine

kiss me

you need to be faster

good don't move that's perfect what

sounds good doesn't it

give me that

10 years of medical school and this is

what i do

hold on

that gives me an idea

i'll stick the butterfly to my

stethoscope now it doesn't look scary

hey look a butterfly wow it's so pretty

i think it's going to land on you

sounds perfect

i can't move

got it oh my ears

oops maybe this will help

no no it's fine

i just need to go find a doctor

okay kiddo time for school


here's your bag thanks daddy

i need shoes daddy

how silly


no problem let me get him

here we go hit tickle

okay try to stay still

you're funny daddy can you just let me

do this


done straight to school okay

okay bye daddy bye


that was tough


i'll maybe close my eyes for a second

wake up daddy

i'm hungry

okay wait here

here goes sweetie that's everything


now i can relax


what is it now it's no fair daddy what's

wrong it's raining i'll get wet

that's okay

use this umbrella

thanks bye


please let that be it


oh wow that's quite a storm


i'm never going outside again

oh no

my umbrella is broken no no it's okay



oh so close

i just want time to myself

i was going to play golf

hold on

the shower curtain

that gives me a great idea fold the

shower curtain over making a triangle

cut the top of the triangle off

lay two pieces on top of each other use

heatproof paper and hair straighteners

to stick the material together

make sure there's no gaps

wow dad this poncho is really neat


it looks great now i can go outside yes

i'm a genius

this is amazing i'm still dry


the sun


but i want to wear my poncho


look i'm a talented artist

it's really cool

nope it's not you need to use the pens

like this

really yes wanna try it

okay that seems easy

on you go

this is fun

like that

no we'll try this again hold the pen

like this between your fingers


oh i get it

good your turn

this is tricky


it's lucky i love her how's that


okay here we go again hold your hand

like this

and now we'll bend these fingers

that's it it feels strange

i'm scared daddy keep going

i give up

i did it daddy

wait a minute

i need this hairband this is just what

we need we'll slip the hair band over

your fingers then we'll loop the pen

through it perfect

try now what should i draw i know don't

look daddy

finished open them

look it says it's beautiful that's my


i need a strong coffee


where did you come from morning daddy uh

hi i want breakfast

okay i'll get her right now

mmm milk


this is fun

it moves back and forward

here we are

i don't think you should be doing that


have some cereal and stop that

don't swing on your chair you might get


now eat your breakfast

help her in the milk



eat it all up

thanks daddy she's so adorable


yum i love cereal and swinging on my


what did you say nothing daddy

no swinging on chairs you need to stop

no it's too much

look at this mess


oops no more nonsense all i do is clean


where did she go


she was right there


hang on


hi daddy i need to stop this


those hooks give me an idea


i should have thought of this earlier

i'll place some sticky tape on the

bottom of the chair legs

then i'll place the suction cups on the

tape now to flip the chair the right way

eat your cereal huh

why is the chair not moving it's going

nowhere fine i'll eat my cereal


i hate coffee

clean at last

hey mom

whoa soda

that tastes


what are those marks on your face

what mark


well that's nothing

stay there i'll use this band-aid


this won't hurt

mom stop it

mom seriously


oh i know

lay a band out on a flat surface draw on

the band-aid

make it as fun as possible

now for some color

these owls are cute

almost done

no more boring band-aids

whoa they look good

i'm gonna put them on


yeah i love these

how do i look


wow these are cool

thanks mom

you rock

sometimes an ordinary day can turn into

a memorable one

is that what i think it is


i wonder who dropped it

look at these


i dropped them


that didn't sound good

that dude split his pants

cool i gotta get out of here

oh that was so embarrassing

look at the size of this thing

you'd think these were ruined but i have

other plans

just a little stitch right here that's



oh that can't be good

oh i hate needles

uh i can just put on a band-aid

oh this is such an awkward spot

should i bend it

i think it'll stay tight this way

oh man

so much for that

or i could try something different

for awkward spots use a normal band-aid

but cut slits on the sides

then you can diagonally cross them

it's like band-aid magic


oh pretty rad

now where was i

now who wants to answer number two ah

don't pick me

how about you



i guess i can try to answer


hey david's fly's totally down look

any day now david

what's so funny


is funny i must say

the teacher can't even take it


why are you all laughing

oh my fly

oh must have forgotten to zip up after i

went to the bathroom

oh man

i can't believe this happened to me


all better see

but what about this thing


no more finicky fly for me

take the ring off the keychain

then attach it to your zipper keep

turning it until it's secure now pull it

up and hook it onto your button

get ready class i'm coming back in there


glad that class is finally over

catch you later dude


david oops

it's cool

are you okay

oh that looks really bad i'm so sorry

it really stings

i have something that can help


trust me on this one


is that what i think it is yeah but

you've never used it like this just open

it up until it's unraveled and flat like



then place it over the wood

and use a string to hold it in place


i owe you one chloe

i sure dodged a bullet



oh ellie wait till you see what i got


i love the match i hope they fit

you like

they look so good

time for a test drive let's do it


yikes wearing these things is painful

a match

are you okay

man they really hurt


that looks bad huh

oh it's bleeding i wish i could help you

stupid new shoes wait i have an idea

just need one thing here


here you go



come on it's for your foot

i guess i'll give it a try

just put the soft cup in the shoe so

that it cushions the heel

ah this is definitely weird but i guess

it'll do

you know it doesn't hurt as much as

before well

thank you

you're welcome let's go

first dates are awkward especially when

your date is late oh it's been a half an

hour already

hey hi david

oh you're gorgeous

ah this restaurant's super cute

i picked it up myself


i think i got a splinter oh this one's

really bad oh no

do you think you can pull it

i don't know

i'm really sorry david

but i think i can help

this is definitely a job for tweezers

want to try

but first it's good to sterilize you

gonna use those on me


come here


just do it


there it's over already oh thanks i

always carry them with me

can we start this date over

one more line and oh




uh can i borrow your sharpener




what my book

it's a novel


all righty

oh my gosh

this is the cutest thing i've ever seen


what is it now ellie

hey isn't he cute yep that's a cute cat

all right

wait she's never seen a cat before

this clasher is boring

i wonder how sticky this stuff is it's

fun to play with though




this stops now time to get some quiet

ellie that oughta do it for now

hey you can't do this to me




now i gotta get out of this chair



this stuff really is strong now things

are getting sticky

i know


my bobby pin these things are sharp


i'll stab it right in the middle

come on go through


i did

thanks to this little guy


how did you do that i'm never gonna

finish this stupid book and i was like

boom it was awesome

math class can get pretty competitive

especially during algebra drills

i know this one

brian it's five

i'll get the next one

now what is x

too slow ellie

things are getting hot in here

i know


seriously this thing's locked and fully


this is so unfair

i gotta kick this thing into high gear

this class ain't big enough for the two

of us

come on

i'm ready to go here my moment's finally

here the answer's all



she's really going for it huh

i so got this


how is he doing this


your arm's getting out of

control time to put an end to that

can't move your worms now sucker



you can't do this to me i just did

a teacher

come on

think ah i know i'll use my belt but i

gotta get the thing off first

there we go

if i string it through the plastic here

i can use its power to break it





now for the other

oh side we go

yeah baby legs are free now for the



uh my laces once i untie both of my


i'll slide one lace between my wrists

i have to be able to grab it with my

fingers then tie it together with a lace

on the other side don't forget to double

knot it

now start pedaling

come on break already

worked like a charm

just in time for the next question

you know what


it's yours

let's see no

well why don't you take it ellie 11.

what a rush

the center of a cell

the nucleus


mind if i join

wow you really know your stuff stop

doing that


this is so unfair

but you're better at science than me


what's her problem

is she coming in here

i must protect you

i gotta hide

how can i keep her away from me

this dog muscle

this is perfect


one look at this ought to scare her

and now we wait



i know you're here

wait a second

did brian get a dog

this thing's huge

what's that

cue the angry barks


nothing sounds mad

i can't believe she fell for that


good boy fido

they really are a man's best friend huh

my job's done here


is that guard finally out of here

hmm an unattended safe huh i'm going in


no one else is watching right

that thing's mine


quick to the ground

i'm going in for the kill


come on


i'm coming

just keep pulling



what are you looking at pal

much better

i'm about to be rich baby

just need to hit the right points



it's so beautiful


gotcha thief

think fast

oh yeah

that's not good

that's not good

you're coming downtown dude ah this game


can you get these off me now could have

sworn the key was in here

i could have sworn the key was in here

ah don't tell me you lost it


this was a major oops well this fun game

just got real




your clips

we can just use this thing

if you lost a key


break the clip into pieces like this


now bend the pieces apart they should

make a straight line

wiggle it around

and then after a second or two


it really works


now now do mine


that was a close one huh

i can't believe i fell for that


you can't escape the law forever brian

nothing like muffins fresh out of the


man i'm good

better let them cool for a bit


hello oh my gosh tell me every detail

huh oh yeah baby

these are super fresh

hmm don't mind if i do


call you later okay

why are there only five muffins

brian was here

i'll show him

you want to steal my delicious baked



then a punishment is in order

i dare you to come into my room now


nothing slips by me

sleep well my babies



i could really go for another muffin

she's probably fast asleep in there

i'll just creep in very quietly


what was that



where could ellie have gone

looking for

me oh this is bad


are you looking forward to math class


maybe we can go over equations together


you this seems like a good spot to study

what's wrong alex mandy is so pretty i

wish i could talk to her

maybe i can help wait here

tina what are you doing you can't do

that take off your sweater

i'll cut a section out of my pantyhose

that should do it then get off the toes

are we rubbing a bank what no now we

have to pat out pantyhose

there we go

that tickles looking good


is that alex i feel great

hurry go talk to me

so uh what's your favorite equation

you're so funny

we'll need some fruit for a picnic

oh it's just you

hi mommy

this apple's crunchy

good boy you eat it all i'll just rinse

these bananas

okay mommy i'll just sit here

what is that strange sensation

that reminds me i need to wash the floor

this apple is so gross you are not

eating that

did this mommy

this gives you an idea

i'll place the fruit inside the balloon

that'll keep it safe and dust free

wow that's so smart mom okay let's go

my teddies are so fluffy

oh hello mr bunny


i'm bored there must be something fun to

play with nope not this or this

no way unicorns i'm not a baby

hey honey what's wrong

i need new toys these are boring

i see

maybe i can cheer you up this was

daddy's i mean mommy's doll you can play

with this don't want it what about some



how about a jar of candy



wait seriously

i know

no dad

oh i've tried everything

there must be something i can do

oh a balloon

i think i know how to fix this

start with a balloon a marble and a

rubber band

place the marble in the balloon then tie

it off with the rubber band just like


then turn the balloon inside out

next inflate the balloon

tie a knot in the balloon


draw two eyes to a piece of paper and

stick them to the balloon do the same

with a mouth use a pen to carefully draw

stripes on the balloon

this is looking good finally add some

ears a tiger balloon look what i

have wow it's so cute

i knew i could cheer you up

wow it rocks from side to side

i'm so glad school's over i better get

my key i know it's in here somewhere

got it


it's not fitting

silly me it's the wrong key

oops not again

this is so stressful

this has to be the right key i'm never

getting inside and i need the toilet

i have a good feeling about this

nope that's not it

i don't even drive

come on


it's dark it's kind of spooky

oh no stay back please don't hurt me

hi alex what are you doing out here


oh am i glad to see you i can't find my

key let me see your bag

here's your key let's make it easier to


never lose keys again with this hack

first we need epoxy resin pour the resin

into a glass bowl


add some coloring


use a wooden stick to mix it stir it

until the resin and coloring are

combined that should be enough now pour

the resin into a silicone mold

we only need to fill one mold


before the resin sets we need to insert

the key

now we just need to wait once the resin

has hardened remove it from the mold

the key will be easy to find now

here you go


this is great

thanks dad


it's called a circle alex try drawing it

oh exciting

i know i'm gonna fail this class

so close i can do this

i'm waiting

i've no idea what i'm doing but it looks


what is that

i just need to plan it out

time is almost up i better hurry

i hope he likes it

seriously alex

i'm trying my best

nailed it

watch this


all you need is a paper clip

open it up into an s shape and lay it on

the paper put a pencil in either end and

then rotate the paper clip it draws a

perfect circle

it's so easy try it here goes

it's working



so many circles


he's out of control


good circle ellie i don't know what he's


i can draw a circle

we should totally catch up girl

pew pew i'm a robot pew take that

okay ciao


ah this is the life

hey mommy i don't like my robot

okay take my phone

oh this looks fun

maybe i can relax now

this phone doesn't do much

what's that noise

is that my phone oh boys will be boys at

least i have my other phone

oh painting might be fun this is such a

pretty picture look mommy i painted a

sun that's nice dear

i need a top up it's a hard life i need

to hire someone to do this for me

what was that ah refreshing

ice cube paint ice cube paint

i have a great idea i'll start by

filling a bowl of water

that should be enough

i'll put a lid on the bowl

then put it in the freezer

now i need to wait

whoa it's a giant ice cube i'll start to

paint the ice cube i'll paint different

sections with different colors

it's like a rainbow

the colors are merging into each other

i'll add some white paint


and i'll add some more blue

wow it's so cool

because it's cold it needs more red



time for the white paint again this is

great fun i can just keep painting


it's so warm

i need a drink

oh it tastes disgusting

what happened to my drink

that explains everything at least he's

having fun come on almost there hey

champ made you some coco no thanks dad i

got this oh but fine never mind

yes got him look what i found fancy a

game seriously i'm kind of busy dad

okay concentrate wanna toss around the

old pigskin dad i'm in the middle of a

game of course sorry kiddo

what happened

it's okay it's not a big deal

my w key

where is it

oh why did this have to happen

something wrong let your old man have a

look ah i see the problem

what's going on



this is my time to shine whoa

step aside

i've got this

use a 3d pen on the faulty keys work

your way up and down covering the keys

once the first coat has set use white

plastic to draw the ladder

nice handwriting


good as you

doesn't look too bad

let's do this

ah this brings back memories wow dad

you're good

oh i'm so hungry tell me about it want

to order something in yeah


wow that's express delivery what are we

gonna do

got it look

okay this can't be too difficult it

worked sweet money just what we need

i'll take that

almost forgot there you go

so exciting

wow look at that it's wonderful

so many gummy bears put them in here


delicious what are you doing stop one at

a time don't be gross you're no fun but


hold on

i have a better idea divide the gummy

bears into bowls

then melt them pour the gummy liquid

into a glass

let it set before pouring in another


repeat until you've used up all the


wow rainbow jello yeah let's taste it


i'll go first


awesome i should have thought of this

earlier uh don't panic but what's wrong

who's been taking my money


who was it

i can explain everything but do you want

to try some jello first

that's my breakfast ready

hey mom

oh morning sweetie

i'll make you a bowl of your favorite


uh-huh everything a growing boy needs

can't forget the milk


eat it all up

cereal yuck

why do i bother

what else do we have

oh a healthy bowl of fruit that'll do

here you go

chocolate really give me that eat that


fruit but it's disgusting i'd rather

have chocolate

and clean up your face

mmm gummy worms


never mind give me them fine


belong in the trash

i try my best for him

what's that

oh this gives me an idea

fill a mold with fruit puree

use different fruits like apples and


once the molds are full insert popsicle



pop them in the freezer to set

remove from the molds and place in a

larger mold

pour milk over the popsicles covering

them fully put them back into the

freezer coat the popsicles and chocolate

then add sprinkles

healthy nutritious breakfast popsicles

you won't eat cereal or fruit so why

don't you try these instead

for real


awesome this is the best breakfast ever


these are great mom

it's mine are you crazy my case is best

mine no mine

mine mine mine hey guys i need to get a

new seat

okay better get my things out


are you still arguing look at it it's


no way this is best rock

my case is pretty plain


oh that puppet case gives me an idea

all i need is some paint and this case

fill a section of the poppet with paint

just like this

use different colors of paint for each


once you've done that put your phone in

the case

wait until the paint is dry and peel off

the case

wow that worked amazingly check this out


look at the colors


do my phone please

no mine i'll do your homework i'll do it

my ride should be here soon


huh that thing sure is loud

ah get off of me wait is that you hey


i have an important question for you

will you marry me yes

it's finally my day

i get to be a real bride



what a relief

it's very special

for two people to find each other

and want to be together forever

like two fish lost at sea

could this beach be any longer i'm gonna

fall asleep here searching for their


come on man wrap it up

i've got something to keep us busy

i knew i was marrying you for a reason



you always know when i need some sugar

want to make your own snack legs put the

gummy bears on tights

you can use any pattern you want

it's that simple

no just say i do

do you

you may kiss the bride

let's go move it

don't drop the decor please

what's left here

tables are done

the balloons

start inflating

now for the flowers

do you have to do that here you don't

even know what you're doing

point well taken


one down 50 to go

where do i find these people

look at that thing go

my bad

it's a

balloon now watch me carefully

like you'll remember

hold the hanger

wrap the end around the hook

then back down like this whoa that was


your turn

so far so good

it got away from me there

do you promise to care for each other

for the rest of your days definitely now

it's time to exchange rings i should

have peed before i put this dress on

oh my bladder's about to burst

why is there so much fabric


i'm running out of time


what about that bag

i'm about to change wedding dresses


let's get peeing folks

cut the oversized bag here

that's it step into it putting your feet

through the hole

and it holds the dress for you

sorry nature called

now where was i

here you go love

it feels super real now

glad this place has a bathroom right

it's been over an hour gina it's already


we're gonna be the last ones there



what do i do

i'm ready

hope my hair is okay


my flowers

where'd they go

i swear they were on the table

how old is that sock

very old

jake must have ran off with

them i need something sweet oh what am i

going to do

i know

take a styrofoam sphere

and glue these candies to it

now lift it up

and put on a bottom piece

use an old roll to hold it and voila you

have a golden bouquet

let's make it extra special isn't it


i couldn't wait any longer my bouquet

you had it the whole time

let's just get this done

those look pretty tasty

can i okay

just one


i like chocolate

uh okay


nothing says love like chocolate

congrats you look beautiful enjoy the


hey the band's here


feel free to set up over there


shall we

to my beautiful bride

and for me

cheers you didn't wait for me


hey check out that rainbow

it's like it's just for us

oh that gives me an idea pour white

chocolate into a bowl

next dip the rim of a glass inside

really get it on there then quickly lift

it out then dip it straight into a bowl


of colorful sprinkles

festive right

perfect for a party

then pour in your favorite drink

now watch the colors bleed

wow it's like the rainbow's alive in



incredible how'd you make that thing


may our marriage be as colorful


time to spice this hairdo up

an updo perhaps

i can't do it

let's try this again

will it hold

this is hopeless

i just want to look nice

oh wait a minute i got it

first section the hair like this

like pigtails

then take a plastic lid

and pull the hair through it grab the

hair so it covers the plastic

nicely done

and pretty unique too

ready honey

you like


this is a little snug

uh come on



now what am i gonna do

i'm sorry

no wait

use this


oh good thinking

once it's through the holes


stick it through the fabric

then bend the ends back now we're back

in this

pretty snazzy right only one thing left

to do

let's go

why do i insist on working out

but my ten thousand followers don't know


heavy lifting bring on the likes

who's that he looks mad uh oh

all right all right i'm listening

feel that bird

something's definitely on fire

keep going come on

i want to see real sweat


yeah lift those legs baby

am i almost done

uh be right back

goopy please

talk about selfie material

or maybe not

i can't even fix myself up but drinks

are allowed huh

i got it

take a paper cup and remove its lid

see this compact

drop it into the cup

next up brush it

it fits right into the straw

let it sit in the lid

thirsty i won't tell if you won't

so much better


i'm just taking a drink break

ah i'm always down to hydrate

now lunch


i'm bored out of my mind

stupid toothpick

hello ben

is anyone watching us


hey lily


want to get out of here

um duh

i'm so in

brian wait


my toothbrush


hold on

i can't live without these


is that my face

i can't escape looking like this


what was that

ah i see you


is that a mole rat ever hear of lipstick

now i really feel disgusting

i can't leave like this okay

i need lipstick see

i can't believe this

oh no fair the guard has lipstick

wait did you just pass that to me

do you trust it

looks pretty real to me

i don't want to risk it first put hot

glue on this blade

then stick the lipstick to it keep going

now we're ready to go

oh for me

the shades are nice too


goodbye boring lips

and hello perfect pink house okay can we

go now

yeah let's do this

i hope i'm not late


miss no makeup allowed in here

fine i only spent an hour on it this


okay it's off

what'd i miss

what's that


get it

me am i really that atrocious

hmm if i can't wear real makeup i'll

just be discreet

nothing to see here

i can't stay here looking like this

this kind of looks like eye shadow need

makeup in a bind

take all the pieces out

and your real eyeshadow in it'll look

normal soon don't worry

once you've flaked in all the colors and

add a few drops of water

stir it in if you need to

now it's kind of creamy

looks like a regular paint palette but

it's just your favorite eye makeup

can't go wrong with pink

now for the pop of gold

it's like a gorgeous sunset

try drawing me now

don't act so shocked


oh i'm just painting see


who's texting me

brian's coming over



i look like you're death

he can't see me like this


miss lily

is that makeup


absolutely no makeup allowed


but i need this


what you need is rest

oh don't cry

i can't handle crying girls

this oughta cheer you up phew

is he gone didn't take this


but he will if he catches me


have a puppet lying around first heat up

your lipstick

and let it drip into a hole


keep it going for as long as you want

yep almost done here

and once they harden

you can actually use them

looking better already

remember the rules

just playing doctor

go on in

uh what a weirdo

stick looks pretty good on you


oh you're too kind


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