April 13, 2024

Roblox Doors! How Bad Can It Be? 🚪=💀 (FGTeeV Scaredy Cat)

Published June 11, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

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pgtv boy fiji and today we are playing

doors this game contains jump scares so

that's good you guys will meet my inner

scaredy cat a little tiny scared guy in

my body guys i'd like to introduce you

to fgtv diddy hi my name is tv daddy and

i'm a scaredy cow what can i say

back to you now it's okay man we're all

got a little bit of scariness inside

speaking of scary dish dinosaur dick is

pretty scary that hurt my feelings man

all right so this is doors and i don't

know how to play oh lobby of one sorry

guys this one is just me they're like no

tv find my fine fine fine guys i tricked

you i will play with three people only

two people can join hello

no oh oh yay yay

oh we didn't take a shower wait let me

out exit no

when people don't take showers it kind

of scares me i know bro scares me too

wait what what is happening why am i

with the christmas stream

don't look at me it's looking at me what

the heck stop stop wait 19 seconds till

it kills me

press it

oh oh we're here stay here you creep me

out it's following me go into fire wait

what are you doing what are you doing no

i wanna play what is this oh i gotta get

the key okay yay

that's creepy okay crouch down we got

the key

wow dude me and christmas tree make a

good good team how do you sprint every

time i try to sprint i crouch so wait

where did my key go actually wait what

the where we're going through this door

why what's that do are you just

are you just

should we try a different door maybe

okay fine we're going to door number

five all right we just

don't know i thought he was going to

kill me he's going to harvest my bones

and turn him into ornaments all right

christmas tree i'm onto you ah he's

trying to kill me no he's not he's good

he's good i'm allergic to trees you are

i feel bad for you where are we going

what are we doing i don't know if i

trust you you know how to play don't you

okay nothing there's no door here wait

wait i hear the tree won't find me yeah

we should stay here forever forever it


hello okay i think we lost a tree we

lost him

take that treat

hi hi hi behind the pipes

he sees me

no don't smear what what are we doing

what are you sure you're not gonna kill

me what the why are you looking why you

looking like a charmander they're twins

oh oh oh whatever yay what did that do

up here wait wait didn't we just already

come up here i don't like repetition i

hate repetition too oh look you're six

yes all right we're okay wait wait

treatment oh oh e oh i pressed it hey

trey man i pressed it wait what's going

on what what's the point of doors is

there gonna be where'd he go where are

the dreamers dude man ditch


oh no this is getting scary it's okay

little buddy it's okay diddy it's gonna

be okay wait wait wait i wanna look i

wanna look give me that give me that

what's the point of this e



all right all right all right enough

playing around what is this door eight

door nine why are we just going through

the doors number 10. all right i got

this gavin we should go through 11. stay

here i'll do it

i said i'll do it all right i'll do 12.

okay 11 12. gavin's hiding oh gosh okay

wait wait wait wait

christmas died to rush i did not rush to

die i take my time


what what does that even mean you take

your time to die revive dude this whole

time i thought the christmas tree was

sus i'm back i got an achievement yeah

now what what door was this 14. i know

it don't tell me going to 15. wait why

does it sound like that

wait what did i do that wait this is 15.

well it's raining out oh the man from

the window


who put that there wait who put that in

oh oh here here i put it there yay

oh my gosh dude mona lisa hey you guys

are like really good at this game good

luck with doors all right we got all the

picture frames in the wall did you see

how did you open the fireplace is this

lipstick let's give it to mona lisa mona

lisa i got you something oh it looks so

pretty mouthy you're welcome

that reminds me of the time i got kanye

west at nft of me so

impactful ah that's scary don't hate on

my dance moves bro no wait wait gavin is

leaving me here sorry gavin i was

telling about kanye kevin

hi you waited for me thank you it's

story 17 come on let me do a door let me

do a lure let me do a

dang it we've been separating jake and

we've been shipping

why does this say does it say turn

around and don't turn around go do that

door go do this door wait is this moving

i died

i can only revive once no dude if i

would have known i would have played

better i wouldn't have played a round i

would have actually played oh like this

dumb dumb game that's it i can't be

distracted i'm going by myself you guys

can't come with me please no i'm sorry

because logan i have to i need to do

this these doors they're like freaking

me out me too bro all right lockpick

flashlight why do i want any of this i

don't even have money




do i see my [ __ ] what was that what was

that what was that what was that why did

it flash

who is knocking wait is it behind me

is this like a speed run wait what oh r



bro what e oh i know what this is

okay i got the key

hold it

get out of here all right now door

number two is this easy

all right we're about to find out how

good i am at this game three

so far i'm good and this isn't really

scary right no i'm not scared i like ice


oh a board wait i don't remember no wait


i heard something crazy i heard

something crazy dude dude wait does this

randomize every time you play the game

wait i don't remember this

oh i can't remember this i remember that

oh yeah wait oh six

this is easy seven

do i want to go down there do seven i'm

gonna just count normally


but i might need your help because i'm

i'm deaf in my left eye


do you know which way daddy has to go

dang it

what peek-a-boo i see you dodge

creatures attack wait what wait how do i

die how do i dodge

wait that was it where's dodge is that

i didn't know it was waiting for me



pay attention to the lights they are

related to its arrival

well now i know that i'm not gonna watch

you play this game anymore it's gonna

give me a

nightmare just i'm leaning by wait where

are you going

i got nobody playing with me i need to

play with somebody who like a detective

man they got like a nose for this you

know like they smelling all the hints i

can help dang you almost poked my

eyeball out gosh jeez what is that i'm

leaving i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm

offending everybody today i know what we

can do

you guys know what time it is

fiji power

it's very simple

wait a second this is different there's

no staircase i feel like there should be

a staircase good for you okay this way

yeah this one okay yeah yeah this is

different all right

that's like i did this one though yeah

then i go back up here okay

yeah yeah and then this is here

eight nine wow this ring's really good

huh oh dang it the lights are good the

lights mean it's coming

dang it

dang it


no i was hiding

i'm not rushing

i'm italian

like a bigger pizza pie italian

revive yeah just take my money take my

money because i don't care i've got the

power of the fiji ring the power i'm

gonna figure

all right go in there let me see

something what am i looking at see it

took me out

oh the w button kicks me out

wait i hear a noise

if i see a white flicker i will dip in a

cabinet i don't care if you got ranch

honey mustard barbecue i will dip in the

cabinet open

wait can i shut this door i can't great


get your hands off my desk you peasant i

got a lighter and i got this and there's

all keys wait what do i do with this oh

i just click it and let's light the

whole place on fire since it's haunted

if you guys don't know that song you

might not be like the real oh geez i'm

just saying click it there's nowhere to

hide in here that's not good what

happens if the light goes on and there's

no cabinet to hide in like then what do

you do

oh snapper sniper and a crack crack in

the pot

out of my way i'm walking here i

successfully survived rush thanks for

the part of the freaky ring i just stay

here for a little while no no wait wait

wait wait wait wait wait why was he

doing that do i get out

what just happened in stay out get

pushed out of a hiding spot by hide wait

there's somebody named hyde that pushes

me out of a hiding spot and takes some

of my health away you have to explain

that at the beginning of the game you

can't just pop out of the party you


dang it i can't go this way i want to go

that way what's in these drawers huh

give me all your money give me your

money around this is a stick-up and even

if you don't give your money it still

qualifies as a stick-up all right so

we've got oh no can i just like swap it

yeah that one works mona lisa where'd

you go where's my phone alicia

she just eats my pizza i wish she would

stop it hey

it's nice to meet you

manners that's what i wish she had but

she don't dj tanner

i used to have a crush on her when i was

a kidder

wait did you guys hear what i said about

dj tanner oh

i got a big mouth

i have one center tooth

right we got this way no offense but i


i don't play with anyone that christmas

tree was distracting me it's 28

dang it no no the lights did not flicker

get out don't you flicker i'm watching


don't you flicker i hardly know her

there must be a key around here because

that door is locked wait wait wait wait

the light flicker

no why am i moving like it oh i hear it

do you hear that key

how is the key still in the drawer if i

have it in my hand so i know i'm

supposed to go across from here but oh

oh oh you can hide under the bed dude

yeah what's up grandpa now get out quick

cause grandpa gonna try to scare me okay

here i go 30. i'm good i told you yeah

hey what's up girl how you doing


man you're gonna pay for them bulbs if

he gonna break all the balls how am i

supposed to tell where he'd be i know

how to play now i'm like a pro it

doesn't help when somebody knows how to

play they go in front


look oh god

dude what that is scary see that's what

happened before see w w takes you out of

the hiding like in guzi and all the

other games you could go side to side

when you're in the hiding spots that's

why i failed it's not my fault guys it's

just not knowing the game it's not

playing the game bad so stop being mean

last supper oh no bro what the painting

is titled the last pizza party why

wasn't i invited

is it coming it's not coming why are the

eyeballs like that is it following me

it's following me stop i don't like this

even with the power of the fiji ring i'm

still scared i'm still scared it's

popping it's popping is somebody coming

why is this snap crackling and popping

like a light bulb nothing's here

nothing's here nothing's here nothing's

here nothing oh i got some money

now i can buy some all right here we go

wait there's no cabinets right what if

what that's coming he's gonna kill me no

dude if rush comes right now like that's

a that's


there's a giant one

i don't want to fight you i don't want

to fight you victor i don't want to

fight you right there i don't want to

fight him

where is he

what if it automatically faces forward

for you how do you do go with a crowd

the power of the vision ring could not

shape me

i'm returning you you were caught by

steak i love steak with a little a1 so

oh so i seek yo that game was scary only

survive once in a round yo let me get

developer mode bro i wanna i wanna

survive five times in a round please


you heard that sound it made a noise the

game is like responding to me listen to

me plead

no i haven't no no not please


let me revive

once more



we'll follow you home now you won't guys

i'm gone i'm leaving this guy was whack

put my fiji ring hop in the car do a


he think you're gonna follow me home i

don't think so bro thank you so much for

watching this video it's been fun

playing with you yo

who is this coming up on my butt bro you

better chill dude all right

we need to speed up because that made me

crazy anyways thank y'all so much for

watching this video we're going to check

you next time you want to see more of

doors then you just let me know all

right yo why do i hear something the b

what is happening with it

he's here he's here he follow me

it's just a filter dang it these aren't

even my hands i thought this was real

that's my green screen on decor

everything is fake it's all editing

feeling [ __ ]


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