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10 Must Watch Horror Movies on NETFLIX | Ghost Pirate Entertainment

Published June 13, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

10 Must Watch Horror Movies on NETFLIX | Ghost Pirate Entertainment

Looking for the very best horror movies on Netflix? well here is my list of the 10 Best Horror Movies on NETFLIX | Horror Movie Guide. Also if you're Sick of looking for good horror movies to watch on Netflix, Tubi, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Shudder or other streaming services? Well..... I do a deep dive every week into one of the streaming services, and give you 10 more recommendations to watch. Each week I also review the latest as well as classic horror movies. So if you enjoy horror entertainment this might be the channel for you! So do me a favor and hit that subscribe button and ring that little bell because that is the best way to keep track of this channel, also crush that “like” button and REMEMBER, HORROR CAN BE FUN!

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00:00 | Netflix Horror Movies | Oct 2022

00:18 Old People | 2022

02:03 The Perfection | 2018

04:06 In the Tall Grass | 2019

06:29 Incarnate | 2016

07:59 Malevolent | 2018

09:44 No One Gets Out Alive | 2021

11:08 Day Shift | 2022

13:08 The Forest | 2016

15:03 Vampires | 1998

17:13 The Curse of Bridge Hollow |2022

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welcome back to ghostspired

entertainment I'm your host Kanan Becker

and today I give you 10 more

recommendations on Netflix

and let's get to the list

to see

a man

or a beast


old people is a 2022 German

psychological horror movie written

edited and directed by Andy Fisher it

stars Adolfo Asser Louis Betten and

Gerard boss the story focuses on a group

of residents at a retirement home who

break free and go on a killing spree

during a violent thunderstorm

and one day you will all be like them

this movie really surprised me I had

heard a few people mention it when it

first dropped on Netflix so I figured

what the hell I'll check it out but it

by itself pushed me into being like all

right this week I'm making a Netflix

list because it really surprised me that

much it gets brutal Savage and dark it

has elements to it that are kind of

silly and over the top like what you

would expect from a lot of horror movies

but it also has this really Grim

underbelly where it deals with some real

issues about how we treat our elderly

and just that sadness there and it

really portrays that in such a tragic

powerful way but it also has a lot of

violent kills brutality just a straight

up horror movie too I had a great time

with this movie but it also had an

impact on me this is a bit of a slow

burn but once it gets going it really

gets terrifying this is one I definitely

think you should check out


well you know what happens now

Perfection is

psychological Thriller directed by

Richard Shepard from a screenplay by

Shepard Nicole Snyder and Eric Carmelo

it stars Allison Williams Logan Browning

and Steven Weber it tells the story of a

musical prodigy named Charlotte who

returns after years to a prestigious

musical school to find Star people Lizzy

has taken her place and the two Embark

that a Sinister path

what's happening oh my God

what's happening I don't know


oh this movie gets absolutely Savage I

was really shocked at how dark and

disturbing this movie ultimately goes

for years I performed in music and

granted it was very different because I

was in a metal band but the way you push

yourself as a musician or as an artist

in general because I still pushed myself

incredibly hard now but it was that that

really made me connect to this movie in

so many ways but then it goes down this

Wild dark Journey with brilliant

performances by the entire cast and I

was just shocked at some of the

directions that it went because it

doesn't go at all where you think it's

going to there's plenty of surprises

throughout and it slowly unfolds letting

you know the entire history of

everything but it starts you out in a

way that all the things that happen kind

of surprise you because you don't have

this backstory you don't really know

what all went on in the past but it

slowly kind of brings you up to speed

and it all just kind of comes together

towards the end and you see the full

picture of everything and it's just it's

really beautifully done this is just a

fantastic movie that I highly highly



in the tall grass is a 2019 Canadian

supernatural horror movie directed by

Vincenzo Natali and based on a 2012

Stephen King Joe Hill Novella of the

same name it stars Harrison Gilbertson

lesla Oliveira and Patrick Wilson when

her brother and sister enter into a

field of Tall Grass to rescue a boy they

soon realize that they cannot escape and

that something evil lurks in the grass


out there


I've heard of this movie for years and

for whatever reason I just never checked

it out I heard it was really good but

just had never checked it out and

finally I decided to and man why did I

wait so long this movie is so good it's

just so well put together very eerie and

creepy and I know I've heard that it

doesn't live up to the novella but

seriously what movies ever live up to

the writing but as far as the movie goes

I really really enjoyed this one Patrick

Wilson just plays this totally out there

Savage character and everybody else in

this cast is fantastic they just give

these really emotional powerful roles

but the thing I love the most about it

is how it deals with time I'm a huge fan

of time travel and the unknown and all

of that craziness Time Slips stuff like

that and this does such a good job of

portraying that and I guess from what

I've heard that's very different than

The novella doesn't really deal with all

the time elements but I'm a huge fan of

the time elements so that pulled me in

right away it just has this winding

crazy story that's hard to follow just

an absolute mind [ __ ] type of movie so

if you're a fan of movies like Time

Crimes which I recommended a couple

videos back just these weird

psychological thrillers that [ __ ] your

brain all up then I highly recommend you

add this to your list


thank you

oh my God

it's not here

incarnate is a 2016 supernatural horror

movie directed by Brad Peyton and

written by Ronnie kerstensen it stars

Aaron Eckhart karise van Hutton and

David mazuz after a single mother

Witnesses terrifying symptoms of demonic

possession in her son a Vatican

representative calls on Dr Seth Embers

to rid him of the evil spirit mom

thank you

I have an arch demon possessing the body

of an innocent 11 year old boy

so this movie really flies under the

radar as far as blumhouse movies go you

just never hear this one talked about

and is it groundbreaking not really is

it anything game changing no but is it a

fun Supernatural dark demented demonic

kind of cool possession thing yes very

very much so and it's a very unique

movie it's like the Exorcist meets

Inception just this very strange put

together concept that I think really

works for a good time so if you're

looking for a movie to not overthink and

just have a good time with this is an

absolutely great pick


and remember

that you are amazing

malevolent is a 2018 British horror

movie directed by oleft De Flair and

based on the novel hush by Eva

constanopoulos it stars Florence Pugh

Ben Lloyd Hughes and Scott Chambers the

story focuses on a team of scam artists

who are making money from faked

paranormal experiences but during an

assignment at a country home the team

gets more than they bargained for and

one by one they begin to lose grip on

reality here's the plan Angela will

pretend she sees a ghost

we'll put on a damn good show and make

some money

I recommended this movie before but it

is such an impact on me I

I love this movie

I had to recommend it again I think it's

a perfect pick for this time of year

when you're looking for a spooky haunted

house kind of situation because it's a

traditional Haunted House movie in a lot

of ways but it's so well put together

with characters that you really give a

[ __ ] about and a really fantastic

performance by Florence Pugh which I

mean that's part for the course with her

at this point everything she's in she

lives to another level and this is such

a small nothing movie that no one ever

talks about but she really makes it into

something you should talk about it has

this really fantastic Gothic vibe to it

with a lot of mood and atmosphere

throughout this is such a well done

movie in every way the shot selection

the lighting everything about it just

feels fantastically done it's a movie

that I absolutely recommend


we're worried

no one gets out alive is a 2021 British

horror movie directed by Santiago magini

and based on the 2014 novel of the same

name by Adam Neville the film stars

Christina rodlow and Mark mancheka

desperate and without documentation a

young woman from Mexico moves into a

rundown Cleveland boarding house then on

settling cries and Eerie Visions begin


have you seen

him there's something wrong with this


even when I'm awake I see it this is

another one that I've recommended before

but it's so good and still I hear no one

talking about it Christina rodlow gives

an absolutely amazing performance in

this and really carries this movie it's

a bit of a slow burn as it just slowly

builds into this horrifying scenario but

once it gets there this movie goes into

some wild just crazy Direction with

loads of surprises and a pretty shocking

ending as well this is a small movie but

a really well done one and one you most

definitely need to see


vampires they're the most

and all they are as murderers

there's not Eclipse New Moon Breaking

Dawn point one it ain't like that all


why do you know the name Soul the

specific Twilight films welcome to the

day shift [ __ ]


works every time day shift is a 2022

vampire horror movie directed by JJ

Perry and his directorial debut and

Based On A Story by Taylor Tice the film

stars Jamie Foxx Dave Franco and Snoop

Dogg it tells the story of a

hard-working dad trying to provide for

his daughter who uses a pool cleaning

job as a front for his real gig hunting

and killing vampires


this movie was so much fun it was so

much better than I expected I heard

about it and I was in no rush to see it

because I was like okay another vampire

movie I've seen a million of them and

I've seen quite a few of them on Netflix

that are you know okay at best but this

one goes beyond that it's really a blast

but it's the way that it's shot it's

such an exciting movie with constant

action seen after the other with just

these crazy over-the-top battle

sequences it also has a pretty fresh

look at vampires and just the hunting of

vampires I thought was done really well

but in the end of the day what carries

this movie is the performances because

Dave Franco is hilarious in this so is

Jamie Foxx and Snoop well I mean snoop's

great in everything he's in but this

movie is just a blast when you boil it

down to his core it's really just a

popcorn horror movie but a really well

done one and one I definitely think you

could have fun with so do yourself a

favor and check it out


the forest is a 2016 supernatural horror

movie directed by Jason Zada and

starring Natalie Dormer and Tyler Kinney

the story follows a young woman who

travels to the akihara Forest in Japan

better known as the suicide forest in

hopes to find her missing sister your

sister went into aokigahara Forest it's

where lost people go to commit suicide


this is a creepy haunting Moody movie

that's really rooted in this real place

which to me just gives it that much more

of an eerie quality the fact that there

is this real Forest where people really

do go to commit suicide it's a really

tragic sad story that I've seen multiple

documentaries and things on it's really

fascinating but very tragic but I

thought this movie did a great job of

taking that subject serious but at the

same time doing this creepy scenario

with it because just the idea of that

place alone just makes for a fantastic

horror movie because if hauntings really

exist there is not a place on the planet

that should have more ghosts than this

place the overall concept is just creepy

as [ __ ] Natalie dornberg does a great

job in this movie as well she just has

this really emotional character that you

just find yourself rooting for but being

mystified by it I don't want to give

anything away because this movie does

have some pretty wild twists but she

does a great job of portraying this

character this is a disturbing creepy

moody little movie that I think you

definitely need to see


James Woods

from the master of Terror comes a new

breed of evil John Carpenter's vampires

vampires is a 1998 independent

neo-western action horror movie directed

and scored by John Carpenter it stars

James Woods Cheryl Lee and Thomas Ian

Griffith ever since his parents were

murdered by vampires Jack Crow has had

one purpose in life killing bloodsuckers

but he meets his match at a roadside

Motel when he comes face to face with a

vampire with Incredible Powers have you

ever seen a vampire

forget whatever you've seen in the


it's not like I'm seducing everybody in

sight with cheesy Euro trash accents all

right they don't turn into bats crosses

don't work you want to kill one you

drive a wooden snake right through it so

if you know anything about John

Carpenter you know that his favorite

genre growing up was Western and that

he's always wanted to make a western and

this is about as close as he ever got

because this really has this old west

vibe to it and I'm there for it this

movie is so much fun and it's bizarre to

me because out of all of John

Carpenter's catalog this one gets almost

the least amount of attention especially

considering this is a damn good movie it

has really entertaining performances by

the entire cast with these really well

shot epic action scenes that are just so

much fun to see I love the invention of

some of the technology that they use to

fight against these vampires as well and

just the lore and history and just all

of that is very fun in this movie and

you could see that it's very thought out

and James Woods plays a serious badass

In This Very reminiscent of a Clint

Eastwood type like I said Western this

is very much a western vampire movie the

whole thing just looks dusty and dirty

and beaten down old west kind of vibe

this movie just does not get enough

attention but I think it deserves to be

at the top of any horror fans watch list

these zombies just bit me zombies don't

have nervous systems good call Bill Nye

the Science Guy burn


the curse of bridge Hollow is a 2022

comedy horror movie directed by Jeff

Wadlow and stars Marla Wayans Priya

Ferguson and Rob Riggle a man and his

daughter must team up to save their town

after an ancient and mischievous Spirit

causes Halloween decorations to come to

life and wreak havoc that once the

wicked man named sting g-jack he died in

your house

hello so I might live in a haunted house

this place just got a lot cooler

this is such a fun little movie it's

very much a family-friendly movie but I

love it man and I think this time of

year it's great to have these entryway

horror movies that you can watch with

your kids but I'm full grown known kids

you know I'm by myself and I still had a

great time with this movie because

there's some really ingenious things

that they do in this special effects

just some very interesting creative fun

elements to it but there's something

about as an adult watching these kind of

fun happy Halloween you know energy

saturated with that Vibe kind of movie

that just takes you back I don't know

maybe that's just me but I have a great

time watching this kind of movie also

Rob Riggle who's very annoying to me at

times was very funny in this as well as

Marla Wayans there's just some really

hilarious jokes and setups in this that

were also a lot of fun in a lot of ways

it reminded me of an episode to

Goosebumps just to a bigger scale and I

still love the Goosebumps okay sometimes

I'm not gonna lie last night I went on

to YouTube punched in and found some

gold Goosebumps episodes and watched

them it's just a really fun thing

especially to go to sleep to this time

of year so yeah maybe I'm weird that's

fine I'm good with that I've come to

grips with my weirdness either way I

think this is a movie you could really

have fun with so grab your popcorn and

your candy and enjoy

I want to give a huge massive enormous

thank you to my patrons because you guys

yeah you your support seriously means so

much to me as well as my new members

who've joined here on YouTube my

membership I appreciate all of you guys

that support this Channel and if you

would like to find out more about

becoming a patron the link is down in

the description and like always thank

you so much for watching please Crush

that like button and remember guys

horror candy fun if you enjoyed this

click right here for 10 more

recommendations and I'll see you guys

next time



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