Feb. 22, 2024

LG displays powered by UCView digital signage and IPTV software

Published June 13, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Courtney

UCView SOC software to control LG WebOs System on chip Displays. Save time and money with outstanding performance.

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you see view is a streamlined digital

signage and IPTV solution for over a

decade we have been transforming the way

businesses communicate their messages in

2020 we will unveil a suite of features

that will make it even easier for users

to present signage and streaming content

on lg displays you see view app on LG

webOS screens offers a clean user

experience full control over content as

well as minimal set-up time and costs

this plug-and-play solution removes a

lot of the guesswork and common hassles

associated with digital signage and

streaming setups partnership with LG

enables you to view the further

infiltrate it's established vertical

markets such as education corporate

communication and sports venues we hope

you are as excited about being part of a

digital signage and IPTV evolution as we



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