May 30, 2024

ZTE Shares IPTV Experience & Emerging Trends

Published June 13, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Courtney

Weijun Lee, VP TV and cloud computing solutions at zte USA, shares what North American telcos can learn from overseas iptv operators, how zte helps iptv operators embrace new technologies and zte's trusted delivery model for cyber-security

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today I'm here with ways you leave of

ZTE mr. Lee from GT e--'s worldwide

experience in IPTV deployments what can

North American telcos learn from the

overseas IPTV operators as you know ZT s

wells are early pioneers in terms of

IPTV back in two thousand two thousand

five so far we have about 1500 engineers

for the iron be we have deployed IPTV

system 20 verse 40 networkers serving

about 9.5 million active users so we are

among the top 10 top two middleware and

set up our vendors so from our

experience worldwide experience the

North American telecom IPTV operators

can learn from the oversea counterpart

in at least one at least two areas the

first dates there are lots of TV based

interactive applications that can be

offered to support a very flexible

business model one very cool example is

called gifting for example you can buy a

voice VOD movie and you watch it you'll

like it then you say oh let me buy it

again as gift for my friends so that we

all your friends enjoy it and you're an

operator you were actually gaining more

revenue for that that's very very useful

also like a voting in regular voting

American Idol dancing with stars those

are very popular as well so the second

point will be cloud-based the DVR that's

like TV on demand I'll catch up TV as we

call it so one started by China Telecom

found out that fifty-eight percent of

people switched from cable TV to IPTV

because of this feature because the

users did love the convenience of able

to browse and watch all the content in

also program all the channels within the

last day one week without actually

scheduled at recording and they'd really

love this feature in the area of IP

TV solutions how is ZTE different from

your competitors there alesis reasons we

are very committed to help our customers

in a very competitive way the first

point it's our commitment our

customization our time to market so we

sit together with our customer to get

jointly understand your business flows

design a very appealing in the user

experience that includes the program

guide that the VOD posters they

recommending you to they are like you

know you really enjoy that that more

like more or less like you get a custom

built home dream home design about very

reputable and it fitted up to all your

personal needs and a delivered to you

within a short a few months and at a

very affordable cost so the second point

it's technology innovation one example

it's like one techno we have a pet in

the technology that's called low

bandwidth hi definitely video

transcoding so that's able to deliver

the HD content with 3 megabits per

second instead of a traditional 8

megabits per second so that essentially

allow the rural telecom operators to

offer HD service to all they are serving

areas so the server which is last but

not least it's you know it is actually

we are very committed to the cyber

security of our service providers we

support it's called trust delivery model

where we open our software hardware

equipment system into us independent

third-party assessing the library that

can be overseen the government what are

the emerging trends and threats to IP TV

operators and how does ZTE plan to help

the operators with these issues first

for the emerging competi competitors

threads from the internet players like

youtube or hulu etc you know @zt we help

the service providers to embrace to


to improve these technologies instead of

fighting against them one example is 40

over-the-top contents right we have the

operators to catch the content and then

distributed to the end users through

their own many the CDN contended very

network so with better quality of a user

experience so that we are not only saves

the bandwidth across the core network

because you don't have to do what I can

also request it also improves the user

experience so pretty much we leverage

that the new technology to help the

operators so that's one key point the

second point is convergence the two

convergence where the convergence

between the TV world the telecommuting

world and the IT world so f ZT we are

actively participating and leading in

those global and original standard

bodies including like itu-t ties by 80s

etc and these shoes are strategic

commitment to help our customer base of

telecom carriers and just keep our

service providers thank you for joining

us thanks for light reading for the



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