May 21, 2024

Tripleplay showcases ground breaking single platform IPTV and Digital Signage at CABSAT

Published June 13, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Courtney

Tripleplay’s biggest ever platform release, Caveman, was unveiled at CABSAT 2018. Regional director Amer Alzaiem explains what the platform contains and where it is being delivered.

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welcome to caps at 2018 in broadcast is

here at the 24th meaner event showcasing

strategic technical and creative

organizations within the media industry

hi this is in broadcast at caps at 2018

and I'm joined here by a MIA from Triple

Play now me tell me a little bit about

Triple Play I kill him we are Enterprise

IP video streaming company specialist IP

TV digital signage and the video

streaming solution providing end-to-end

solutions to number of markets including

corporate hospitality education

healthcare airport stadium and so on

fantastic now tell me a little bit about

the new products and services you launch

in here at kabsah we are exercised to be

in capsule 2018 it's a great event to

meet potential existing partners from

Middle East Africa markets at this year

captured we are showing as our latest

release software of signage IB TV and

digital cernan's incorporating wide

variety features a new enhancement as

well as well as new product release like

a product call with play media features

which allow guests or allow users to

share their content media from iOS or

Android devices for challenges and

opportunities to your customers

currently face actually medalists been

always a potential market for all

suppliers or vendors we are in Middle

East we are trying to fulfill a customer

requirement providing a latest

technology video streaming solutions

making sure that we are providing

end-to-end solution after sales support


technical support as well fully

comprehensive service so we're just a

future hold for triple play

interpolation we have wide range of

features and solutions we have dedicated

IPTV and a disturbance portals that fit

multi-purpose business verticals like a

hospitality like health care education

banks and stadium and hospitality portal

we have a lot of rich features actually

which can allow guests to have

interactive solutions like mobile

sharing contents and welcome message

where VOD and messaging and so on for

this asana so we have we have launched

our new release signage it has a lot of

new features when an enhancement for

management features and so on fantastic

now where can people go to find out some

more information you can find more

information and details to the triple

play at

coming to you from triple play at caps

at 2018




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