May 31, 2023

Medical Student During an In-Flight Emergency

Published May 13, 2023, 4:08 p.m. by Monica Louis

It was a dark and stormy night. The airplane was shaking and the passengers were screaming. Then, in the midst of all the chaos, a young medical student named Doc Schmidt calmly stood up and took charge.

Doc Schmidt is a third year medical student at the University of Colorado. She is also a certified emergency medical technician (EMT). When the plane began to experience mechanical difficulties, she knew that she had to act quickly to help the passengers.

She began by assessing the situation and determining who was injured and who was not. She then began to triage the patients, making sure to prioritize those who were most in need of medical attention.

She worked tirelessly for hours, caring for the passengers and making sure they were all as comfortable as possible. When the plane finally landed safely, she was hailed as a hero.

Thanks to Doc Schmidt, the passengers on that plane received the best possible care during a very chaotic and frightening situation. She is a true hero and an excellent example of what it means to be a medical student.

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hey the overhead said there's a medical

emergency near the cockpit yes i'm a

flight attendant are you a doctor i'm a

medical student

this passenger just passed out he woke

up but he's still very groggy

hello sir we have a first aid kit so i

checked his blood sugar and his only 42.

that's low right that's definitely low

this could be a glycogen storage

disorder what sir i think you might have

von gurkey's disease

we should check a lactate and a bmp to

confirm i'm not sure we can do that then

we can do the genetic testing after that

we definitely can't do that up here why

not how do we treat him i'm afraid there

is no cure

am i gonna die sir i'm sure this is a

lot to hear why don't you tell me your

understanding of everything going on

i'm using the spikes demonic for

difficult conversations this is

assessing the patient's perception

do we need to land the plane i'm feeling

really nauseous can i have some juice

wait a minute nausea can be a sign of a

neurologic abnormality a hormone

imbalance can be causing a problem with

glucose production should i get in the

juice though juice we need an mri to

assess for a possible brain tumor i

think i'm gonna pass out again i really

think he needs juice oh we need to keep

him npo for possible emergency surgery


are you trying to kill him hey guys i'm

getting really sweaty

it's a theochromocytoma


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