July 22, 2024

Should Christians Be Involved In Politics? || POWERFUL SERMON!

Published May 14, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Arrik Motley

It seems like every day there’s a new story in the news about some politician who’s been caught up in a scandal. It’s easy to become discouraged and think that maybe christians shouldn’t get involved in politics. But is that what God wants us to do?

The Bible has a lot to say about government and those who are in positions of authority. In Romans 13:1-7, Paul tells us that we should respect and obey those in authority over us because they are put there by God. We may not always agree with the decisions they make, but we are called to pray for them and respect their authority.

So what does that mean for christians who want to get involved in politics?

First, it means that we need to be prayerful. We need to pray for our leaders, that God would give them wisdom and discernment. We need to pray for ourselves, that we would know how to best use our gifts and talents to serve others.

Second, it means that we need to be informed. We need to educate ourselves on the issues and the candidates. We need to vote, and we need to encourage others to vote.

Third, it means that we need to be involved. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and complain about the way things are. We need to get out there and be the change we want to see. We need to run for office, work on campaigns, and get involved in the political process.

Fourth, it means that we need to be respectful. We need to remember that those who disagree with us are not our enemies. We need to treat them with respect and love, even when we strongly disagree with them.

politics can be a dirty business, but that doesn’t mean christians should stay out of it. We are called to be salt and light in the world, and that means getting involved in the political process and working to make a difference.

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hi everyone today i want to talk about

something that's very serious a while

ago i created a poll on my community

page and i asked all of you the

following question should christians be

involved in politics 27 said no

53 said yes and 21 said maybe but what

does god's word the bible say about it

and this is very important because

governments have a lot of power they

control things like what happens to

people that break the law

how much you pay for food gas and well

everything what your children are being

taught in school and even who you go to

war with just look at the war between

russia and ukraine it was after the u.s

warned all day of a full-scale russian

invasion of ukraine

millions of people had to flee their

homes fear and terror are everywhere you


now there are many reasons why putin

started this war you might already be

aware of most of them

but you might not be aware of this

one of the reasons is because putin he

does not want the orthodox church to be

in ukraine the one in ukraine won in

russia they split a long time ago so

they're not the same and he only wants

the one in russia to exist

war is not just war politics

it's not just politics there are

spiritual forces behind the scenes that

you're not aware of evil forces we

clearly see this in the book of daniel

daniel 10 verse 13 the amplified version

says but the prince of the kingdom of

persia was standing in opposition to me

for 21 days

then behold michael one of the chief of

the celestial princes came to help me

for i had been left there with the kings

of persia

this is the angel gabriel that came to

daniel to give him a message when the

bible is talking here about the princess

it's talking about high-ranking angels

look at the footnotes an evil angel

representing the interests of satan in


so there are evil spirits at work

in evil governments that want to cause a

lot of pain and suffering in society and

think about it governments basically

determine how much freedom you really

have and that goes for religious freedom

as well

it's extremely dangerous for christians

now in countries like north korea

somalia sudan pakistan afghanistan syria

iraq yemen libya and even china

you know sometimes when i talk to

christians i can't believe how naive

some of them are or uneducated about


they believe that the days where

christians were persecuted are long gone

don't deceive yourself you might only

think this because you live in a country

where it is safe but you have no clue

what's really going on behind your own


according to open doors last year 340

million christians

live in places where they experience

high levels of persecution and


4488 churches and christian buildings

were attacked


4761 christians were killed for the


this is only what we know about

and it will get worse

as time goes on

the closer we get to the end times now

as i said some people believe some

christians believe now we shouldn't get

involved in politics but that you know

that muslims feel exactly the opposite

and that is why they are growing so fast

in a religion and also in their power

surah 24 55 says

allah has promised those who have

believed among you and unrighteous deeds

that he will surely grant them

succession to authority

upon the earth just as he granted it to

those before them and that he will

surely establish for them therein the

religion which he has preferred

for them and that he will surely

substitute for them after their fear


for they worship me

not associating anything with me but

whoever disbelieves after that then

those are the defiantly disobedient no

wonder islam grew so quick over the

years especially if you read this

together with the second surah of the

quran al baqarah 193 it says fight them

until there is no persecution and the

religion is alas

it's because of these words that we get

these muslim extremists

but they seem to forget the words that

allah according to their their book the

quran allah spoke to muhammad that you

should not impose or force religion on

someone in 2 256 it says there is no

compulsion in religion i would have

loved to talk about this more but i'll

do that in another video when it comes

to politics for the christian i want to

make this clear

god's kingdom is not of this world

nothing that you or i do can change

god's plan of redemption

and the prophecies of the end times what

will happen will happen

jesus himself said in john 18 36 my

kingdom is not of this world

if my kingdom were of this world my

servants would have been fighting that i

might not be delivered over to the jews

but my kingdom is not from the world

always remember that we rely on god

himself not a government even though the

government's purpose

the reason why they are there in the

first place is to serve us the people

but they can never give you what you

really need because when we look at

history and even now even the best

governments out of the 195 countries

in the world are corrupt

greedy full of pride and power hungry

abraham lincoln said nearly all men can

stand adversity but if you want to test

a man's character give him power

i want you to understand this if you

look only at the temporary world

your government

cannot help you because they can't give

you real freedom

you will never have real freedom in this

temporary world

and then if you look at eternal life

they can't do anything at all

only god can give you eternal life only

he can give you real peace even in this

life only god can give you true freedom

john 8 verse 32 says and you will know

the truth and the truth will set you

free and 2 corinthians 3 verse 17 says

now the lord is the spirit and where the

spirit of the lord is

there is freedom

you have to understand that god's

eternal kingdom is a lot more important

than any temporary worldly kingdom that

will never last and that is why it is

more important to focus on preaching the

gospel sharing the gospel so that people

might be saved after this world as a

child of god as a reborn christian you

have to put him first above everything

else in your life jesus says in matthew

6 33 but seek first the kingdom of god

and his righteousness

now if you truly do that if you truly

put god first and

his righteousness

then you will also stand for

righteousness within society but too

many christians today are scared

so they do nothing they rather just stay

in their comfort zones and they let evil

take over

evil takes over the entertainment like

games movies tv series

and then their schools their news

then their whole country and ultimately

the whole world but romans 12 21 says do

not be overcome by evil but overcome

evil with good so many christians say no

you shouldn't get involved in politics

and i actually agree with you

if that is what god told you if that is

his plan for your life then you

shouldn't become a politician or get

involved in politics but that doesn't

mean that that is his intent for

everyone else

so don't tell other people that they

shouldn't get involved we should also

not be naive because we are already part

of it

you're already part of politics from the

car that you drive to the gmo bread on

your plate

and you should at the very least pray

for your country your government one

timothy 2 verse 124 says

first of all then i urge that

supplications prayers intercessions and

thanksgivings be made for all people

for kings and all who are in high

positions that we may lead a peaceful

and quiet life

godly and dignified in every way this is

good and it is pleasing in the sight of

god our savior who desires all people to

be saved and to come to the knowledge of

the truth now let me ask you something

and be honest when was the last time

that you prayed for your government

and how can you pray for them if you

don't even know who they are and what

they are doing

now let me move on to the next thing

you might not even like your government

but you should obey them romans 13 verse

1 says let every person be subject to

the governing authorities for there is

no authority except from god and those

that exist have been instituted by god

god uses governments to keep law and

order most governments have lost against



theft lying under oath and so forth

imagine if they didn't do it

and everybody just lived according to

their own fleshly sinful desires

it would be lawlessness and you would be

even too scared to go outside of your

house most of these laws are in line

with god's word and that's why you

should obey them

titus 3 verse 1 says remind them to be

submissive to rulers and authorities to

be obedient to be ready for every good

work to speak evil of no one

to avoid quarreling to be gentle and to

show perfect courtesy toward all people

now we are all different members of the

body of christ and god might call some

of us to become doctors mechanics

pilots cleaners


shop owners


and some even politicians

but now always remember here that is

only what you do

it's just your job it's not who you are

you are first before everything else you

are a reborn christian a child of the

living god

romans 8 verse 16 says the spirit

himself bears witness with our spirit

that we are

children of god

so whatever you do now should be done

through faith meaning you should walk

according to god's will his plan for

your life

never make up your own mind about doing

something before

you talk to god always talk to god first

to make sure that you're walking in his

will and man there will be a lot of

voices people telling you what to do

with your life some might come from god

but some not some might even come from

the devil to kind of distract you to go

on the wrong path you need to find out

from god himself ask him

what is your purpose why are you here on


and he will tell you god might even call

you to work in government to accomplish

his plan for that specific country just

look at what he did with joseph in egypt

then pharaoh took his signet ring from

his hand and put it on joseph's hand and

clothed him in garments of fine linen

and put a gold chain about his neck and

he made him ride in his second chariot

and they called out before him bow the

knee thus he set him over all the land

of egypt another example is daniel

who lived righteously in a godless

country daniel 5 verse 29

then valdezhazar gave the command and

daniel was clothed with purple a chain

of gold was put around his neck and a

proclamation was made about him that he

should be the third ruler in the kingdom

now there are more examples in scripture

but we clearly see that god uses people

to work in government in kingdoms to

accomplish his plan

whatever you do

whether you're a politician or whether

you're someone who works in a shop or at

a hospital

the point is to do god's will to bring

him glory whatever you do should bring

god glory as a child of god

1 corinthians 10 31 says

so whether you eat or drink or whatever

you do

do all to the glory of god always

remember that your faith comes first

over everything else that you do in this

temporary world your career

most of the time these two actually go

together because god uses people there

where they are to share the gospel and

you are called to make disciples jesus

says in matthew 28 19

go therefore and make disciples of all

nations baptizing them in the name of

the father and of the son and of the

holy spirit now

you might not agree with what

politicians are doing i don't agree with

it because i stand with righteousness i

stand with the word of god for what is

true and right


it is also god

who choose who get what positions in



even though they lie and you can't trust


god will still use them to accomplish

his plan romans 13 verse 1 says let

every person be subject to the governing

authorities for there is no authority

except from god and those that exist

have been instituted by god now i want

you to listen to me carefully because i

don't want you to make assumptions or

misunderstand what i'm going to tell you

right now

even though you might live in a country

with a government that is full of lies

full of corruption and greed like i do

here in south africa

you should not stress


because we

put our trust in god himself and not in


and remember romans 8 verse 28 promises


that for those who love god all things

work together for good for those who are

called according to his purpose

in fact

things will get worse the closer we get

to the end times and we know this will

happen so we shouldn't be shocked when

we see crazy things like wars

because the bible says that it will


jesus said in matthew 24 6 to 14 and you

will hear of wars and rumors of wars

see that you are not alarmed

for this must take place but the end is

not yet

for nation will rise against nation and

kingdom against kingdom and there will

be famines and earthquakes in various

places all these are by the beginning of

the birth pains

then they will deliver you up to

tribulation and put you to death and you

will be hated by all nations for my

name's sake and then many will fall away

and betray one another and hate one

another and many false prophets will

arise and lead many astray and because

lawlessness will be increased the love

of many will grow cold

but the one who endures to the end will

be saved and this gospel of the kingdom

will be proclaimed throughout the whole

world as a testimony to all nations

and then the end will come now as i said

you should not stress about all of these

things because they they are going to


and our trust is not on these things

our trust our eyes

are fixed on jesus christ

we trust in god himself but that does

not mean

that when you see unrighteousness in the

world that you should just sit back and

do nothing about it because we should

stand for righteousness for what is

right and true because we are

children of god yes our first priority

is to share the gospel of jesus christ

for the eternal kingdom

but then

we also have a responsibility to stand

for what is right or have you forgotten

that you are the light of the world

matthew 5 14

you are the light of the world a city

set on a hill cannot be hidden nor do


light a lamp and put it under a basket

but on a stand and it gives light to all

in the house in the same way let your

light shine before others so that they

may see your good works and give glory

to your father who is in heaven you know

these days there are just some

christians who just stay in our comfort

zones they just go to church on sundays

and then home they do nothing for god

for the kingdom of god nothing they

don't share the gospel they don't stand

for righteousness they do anything

because they got so used to just their

comfort zone and they don't want to move

outside of it but what is your purpose

then here on earth

are you not a child of god are you not

his ambassador here on

earth you should stand for righteousness

and support groups

that are in line with scripture that

honors god

vote for

and support groups

that stands for what is right for what

is true and for what is good that is in

line with scripture matthew 5 13 says

you are the salt of the earth but if

salt has lost its taste how shall its

saltness be restored it is no longer

good for anything except to be thrown

out and trampled under people's feet if

this world if the earth lost its salt

christians good christians that do what

is right in this world that brings light

into this darkness if the earth lost its

salt this world will be a terrible

terrible place

it's just like eating food without any

spices on it land

terrible there are many christians

that are still standing up for

righteousness that are salt in this

world that makes it a better place

they bring light into this dark world

and i'm so thankful for them because

just think what would happen to this

world if christians stopped caring

what if christian orphanages stopped

caring for the fatherless and the


what if christian health workers stopped

caring for the ill

what if we stop caring about the poor

the victims of sex trafficking drug


and most of all what if we stopped

caring for the lost

what if we stopped caring

for the souls of people

many of you who are watching this video

right now stopped caring and you know

what is the problem with that

you know what is the problem with us

stop caring

then we don't have god's love in us

and that means we might not even be true


1 john 4 8 says anyone who does not love

does not know god because god is love

our biggest responsibility in this

temporary world

is to love other people to share the

gospel to them because if you really

care about someone you don't want them

to end up in hell and that is where most

people are going to

if you love them you will share the

gospel because you know that you were

there where they are now

you will care about their souls

and you will also care about their

temporary lives as well

if you truly love and care for other

people then you would want to help them

because god's spirit is in you

true love

the spirit of love is in you and then

you will produce the fruit of the spirit

and then if you look at politics

imagine the impact you can have on a

bigger scale

with politics galatians 6 9 says and let

us not grow wary of doing good for in

due season we will reap if we do not

give up so should you be involved in


i don't know

only god knows what he has planned for

you and you have to go and ask him

but you know there is one thing that we

should do every single christian and

that is to share the gospel for the

eternal kingdom

and if you want to know how to do that

and watch these videos here and they

will help you

and always remember god loves you and i

love you too



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