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“My Beijing, My Story” Depicts the Lifestyle of People Living in Beijing

Published May 14, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

My Beijing, My Story

Beijing is a city that is always in flux. It is a metropolis that is constantly evolving, with new buildings and developments springing up all the time. And yet, despite all the change, there are certain things that remain the same. The people of Beijing are still incredibly hospitable and welcoming, and the city still has a unique charm that is all its own.

I have been living in Beijing for just over a year now, and in that time I have come to call this city my home. I love the fast pace of life here, and the endless opportunities for exploration. There is always something new to see and do in Beijing, and I never find myself getting bored.

Of course, living in such a big city does have its challenges. The air pollution can be tough to deal with, and the traffic can be incredibly congested. But, for me, the pros far outweigh the cons. I am grateful to have the chance to live in such an amazing and vibrant city.

If you are thinking of making the move to Beijing, I would say go for it! It is an experience that you will never forget. And who knows, maybe you will even come to love this city as much as I do.

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Beijing is like a service station on

this Expressway

now I I feel like I'm just a Beijing boy

watching pilot

thank you

my name is Joseph Graves and I am a

theater director and actor and writer

and I came to Beijing 20 years ago as an

experiment to direct a Shakespeare play

and have ended up living here for the

last 20 years now I feel like I'm just a

Beijing boy that speaks putang Hua

really badly right now I'm working on a

production of Man of La Mancha I felt

very much in love with it I got to see

that show man of a mancha by the time I

was 14 or so and fell in love with it

then I played Don Quixote I've directed

it it's been a part of my really my

theatrical Heritage I've kind of grown

up with men of La Mancha



I think theater including musical

theater are stories that resonate for

all people

across cultural and societal barriers

across language barriers you don't have

to go anywhere you just stay here and

talk and let Don Quixote come back and

forth to you and we're using some of

that kind of expression in this

production of medical mancha too there

are many Chinese art forms that I have

become a big fan of








the wenyu river is really important for

Birds the water quality has improved a

lot and that's probably meant that the

fish population has increased

so we have here today many many by Lou

the egrets and they breed here they eat


Beijing is like a service station on

this Expressway and many different types

of birds can be seen here

I was seeing big numbers of birds you

know this is something that Beijing

should be very proud of and so that's

why I really started to build the

website and help to to create awareness

about the richness of the bird life here

in Beijing

one of the things that I did was to

research the number of birds that have

been recorded in different Capital


if you look at the G20 so the 20 major

economies of the world

they've been ranks number two behind

only Brasilia so it's it's much better

than my Capital City London it's much

better than Washington DC Paris

everyone wants to protect what they love

but they can only love what they know

you know that the key first step is that


there are many many Wildlife

Conservation ngos like Chantry

Conservation Center at Peking University

there's a NGO in Union focusing on

Gibbons NGO and xinjiang focusing on the

mountain Wildlife so all these local

ngos are springing up and all doing

great work to to celebrate and protect

China it's amazing natural heritage I

think I'll be working in conservation

all my life I think it's my it's like my


even if I retire from a job you know I'm

sure I'll still be working on on

wildlife conservation


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