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marvel Entertainment has just announced a major casting update for their upcoming film, Fantastic Four. The film will now star Tom Cruise as Mr. Fantastic, Timothee Chalamet as The Human Torch, Rebecca Ferguson as The Invisible Woman, and John Krasinski as The Thing.

This is a huge casting shakeup for the film, which was originally set to star Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. However, it seems that marvel is making some major changes to the film in order to make it a success.

With Tom Cruise onboard, the film is sure to be a box office hit. His star power will attract audiences, and his acting ability will no doubt make the film a success. Timothee Chalamet is also a great choice for The Human Torch. He is a rising star in Hollywood, and his performance in Call Me By Your Name was outstanding.

Rebecca Ferguson is a great choice for The Invisible Woman. She is a talented actress, and she has the ability to make the character come to life on the big screen. John Krasinski is an interesting choice for The Thing. He is best known for his role in The Office, but he has shown that he can handle more serious roles.

This is a major casting update for the film, and it is sure to get fans excited. marvel is making some major changes to the film, and they are all for the better. With Tom Cruise onboard, the film is sure to be a success.

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what is going on everybody welcome back

to the cosmic wonder I'm Warren Thompson

and today we have an update on the

Fantastic forecast this has been a hot

subject recently because it looks like

Marvel Studios is trying to finalize who

the cast is going to be and to top it

all off it looks like they're trying to

finalize who the cast is going to be

before San Diego Comic-Con which starts

July 19th so they are two months away

from San Diego Comic-Con which basically

gives them two months to cast the

official Fantastic Four and this also

includes the villain or villains of the

movie it does sound like Galactus is

indeed going to be the villain but he is

going to have Heralds yes not just one

but possibly two we do have Front

Runners for Galactus right now but

mainly Marvel Studios just needs to

announce the main cast of the actual

Fantastic Four team they don't really

need to announce the villains but Marvel

Studios and Kevin feige knows we've all

been waiting and we've all been been

talking about and we've all heard who

they met with already and really want to

know who our cast is going to be and

based off of the things that we've heard

Marvel Studios has a huge announcement

prepared for San Diego Comic-Con widely

believed to be the Fantastic Four now a

couple of days ago I did a video about

what to expect as far as a phase 6

announcement at San Diego Comic-Con so

you can check that out we'll link that

down below and put that in the pin

comment as well but basically expect a

phase six reveal we only had a part of

it at San Diego Comic-Con last year just

the Fantastic Four Avengers Secret Wars

and Avengers King Dynasty also side note

according to Insider Jeff Snyder he is

stating that this is a rumor but he was

hearing that the screenwriter Jeff

loveness who was writing Avengers King

Dynasty is now off of the project no

longer writing that movie and he does

claim that this happened before the

writers strike so if this is true right

now Avengers King Dynasty does not have

a writer however I have spoken to

Michael Waldron several times very

recently and if you're not familiar he

wrote the first season of Loki

Multiverse of Madness and he is writing

Secret Wars and he said that him and

Jeff loveness are super close because

they've written with each other before

in the past a lot and are kind of

working together for Kang Dynasty and

secret War so I hope that this isn't

true but if it is right now we have no

writer but going back to the Fantastic

Four in Marvel Studios needing to cast

the main family before two months we do

have an update and it seems like we

might have our thing also some news

about Sue storm but more on that in just

a bit but Insider my time to shine hello

has stated it's true David Diggs is in

talks for the thing in Fantastic Four

didn't it work out with Mila Kunis now

some time ago a couple of weeks ago a

month ago my time to shine hello stated

that Mila Kunis was in talks to play the

thing and to this day I'm not really

sure if that was a joke or if that was

an actual thing that Marvel Studios was

considering obviously we know and have

pictures of Mila Kunis meeting with Matt

shackman the director of the Fantastic

Four movie we heard that she was meeting

with Marvel as well talking to them

about a possible role with the Fantastic

Four we all assumed Sue storm but could

Marvel have possibly been thinking of

gender swapping the thing I don't think

that's the route they're going to go

especially since my time to shine hello

is stating that David Diggs is possibly

going to be the thing so I would

basically just get Mila Kunis out of

your head for the Fantastic Four if

anything she might play Sue storm

however based off of what we've heard

and we'll talk about that in a bit

that's not gonna happen but David digs

for the role of the thing I think would

actually work and it's rumored that

Marvel Studios did want a Jewish person

to play Ben Grim because Ben Grimm is

Jewish in the comics and David Diggs is

Jewish in fact David is the Hebrew

pronunciation of David and David means

beloved in Hebrew so that works for him

as far as what Marvel Studios wants Also

let's not forget that he is in The

Little Mermaid which is about to come

out so he's already already worked with

Disney which of course owns Marvel so

they already have their connection with

him established they've already worked

with him and they know that they can

work with him he's okay to work with

he's not a menace to work with now most

people know him from Hamilton but if you

take a look at some of his other movies

like blind spotting or his other shows

like snow piercer you can see that he's

got a lot of range and he can be really

really tough which is what you need for

the thing but he can also do some pretty

heartwarming stuff as well which is also

something that you need from the thing

so as far as choices for the thing are

concerned we've heard David Diggs now

we've heard Seth Rogen who is also

Jewish and Jason Segal who is also

Jewish as well now keep in mind the

person's actual body type doesn't really

matter because they're either just gonna

mocap it or put an actual thing suit on

the actor I've said this before but Mark

Ruffalo isn't jacked he's not big like

the Hulk it's all mocap so what really

matters here is one how the person will

obviously look as Ben Grimm and not the

actual little thing but two their acting

skills and I think any of these three

actors that I just mentioned all have

the chops to be able to play the thing

so I think as far as the things

concerned we're pretty good and Adam

Driver is apparently our Mr Fantastic

since some insiders have come out and

announced that we haven't heard anything

else that's contradictory to that so

Adam Driver seems to be locked in as Mr

Fantastic we haven't really heard much

about Johnny Storm except the fact that

some actors have passed on the role but

Sue storm we have heard so much about

and according to Insider Jeff Snyder

they did offer the role of Sue storm to

an actress but she turned it down that

actress was Emma Stone according to him

they offered her the role but she wanted

a big paycheck that Marvel Studios did

not want to give her now I love Emma

Stone I do I'm a fan of a lot of her

work however I don't think I would

choose her for Sue storm out of all of

the people that we've heard that could

possibly play Sue storm I would take

Vanessa Kirby Jody Comer Emily Blunt and

even Mila Kunis over her not because I

don't like her but I think they would

fit the role better plus I think I would

always see her as MJ and yes if Margot

Robbie were to play Sue storm I would

kind of see Harley Quinn there but since

that's a different franchise I think

it's a little bit different for me I

think that might be a little

hypocritical but it is what it is and

again I love Emma Stone I love a lot of

the movies and work that she's done but

I think for me right now Jody Comer and

Vanessa Kirby are at the top of the list

for me especially if you consider the

fact that Jody Comer has already worked

with Adam Driver before so that would

mean our Mr Fantastic and our Invisible

Woman already have worked together and

already have chemistry together and know

what it's like to work with each other

so that would be pretty simple and could

make for some great chemistry on screen

which of course is what you need in a

married couple because based off of what

some insiders have said when we see the

Fantastic Four in the MCU for the first

time they're going to be the Fantastic

Four team already and Sue and Reed are

going to be married already and possibly

even have kids already so the chemistry

between Mr Fantastic sick and the

invisible woman has to be there now as

far as the best friendship between Reed

and Ben I think Adam Driver and David

Diggs could work I could totally picture

them being best friends but going back

to sue even Grace Randolph tweeted today

seems Sue storm isn't as locked as we

feared come on Vanessa Kirby that is one

of my top picks too Grace and maybe

she's referring to the fact that

according to Jeff Snyder Emma Stone was

offered the Roll But turned it down

perhaps that's who they thought was

going to be playing Sue storm and that

it was all locked in but then it fell

through so if you have a Top Choice for

Sue's storm in the Fantastic Four film

let us know your thoughts down below

right now what we've heard again is

Margot Robbie Vanessa Kirby Jody Comer

Mila Kunis of course and if you have

anybody else that you think would do a

better job let us know your thoughts

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all so much for watching wolf



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